Colters' Wife

Colters' Wife

Maya Banks / Jan 28, 2020

Colters Wife Colters Wife is the free short story follow up to Colters Woman It s an extended epilogue and gives readers a glimpse into the lives of the Colters after Holly returns home in Colters Woman The correc

  • Title: Colters' Wife
  • Author: Maya Banks
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 464
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Colters Wife is the free short story follow up to Colters Woman It s an extended epilogue and gives readers a glimpse into the lives of the Colters after Holly returns home in Colters Woman The correct reading order of the series is Colters Woman, Colters Wife, Colters Lady, Colters Daughter, Colters Promise and Colters Gift.

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    1. I had no idea what this book was all about as I hadn't read any others in the series. Imagine the look of surprise on my face while reading this at my son's bball practice and finding our heroine having rather explicit sex with 2 out of the 3 brothers she lives with. "Why didn't she bang the 3rd brother as well?" you might be wondering. Because our heroine is pregnant and he was showing great restraint out of concern for the safety of her and the unborn baby. *eye roll* I'm not a prude and have [...]

    2. Curiosity killed the cat And I have to stop reading every freebie I find, LOL.I guess I could have cared about the characters in this short story if I had read the original book, I don't know. As it was, this quickie didn't stand on its own.Note: This book is on my "ménage" shelf only because the heroine is "married" to the 3 heroes. There are no ménage sex scenes in this story. However, she does have sex with 2 of her "husbands" separately and tries to seduce the 3rd.

    3. Maya Banks, Colters' Wife (Samhain Publishing, 2010)I promised myself—actually, I swore to myself—I would not read Colters' Wife, which stands as kind of book 1.5 in the Colters' Legacy series (it's a 40-page short), bridging the gap between Colters' Woman and Colters' Lady, until I'd picked up Colters' Woman and given it a whirl. But I simply couldn't help myself. Maya Banks has done America one of the greatest services any writer possibly could have; she has shown, in graphic, uncompromisi [...]

    4. เป็นเรื่องสั้นไม่กี่หน้าที่เกิดในช่วงที่ฮอลลี่อุ้มท้องลูกคนแรกและให้กำเนิดเซธ เหตุการณ์จะเกิดก่อนหน้า Callie's Meadow ที่เป็นเรื่องสั้นท้ายเล่ม Colters' Woman เนื้อเรื่องไม่มีอะไรมาก (view spoiler)[ฮอ [...]

    5. Colters’ Wife (Colter's Legacy #1.5) by Maya Banks is a sequel to Maya’s most popular book, Colters’ Woman where three brothers all share the same woman and end up “marrying” her. I haven’t read Colters’ Woman since I’m not a big fan of siblings involved in a polyamorous incestuous relationship regardless if the siblings aren’t sexually attracted to one another. In Colters’ Wife, each Colter brother has one-on-one time with the pregnant heroine, Holly. There’s no threesomes [...]

    6. I really liked this short story which is about the birth of Holly and her fabulous husbands daughter.Holly is lovely and the guys are so adorable.I adore the family dynamics.Can't wait to read the next book.

    7. Apparently a lot of people didn't read the description of this before reading. It's erotica people! Why would anyone waste their time on reading things they don't look into? It seems a lot of freebies on the Nook are erotica recently, so people should beware. This is a short epilogue to Colters' Woman. It serves its purpose to show the birth of the first Colter baby, which was sweet, but unrealistically portrayed, to say the least. But it really is an epiloguet a novella. There is no real plot d [...]

    8. Hard to rate this one. Free Kindle ebook and nothing wrong with how well written. One female having relationship with three brothers just not my cuppa. I like hot, steamy and erotica. But couldn't get past the three brothers sharing one woman. This is sequal to Colters' Woman.

    9. The Colter men are the best at taking care of their woman. They are even more attentive to Holly when she is pregnant. This was a very welcome addition to the Colters' Legacy series. The only danger is in the situation that Holly gets herself into as she starts to go into labor, but doesn't even realize that at first. When Holly is pregnant she becomes more confident in her standing with the men and then uses that new found confidence and trust to her advantage (not that they were complaining). [...]

    10. Oh my God!!! I can't believe that happened!!! Absolutely beautifulLastly The happy cry. Yup, that about sums it up.

    11. **free on amazon as of 9/11/16**Sweet little "revisit" to the Coulter brothers and their woman Holly. I read the first book years ago and didn't know this existed. So glad that I stumbled upon it.

    12. This was a fun little quickie to follow up with the first book. Holly is still up to her ditzy ways, but it was fun to see her as the aggressor with the guys.

    13. Free Kindle download. I know now that this is an epilogue, so I assume those who have read the first book would find this one satisfying. This was the first time I've read the author, however, so Colters' Wife wasn't satisfying for me — the characters were not already familiar to me; I wasn't already invested in their story; and the length of the book is just not enough time for me to come to care that much about them. So when I realized that the heroine was wife to all three Colter brothers? [...]

    14. Well, this is the first book I've ever read from Sweet series. I never read the excerpt nor the synopsis so I kind of blown away by the story. I mean come on? Three brothers and one woman? I was like, darn! She's a very lucky bitch! Ahahaha. But still, the idea of brothers share a same woman is over the top for me. Don't you think it's I don't know, forbidden? Well, it's a one fun to read, still. I enjoyed every page. The way Adam, Ryan and Ethan treats Holly is just wow. Kind of ridiculous but [...]

    15. My recommendation here? Don't bother.I read Colters' Woman some time ago, and while I wasn't a fan, I didn't completely hate it, either. This epilogue is a complete waste of time. The writing was unimpressive and really, nothing much happens.Holly is pregnant and about to drop, so don't let my 'erotic romance' shelf fool you - nothing much of that happens, either.I'm getting the feeling that the Kindle freebies are free for a reason - I sure wouldn't have paid for this one.

    16. When I downloaded this free ebook from the store, it didn't have a description. About halfway through the first page I was pretty stunned at what it was really about three brothers in love with the same woman who all live together andah. Nevertheless, I made my way through it. Definitely not something I'd read again, nor would I want to read the first book or the rest of the series.

    17. As I read this book I found myself hoping that this woman was married to one man with multiple personalities. Unfortunately this was not the case. She is actually married to three brothers who don't mind sharing her. It would have been better for me if she was married to the scizophrenic!! Don't read this series unless you're ready for a very unconventional arrangement.

    18. 3stars -- Nice but not necessary to know Colter’s Update This Colter’s stay on our mind with this short bridging books 1 & 2. This entry is definitely for completists as it gives you no more information than you will have at the beginning of book two. I wouldn’t classify as a must read but ok as a freebie.

    19. This was a sweet epilogue to Colters' Woman because it showed how well the polyamorous marriage worked for Holly and the Colter brothers. We got to see the next generation of brothers along with the birth of what was probably the first Colter daughter in recent memory. I think her book is probably well worth reading.

    20. I had not read Maya Banks before this e-book (B&N free). I thought the story was well written and tastefully done. I was not offended by the story premise and will now read the other books in this series. It was a short story that I wish was longer.

    21. Short and sweet. We get to see them all a few months later when Holly is ready to have their baby. And because the men think she is to fragile to make love to until after the baby is born, she has to try to seduce them.

    22. Holly gives birth to Adam, Ryan, and Ethan's child, but not before she has her way with 2 of her 3 men. You must read "Colters' Woman" for this to make any sense. Not bad for a free read.

    23. Good extension of Colters' Woman. I really wanted to know what happen when she returned home. Great place to pick up but wish it was skittles longer. Way to go Adam!!!

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