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Maitreyi Set in s Calcutta this is a roman clef of remarkable intimacy Originally published in Romanian in this semiautobiographical novel by the world renowned scholar Mircea Eliade details the pas

  • Title: Maitreyi
  • Author: Mircea Eliade
  • ISBN: 9789735004101
  • Page: 132
  • Format: Paperback
  • Set in 1930s Calcutta, this is a roman clef of remarkable intimacy Originally published in Romanian in 1933, this semiautobiographical novel by the world renowned scholar Mircea Eliade details the passionate awakenings of Alain, an ambitious young French engineer flush with colonial pride and prejudice and full of a European fascination with the mysterious subcontinent.Set in 1930s Calcutta, this is a roman clef of remarkable intimacy Originally published in Romanian in 1933, this semiautobiographical novel by the world renowned scholar Mircea Eliade details the passionate awakenings of Alain, an ambitious young French engineer flush with colonial pride and prejudice and full of a European fascination with the mysterious subcontinent Offered the hospitality of a senior Indian colleague, Alain grasps at the chance to discover the authentic India firsthand He soon finds himself enchanted by his host s daughter, the lovely and inscrutable Maitreyi, a precocious young poet and former student of Tagore What follows is a charming, tentative flirtation that soon, against all the proprieties and precepts of Indian society, blossoms into a love affair both impossible and ultimately tragic This erotic passion plays itself out in Alain s thoughts long after its bitter conclusion In hindsight he sets down the story, quoting from the diaries of his disordered days, and trying to make sense of the sad affair A vibrantly poetic love story, Bengal Nights is also a cruel account of the wreckage left in the wake of a young man s self discovery At once horrifying and deeply moving, Eliade s story repeats the patterns of European engagement with India even as it exposes and condemns them Invaluable for the insight it offers into Eliade s life and thought, it is a work of great intellectual and emotional power Bengal Nights is forceful and harshly poignant, written with a great love of India informed by clear eyed understanding But do not open it if you prefer to remain unmoved by your reading matter.It is enough to make stones weep Literary ReviewMircea Eliade 1907 1986 was the Sewell L Avery Distinguished Service Professor in the Divinity School and the Committee on Social Thought at the University of Chicago Many of his scholarly works, as well as his two volume autobiography and four volume journal, are published by the University of Chicago Press Translated into French in 1950, Bengal Nights was an immediate critical success The film, Les Nuits Bengali, appeared in 1987.

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        Romanian born historian of religion, fiction writer, philosopher, professor at the University of Chicago, and one of the pre eminent interpreters of world religion in this century Eliade was an intensely prolific author of fiction and non fiction alike, publishing over 1,300 pieces over 60 years He earned international fame with LE MYTHE DE L TERNAL RETOUR 1949, The Myth of the Eternal Return , an interpretation of religious symbols and imagery Eliade was much interested in the world of the unconscious The central theme in his novels was erotic love.Bibliography


    1. *3.5 stars*It's tough to rate a book like this. Initially upon finishing it I rated it quite highly, but after I've had more time to think about the content, I felt much less compelled to do so.Bengal Nights was written by a European man in India (Calcutta in the 1930s), so I knew I was going to be shaking my head a lot. I expected racism, exotification, cultural ignorance and superiority, paternalism and simplification of the other, and I got all those:"Once more I saw that it was civilized peo [...]

    2. Cinci steluţe pentru informaţiile despre cultura şi mentalitatea indiană deprinse şi -de asemenea!- pentru faptul că Eliade a fost sincer cu sine şi cu cititorul. Deşi are resurse pentru a descrie iubirea (de citit "Nuntă în cer", un roman psihologic genial!), Eliade nu s-a proiectat pe sine ca un romantic înverşunat, ci ca un occidental care a poposit în India şi priveşte viaţa aşa cum a privit-o şi "acasă", deci niciun "Maitreyi e viaţa mea, aş muri fără dânsa", ci doar [...]

    3. I hate him! He gets what he wants, then leaves, doing all kinds of stupid stuff because suffering for love is just so poetic and everybody just loves a sad hero Or in the beginning when he just couldn't admit what he really thought and mocked everything Indian so that he wouldn't look bad. And in the end he just HAD to be such a cynic about that girl's thoughts <.<I don't feel like rating this. There were some things I liked but I can't remember them because I'm too furious. I shall rate i [...]

    4. An absolutely fabulous love story beetwen different worlds, but essentialy the sameThe atmoshere is fantasticyou can smell the parfurmes, can taste the flavours, can feel that delicate "sari"n even think in that specific Maitreyi is used toFabulous and sweet and touching!

    5. I love it and I hate it at the same time, if that is at all possible. I just finished reading it for the second time and, I don't really remember anything like this after reading it the first time, but it hit something inside me, wherever and whatever that is, and a very weird combination of feelings surfaced. I suppose Eliade succeeded in making the reader, or at least me, feel as close as possible to what he must have felt back then, if not towards Maitreyi, at least towards the book itself. B [...]

    6. I was planning on reading this book for a very long time and now that we were asked to read it for our Romanian class I thought that this was the perfect opportunity. I actually think that this book is one of very few that I'm really glad that it is included in the scholarly program, because, to be honest, the other books and authors are really lame. Or maybe it is just my unconditional love for Eliade's literature.What I liked most about this book was that I could actually see the love growing [...]

    7. O carte frumoasă, dar prea zaharisită.Exotismul, misticismul şi puritatea acestui roman par să fie argumente care nu pot fi negate pentru ideea că dragostea există mai presus de orice altceva. Finalul deschis al romanul dă motiv de gândire oricărui cititor sceptic față de puterea iubirii……şi dacă n-ar fi decât o păcăleală a dragostei mele? De ce să cred? De unde să ştiu? Aş vrea să privesc ochii Maitreyiei…

    8. o interactiune instinctuala cu incercari de anulare a anumitor limite/constrangeri o metamorfoza pe nesimtite ce-o vad a fi inevitabila unui tanar fascinat de cat mai autenticul 'oriental'. Unul din acele lucruri ce trebuie facute cat mai devreme in viata, desi poate ca unii nu reusesc niciodata sa iasa din ei nici macar pentru asa o scurta bucata de timp precum s-a dovedit a fi intreaga poveste cuprinsa in aceasta carte. O frumoasa poveste despre contrasturi si o anumita iesire din sine prin ad [...]

    9. Wow. Much to consider, and as Alain says early in the novel of his love for Maitreyi, he can't describe it, because describing it will somehow corrupt it, (paraphrased here). I can't set the book down and talk about it yet. Must let it swirl around in my head a while first. But I'm so intrigued to imagine how this book is taught in Romanian high schools. Wonder if it still is today. And I wonder if its companion piece, written 40 years later from the POV of Maitreyi is also taught. It doesn't se [...]

    10. Momentously racist / orientalist / makes me hate humanity, remembering that I once saw no problem with all the bizarre things Eliade writes / does to Indian culture in this book makes me want to hurt myself

    11. Deși scrisă frumos și cu detalii deosebite, de obicei foarte puțin prețuite în alte cărți, m-a plictisit. Totul merge încet și previzibil, ba sunt eroii în extaz, ba gîndesc la moarte și plîng, și tot așa pe tot parcursul istoriei, fără mare sens, scenariu și interes. Se presupune că descrierea detaliată a emoțiilor și interacțiunii dintre acești 2 îndrăgostiți, necătînd de cît de ridicole sunt uneori, este destula pentru a capta interesul. Păi, nu este.Apreciez c [...]

    12. Am crezut ca o tin minte din adolescenta, cand am citit-o prima data, dar nu mai tineam minte mare lucru in afara de faptul ca m-a marcat. Lucrul care m-a frapat acum a fost ca citind o carte, n-am putut niciodata sa plang cum plang la un film, indiferent cat de trista este cartea! Iar Maitreyi este pentru mine o carte trista, o iubire ideala. Aceasta carte o voi asocia mereu cu Adam si Eva si Cel mai iubit dintre pamanteni. Toate trei ocupa un loc special in sufletul meu.Recomandata la orice va [...]

    13. I didn't get bored, but that still doesn't qualify the story with much merit. As I see it, she opens her soul to him and he calls her primitive instead of listening. He understands (or does a good job pretending to) next to nothing about their culture and he leads her on/confuses her/uses her to his own liking and then dumps her and pretends to go through rehab.Well-written, but this one has friends in the final exam reading list if you're in for that kind of thing.

    14. It's an emotional book,sincereI loved the way Eliade knew to reveal things in such way to make us feel the same way he felt.

    15. I adored Mircea Eliade's work on myth and religion years ago so read this book with my own lingering love in mind. This novel is semi-autobiographic, published in 1950 and reprinted many times. Eliade writes about a young English engineer in love with an Indian girl. That is the story. It is written in the first person and it is intense. The brilliance of the novel is that, despite the intense focus on love and pain, it teaches so much about India and Britain at the time in which it set (1930s). [...]

    16. This is the first book I have ever read twice and it was so much worth it! I first read it in my high school years as part of the Romanian literature curriculum and it was love at first page. I had heard that the female protagonist of the book, Maitreyi, wrote herself a novel as a response to Eliade’s Maitreyi and Bengal Nights. Some years later I got hold of her novel (‘It Does Not Die: A Romance’) and I started reading it in parallel with ‘Maitreyi’. It is one of the rare instances i [...]

    17. As vrea ca atunci cand ni se preda cartea asta la scoala sa ni se spuna ce om de cacat ii allan, ce abuz de putere face vrajind o fata de jumatatea varstei lui, ce orientalism extrem are in modul in care prezinta cultura indiana ca ceva exotic si primitiv, ce sexist ii modul in care se foloseste de femei si cumva tot el ii victima desi o duce bine-mersi folosindu-se de cine o fi pe cand femeile din viata lui se sinucid sau innebunesc. As vrea ca eseurile de 3 pagini pe care le scriem despre Elia [...]

    18. Awful. I completely hated it. Allen is so sexist, and arrogant, and annoying and Maitreyi is so childish and naive. The characters were so antipathetic. Maitreyi was crying all the time, but all the time and Allen was so cocky and such a coward. The love story was so dull, absolutely boring. A story about a forbidden love, but with no feelings. This lack of feelings was really sad and disappointing.

    19. All i can say is WOW! This book really impressed me, and is definetely outstanding among the other literature that i should read for school.The story kept me under pressure,that from the half of the book, i couldn't put it down without reading till the end. The book reverses one's thoughts, beliefs and understanding about indian culture. The author shows in his work the depth of asian spirit and demonstrates the major differences of relationship aproach between european and asian people.

    20. The novel is very well written, but unfortunately, despite a good understanding of the Indian culture, the author kept his Occidental view on the Indian world. Good knowledge, but bad insight. Eliade's other novels based on his Romanian background are far better.

    21. A book about the many differences in cultures, cultures and love, impediments, human beeings who think different but they love in the same strong way.

    22. A book of spontaneous intense feelings lied on white paper. A book of out-of-this-world sensuality of a young girl and the sexual desire of a man, the belief of spiritual and erotic bound.

    23. Maitreyi by Mircea EliadeThe fascination of the OrientI found this story interesting on the second encounter.It is not just an interesting love story between a European and an Indian girl, but also an opportunity to think about philosophy, communicating across cultures and the clash that sometimes replaces dialogue.In the first place, the hero- Alain is accepted into the Indian family that somehow adopts this foreigner.But at first sight, between him and Maitreyi there is a kind of coupe de foud [...]

    24. I am definitely giving this book 5 stars. The style is soft, and yet sometimes cut-throat, just as we got used to find in Eliade's books. It is not classified as a tragedy, because the main character doesn't love, or sacrifice enough, for the love story to be called a tragedy. He is an immutable egocentric, who from the beginning asks himself the question: "How can I be tied down into a marriage?! How can I lose my freedom??". Thus, by the end of the book, even though one would think that he is [...]

    25. This is literally the only book I ever had to read for school and actually enjoyed it.I loved it to bits and read it quite fast too (for a school reading assignment, I mean).But then again, Eliade is Eliade. He's wonderful, he's a classic and I just love his work.

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