Go Ask Alice/Jay's Journal

Go Ask Alice/Jay's Journal

Beatrice Sparks Anonymous / Dec 11, 2019

Go Ask Alice Jay s Journal A boxed set of two classic cautionary tales Go Ask Alice and Jay s Journal

  • Title: Go Ask Alice/Jay's Journal
  • Author: Beatrice Sparks Anonymous
  • ISBN: 9781442423107
  • Page: 221
  • Format: Paperback
  • A boxed set of two classic, cautionary tales Go Ask Alice and Jay s Journal.

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      • Beatrice Sparks Anonymous

        Beatrice Sparks was an American therapist and Mormon youth counselor who was known for producing books purporting to be the real diaries of troubled teenagers The books deal with topical issues such as drug abuse, Satanism, teenage pregnancy or AIDS, and are presented as cautionary tales Although Sparks always presented herself as merely the discoverer and editor of the diaries, records at the U.S Copyright Office show that in fact she was listed as the sole author for all but two of them.Sparks began working with teenagers in 1955, after attending the University of California at Los Angeles and Brigham Young University She has worked as a music therapist at Utah State Mental Hospital and taught continuing education courses at BYU.Critics have called the precise extent of Sparks qualifications and experience into question The editorial credit on some of the diaries published by Sparks identifies her as Dr Beatrice Sparks, PhD However, when journalist Aileen Pace Nilsen interviewed Sparks for School Library Journal in 1979, she was unable to find any confirmation of where or when Sparks earned her doctorate Nilsen also wrote that Sparks was vague about specifics when asked about her counseling qualifications and professional experience.Sparks said that her experience working with troubled adolescents made her want to produce cautionary tales that would keep other teens from falling into the same traps Her first work, Go Ask Alice, was published under the byline Anonymous in 1971.


    1. Go ask Alice is a pretty interesting nonfiction book. It’s a diary of a fifteen year old girl that tells us how her life is at the beginning and how it starts changing because; of all the drugs she uses. She doesn’t have any real friends so she makes the diary her one and only friend who listens to her understands her. The people she calls her friends influence her a lot to use more a more drugs even if in some points she wants to stop. Alice’s parents don’t pay much attention to her and [...]

    2. This book is a true story, and is actually the diary of a girl whose name remains anonymous. It was about her life, and how much she went through and also how drugs influenced her in the beginning of the book, she was a really good kid but as the story went on, she tried more and more drugs. It really shows the different sides of drugs and how they can change a person’s life quickly. I really liked this book a lot! It was really mature and I would recommend it to people who are in high school [...]

    3. i think this book gives you an insight on how a reasl drug addicte teens goes through on a day by say bases from thier first hit to teir last breath

    4. Go ask Alice is a pretty interesting nonfiction book. It’s a diary of a fifteen year old girl that tells us how her life is at the beginning and how it starts changing because; of all the drugs she uses. She doesn’t have any real friends so she makes the diary her one and only friend who listens to her understands her. The people she calls her friends influence her a lot to use more a more drugs even if in some points she wants to stop. Alice’s parents don’t pay much attention to her and [...]

    5. Jays Journal was a very interesting book about a 16 year old boy. Jay was a very good boy who was dedicated to his studies and things he could do in life. After a while Jay fell in love with a girl that wasn't good for him, she did drugs. His two friends Dell and Brad tried to tell him in the beginning but he didn't listen. After a while he gets caught stealing pills from his dads pharmacy and he was going through her bad path now. His two friends were going through the bad path as well. Jay was [...]

    6. I have to say that I really did not enjoy this book. It just doesn't make sense to me that a completely normal and innocent girl can all of a sudden change into a drug addict after she gets drugged at a party. I feel like what happened to her would put her off of drugs rather than on them. However, I did think it was interesting to see the mindset of a girl who was going through this. She went through so much in such a short time, with heartbreak and running away from home. I did feel really bad [...]

    7. The premise seemed interesting billed as the diaries of teenagers affected by drugs. The writing felt awkward like an adult's idea of what a teenager would say, and not surprisingly as it turns out the author made it up so it is fictious but supposedly based on her experiences working with young adults. The depiction of the mental health facility is like something from Batman. The sexual violence which is mentioned briefly and passed over is not delved into in terms of the impact it has on our n [...]

    8. There is nothing more disappointing than picking up a book advertising itself as a 'true-story' when in fact the book was made up by the author. The diary entries lack too much detail to make this a believable read. I picked up this book in a bookstore due to the cover and also, I was researching some of the Rock-n-Roll lyrics of the 60's. Have you ever analyzed the lyrics of 'American Pie'? Just fascinating. After reading the book, I find out the book is named after the song 'Go Ask Alice' from [...]

    9. one of the first book i got into was go ask alice i was in high schhol nd i could remember readin the whole book in about 2 hours sister gave me jays journal for my b-day nd i couldnt put it down

    10. Edit: removing extra star for deceitful nature. I read it and was able to discern it was a work of fiction, but judging by the reviews, others were duped by the writer into believing it was an autobiography. Beware the narrator with a hidden agenda!Original: This book is probably best before the age ofumm 17. I read it at the age of 31 and it simply doesn’t hold hold up well as a book for adults. Obviously it’s a YA book, but I hold the opinion that any book worth reading when young should h [...]

    11. This book was wonderful. It tells you all about the real world. It tells you things that most people wouldn't say.

    12. Christopher Nogal 11-17-14p.1 Book ReviewI chose this book because the captions around the back and front of the book caught my attention. The book is titled Jay’s Journal Anonymous Beatrice Sparks and the other part would have to be that there's a second part to this book. The main reason why I choose this book is because many people go through this situation according to my age . Another detail that I really found interesting would have to be that in Jay’s Journal is basically a diar [...]

    13. I love the story behind this book and the diary idea. However, she uses awkward repetition that makes her seem odd and they never explained what led up to the end conclusion just hinted that drugs were a cause. I'm not sure if this story is real but if it is, I also don't like how they ignore what might be an underlying mental disorder. Also, who's parents would act this way?? Mine wouldn't I wish there was another version of this story that told exactly what happened because the curiosity I hav [...]

    14. Im torn since i read this when i was younger and decided to pick it up again. The examples of growing up in a society of peer pressure are very much real life , however whether its based on true story many issues have come about with the editor publishing "fake" diaries to suit a select audience and appeal to them. If you are going to read her books read these but dont start collecting all the sparks edited diaries. The editing caused it also to look false because if you read them you will note [...]

    15. I gave this book 3 stars because it's entertaining--like all of Spark's books, (and yes, there were written by Beatrice Sparks) Go Ask Alice is unbelievably fake. Her character, Alice, is supposedly a pure, innocent, perfect girl until she tries drugs once. From there, her life spirals out of control. She starts to SMOKE MARY JANE!!!!!!!!!!!! And write about her experiences in all caps with oddles of exclamation points. Her voice sounds exactly identical to every other character that Sparks come [...]

    16. Go ask Alice was an okay book to read. I heard alot about this book before I read it so it made me want to read it more. I finished it in four hours just so I could finish reading it. There was some good parts in this book I enjoyed but it lacked alot of detail the writter jump right it a situation with out giving in detail."spoiler alert".ere was one incident were she was at her boss's house and was drugged and raped didn't explain it or make it interesting. just happened. one other thing that [...]

    17. While I give Go Ask Alice 5 stars because it's such a poignant story, Jay's Journal earns 3 stars. The story is about an extremely intelligent boy, "Jay," who gets involved in the Occult. While I was familiar with some of it, other things I didn't have a clue about. I guess I can't understand how he got so involved in it. Toward the end there were times I felt like I was reading a horror story which gave me the chills. I can't say I'd recommend this book, but would definitely recommend Go Ask Al [...]

    18. I liked 'Go Ask Alice' better. I thought the spin on more of witch-craft was a little strange. I think the drama in 'Go Ask Alice' with the growing of her substance abuse created a stronger story. 'Jay's Journal' overall though had a good ending wrapping up the end where he asked that all of his possessions go to his first girlfriend he actually loved I found quite touching. Overall I would say that it was the companion book to 'Go Ask Alice', but I probably wouldn't recommend it to anyone right [...]

    19. Go Ask Alice was a very teachable moment for me. I read it at an impressionable age and I can honestly say it scared me away from ever trying drugs. Jay's Journal was also a good read, although I didn't connect with it as well as Go Ask Alice. I didn't read it until I was working at Frederick County Middle though as a teacher.

    20. I found the book to be a little disturbing at first. I actually stopped reading it for a while and eventually picked it up again to finish reading. Other than that, it's a pretty decent book: it's a realistic fictional novel about an ordinary girl who expirements and soon get involves with drugs and describes how her life spirals out of control in her diary and how she recovers from it all.

    21. What a heart wrenching book! How sad to read about an intelligent young man with his entire future ahead of him have It all be lost because of drugs. The scariest influence was witch craft and how hard it was for him not to get involved with. This is definitely for mature readers, and would need parental consent in my class.

    22. add your statusI'm on page 19 of 480 of Go Ask Alice/Jay's Journa: where iam in the book right now it about her moving to a new town and having everyone look at her and started at her on first day of school she feel so jealous of her brother beacause her sister already made friend with someone her age the first day they moved there

    23. It was an easy read writing wise; It took me about 1 or 2 days and was definitely a fast read. It is supposedly a real girl's diary from about 30 or 40 years ago and it is a very hard read emotionally. I liked it a lot but It was heartbreaking and the ending is abrupt without much explanation. I think it is still worth reading and will really scare you off drugs.

    24. The name of my book is go ask Alice and it is an anonymous book. It takes place all over the US and the main characters are Alice and her mom,dad , siblings, grandparents. This is an nonfiction book based on a girl who got servers drugs in her Coke. She soon becomes addicted and travels around the US trying to get off of them. I rate this book a 5 out of 5 because I always wanted to read more.

    25. This book is great book for a teenager/young adult to read. It shows you that going places with people you don't know can change your life forever. She start to get hooked on drugs at a young age and goes on to try a whole variety of other drugs. At the end of the book i was very disappointed on how it ended. This book left me with a lot of unanswered questions. p.s. Read the Epilogue

    26. Is this the original book "Go Ask Alice?" When I read the original jaw-dropping book as a teen -- the original book is over 30 years old -- I decided I would never try drugs. More recently, I bought the book again for my daughter.

    27. This is a very intense true story about a teen in the seventies who gets lost in drugs. I couldn't put this book down and read it one Saturday. It is extremely thought provoking and not preachy. Depicting the realities of drugs and the ultimate end. This is a book that will stay in my library.

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