The Year of Living Dangerously

The Year of Living Dangerously

Christopher J. Koch Yuliani Liputo / Feb 27, 2020

The Year of Living Dangerously Dilarang terbit oleh rezim Orde BaruNGHARGAAN The Age Book of the Year Award National Book Council Award for Australian LiteratureDi sini di kota asing yang temaram bernama Jakarta ini tempat campura

  • Title: The Year of Living Dangerously
  • Author: Christopher J. Koch Yuliani Liputo
  • ISBN: 9789790241770
  • Page: 131
  • Format: Paperback
  • Dilarang terbit oleh rezim Orde BaruNGHARGAAN The Age Book of the Year Award National Book Council Award for Australian LiteratureDi sini di kota asing yang temaram bernama Jakarta ini, tempat campuran kebencian dan bahaya senantiasa terendus, seperti bau rokok kretek, terjebak Guy Hamilton, seorang jurnalis Barat, Billy Kwan, juru kameranya yang berkebangsaan Cina AuDilarang terbit oleh rezim Orde BaruNGHARGAAN The Age Book of the Year Award National Book Council Award for Australian LiteratureDi sini di kota asing yang temaram bernama Jakarta ini, tempat campuran kebencian dan bahaya senantiasa terendus, seperti bau rokok kretek, terjebak Guy Hamilton, seorang jurnalis Barat, Billy Kwan, juru kameranya yang berkebangsaan Cina Australia bertubuh kate, dan Jill Bryant, perempuan asal Inggris yang sama sama mereka cintai.Tahun 1965, sebuah masa yang dikenal sebagai Vivere Pericoloso Hidup Penuh Bahaya , yang membelokkan arah hidup bangsa Indonesia Pemerintahan nasionalistik Sukarno membawa Indonesia ke tengah ketidakpastian Dalam kondisi ekonomi Indonesia yang lemah, Presiden menghabiskan uang untuk membangun monumen monumen megah, sementara menyulut api kebencian terhadap Barat dan mengobarkan semangat konfrontasi dengan Malaysia Ganyang Malaysia Sementara itu, di sebuah sudut Hotel Indonesia bernama Bar Wayang yang sejuk dan nyaman, sekelompok pemburu berita dari negara negara yang disebut imperialis oleh Sukarno saling bertukar cerita Mereka juga berbagi pendapat tentang kondisi Indonesia terkini saat itu Bisa dibilang nasib mereka di Indonesia secara tak langsung berada di tangan Sukarno yang sering mereka gunjingkan di Wayang Inilah sebuah drama penuh liku tentang kesetiaan dan pengkhianatan Selain itu, novel ini membeberkan berbagai peristiwa politik sepanjang tahun penuh pergolakan sampai akhirnya Sukarno digulingkan oleh Suharto setelah Gerakan 30 September PKI.Pujian Nover terbaik tentang Indonesia Penting dibaca generasi masa kini The Jakarta Post Nover yang Indah The Sidney Morning Herald Cerdas, menyentuh, meyakinkan Anthony Burgess penulis novel kontroversial A Clockwork Orange Profan dan indah Les Murray, The Sidney Morning Herald Karya fiksi yang disajikan dengan matang dan bernas, dipersiapkan dengan baik dan dituliskan dengan indah Larry McMurtry, penulis pemenang Booker Prize dan Academy Award

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      • Christopher J. Koch Yuliani Liputo

        Christopher Koch was born and educated in Tasmania For a good deal of his life he was a broadcasting producer, working for the ABC in Sydney He has lived and worked in London and elsewhere overseas He has been a fulltime writer since 1972, winning international praise and a number of awards for his novels, many of which are translated in a number of European countries One of his novels, The YEAR OF LIVING DANGEROUSLY, was made into a film by Peter Weir and was nominated for an Academy Award He has twice won the Miles Franklin award for fiction for THE DOUBLEMAN and HIGHWAYS TO A WAR In 1995 Koch was made an Officer of the Order of Australia for his contribution to Australian literature.


    1. Such a sad yet powerfully moving story; set in the 1960's, this book is fast-paced, riveting, unforgettable and definitely a classic. If you haven't seen the film, it's one of the best. The story of a rookie journalist caught up in the growing turmoil of Indonesia, followed by his wise but disgruntled cameraman (a dwarf named Billy Kwan), The Year of Living Dangerously is a book deep with history, friendship, romance and horrible frustration for a country on the brink of true horror. As unfortun [...]

    2. The Year of Living Dangerously, the 1978 novel by C.J. Koch, is a towering disappointment as reading material. I say that as someone who loves the 1982 film based on Koch's book--a classic, end-of-summer romance of tremendous passion and sophistication starring Mel Gibson, Sigoruney Weaver and in her Academy Award winning performance as a male Chinese-Australian dwarf, Linda Hunt--but who also has a particular distaste for passive narrators who observe characters through a telephoto lens. In Koc [...]

    3. It's always difficult to believe that someone we know well has crossed into that territory where no one from our side can reach him, and from which messages crackle back that no longer make any sense.Ooooooookaaaaaay. So. This was a friend-read with Joe Valdez. This book is not what I thought it was going to be, AT ALL. BASIC PLOT: The whites stationed in Jakarta, Indonesia form a relatively tight-knit group made up of diplomats, journalists and cameramen. Billy Kwan is a half-Chinese, half-Iris [...]

    4. I may be one of the few people who never saw the movie but I really enjoyed the book! The author was really good at creating the atmosphere of Jakarta, the heat, the smells and the poverty of the local people. The story was fascinating, not just the politics of the day but also the life and interactions between the visiting Western journalists. Beautifully written and very interesting.

    5. This book is complete and utter shit. It's racist, ableist, fat-phobic, sexist and orientalist, and it manages to do all this in only the first four pages. It is Indonesian post colonial history written from a white colonial gaze. It's disgusting. It makes Indonesians and Sukarno seem like mindless idiots, like they have no political acumen, and what is to be expected when it is written by a white man? White people hate it when we refuse to allow them to exploit and rule us anymore and so this s [...]

    6. First I will confess that "The Year of Living Dangerously" is my favorite movie. I watched the movie (probably half a dozen times) before I ever read the book years ago. I'm not sure what compelled me to pick it up again, but I'm so glad I did. While I love the movie for its atmosphere, I love the book for its insights into the politics of Indonesia in the early 1960s. That time period was so politically volatile, and it was completely overshadowed by the rapidly growing war in Vietnam. This boo [...]

    7. Thirty years after I first read this, Koch's writing still evokes the same sensations and feeling it did originally. It is if I had only read it yesterday. The now long gone era of post colonialist fervor of Indonesia in the pre Suharto days of the Bung Karno (Sukarno's mad regime) is brought to life if only in the dreams of the characters and shadows of wayang kulit puppets to the sound of the gamelan music.While the style of writing may be different than current fashion dictates, it is not dat [...]

    8. Reading Patrick Holland's new novel got me thinking about Australian authors covering S E Asia and digging through my library for a book I almost forgot I had, and I started re-reading it. The Year of Living Dangerous is a masterpiece, and somehow, nearly forgotten here in Aus. For all the talk you get about the Asian Century and how dynamic life in and around the Australasian region has become, our literati sure do seem to like their distractionist (is that a word?) Historico-Euro fluff. Not th [...]

    9. "Novel terbaik tentang Indonesia."(amazon)Hmm.pertinya tidak ah, biasa saja tuh. Kisahnya berlatar belakang di Indonesia pada tahun 1965an dimana ada kudeta oleh PKI. Kisah ini dibumbui dengan percintaan segitiga warga negara asing yang menjadi tokoh sentral.Mungkin buku ini memang tidak cocok saja dengan saya, capek dan letih membacanya. Ditambah lagi dengan penyebutan satu tokoh yang berganti-ganti. Billy Kwan, kadang disebutkan Billy kadang Kwan. Guy Hamilton, kadang disebutkan Guy kadang Ham [...]

    10. Research for my own novel led me to this book on which the famous Mel Gibson movie is based. I loved the film so I knew I would like the story. What I didn't realise was how beautifully written it was, how true and compelling. It's an absolutely wonderful novel and I'm ashamed to say I knew nothing before about its author, Christopher J. Koch. What a writer. What a book.

    11. Saw the film many years ago and it continues to haunt me. Picked up a third hand copy of the book, probably in Bras Basah road in Singapore way back, but it's sat on my TBR shelf for far too long. Am intrigued by this period in Indonesian history, and still filling in gaps in my own ignorance. This is an atmospheric political thriller that captures the last months of Sukarno's presidency as seen through the eyes of a group of - mainly Australian - journalists. It centres on Guy Hamilton, who is [...]

    12. Ini adalah novel yang cukup baik menggambarkan masa-masa kelam sejarah Indonesia tersebut. Sebelumnya sangat jarang, hanya bisa dihitung dengan jari, sebuah roman yang menggambarkan masa-masa pemberontakan G 30 S/PKI tanpa adanya sponsor dari pemerintah. Untuk itu, novel ini terhitung berharga untuk bangsa Indonesia.Indonesia disini dipandang dari kacamata orang asing. Pada masa itu, Indonesia sangat membenci orang asing dengan propaganda Soekarno yang anti Nekolim. Indonesia pada masa pemerinta [...]

    13. Immensely grateful to my friend who passed this book to me before I left for Indonesia. It was the perfect read while I covered some ground there, as measly as my trip was, I think the book took me even further than my legs could. On the surface, The Year of Living Dangerously is light, even ridiculous at times. There is a scene where our protagonist Guy Hamilton is being pursued for friendship by Billy Kwan the dwarf cameraman, and goddamn if I didn't think the whole time that no one asks you t [...]

    14. I loved the movie, but the book was far better. Even if you don't give a fig about Inodensian politics, The Year of Living Dangerously is a must read. Guy Hamilton is a problematic hero; he is far more likeable in the movie. But that's what makes the book shineere are no heroes, just shadowy characters set against the folkloric myths of Indonesia's spooky wayang puppets (see Youtube link below).In defense of the movie, the casting of Linda Hamilton as Billy Kwan could not have been more spot on. [...]

    15. Set in Indonesia during the Sukarno regime in 1965. Guy Hamilton is an Anglo-Australian journalist who arrives to Jakarta as a first time Australian ABC Radio correspondent. He will face one of the most important turmoils of the Indonesian history and will survive to tell his story A most evocative book. So short, yet it weaves together stories of love, friendship, courage, and political drama. And it also shows love and friendship against the terrifying backdrop of major real-world events (Suka [...]

    16. I saw the movie made from the novel first - it was some years ago. I was very taken by the movie (starring Linda Hunt portraying a man - it works), and that is why I later read the book. It did not disappoint. It offers an important piece of history of a land we Westerners know little about in a moving, compelling story with memorable characters. Highly recommended if you love stories set in different cultures spiced with political intrigue.

    17. Such a great book deserves a better blurb than "The City lies inert in a hot brown twilight, which smells of petrol, frangipani and fear." I waited a long time to read this because I loved the film so much and was worried the book wouldn't hold up, but the book is actually better. Beautifully written.

    18. Nice book - I was expecting a political thriller, but the book was more character driven than I would have thought. I remember only vaguely the film -- so that helped (the 'vaguely' part, that is).

    19. This was a visual book book for me full of smells, colour and energy : then I realised I'd seen the movieIn the end though I found this eminently readable, well researched and beautifully realised. Highly recommended.

    20. This is a 'Classic', a must read for anyone interested in the craft of writing. Multi layered, written with the precision of a professional writer and the heart of a man who truly understands human failing. The second person telling of Cookie was initially difficult to come to terms with and it is only beyond the middle of the book that it becomes clear how he is able to recount the lives of the main protagonists around him with such detail. Cookie is, the most one-dimensional character in the b [...]

    21. I'm so lucky to have found this book. I saw the movie long ago but didn't realize it was based on a book. The movie is quite different, as I remember.The writing is very good, and really propels the story along rather than merely moving it. Of course, the events in the background, having to do with the fall of the Sukarno regime, bring me back to thattime, and all that was the 60's. The device of having the story unfold through the eyes of an ill- defined narrator is very effective: it lends the [...]

    22. While getting myself in the mood for another visit to Indonesia, this time Lombok and Jakarta I re-watched Peter Weir's excellent adaptation of Christopher J. Koch's original novel, The Year Of Living Dangerously (1978). I guess it would be cliche to say that the novel was better than the film, but it something of a different animal-both are worthwhile-the film has a standout performance by Linda Hunt as the Aussie-Chinese half dwarf cameraman as well as early performances from breakout stars Me [...]

    23. I tried to read this book years ago and got lost in the details of Jakarta in 1965. Age and some experience of living in Indonesia have given me a better appreciation of the observations and the historical aspect. Well written and a good story, although it went on a bit in parts. As always I was reaching for my red pen about two thirds of the way throughThe story (and the title) are familiar to many Australians who lived through the 80's, but I did not expect it to be so nuanced, or to become so [...]

    24. Sebenarnya sudah lama membeli buku ini karena stuck di tengah,akhirnya buku ini dikembalikan ke rak to-read. Setiap pagi sebelum berangkat kerja biasanya aku memandangi rak buku kira-kira buku mana yang akan menemani perjalanan ke kantor. Beruntung,buku ini kembali terpilih untuk dibaca. Momennya juga pas dengan peringatan 30 September 1965 dan aksi protes ‘Ganyang Malaysia’ yang kembali populer akhir-akhir ini.Guy Hamilton, wartawan Australia ditempatkan di Jakarta pada masa-masa ‘ vivere [...]

    25. Asisten Anda, Kumar, Adalah seorang PKISebuah pesan singkat terketik rapi diatas sehelai kertas segi empat, tanpa nama pengirim, dimasukan dalam sebuah amplop putih yang tertutup rapat, tergeletak di atas karpet. Sengaja diletakan ditempat yang mencolok agar Guy Hammilton bisa menemukannya. Guy Hamilton seorang wartawan yang baru dipindah ke Indonesia untuk menggantikan pendahulunya Potter. Saat itu wartawan Inggris dan Amerika dicekal, hingga untuk urusan berita mereka dilayani sebagian besar o [...]

    26. THE YEAR OF LIVING DANGEROUSLY by Christopher J. Koch (1978) is a sophisticated story about post-colonial Indonesia, journalism and the driving force of identity, particularly the destructive force of conflicting identities.Guy Hamilton is an Australian correspondent new to the country, which is ruled by the charismatic President Sukarno. Guy’s predecessor left the country without passing on contacts, which leaves him struggling to get stories. Billy Kwan, a Chinese-Australian dwarf cameraman, [...]

    27. Wayang, Padi dan dewi sriSoekarno, Kelompok kiri dan kanan, kemiskinan. Itulah Indonesia dilihat dari sudut pandang wartawan asing pada masa menjelang dan jatuhnya Presiden Soekarno. Masa yang dijadikan judul buku ini: The year of living dangerously.Tokoh dalam novel ini adalah para wartawan asing yang bertugas meliput perkembangan politik di Indonesia. Negeri yang baru lahir, dengan kecantikan negeri dan kekuatan pidato Soekarno membuat dunia melirik. Ada yang Jatuh cinta ada juga yang was-was. [...]

    28. Set in Indonesia just before, during and just after the ouster of Indonesian leader Sukarno by a coup, the novel is narrated by a journalist named Cookie, whose role here seems to be as a father confessor to a handful of fellow journalists, some who have been in Indonesia for a while, and some, like Guy Hamilton, who have only just arrived. Guy is one of the central characters of the novel -- ambitious, looking to make a name for himself. Hamilton is taking the place of another Australian journa [...]

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