Solo Command

Solo Command

Aaron Allston / Feb 20, 2020

Solo Command Wraith Squadron they are the Rebel Alliance s ultimate strike force Sleek swift and deadly they are the first in battle the last line of defense Now they must find and destroy a wily enemy powerfu

  • Title: Solo Command
  • Author: Aaron Allston
  • ISBN: 9780553579000
  • Page: 406
  • Format: Paperback
  • Wraith Squadron they are the Rebel Alliance s ultimate strike force Sleek, swift, and deadly, they are the first in battle, the last line of defense Now they must find and destroy a wily enemy powerful than the Empire itself.Their covert mission has been a success The enemy has been vanquished Or so they thought The Super Star Destroyer Iron Fist somehow escapedWraith Squadron they are the Rebel Alliance s ultimate strike force Sleek, swift, and deadly, they are the first in battle, the last line of defense Now they must find and destroy a wily enemy powerful than the Empire itself.Their covert mission has been a success The enemy has been vanquished Or so they thought The Super Star Destroyer Iron Fist somehow escaped destruction and with it the New Republic s greatest threat, the infamous warlord Zsinj To defeat him, Wraith Squadron must join a combat task force led by the only man crafty enough to beat Zsinj at his own game Han Solo But Zsinj knows the X wing fighters indomitable courage is both their greatest strength and their greatest weakness For even against the most overwhelming odds, the Rebels will fight to the death And that will leave Zsinj the galaxy s unchallenged master

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    1. You know, it’s hard to remember a year where I read fifteen books cover-to-cover let alone a time when I’ve done so in four months time. At this rate I’ll have read sixty novels by the end of the year. That’s not the entirety of the expanded universe but it’s gettig there. By my calculations I should be able to get through the New Jedi Order series by December.But today I’m finishing up the main chunk of the X-Wing series, with Solo Command, which I will say is a step up from the pre [...]

    2. When people ask me what my favorite Star Wars book is, I usually say either Vision of the Future by Timothy Zahn, or Starfighters of Adumar by Aaron Allston.But sometimes, I say Solo Command.It's tricky, naming this as a favorite. It's the third in a trilogy, seventh in a series, and greatly dependent on all that has come before for its emotional impact.But that emotional impact is so heavy, and so satisfying, that some days, I just don't care.It's my favorite on those days. The slow thawing of [...]

    3. A solid four, if not, more. A rousing story, well told. He actually involved iconic SW character in his story, not just as walk-on cameos.Allston not only brings his trilogy to a satisfying conclusion, but bridges the gap between books written before his own series.The Millennium Falsehood was a nice touch.

    4. I continue to love this series, but one issue I had with this last book in the Wraith Trilogy is that you know the ending ahead of time. "The Courtship of Princess Leia" was written years before, so you know the fate of Warlord Zsinj there. That being said, it was still an entertaining book. Elaasar Targon was an excellent addition, bringing some great comedic relief. The situation with Lara Notsil and Myn Donos comes to a head. It's just nice having characters that feel like actual human beings [...]

    5. The "real" conclusion to the X-Wing novel series, everything that comes later is just footnotes. Or, rather - what Star Wars lacked after the focus on the Skywalker-Jedi-plotline was a depiction of the war and the life outside of the progress of the core characters. The "X-Wing" series got that done for the galaxy far, far away, but once it had it accomplished, the series gradually lost its raison d'etre; a right conclusion at the right time.

    6. Really excited to see what comes next with the warlord, but this book's Manchurian candidate motif, lackluster space battles, and flat depiction of Han Solo take it down two stars without question.

    7. Loose plot threads built up over the past three novels come together to weave a tapestry of tension and dramatic suspense. This was a great book.

    8. This is my second re-read of the epic novel "Solo Command" is the seventh volume in the X-Wing series and is the concluding book of Aaron Allston's trilogy about exploits of the Wraith Squadron founded by Wedge Antilles. To give a quick refresher, Wraith Squadron was formed because Wedge's Rogue Squadron was so well known as being the best that anytime the Rogues were dispatched on a mission any chance of covertness was eliminated. While the Rogues were the best of the best, a Star Wars Top Gun [...]

    9. With all apologies to the late Mr. Allston, these books are the Expanded Universe equivalent of a root canal. I haven’t hated a writer this much since James Luceno, and with his every word choice grating at me, I’ve exhausted my capacity to be polite and neutral about his work. In fact, the only way for me to get through this review is to do something completely unorthodox. It’s taken me months to force myself to pick this up and read it. And I hadn’t even finished the first chapter befo [...]

    10. I'll sum up Books 1-7 hereThese books were pretty good in terms of entertainment. By no means required reading, but I did enjoy the background and personalities in these novels. Each book could have shaved 30-50 pages off, as Michael Stackpole tended to provide a few too many unnecessary details. Not to the extent of say Robert Jordan, but Stackpole had his moments.The series provides personality buildup and adventures revolving around lesser SWU characters such as Wedge Antilles, Corran Horn, A [...]

    11. In the final X-Wing book written by Aaron Allston, Wraith Squadron continues to look for ways to engage and destroy Warlord Zsinj. They are assigned to a task force led by General Han Solo and are given several more missions to do, many of them covert but a few also of a more direct and traditional military nature. The plot complications this time around include the fact that certain individuals (all of non-human descent) in the New Republic now seem to have been programmed as sleeper agents to [...]

    12. For the past few months, I have been reading all of the X-wing novels, plus I Jedi since it's spiritually in the same series. I recall enjoying Solo Command when I first read it many moons ago, but I must admit that it did not hold up to a re-reading that well. Most of my qualms with Solo Command are the same as with Aaron Allston's other X-wing novels: the characters and their situations are melodramatic to the point of farce, and I don't really feel strongly about any of them. I also think tha [...]

    13. I think the finale to the Wraith Squadron trilogy is its weakest entry, though by no means bad. At this point, Allston has built up a very good cast of characters that display a great deal of camaraderie, and this feeling of being on a grand adventure with friends unfortunately clashes a bit with the climactic confrontation with Warlord Zsinj - and comes to a screeching halt at the book's end. Gara Petothel/Lara Notsil/Kirney Slaine is one of the best, most dramatic and interesting female protag [...]

    14. “Zsinj…kiss my Wookiee!”The Wraiths grow ever closer to destroying Warlord Zsinj’s diabolical reign of terror. But when it appears Twi’Leks and other species are sabotaging the inner workings of the New Republic, the Wraiths realize this could mean the end of the New Republic. So Han Solo, the Rogues, and the Wraiths team up to figure out what is wrong…and how to send Zsinj back from where he came.I Liked:I really enjoyed how Allston pulled out Han and Chewie and tied them into the W [...]

    15. The Dramatis Personae provides a full breakdown of the Wraiths and Rogues, which is wonderful. There are some new characters who are touched upon, but we really see a great overview of how the two groups - along with Polearm and Nova Squadrons - work together under Wedge's command. with Han Solo, Ackbar, and Mothma. They plan on taking down Binring biomedical as Zsinj hustles to protect his assets on Saffalore. Then, there's the big picture of destroying the warlord altogether. They also learn t [...]

    16. Wraith Squadron is still on its mission to take down Warlord Zsinj, teaming up with General Han Solo and Rogue Squadron. While a lot of the fight against Zsinj is a bit more of the same, there's at least the Millennium Falsehood, a fake Millennium Falcon designed to lure Zsinj into a straight fight he can't run away from by giving him a potential prize too alluring to resist. Han Solo is Zsinj's nemesis as much as Zsinj is Han's. It was nice to have some of the characters from Rogue Squadron aro [...]

    17. X-Wing - Solo Command: This is not the finale you're looking forI admit to being a little disappointed in Solo Command - but merely in the sense of it not truly resolving anything. This is meant to be the finale to the Wraiths vs Zsinj saga. To that end, it builds up beautifully - with the same intrigue and adventure that we've come to expect in this series. The final showdown at the novel's climax is a great read, but the ending just leaves you wanting more closure. The fact that the true endin [...]

    18. Once Michael Stackpole's initial 4-book run of Star Wars: X-Wing novels concluded, the controls were passed to Aaron Allston, who introduced a new team of pilots and a new direction for the X-Wing series in Wraith Squadron (Star Wars: X-Wing Series #5) (Book 5). The Wraiths concentrated on covert operations against Imperial Warlord Zsinj. Now the time has come for their final battle with Zsinj and his Super Star Destroyer Iron Fist.Solo Command is the final volume in Allston's Wraith Squadron tr [...]

    19. Wraith Squadron is the best. These three books (Wraith Squadron - Iron Fist -- Solo Command) are, to me, the perfect mix of engaging plot, serious character arcs, and good humor. Dog fights! Epic pranks! Familiar characters and new ones, both of which one becomes deeply invested in. Star Warsy goodness! (How does one define 'Star Warsy goodness'? I don't know, but I tell you these books have it in abundance.) Smart villains and smarter heroes! Unique, unexpected tactics (the epitome of Wraith Sq [...]

    20. Solo Command is another great entry in the X-Wing series. Once again we follow Wraith Squadron as they run amok around the galaxy, solving problems with crazy ideas and inducing me to laugh out loud regularly.The characters are the star of the show again, this time Myn Donos and Lara Notsil as the mains. Both work well, each having distinct personalities from the rest of the previous main characters. Wedge has some fantastic, hilarious, and touching moments as well, dealing with Donos's issues, [...]

    21. "Solo Command" is quite possibly the best of the three Wraith novels and is as good as some of the Rogue books. It still features a rather large amount of humor and jokes and pranks with the Wraith pilots, but features a faster moving plot that actually seems to be going somewhere. The previous two Wraith books didn't really seem to advance any sort of storyline. Something else that I liked here was that the Rogue Squadron was included on the main mission here, so there was intermingling between [...]

    22. Really enjoyable one, this, and a fine conclusion to this three story arc in the middle of the X-Wing series. Allston had a difficult task building another squadron we'd care about in the same vein of the Rogues, and I think he did that with the Wraiths. He didn't create another Corran Horn, but the story, sandwiched between the original X-Wing books and the previously published Courtship of Princess Leia, was a good one.(view spoiler)[Zsinj still gets away in the end, but Wedge and Han's pursui [...]

    23. Released pre Episode I, the Star Wars: X-Wing books are, I believe, amongst the first EU ('Extended Universe') novels that do not focus on the main protaganists of the films as their central characters, taking instead LucasArts X-Wing/TIE fighter games of the 90s (as an aside - somebody really REALLY needs to re-make those for modern machines) as their inspiration. This is the 7th book in the X-Wing series, and the 3rd to focus primarily on the activities of Wraith squadron, after both Wraith Sq [...]

    24. This series is wonderful, and Solo Command was no exception. Character development is especially important to me, and the X-Wing series does a great job developing many characters, while each book is able to accentuate specific ones. Warlord Zsinj is a great opponent for both Han Solo and Wedge Antilles.

    25. So much is going on in this book. The characters are evolving to a point where they could almost each their own books devoted to them. Although this book had much more Han Solo in it than most the others, I really wanted more of our newest characters. However, I guess that is what has to happen. Now that the Wraiths are a solid group and proven squadron, it's time to focus on Zsinj. We actually get to see more from General Han Solo and get into his battle with Zsinj. And what a battle it is. The [...]

    26. AHH I LOVE THIS BOOK. IT IS SO GOOD. I love the plot twist with Fel, I love Lara's arc, and I love Zsinj plans. Only issue with this series is WHERE THE HELL IS RHYSATI? All the other Rogues are at least mentioned some (like Nawara's badass self) leading whole side plots. There are new Rogues but no Rhysati. She was alive and part of Rogue Squadron at the end of the Bacta War, but she's never mentioned (and doesn't appear in the dramatis personae of Solo Command). If she left the squadron, I'd h [...]

    27. This section of the series comes to an okay conclusion. Having read other novels in the expanded universe before, I should have known what was coming. Still, it feels like a let down on some levels by ending the story by saying "go read this other book to find out what happens". I guess that's part of the danger of filling in gaps between other novels written by other people.Otherwise, it's pretty good. It retains its sense of humor while wrapping up as many of its storylines. There's even a bri [...]

    28. Once again I found this book to be much more enjoyable than the first book in the first Wraith Squadron novel. Again it does have the same issues as I stated in the Wraith Squadron review. This book, Solo Command just happened to be much more enjoyable. As the end of a trilogy it wraps things up as nicely as possible considering that the author had limitations because of the next Star Wars novel in chronological order. It is a bit hard to explain further without giving spoilers away about the co [...]

    29. This was nice. Character wise this was still more interesting than the Rogue novels, the plot is not terribly intricate, but throwing in some familiar characters in unusual positions and then seeing how they all react was fun. If Allston was hoping to recreate a character as interesting as Thrawn he had no chance; the villain does seem to fall flat with that standard. Still, with just the good guys to focus on this was a neat novel. I was disappointed when the characters in Wraith Squadron didn' [...]

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