Valley of the Scarecrow

Valley of the Scarecrow

Gord Rollo / Jun 03, 2020

Valley of the Scarecrow Seventy years ago the residents of Miller s Grove rose to destroy their devil worshipping minister They lashed him to a cross much like a scarecrow in his church and left him to die Now the scarecrow

  • Title: Valley of the Scarecrow
  • Author: Gord Rollo
  • ISBN: 9780843963342
  • Page: 172
  • Format: Paperback
  • Seventy years ago, the residents of Miller s Grove rose to destroy their devil worshipping minister They lashed him to a cross much like a scarecrow in his church and left him to die Now the scarecrow has returned to life and is hungry for revenge Original.

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        Gord Rollo was born in St Andrews, Scotland, but now lives in Ontario, Canada His short stories and novella length work have appeared in many professional publications throughout the genre and his novels include The Jigsaw Man, Crimson, Strange Magic, and Valley Of The Scarecrow His work has been translated into several languages and his titles are currently being adapted for audiobooks.Besides novels, Gord edited the acclaimed evolutionary horror anthology, Unnatural Selection A Collection of Darwinian Nightmares He also co edited Dreaming of Angels, a horror fantasy anthology created to increase awareness of Down s syndrome and raise money for research He recently completed his newest horror dark fantasy novel, entitled The Translators and can be reached at his website gordrollo


    1. If you grew up with all those 70's and 80's horror films and love creepy stories, this novel is definitely one you'll want to read. Set in a rural town where evil lurks in the shadows, Scarecrow is an excellent book and really worth reading.

    2. Having had Gord Rollo on my TBR pile for quite some time, I nominated Valley of the Scarecrow for a monthly group read here on . Several other members of the Paced Reading Horror and Thrillers group joined me.To each of them, I apologise.Valley of the Scarecrow failed to work for me on multiple levels. The characters experienced zero development, the supernatural slasher threat took far too long to get off his cross and do something, and the only surprise through the whole novel was kind of laug [...]

    3. On Saturday afternoons I sometimes like to put the SyFy Channel on and mute it and occasionally glance at the screen to see some two-dimensional annoying characters get eaten or eviscerated by a monster or evil fiend. I like this because I can read or do laundry and not have to give very much attention over to a B rated movie. Unfortunately Valley of the Scarecrow is a low budget B movie in book form. The characters remind me of the stick figures I used to draw when I was three, resembling peopl [...]

    4. A homage to the slasher films of the 1980s with a few twists and turns. A body is found inside the walls of an old Iowa theater in a hidden sealed room. Now in an assisted-living facility, Kelly's grandfather has been harboring a secret from his childhood past for all these years. A forgotten small town deserted since the 1930s, buried in the thick woods of rural Iowa. The old, dilapitated church still boarded up after all this time and inside still remains the Reverend Joshua Miller where he wa [...]

    5. Review of Valley of the Scarecrow5 starsDid I find this book SCARY? You bet. Imaginative? Ditto. Enthralling? Yep of course. So what more do you need to know ? “Valley of the Scarecrow” is one of those horror stories that postulates the existence of actual evil, not just psychological misfitting, but real, down-to-earth (or down-to-Hades) evil. Way back during the Great Depression in America, a community of Scottish immigrants following the directives of their pastor, found their crops bount [...]

    6. The year was 1936 and the community of Miller's Grove was faced with a problem with their spiritual leader Joshua Miller. The community of Miller's Grove once put their trust in this man but something dark and evil has taken him over. The towns people believe that the Reverend Miller had signed a contract with the man in black. Angus Tucker and a group of elders were going to the church to destroy Joshua Miller. Angus and the elders hung the Reverend from a cross on the altar of his own church. [...]

    7. I can see this book totally as a great Horror Movie. The pacing was fantastic and it was a very fast read. Gord did an excellent job with the main protagonist Kelly and you cared what happened to her and her friends. The novel did have some cliche moments but this is a Horror story after all and I felt they worked perfect within the context of the story. Joshua Miller was an excellent villain and even though he doesn't make an appearance until half way through the novel the story still held a gr [...]

    8. This is a great dark tale of the supernatural in Iowa, and though no one in the Midwest says "Bleedin'" any more than they say "Blimey," the brilliant subject matter allows you to overlook it. How can one lose with a horror story about a scarecrow?

    9. A small Iowa town has a dark past tracing back to the 1930s. While other neighboring communities fell victim to drought and disease that plagued the Midwest, Miller’s Grove continued to thrive; crops swelled and their leader, Reverend Joshua Miller, believes all thanks belongs to him. Instead of sharing the bounty, he gouges the neighboring communities for every bit of cash and gold they own as payment for his endless supply of grain. When his followers witness the Reverend’s devilish dealin [...]

    10. *SLIGHT SPOILER ALERT*This book is like the summary depicts. It’s a slasher type of book that feels like a book version of Friday the 13th; teenagers camping out and they get killed one by one, etcetera. Since the concept of the book wasn't meant to be difficult, this book isn't rocket science, but Gord Rollo delivers in what he tried to do. It’s a fun slasher book that was a good read.Now the story is not gruesome or anything (nothing like his book Jigsaw), as the story is really pulled alo [...]

    11. This is a difficult rating to select. Depending on where you are coming from as a horror fan will make all the difference in what you think of Valley of the Scarecrow.In this effort Gord Rollo pays homage to the slasher movie era. Admittedly that era is not for everyone, and a great many people dislike it. I happen to enjoy them, both for the popcorn munching fun factor and the nostalgia.Rollo hits the nail on the head in recapturing the slasher era feel. Not the sheer brilliance of Carpenter's [...]

    12. I was disappointing in this book. I was looking forward to it and drove right in, especially reading this in October. I ended up disappointed and it took a very long time to actually get into the action and death. There was a lot of buildup and nothing really happened until the last quarter of the book. This isn't what I expected for a book about a deadly killer Scarecrow.It reminded me of one of those cheesy slasher 80's movies but this wasn't going for a lot of gore so you missed out on a lot. [...]

    13. Let's be honest here this book is a written form of a B-movie horror film. Six kids hear about the legend of Miller's Grove and the treasure that may be there. Even though they are warned not to go, guess what? They go. And as they look for the treasure, they do soemthing stupid that awakens the monster and they are whacked one by one. This really isn't a spoiler because you know this is going to happen from the very beginning. Anyway, the writing is sharp, the villain is neat, and ther ending l [...]

    14. Had there not been many egregious errors of usage in this book (I read the Kindle version), I would give it another star. It seriously annoys me when republishers cannot take the trouble to proofread a book that has been prepped for re-release. I'm no less literate because I like to read on a device rather than to fight with a paper volume.That being said, this was a pretty creepy story; the animate scarecrow is one of those under-exploited monsters, and this one is quite vile and mean. The stor [...]

    15. This was a very well written scary scarecrow story. Maybe one of the best Halloween stories yet. If not made into a movie already would make for a great slasher film (I know they would ruin though - they wouldn't get the scarecrow right and they would blow the religion part out of proportion and over-sex the young couples for the movie). The back story is what did it though. It was the best part. It is what brought everything to life and made the story so scary and fun to read. I know they left [...]

    16. I had high hopes for this book when I first heard about its release and kept waiting and waiting for it to come out when it kept being delayed. I finally bought an e-book version but was very disappointed. This was a very poor written book with poorly developed characters, and the book is reminiscent of a very bad B horror movie. This book was especially disappointing because of the back story of Joshua Miller, which I loved. I do, however, plan on reading this book a second time in the hopes my [...]

    17. This was a fun little cheese-fest. Remember how you'd rent a cheap horror film just because of the terrific art on the box? Same thing here. It's a lot of dumb people doing even dumber things. Logic and common sense are nowhere to be found. By no means is this novel blazing new trails, but if you are looking for mindless entertainment, this is it.

    18. This book doesn't really get going until the good old Rev wakes up and by that point i was already 80% throughThe villain was plenty nasty as were the deaths but if im honest it didn't really hold any suprises and i felt like id already seen it all before in a million low budget horror flicks.

    19. Story kept me on the edge towards the end. The story kept my interest throughout. I am not disappointed. There are some unanswered questions that could use some explanation. I don't understand why there wasn't more to say about the necklace or amulet. It still would recommend this book to anyone that likes a good ghost story.

    20. It was like a really bad 80's slasher film. Things finally picked up with the evil Scarecrow finally shows up during the last 100 pages and then it got to be a lot of fun but mostly I felt disappointed with this.

    21. The dialog seemed forced and the characters were not well developed. The story did not pick up steam until about halfway through the book. I did enjoy the imagery and the overall story was unique. I do not recommend.

    22. Scary, slasher story. Interesting story about the town abandoned years ago with a dark secret!! Fun book to read.

    23. I read Gord Rollo's other books and enjoyed them, especially Jigsaw Man. When I was walking through the bookstore I should have left this one on the shelf.

    24. A great blood and guts horror story from Gord Rollo! This one has all the elements of the classic slasherx, drugs, oh yeah and an unholy demented scarecrow! Great read!

    25. Somewhat disappointed in the unanswered questions and the unsound biology, anatomy and other scientific facts. The author took a few liberties too many for me.


    27. I like Gord Rollo and his previous books. Sad to say this is just generic horror. I would give it just one star but the writing is superb, it's just the story is 1980's horror fiction.

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