Love Is Stronger Than Death

Love Is Stronger Than Death

Peter Kreeft Thomas Howard / Dec 11, 2019

Love Is Stronger Than Death Originally published San Francisco Harper Row

  • Title: Love Is Stronger Than Death
  • Author: Peter Kreeft Thomas Howard
  • ISBN: 0008987039211
  • Page: 358
  • Format: Paperback
  • Originally published San Francisco Harper Row, 1979.

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      • Peter Kreeft Thomas Howard

        Peter Kreeft is a Catholic apologist, professor of philosophy at Boston College and The King s College, and author of over 45 books including Fundamentals of the Faith, Everything you Ever Wanted to Know about Heaven, and Back to Virtue Some consider him the best Catholic philosopher currently residing in the United States His ideas draw heavily from religious and philosophical tradition, especially Thomas Aquinas, Socrates, G K Chesterton and C S Lewis Kreeft has writings on Socratic logic, the sea, Jesus Christ, the Summa Theologica, angels, Blaise Pascal, and Heaven, as well as his work on the Problem of Evil, for which he was interviewed by Lee Strobel in his bestseller, The Case for Faith.


    1. A must read for anyone that wants to live before they die.With the logic that I believe to be his signature, Peter Kreeft leads the reader to explore the five faces of death, first as the enemy, then a stranger, a friend, a mother, and finally a lover.It is easy to see death as the enemy, until Kreeft makes us face the fact that if we fight against death, the grim reaper will always have the final win. That's sad. We can try to see death as a stranger, until death comes knocking at the door and [...]

    2. This book, in some way, is crafted like our response to death, both in how we should approach it and how we do approach it. 97% of the book is a great, logical, philosophical discussion of the 5 faces of death, hashing it out so that we may better understand this phenomenon while is incomprehensible and that we typically prefer to ignore until it slaps us in the face. So, for much of the book, we gain knowledge about the nature of death.However, in the last 3% of the book, we are given an insigh [...]

    3. Kreeft remains one of my favorite authors. He is ingenious and his characterization of death as an enemy, stranger, friend, mother and lover is brilliant and provocative. Like always, Kreeft has compelling arguments and insights. His treatment on death as an enemy and stranger indict our silly and shallow culture. One to read again and again.

    4. "…life is either totally meaningful or totally meaningless, depending on what death is. Therefore we had better try to find out what death it." So begins Peter Kreeft in a book that is basically him thinking methodically through the concept of death. He argues that death plays a number of roles to us:Death as Enemy: it takes, destroys, unmakes.Death as Stranger: we pretend it doesn't exist, but ignore it at our peril. Or we attempt to reconcile ourselves collectively to the inevitable.Death as [...]

    5. I decided to major in philosophy after reading this book. It was a moment in my life where I seriously thought, "I will read a philosophy book and decide if I will major in philosophy based upon what I think." I do not know what I was thinking at the time, but Kreeft opened me up to a world of wonder I never knew existed. This book is profound and personal - and short: 120 pages! I have read it twice, but I would like to read it every year (like most of Kreeft's books) when things "slow down." I [...]

    6. There's some goofiness in here, but overall a pretty decent look at death and love. You can definitely see how Lewis and Chesterton have shaped Kreeft's thoughts.

    7. I read two of Kreeft’s book in the past and found his writing to follow a very direct non-nonsense approach, regardless of topic. That being the case, thought it prudent to avail myself of more of his work, given the quality and insights.Compared to some of Kreeft’s other books which I recently began reading, this book didn’t’ sound as alluring. However, knowing that Kreeft shovels pearls of wisdom by the truckload in his books, it seemed prudent to proceed open-mindedly – as one alway [...]

    8. This is, so far, my favorite book by this author by far. In many ways the book reminds of me efforts by C.S. Lewis (the Four Loves [1]) and Henri Nouwen (Return of the Prodigal Son [2]). As these are both good books, that is largely a good thing that this book should be so evocative of them. This is also the sort of book that I raid for thoughtful quotes, and this book's most appealing quotes were all on the dark side [3]. Considering that that this book is about death, it is a pretty dark book. [...]

    9. This is one of those books that, as you're reading, you ask yourself: "Why would I read anything other book than this? Why does anyone read any other book than this?" The world is bigger, more meaningful, and life is supported by a golden beam when you think the thoughts this book gives you. Death, of all things, is one of the best things a person can think about.Here's a reflection I wrote on my blog in the middle of reading - an immediate reaction (written when I was house-sitting, in a bright [...]

    10. Kreeft is an old-school philosopher, and this volume is a thought experiment in looking at death as Enemy, Stranger, Friend, Mother, and Lover. Each turn takes you farther afield from any way of thinking about death you've ever encountered. I recommend it to readers of C.S. Lewis in particular. Like Lewis, Kreeft is not only a creative thinker, he's a good writer.

    11. The content of this book is great -- heartening, hopeful, beautiful. But the execution, the style of writing, and the arguments are pretty flimsy. The truth of the book mostly redeems it from its shoddy aspects, but the shoddy elements are still shoddy.

    12. Some good thoughts. But whoah, Peter Kreeft, back up on the metaphors there. Let's just take a few steps back. Thanks.

    13. A book club selection that I thought I would enjoy just based on the title. Boy was I wrong. If you have problems sleeping this is the pill.

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