The Snowman's Children

The Snowman's Children

Glen Hirshberg / Feb 20, 2020

The Snowman s Children The Snowman s Children is a poignant psychologically intense first novel that tells the story of an incident from one man s childhood in the s when a serial killer called The Snowman stalked the

  • Title: The Snowman's Children
  • Author: Glen Hirshberg
  • ISBN: 9780786710829
  • Page: 273
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Snowman s Children is a poignant, psychologically intense first novel that tells the story of an incident from one man s childhood in the 1970s, when a serial killer called The Snowman stalked the streets of suburban Detroit The incident, a result of good but woefully misguided juvenile intentions, forced his family to leave their home, and eventually forced him, at aThe Snowman s Children is a poignant, psychologically intense first novel that tells the story of an incident from one man s childhood in the 1970s, when a serial killer called The Snowman stalked the streets of suburban Detroit The incident, a result of good but woefully misguided juvenile intentions, forced his family to leave their home, and eventually forced him, at age twenty nine, to return to his hometown in search of three old friends Reminiscent of both To Kill a Mockingbird in its touching portrait of childhood, and the beautifully written brand of suspense that calls to mind Smilla s Sense of Snow, The Snowman s Children is an unusually controlled and original novel that establishes Hirshberg as an important new voice in American literature.

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        Glen Hirshberg is currently hard at work on the final book in the Motherless Children Trilogy, the sequel to Good Girls and Motherless Child 2012 2014 , the blood soaked, terrifyingeakneck midnight ride through a part of America too seldom visited in fiction Elizabeth Hand which Ramsey Campbell says is a virtuoso display of Glen Hirshberg s considerable talents, ranging from uncanny poetry to breathless suspense We can be sure horror fiction is still vital when it s reimagined as freshly and vigorously as this Previous books include his first novel, The Snowman s Children 2002 International Horror Guild Award winners The Two Sams 2003 also a Publisher s Weekly Best Book of the Year and American Morons 2006 The Book of Bunk 2010 , about which the late Lucius Shepherd wrote, It s as if Woody Guthrie and Gabriel Garcia Marquez had co authored a 90,000 word folk song, and Jeff Vandermeer has called powerful, sad, ecstatic, and above all, a clear sign that the uniquely American novel is alive and well and the Shirley Jackson Award winning collection The Janus Tree 2011 Glen s shorter work can also be found in numerous Best of anthologies With Pete Atkins, Glen has curated the rediscovery of the neglected Edwardian near genius, Thomas St John Bartlett whose work along with stories by Pete, Glen, and many other authors of horror fiction can be found in the Rolling Darkness Revue chapbooks A full list of Rolling Darkness Revue chapbooks can be found at Earthling Publications or on Glen s website Wondering how you can get hold of Good Girls It will be published in 2015 by Tor, but in the meantime, pick up the first book in the series, Motherless Child Neither a surfer nor a race car driver, Glen enjoys a heart pounding game of racquetball followed by a strong cup of coffee Born in Detroit, Glen earned degrees from Columbia University and the University of Montana In an alternate reality, he spends a lot of time on a deep sea submarine as a marine biologist, but in this one, he writes, writes, teaches, writes, drinks coffee, reads, listens to music, and lives in the Los Angeles area with his wife and children.From an interview with Kristin Centorcelli at SF Signal I grew up mostly in Detroit My mother was a psychologist, my father a designer and painter, and I think their influence still resonates through everything I write I can t draw a straight line, but I love painting with the language, and what interests me most in stories, even the spooky ones, is the way people respond to and discover one another as their lives unfold or unravel.


    1. 2015 review:A friend pointed me in the direction Glen Hirshberg’s first novel, “The Snowman’s Children,” several years ago, and it remains one of the best recommendations I’ve received. The book left a strong impression on me, and after a second read, it’s become one of my very favorites.“Snowman’s Children” is, I suppose, what’s normally considered a coming-of-age story, though with shades of horror throughout. On the surface, it sounds like a thriller of some sort, the stor [...]

    2. 3.5 starsThis novel wasn’t so much a non-stop rollercoaster ride but a long meandering drive to the sea shore. There is a distinct division between the tone establishing first half rich with metaphor and the accelerated second half filled with the meat of the story. In the opening, our main character, Mattie Rhodes, seems a few shades tamer then Bart Simpson; he pulls pranks, but nothing horrible. The book shifts between his childhood, his college years, and the present day (mid 90’s Detroit [...]

    3. I love discovering authors who have the potential for becoming new favorites and whose progress I can enjoy following book by book. Occasionally, as with Jonathan Lethem, I get to be there when they go from obscure (Gun, With Occasional Music) to best selling and award winning (The Fortress of Solitude). Or to be there when a little known novel like Shoeless Joe becomes a blockbuster movie (Field of Dreams) and suuddenly everyone is talking about an author you've been faithfully following and qu [...]

    4. This is copy 171 of 250 signed numbered copies of the leather bound slipcased edition signed by Glen Hirshberg.Introduction by Elizabeth HandAfterword by Gary A. BraumbeecArt by Alex McVey

    5. A creepy psychological book. Goes between 1976 when the events happened and 1994 trying to find resolution for Mattie. The winter of 1976 finds this Detroit suburb on alert to a “Snowman” who captures children that are later found dead, but apparently well cared for. Neighborhoods and family are thrown into a tizzy with curfews and lifestyle changes. Eleven-year-old Mattie, Theresa and Spencer and enthralled with this event and even go so far to fake a missing child. His family moves from th [...]

    6. In a prior review, I mentioned my fascination with cold places, possibly due to spending my entire life in Florida. Places that receive serious snowfall seem silent, mysterious, and, honestly, pretty frightening. Maybe I’ve read too many stories of bodies hidden in snow and not found until spring—or an equal number of tales featuring a body trapped under ice. At any rate, I vaguely remember hearing about murders committed by a serial killer in Oakland County, Michigan. I was too young for an [...]

    7. I read this book about 8 months ago and earlier today, I was staring off at nothing thinking about it. This book has done this to me periodically ever since I finished the last page. Today, I thought I should write about it.Disclaimer: I was a fan of Glen Hirshberg's before ever picking up this book. I was only familiar with his short and medium length fiction at the time and was firmly enthralled by everything I had read so far. All that to say my expectations could not have been set any higher [...]

    8. This book is adult fiction, described as psychologically intense, and that is an apt description of how the story unfolds. In Detroit, in the 1970's, Mattie, Spencer and Theresa were in the "gifted" program at their school. At that same point in time, a serial killer known as "The Snowman" was picking and choosing young victims with impunity. How those horrific murders affected families, neighborhoods and these three "exceptional" children, both at that time, and thirty years later is the framew [...]

    9. доволі непроста, сумбурна розповідь, від якої так і не з'являється відчуття завершеності (навіть на формальному рівні; автор передав реальні події та свої спогади про них у романній формі, але, вочевидь, вирішив віддати перевагу фактам і враженням, а не жанровим принципам). [...]

    10. I thought that this book was a murder mystery. It really is not. What this book is about is the stress of families living under the shadow of a serial killer, and the ripples that stress has into the future. It is also about the intensity of childhood friendship, love, illness, betrayal and loss.

    11. Riveting, even though it's not a true serial killer book. It's a psychological coming-of-age story. Very well written, but kind of like a car crash. Sometimes you just have to put it down

    12. An uneven first book that attempts to explore the lives of three kids living in the shadow of a serial killer. Set in 1970s Detroit and the protagonists’ adulthood, shifting between the two. His prose runs purple; the narrator is often astonished and his mouth often gapes. In one scene, the words spurted from his mouth like blood from a severed jugular. Additionally, he continuously commits the First Sin of Dialog Attribution: “Get out!” she barked, “I’m tired,” he whined. He doesn't [...]

    13. I am still giving this one star because it is written very well, but can't give more stars to something I stopped reading. I wanted to keep reading it, because the writing was quite good, but I gave up because I was one third of the way through and the writer brought up "The Snowman' every once in a while, in a teasing kind of why, but that far into the book, even though we were told how horrible this (serial killer? child molester? kidnapper?) was, we still don't know exactly what crimes he com [...]

    14. The author's descriptions are phenomenal! Hirshberg's writing is so lyrical and gorgeous. The plot was slow moving at times, but not as grim and violent as I was expecting, given the subject matter. I definitely enjoyed it, although I'd love to see the author apply his amazing writing skills to a story that was a bit less grim. "Dysfunctional man returning to hometown to follow up on childhood errors" was a engaging, but given his amazing writing, the plot felt a bit pedestrian.

    15. If you can't deal with Childhood trauma, this is not the book for you, but if you canyou must read this book. You will be sucked right into 1970s Detroit, in the mind of a child. If I say this book is "haunting", I don't mean in a mysterious, or supernatural sort of way. Its a psychological haunting that will lead you to believe you know these characters. They have become my friends, in every sad way.

    16. A very intriguing book, though ultimately unsatisfying in certain ways. The protagonist, Mattie Rhodes, returns to Detroit to see if he can find a friend from his youth. The book intertwines the story of his search with the story of his youth, where a serial killer is on the loose killing children. Some of the events are just too contrived and unbelievable, but the desire to discover what really happened and what will happen keeps it interesting enough.

    17. This one was a bit creepy but it was well written. People from the Detroit area would recognize all the locations/landmarks. The back story is about a serial killer of children which I think was based on a 'true' situation. The story itself is about children who aren't physically/directly affected by the back story but who are psychologically affected and make some unbelievable choices.

    18. Personally, I did not like this book. I felt the author did not go into enough details in some places and I felt like I was waiting for something "more" to come. I picked this book because it was going to be about a child serial killer in the 70s in Detroit. He did a decent job getting you to know the characters but there was always something missing in his descriptions and story line.

    19. I read and enjoyed some short stories by this author, so I thought I'd try this book. I enjoyed it. It was a little slow in a couple of places, but it was well-written and kept me interested until the end.

    20. This was a hard slog. I felt there was a promise of excitement, after all it's a mystery thriller, but they never came.

    21. Absolutely wonderful! Characters were so real, I wouldn't have been surprised to see them walk into my house.

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