If Only In My Dreams

If Only In My Dreams

Wendy Markham / Apr 07, 2020

If Only In My Dreams Actress Clara McCallum isn t looking forward to spending Christmas alone in New York City especially since she s still reeling after a diagnosis of breast cancer But she has to be on location in the

  • Title: If Only In My Dreams
  • Author: Wendy Markham
  • ISBN: 9780451220035
  • Page: 370
  • Format: Paperback
  • Actress Clara McCallum isn t looking forward to spending Christmas alone in New York City, especially since she s still reeling after a diagnosis of breast cancer But she has to be on location in the city for her next big movie She s playing a woman in love with Jed Landry, an American soldier doomed to die at Normandy Imagine Clara s astonishment when she steps off aActress Clara McCallum isn t looking forward to spending Christmas alone in New York City, especially since she s still reeling after a diagnosis of breast cancer But she has to be on location in the city for her next big movie She s playing a woman in love with Jed Landry, an American soldier doomed to die at Normandy Imagine Clara s astonishment when she steps off an old fashioned locomotive from the set and finds herself whisked back in time and into the arms of the real life Jed She s convinced it s some sort of hallucination brought on by he diagnosis But before long, she finds herself swept away by this handsome soldier and wondering if maybe her plunge into the past could change the course of the future and turn out to be the best Christmas present ever

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        New York Times bestseller Wendy Corsi Staub is the award winning author of than seventy published novels and has sold than three million books worldwide Under her own name, Wendy achieved New York Times bestselling status with her single title psychological suspense novels Those novels and the women s fiction she writes under the pseudonym Wendy Markham have also frequently appeared on the USA Today, Barnes and Noble Top Ten, and Bookscan bestseller lists Wendy grew up in a large, close knit family in rural southwestern New York State and decided she wanted to become an author while in third grade She worked in two independent bookstores during college, then moved alone to New York City at 21 to pursue her dream After stints as a book editor for a Manhattan publishing house and an account coordinator for a major advertising agency, she sold her first novel, the supernatural young adult thriller SUMMER LIGHTNING Early in her writing career, she published in various genres including suspense, horror, historical and contemporary romance, television and movie tie in, and biography She also co authored a mystery series with former New York City mayor Ed Koch and has ghost written for a number of bestselling authors and celebrities.Wendy now lives in the New York City suburbs with her husband of nineteen years and their two children A 1986 graduate of the State University of New York at Fredonia, she proudly delivered the keynote commencement address at her alma mater in May 2008 and is serving a three year appointment to the Dean s Advisory Council for the College of Arts and Sciences.


    1. Just a few spoilers ahead, but you probably don’t want to read this book anyway.I’m not going to lie, I really hate chick-lit type books. (You know the type, girl meets boy, girl loses boy, girl finds boy, girl and boy live happily ever after. Yeah, I don’t buy that. The plots are the same, every line of dialogue is cliche and come on, that stuff never happens in real life.) But still, this is one of the worst books I have ever read. Let me tell you why.Really quick before I start complain [...]

    2. I have to admit, I have never read anything by this author before, but the blurb sounded so interesting, despite my aversion to time travel romances, I felt I had to read this book! Unfortunately, it really didn't live up to my hype of it!I hated how Clara was constantly whining about her life, her cancer, anything! I couldn't connect with her as a character, so it really made the story drag for me. I also felt that it included too many clichés for my taste, what with the reincarnation, time tr [...]

    3. Ms. Markham did a wonderful job when she wrote this, I cried when Clara got the letter from Jed in the end. Speaking of Jed he was an amazing character, and my personal favorite. I think it's a shame guys like hem aren't around anymore. Maybe the devorse rate would go down. He's so kindBut what really gets to me is the breast cancer element. My aunt has it and I know how difficult the treatment can be, if not on the person with the cancer, then the people around them, worrying. This book is unbe [...]

    4. I still think of Jed Landry at Christmas. The 1st holiday after II read this I was very depressed about him. Markham developed his character very well. This is the only book I've ever thrown across a room. I was so mad at the end. The way it played out the last chapter didn't sit right. I bought the sequel. It was so-so. It didn't make up for the ending of If Only In My Dreams.

    5. Not super well written, pretty cliched, but entertaining and fast. Would be a good beach read if it weren't more Christmas focused and if I had any interest in "beach reads"/being on a beach reading. A blend of historical fiction, time travel romance, and pseudo-chicklit.

    6. Great story deserving of more than 5 stars! While filming a movie about a small-town hero killed during World War II, Clara McCallum was zapped back in time to 1941 and met the real Jed Landry. They fell in love and she told him if he enlisted, he would be killed. She wanted to stay and knew that if she did, he would not enlist and would not be killed. She had been diagnosed with cancer and if she didn’t return to 2006 with modern cancer treatments, she would die. She returned but he told her [...]

    7. Yeah, it was cliche. Yeah, it was pretty predictable. But I still found it to be very sweet and heartwarmingt unlike a satisfying plate of my favorite comfort food.I especially loved the end!

    8. Great Ending Although I don’t usually like science fiction, this book was captivating and kept me reading until the great ending! I wanted there to be more!

    9. Great story.The characters come alive and the storyline is believable. I am always amazed at how a great author comes up with an idea and makes it seem real.

    10. If I could sum up this book in one word, it would be "charming." I am a sucker for anything set in the WWII time period, and this book was a great fit. I love the simplicity of the relationship between Jed and Clara, the complexity of the relationship between Clara and her family, and all the nuances and personalities of the supporting characters in between. Such a sweet, endearing story, about love and second chances. Even if it wasn't the happy ever after we were hoping for.

    11. This book could have been 100 pages shorter had the main characters' repetitive inner dialog been reduced to a minimum. Yes, we all argue with ourselves in the head, but reading it in a book over and over again is really quite annoying. The dialog consisted mainly of the following:Female MC: I love him!But I can't really love him, we only just met!Male MC: I'm in love with her!But I can't be in love with her, I'm not sure if she's a spy or not.Female MC:I traveled through time.But how is that po [...]

    12. Great readThis is a twist to the normal time travel romance. It takes place between modern day new York and upstate New York in the pre world war period. The characters are finely drawn, the dialogue well done and the twists and turns rather believable. Well done

    13. If Only in My Dreams is a very good novel by Wendy Markham. It is set in the present and in 1941. Time travel is involved as well as romance. Jed Landry was in Glenhaven Park, New York in 1941. He was very frustrated. There was little money after his Father died and that was going to pay for his little brother’s schooling and clothes for the girls. His grandparents lived in the house with him, his grieving Mother, and the three girls. He had to give up a scholarship to law school in Boston aft [...]

    14. This book started out really slow for me. Since I read this on the Kindle app, I have no idea what page I was on when I finally decided to keep reading - I was very close to calling it quits though - it was that boring until something snagged my interest.I will say that this book lost stars quickly once I figured out the ending. It went in a direction I wasn't in agreement with at all, so I was very dissatisfied and unhappy when I finished. I kind of wish I could go back and un-read it.As for th [...]

    15. You know, I'm okay with a good chick lit every once in a while. I think it's good to read a broad range of books. Plus, sometimes I just want a no brainer to read before bed. This was not the one for me. Admittedly, I downloaded this book from for free, so I shouldn't have expected much from it. I can go along with the stretch of time travel. I can even go along with the weak love story. However, these things must be supported by strong, likeable characters, which this story sorely lacks. Clara [...]

    16. You know when a book is good when you can't put it down! I finished this book in one day and I must say that it was an excellent read. If you like to get wrapped up in a romance with star-crossed lovers, then this is the book for you. Wendy Markham builds a beautiful story that captivates and moves the reader. Her writing style is truly spectacular and colorful and allows the reader to see the color and majesty of Glenhaven, Clara, and Jed. If I may be so bold to compare her to the masters in fe [...]

    17. The premise of this book appealed to me.I love time travel stories and I love books set in WW2. This book didn't take me long to read but it was primarily written in the present tense and I find that annoying in a story. I have stopped reading some books altogether because of that writing style, but I kept going with this one in spite of it. In most time travel romances, the hero/heroine goes back in time, falls in love and ultimately chooses to either stay behind with the newfound love or bring [...]

    18. What a great romance for the holidays! This was sweet and nostalgic, both the hero and heroine were likeable right away, and their conflict was unique and interesting. The book hooked me right off the bat, and I was full of empathy for Clara, who at 29 gets a diagnosis of breast cancer a month before Christmas. The time travel aspect had the perfect balance of believability, detail to make it plausible (for the purposes of the novel) and yet didn't go overboard- this book is still clearly a roma [...]

    19. PG13/R - some swears, about 70% in (on my Kindle) several paragraphs of descriptive sex (I zipped past, but "thrust" did stand out - yikes!) which was gratuitous. This would be one I would buy the book for and redact so my girls could read it!For those of you that are interested in that information, you've been warned, but I hope it doesn't chase you off because This Book Was GREAT. I normally read so much that it's rare when a book stands out to me and makes me think about it days and days afte [...]

    20. I'm not one who usually reads paranormal books but I thought I would try this one from 's Lending Library. The time travel in this one was very interesting in that it takes you back to 1941 just prior to the invasion of Pearl Harbor. It was interesting to hear some of the slang and other things what were done in that period. What would you do if you were thrust back in our characters place? This book was not exactly what I expected and I did enjoy it. The second book of this series, The Best Gif [...]

    21. The perfect summer read! Even though it takes place at Christmas time. Clara is an actress filming a period piece who just finds out she has breast cancer. Her movie takes place in 1941 and one day she is magically transformed to the actual time and she meets and falls in love with Jed Landry, the real soldier-to-be and the subject of the film. A sweet romance ensues and she realizes that she can't stay in his time because of her cancer and she tries to warn him of his fate. This was a real page [...]

    22. Just finished this wonderful book my Wendy Markham, also known as Wendy Corsi Staub. It was an awesome story of time travel and love. That love can happen in the strangest of circumstances How two people who lived more than 60 years apart can meet and in a matter of days can fall deeply in loveThe love of a lifetime and beyond Have read many of Wendy's books and this is definitely going to be 1 of my favoritesAs i sit writing this review I still have the kleenex in my hand. Am about to start the [...]

    23. I loved this book! I have been reading a lot of good books lately and it seems like each is better than the last. I would recommend this book to everyone. It is sad it is wishful it is happy. Such a good feeling at the end of the book. Clara is actress who boards a train in 2006 and ends up in 1941 just before the attack on Pearl Harbor. Unbelievably while she is there she falls in love with Jed. Knowing she has to get back to her time in order to save herself from breast cancer she leaves him w [...]

    24. This was a new author that I decided to try but can't recall where I saw the name. This book is about time travel with other good plot lines. Clara is an actress in NYC in 2006, and Jed is a 5 and dime store owner in a small NY town in 1941. Clara is in a movie about WWII and Jed is the "subject". It starts a little slow, but by the end you want to speed up your reading. Sometimes you can't change the past and you have to come back to the future to continue your life, but you can change your fut [...]

    25. I really enjoyed this! I always read a Christmas/holiday-themed book during the month of December, and this was my pick this year. I'm not normally a fan of romance, but I guess I get sappy this time of year, because I really loved this book. It was a little mix of time travel, the 1940's, and a love story. all good things. Definitely one that I will read again during another holiday season!

    26. I like time travel stuff so I enjoyed this book, although it ventured into the Romance category a bit too much for my taste. I think the author could have gotten more into the heroine's reactions to things different in the 1940's--like dimmer lighting, different food prep, etc. but overall I found this to be a good read.

    27. This was a book I recieved from my Mother's collection. She passed away in July 2014 and my 4 sisters and I went through her things. I received many of her books and I cherish them.This was a light-hearted book a time-travel back into the 1800's on a train. An actress living out the plot of her movie in "real time."Fun plot and interesting characters.

    28. This is fluff.but it works. It kept me reading just to find out how the author was going to make it work, but she did. There are certainly flaws in the details, but in a book like this it really doesn't matter. This is a good read if you're looking for something light after a run of serious matter.

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