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Broken When Special Agent Will Trent arrives in Grant County he finds a police department determined to protect its own Officer Lena Adams is hiding secrets from him and while her role in the death of the

  • Title: Broken
  • Author: Karin Slaughter
  • ISBN: 9780440244462
  • Page: 208
  • Format: Paperback
  • When Special Agent Will Trent arrives in Grant County, he finds a police department determined to protect its own Officer Lena Adams is hiding secrets from him, and while her role in the death of the county s popular police chief is unclear, that man s widow, Dr Sara Linton, desperately needs Trent s help to crack the case of a prisoner s death While the police force inWhen Special Agent Will Trent arrives in Grant County, he finds a police department determined to protect its own Officer Lena Adams is hiding secrets from him, and while her role in the death of the county s popular police chief is unclear, that man s widow, Dr Sara Linton, desperately needs Trent s help to crack the case of a prisoner s death While the police force investigates the murder of a young woman pulled from a frigid lake, Trent investigates the police force Caught between two complicated and determined women, trying to understand the facts surrounding Chief Tolliver s death, Trent will uncover explosive secrets and confront a thin blue line that could be murderous if crossed.

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    1. Perfect progression for this series. LOVED IT! I'll be back with a full review soon!Just scrolling through my reviews and realized I never came back to this. Oh well. You know I loved it so that's all that matters right?

    2. Sara Linton returns home to Grant County for the holidays, the first time since her personal tragedy. It's the first time she's faced all the reminders of her past life and it's a challenge. Unfortunately, she's almost immediately drawn into an apparent murder investigation that threatens to reunite her with Lena Adams, the woman she holds responsible for her pain. Because of the case circumstances, Will Trent is summoned to Heartsdale and together he and Sara team up to determine exactly what's [...]

    3. Although Karin Slaughter is one of my favourite authors, this is not one of her best books.The body of a young woman is pulled from a frigid lake, and the man who is charged with killing her commits suicide while in police custody. Dr Sara Linton, who is home for the holiday, calls in Will Trent to investigate the death in custody. This book has a great plot, but Slaughter has, unusually, failed to make the most of it. Broken lacks the suspense and thrills we have all come to love and associate [...]

    4. Another great read in this series. 4.5 "I love Will" stars.Will is called into Grant County to investigate a possible suicide in police custody. He butts heads with Lena Adams and Frank Wallace, and uncovers a truth that most in the town do not want to see.While reading this one I realise that Will has sandy hair. Tant pis! My review, my imagination.Sara Linton no longer thought of Grant County as her home.Sara is back in Grant county for the Thanksgiving holiday. It is her first time returning [...]

    5. 4 STARSAnd the Will Trent story goes on. There has to be something awfully bad or awfully good to compel a person to turn their lives around.This one taking us back to Grant County, where Dr. Sara Linton was born and raised, and worked with her late husband, Jeffrey Tolliver, who was the chief of police at the time. Sara is only there for a visit with her family for the Thanksgiving holiday. But somehow her old life manages to draw her back into the thick of things. But Sara is not so easily per [...]

    6. This book was fun to read, but not for the reasons the author probably intended. My favorite parts of the book were the incredibly awkward interactions between Sara and Will, both of them are so socially retarded, both thinking neither is good for the other, not realizing they are perfect for each other if only Sara could get over her dead husband and Will could get rid of Angie who is the biggest user I have ever seen.I also loved Sara's family and the town's reaction to Will. They all seem to [...]

    7. "Era possível que a avó tivesse razão, quando lhe dizia que raparigas como ela não iam para a universidade, apenas arranjavam trabalho na fábrica de pneus, conheciam um rapaz, engravidama, casavam, tinham um casalinho de filhos ou mais, e depois divorciavam-se, embora não necessariamente por essa ordem." pag. 13A mãe, avó, a tia tinham vivido assim mas Allison não queria essa vida para si. Boa aluna a química, ela queria ir para a Universidade. A conselho de um professor decide mesmo i [...]

    8. 5***** Amazing book Karin Livros estupendo« Uma vez mais, Karin Slaughter traz-nos uma história com elevada qualidade, dando um claro ênfase ao lado emocional das personagens. Apesar de os crimes serem resolvidos no final, a autora opta por aproveitar o livro para focar e aprofundar as suas personagens. Para quem é fã desta série é de facto fascinante poder contextualizar e conhecer melhor estas personagens.Adorei o livro. Corrupção, vingança, manipulação são temas presentes no liv [...]

    9. Karin Slaughter always gives a pretty good thrill, but I'm getting a little tired of the whole Grant County scene. I absolutely love Will Trent, and I'd like to see him well away from Angie and preferably with Sarah, but all these serial killer-type situations in one tiny, minuscule, happy, joyous (as Slaughter delights in reminding us) town is getting a bit old, frankly. It was entertaining, especially the interaction between Lena and Frank in the beginning. I was really sort of looking forward [...]

    10. I loved this 4th Will Trent installment. While it was not as gruesome as the three before it, it had me guessing up to the end. I found the last chapter (not the epilogue) to be very emotional in so many ways. I cannot express how much I want Will and Sara to become romantically involved. If only Angie would quit getting in the way. Argh! She is such a bottom feeder. Lena had me fooled to a certain extent- I could almost sympathize with her……until the author steered my thinking into a very d [...]

    11. Another 5* rating this book got me hooked from the start,Lena Adams is back.a great crime case body in the water and the murderer wasn't revealed till the end.fantastic read highly recommend.

    12. I loved it! ‘Broken’ is another thrilling masterpiece written by my favorite author, Karin Slaughter! Not only was ‘Broken’ a great read, but it was wonderful to read about Sara again and get immersed back into a new crime mystery, featuring both her, Will, and of course Lena. With all her books— ‘Broken’included—Karin Slaughter has kept me up late, on the edge of my seat, and glued until the last act—which inevitably comes too quick. I’m always trying to figure out the “wh [...]

    13. Brilliant Yet another brilliant story from arguably the best out there. Re read this after about 5 years, still as good as ever. Fantastic characters and storyline.

    14. Ovaj dio mi je bio nešto lošiji od prethodnih. Iako sam već bila upoznata sa Lenom Adams i ekipom iz okruga Grant čitajući Zaslijepljenu, ovdje mi je nešto nedostajalo. Mogu reći da je to bila Faith Mitchell koju su mijenjali nesimpatični Lena i Frank. Rasplet je naravno odličan, ali zbog drugih zamjerki ovaj put ocjena 3.

    15. Dr. Sara Linton returns to her hometown in Grant County to visit family for the Thanksgiving Holiday. When a college student is found murdered and her assailant arrested, Sara is called to the police station to help calm down the perpetrator. What she finds is a 19-year-old dead in his cell of an apparent suicide. Blaming Detective Lena Adams for not searching Tommy Brahams before putting him in his cell, Sara notifies the Georgia Bureau of Investigations about the negligent detective. Investiga [...]

    16. Well, in spite of the carefully plotted mystery, this installment dragged. It was long-winded, wordy, and 200 pages longer than it had to be. Too much forensics, too much useless character background, not enough of a page-turner. Still, the dialogues and humor were spot-on, Karin Slaughter style. Anyway, my love for Will Trent is everlasting, so of course I will be reading the next in series. Right as we speak.Who would play dyslexic, socially awkward, extremely clever and deep GBI detective Wil [...]

    17. This is the fourth in the Will Trent series. I've not read most of the preceding books. I found this an interesting mixture. Is this a murder mystery or is it the ongoing story of Sara - Jeffery - Lena with Will being thrown in?Sara goes back to Grant County reluctantly. It is where she grew up, fell in love, was happily married to the police chief and then traumatically widowed. Lena, the detective she blames for her husband's death is still there. It seems like she has been there 5 minutes whe [...]

    18. Broken by Karin SlaughterSo much in this novel is broken. Sara Linton returns to Heartsdale to be with her family during the Thanksgiving holiday for the first time since her husband, Jeffrey Tolliver, was murdered. Her feelings are mixed, at best. Everything reminds her of him, and she still feels his loss. When a college student is found dead and her death is ruled homicide instead of suicide, Sara finds herself caught up in the case. A long-time family friend, Frank Wallace, the acting police [...]

    19. Broken by Karin Slaughter is a 2010 Delacorte Press publication. This fourth installment in the Will Trent series once again ties in with Grant County as Sara Linton returns home for the holidays. When a young college girl is found dead, originally the consensus is suicide, but upon further investigation it is discovered she was murdered. Then a mentally challenged man is arrested for the crime, and promptly commits suicide in his jail cell. Sara knows instinctively that the cops messed up and t [...]

    20. Hic locus est ubi mors gaudet succurrere vitae.“This is the place where death delights to teach the living.”The power of learning cease to amaze me! It feels like every time I pick up a book by Karin Slaughter I learn something new. Her topics is never repetitive and you pick up the weirdest things you can randomly through into conversations - or maybe it's just me that do that Honestly, you should really read some of her books, she's a brilliant author and the fact that you fall in love wit [...]

    21. Hmmmm dit was weer eentje om duimen en vingers af te likken, spanning, moord, nijd en jaloeziear mijn favoriet in een thriller romantiek. Dat maakt een thriller compleet vind ik! Een echte aanrader voor wie fan is van ‘the Queen of suspense’ Karin Slaughter!

    22. Law enforcement in Grant County, Georgia, is forced to deal with a murdered co-ed fished out of Grant Lake. We meet Lena, the homicide detective with her broken past. We soon meet Sara Linton, the doctor broken in spirit returning home for the Thanksgiving holidays to be with her family. We then meet Special Agent Will Trent with his own set of broken personal issues. This is a top-story police story. We see the characters' good and bad sides. This Karin Slaughter title seemed less violent than [...]

    23. 8/28/12Re-read 12/13/15Re-read this soon after having finished ALL of the Will Trent books. This was where I started, so I wanted to go back and see if I missed anything the first time around. I did. Still was a great read. And I loved picking up on all the nuances of Will's interactions with Sara here. Particularly knowing how far their relationship progresses later. Sigh. Wish I hadn't flown through these so quickly.

    24. Story: 4.5 starsThis story was an interesting departure from the series. Yes, it still features my beloved and misunderstood protagonist, Will Trent. Yes, there is still a crime to be solved. But this book departs the city of Atlanta, for the smaller confines of Grant County. (Note: If you are not a big fan of this author's work already, then it is worth noting that this book overlaps with her Grant County series).Joining Will on the search for truth is Sara, who was previously introduced in Und [...]

    25. I won this book through the First Reads Giveaway!! I'm a HUGE Karin Slaughter fan and I'm completely overjoyed with the fact that I won this! I can't wait to receive it and start reading! I'll post my review as I start reading!Broken starts off with what Grant County personnel thinks is a suicide. Through a series of events, a suspect is captured and Dr. Sara Linton is dragged into the fold (unwillingly at first) along with Will Trent. They both start investigating the circumstances surrounding [...]

    26. I couldn't put it down! This fast-paced crime drama had me spellbound. Not only did the action carry the story forward with some surprising twists and turns, the characters were fully fleshed out and identifiable as real people. I especially appreciated the varying perspectives in the book, how Slaughter has brought us the view of shared past events through different characters' eyes. It is most enlightening to see how firmly each clings to the 'truth' of his/her interpretation of those events. [...]

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