Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evie

Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evie

Marianne Stillings / Dec 11, 2019

Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evie Join a murder hunt where conflict and sexual tension is the name of the gameThomas Heyworth was a wealthy internationally renowned mystery writer a colourful character whose opinions and outspoken b

  • Title: Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evie
  • Author: Marianne Stillings
  • ISBN: 9780060734763
  • Page: 149
  • Format: Paperback
  • Join a murder hunt where conflict and sexual tension is the name of the gameThomas Heyworth was a wealthy, internationally renowned mystery writer, a colourful character whose opinions and outspoken behaviour got him in a lot of hot water in his lifetime Because of the enemies he s accumulated over the years, Heyworth stipulated in his will detailed plans for an amateuJoin a murder hunt where conflict and sexual tension is the name of the gameThomas Heyworth was a wealthy, internationally renowned mystery writer, a colourful character whose opinions and outspoken behaviour got him in a lot of hot water in his lifetime Because of the enemies he s accumulated over the years, Heyworth stipulated in his will detailed plans for an amateur investigation to take place in the event of his death When Heyworth is found dead in his own library, Evie Randall, Heyworth s possible illegitimate daughter who has lived on the Heyworth estate ever since her mother, Heyworth s former housekeeper died, becomes the primary suspect.Seattle detective Max Galloway is sent to find out the truth and is unwittingly drawn to Evie But the real murderer is closing in and is determined to eliminate anything or anyone standing in the way of collecting millions Suddenly Max and Evie are in a race to solve the crime before the game ends for them both.

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        Marianne entered the world in the usual way, eleven days before Christmas way back in Nineteen, uh, something The first child born to a Santa Barbara, California heating and sheet metal contractor and a former Rosie as in WWII airplane riveter , Marianne was named after a character in a book Hmm Auspicious A harbinger, foreshadowing things to come Superfluous fact Marianne doesn t have a middle name Her mother said it was because Marianne was such a big name, and Marianne herself was such a tiny baby a preemie weighing only a bit over five pounds , that a middle name just seemed too much Besides, what secondary moniker can you give someone who has two first names stuck together like that Marianne s mother loved reading and encouraged her to read all the time The first book she can remember her mom reading to her is The Ugly Duckling That story hooked her on books, a passion she has happily passed on to her own daughters.When Marianne s only sibling, a sister, was born, the family was complete Kindergarten found Marianne walking off to her first day of school, not knowing what to expect When she got home that afternoon, her mother asked, How did you like school and Marianne replied, I loved it Thus began her life long love of learning.Superfluous fact At about the age of nine, her grandfather s dog bit Marianne in the face, slicing open the bridge of her nose and missing her left eye by mere fractions of an inch The dog s name was Nipper In spite of that, she still adores all animals, especially dogs.In school, writing was always her favorite class activity She wrote short stories and poems, none of which were fabulous, but the ideas kept coming, and the magic of putting words on the page delighted her and still does unless she s on deadline.The school years rolled by, until one day in June of Nineteen, eh hem, something, Marianne graduated from high school College was out of the question Girls don t go to college, they get married her father said , so she went to work at the General Telephone Company as a long distance operator, and waited for her future husband to make his appearance.Superfluous fact A star struck movie buff, for a while, Marianne wanted to be an actress, and even went to Hollywood briefly She auditioned for a few things, then decided Hollywood was just too weird a place to call home, and left town for Places More Normal.After leaving Southern California, Marianne moved to Seattle and married Her daughters, Rebecca and Katie, came along in 1985 and 1991, making her life thoroughly and totally and absolutely complete.Never having given up on becoming a writer, in 1998, Marianne began reading modern romance novels, fell in love with them all over again Mary Stewart had been her idol in junior high and high school , and decided to give writing one a shot She wrote three a European historical, a short contemporary, and a Western historical Discouraged when they weren t good enough to be published, she stopped writing for a year But writers write, so she picked up her pen again well, flipped the computer switch ON , and began a romantic suspense called Uppity Woman It sold, and was re titled The Damsel in This Dress.Superfluous fact Her first manuscript, titled Forget Me Not, was perfect and wonderful Editors were blind to its magnificence Recently, she pulled it from under the bed, knocked off the dust bunnies, and gave it a read She snorted with laughter, turned red from embarrassment that human eyes had ever seen this sorry tome, and shoved it right back under the bed.Since Damsel was released in July of 2004, Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evie Avon, 2005 , and Sighs Matter Avon, 2006 have come out Marianne s fourth book Arousing Suspicions, starring Nate Darling, who was introduced in Midnight was released by Avon on March 1, 2007 Brother Ethan s story, as told in Satisfaction, is schedu


    1. No fue lo que estaba esperando. La sinopsis prometía una historia de misterios y suspenso con un romance en segundo plano, pero fue exactamente al revés.Thomas Heyworth, un excéntrico escritor de novelas de suspenso, es asesinado en su mansión dejando una cuantiosa herencia. La sorpresa viene cuando, al abrir el testamento, descubren que el hombre no nombró un heredero, sino que organizo una búsqueda del tesoro en la cuál el ganador se lo lleva todo. Los participantes son diversos: su hij [...]

    2. #27 Un libro con antónimos en su título. Quitando el hecho de que la sinopsis te vende un policial que promete esta bueno pero termina siendo un romance esta bueno, ponele.

    3. The heroine grew up with a mother who always wanted a good time and that got her killed, so at the age of eleven the heroine went to live with an older rich man Thomas, who also was a mystery writer and Edmund the butler. Now years later she is a teacher, her friend is dead, murdered and now she has a mystery challenge to complete, alongside Thomas's hated step-son, Detective Max. Plus she has always suspected that Thomas was her father. In the journey to solve the clues, the heroine finds out t [...]

    4. Antes de empezar te aclaro, si estas buscando una novela policial NO ES TU LIBRO y si estas buscando una novela rosa, TAMPOCO, ahora, si estas buscando una mezcla de ambas, corre a comprarlo.La historia comienza cuando un hombre rico es asesinado, y cuando la hija adoptiva (no esta adoptada legalmente, solo es una niña huerfana criada por el) va se encuentra con el abogado de la familia para revelar el testamento se encuentra con una sorpresa, el sobre contiene las reglas de un juego, una busqu [...]

    5. I've reread this book several times. It's so good. There's twists and excitement and lovable characters.

    6. Another cute Stillings'Book two in the Port Henry Series. Here we meet Evie and detective Max Galloway. Both became treasure hunt competitors per Thomas' will. What was supposed to be a search for the diseased wealth, turned into a hunt for his murder. Every participant was a suspect, yet Evie and Max found within each other a more valuable treasurelove. While there were plenty of funny one-liners, there were several hilarious scenes! oh my! I can't wait to read the next book.

    7. What a fun book, even though you wouldn't think so from the plot. It is a team scavenger hunt to find the murderer (and treasure) of a mystery author, Thomas. Evie has been his ward since she was 11 and her mom died. Due to her upbringing, she doesn't get close to people (but loves the pet llamas). She is teamed up with Max, who hated Thomas and was programmed not to love by his father. The clues are all passages from Thomas' books and the supporting characters are interesting. Plenty of danger, [...]

    8. Agradezco haber pagado este libro muy barato, pero la verdad no vale ni diez pesos. Primero que nada el título no tiene sentido, no tiene relación alguna con la historia. Segundo: es un libro que deja mucho que desear. Está escrito para que los protagonistas tengan un par de encuentros sexuales dentro de la trama y nada más. La repetición de la descripción del cuerpo del protagonista masculino que hace la narradora de la historia es IN-SO-POR-TA-BLE. La portada y la sinopsis atraen, pero h [...]

    9. School teacher, Evie Randall, and detective, Max Galloway, are part of a group on a treasure hunt to inherit the estate of famous author, Thomas Heyworth, as well as to learn who his murderer was, if they can find all of the clues within the next two weeks. I enjoyed this book's island setting off the coast of Washington state, as well as the humorous dialogue and chemistry between Evie and Max.

    10. I was expecting to read a story about an investigation of a murder with a love story as a secondary plot but instead it is a romance without much plot to it (at least for the first half of the book where I decided to stop reading). The characters are behaving like silly and lovestruck teenagers and their interactions are behind awkward and unbelievable. The dialogues are horrible and I wasn't able to read any more of it.

    11. Not my normal style of book, but I quite enjoyed it. It was full of nice dialogue, great interactions between the hero and heroine without being too 'smutty', nice writing. I would recommend even to people who aren't usually a fan of this genre. About a treasure hunt following the death of a millionaire and quirky couplings to win the prize and solve the murder.

    12. For me was 4.5 stars I really enjoy this book actually I had really bad expectative to this book bad when a started I really enjoy, I like the romance and the situations with the murders and with the secrets. I like a lot Max and EvieALLY LIKE THIS BOOK

    13. I really liked this one it all blended very well the banter between the h/h was great. I liked the mystery as well. All in all I thought it was a great one. I will need to find the others in this series. Already read 1 and 5.

    14. interesting read and one of my all time favorites. I have since done the Savannah tour of all the spots mentioned in the books happenings and purchased the Cd. savannah now profits as a great tourist attraction.

    15. This book was too "romancey", too slow-moving, had too much time spent on emotional reflection, and I didn't believe it.

    16. Loved this and will now be looking for the other 2 books in this series. Romantic Suspense with more than a touch of humor, Stillings has joined my list of favorite authors.

    17. Good book. I figured the main mysteries out quite a while before the end. But, knowing the ending did not take away from getting there. I still enjoyed reading the book in its entirety.

    18. I have no idea what the Tittle or the cover has to do with the story Light romance/murder mystery. Easy beach read.

    19. Max and Evie's story is cute and fluffy. I enjoy Marianne Stillings writing very much for the fluffiness, though she tends to lean heavily on puns as a form of communication. Fast but cute read!

    20. This was a great book - a cross between a light romance novel and a mystery book with lots of humor thrown in. A fun read.

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