Looking for JJ

Looking for JJ

Anne Cassidy / Dec 09, 2019

Looking for JJ A gripping and emotionally searing novel from a talented author Looking for JJ explores the circumstances and motives behind the murder of a child by her friend Six years later JJ has now been relea

  • Title: Looking for JJ
  • Author: Anne Cassidy
  • ISBN: 9780439977173
  • Page: 452
  • Format: Paperback
  • A gripping and emotionally searing novel from a talented author, Looking for JJ explores the circumstances and motives behind the murder of a child by her friend Six years later, JJ has now been released, and has a new identity But is there any way that she can lead a normal life

    Looking for JJ Jennifer Jones, by Anne Cassidy Feb , Looking For JJ by Anne Cassidy was first published in But for a book than years old, I felt like Looking For JJ felt very much important and relevant to the events today It was thought provoking and gripping and I felt like it had some Looking for Jj Anne Cassidy Sep , LOOKING FOR JJ is a spectacular plot ruined by dismal writing Alice has layers than most characters Neglected as a child, abused without bruises anyone can see, young Jennifer is the opposite if a cold blooded killer the public fears. Looking for JJ Looking for JJ Summary Study Guide SuperSummary Looking for JJ is a young adult thriller by Anne Cassidy about a British teen struggling to piece together her life despite a dark secret As a child, she murdered another child First published in , the novel was short listed for the Carnegie Medal and the Whitbread Book Looking for JJ by Anne Cassidy, Paperback Barnes Noble Looking for JJ is the story of Alice Tully, a year old who works in a coffee shop, lives in an apartment, has an attentive boyfriend, and is looking forward to starting college She s a regular teenager, except for her obsession with a particular news story. Looking for JJ Anne Cassidy Author LOOKING FOR JJ is published by FINDING JENNIFER JONES is published by Hot Key Books.

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    1. I've been a fan of Anne Cassidy for years and this is my favourite of her books. It's a book that shocks you, firstly at it's content, but secondly and most importantly at the way it makes you feel about the protagonist: JJ. Jennifer Jones. Child murderer.You are taken into the story through JJ's eyes, you do feel anger for what she did but you feel sorrow too. JJ is a person, fragile like everyone else and living with the burden of her past. She has been forced to start a new life under a new n [...]

    2. Alice Tully only wants to live a normal life. She has a job at the Coffee Pot, a boyfriend who loves her, and a home in Rose’s apartment. Life is normal, and quiet, which is just the way she likes it. But Alice can’t stop reading the newspaper stories and watching the TV spots about Jennifer Jones—JJ, the infamous child killer. Jennifer Jones, who killed her friend when she was only ten years old. Jennifer Jones has been released on parole, and the whole country wants to know—where is JJ [...]

    3. 5 Words: haunting, challenging, powerful, tragic, sad.It's fair to say that Looking for JJ is a book that will haunt you. Nearly ten years after I first read it, I could remember everything so clearly. I could remember exact scenes and how they played out. There's something about the setting itself that sticks with you.It's also one of those books that no matter what, I just can't review.

    4. This was an okay read about a girl who had been convicted of the killing of her best friend when she was ten and had been released back into society to try and live a normal life.I quite liked Alice - she seemed to have a bit of get up and go about her. She totally needed to tell her knobhead boyfriend to clear the fuck off though. He was a dick.The plot itself revolved around Alice trying to build a life for herself and the media trying to track her down. It reminded me a bit of one of those ki [...]

    5. Really very interesting. Quite tense and very dark!Looking For JJ by Anne Cassidy was first published in 2004. But for a book more than 10 years old, I felt like Looking For JJ felt very much important and relevant to the events today. It was thought-provoking and gripping and I felt like it had some very interesting things to say about the media and about guilt.This book is told in several parts about one girl. A girl who at the age of 10 went out into the woods with two of her friends. And on [...]

    6. AaaandI now need to review it. How? Honestly. HOW? If you want my truly honest opinion, before you even scroll down this page: read this book. It's amazing. And I absolutley refuse to review it with spoilers so thereforeWelcome to the most cryptic and unhelpful review I've ever done! Woot. Go me. I refuse to give you spoilers, and one of the most surprising things happens in the first 3 chapters. Sooowhere do I go from here?I'll do this review-not-a-review in list format, okay? Just know now, th [...]

    7. I was quite young when I first read this book, probably too young to have been reading it now I think about it. The novel had a big impression on me then. I had never considered the fact that children could do evil things; for me "evil" was something adult and certainly not something that had ever affected me. The book shocked me but also gave me a bit of a thrill because it was so much more " grown up" than the stories I usually read. When I was about thirteen I came back to the book. I had rec [...]

    8. All I could think of when I started this book was: what would this be like if it was written by James Bulger's killers? JJ is nothing like them, though. Though that gives you a general idea of the plot and tone.Six years ago, Jennifer killed a girl. She was 10. Now she's 17 and, identity protected, out of youth detention and trying to make a life for herself. As you'd expect, the past haunts her. And us too -we want to know what happened. We want to know why it happened. And we're slowly admitte [...]

    9. This is an easy to read book centred on a story about how your past influences your future. JJ is an inconspicuous character, a child frozen in time. Jennifer Jones no longer exists. She is merely a memory; a figment of time stood still. I enjoyed the backstory and finding out what drove JJ to do what she did. From an outsider's perspective, this story is interesting. It toys with our views on what constitutes a bad person. Can people change? 'The only thing you can change is the future'.

    10. Akivaizdu - pasiilgau paauglių literatūros. Vos atėjusi į biblioteką, patraukiau link vaikų skyriaus (kur paaugliškos knygos sutalpintos) ir įnikau rinktis. Sukiodamas tarp krūvos fantastikos leidinių (kurių, tikriausia daugiausia jaunajai kartai leidžiama) prisiminiau tokių pailgų knygų seriją, kurią leido "Gimtasis žodis", o aš paauglystėje ryte rijau vieną po kitos. Tai nėra tos paprastos istorijos, kurios mergaitė įsimyli berniuką. Tai sudėtingi, dažnai pamokantys, [...]

    11. Originally from I Write, therefore I am AliveI discovered that my friend from church, Jayvee, also loves reading books and we’re like talking about the books we’ve read and liked after the church service. We started to exchange the books that we liked and I lent him my Hunger Games Trilogy by Suzanne Collins and he lent me this signed book (!), Looking For JJ by Anne Cassidy. I don’t have any idea about this book and I read the synopsis of it in . It’s interesting, actually, to read a bo [...]

    12. I only meant to skim this book, but I got completely sucked in and read it in a single sitting. In terms of plot, it is incredibly suspenseful. The set-up is that after serving 6 years in confinement for young offenders, 17 year old "Alice" has been given a new identity and a chance to begin her life afresh. She has a job, a boyfriend, a caring sponsor and a secured place at university. But the newspapers know that she has been released, a private detective is snooping around, and Alice herself [...]

    13. Where was Jennifer Jones? That’s what everyone was saying. There were only a handful of people in the country who knew. Alice Tully was one of them.English Review 👉 Click (view spoiler)[I found this book in a second hand book store and I bought it because a youtuber that I trust made a very positive review about it…and I’ve really ended up liking it!The plot is quite serious for a YA: we’ve got the story of a girl who at 10 killed her friend and now at 17 she’s trying to live a norm [...]

    14. Decent enough book but I just couldn't get a real feel for any of the characters. Written a bit like a newspaper article, which may well be intentional considering the subject matter, so could be a stroke of genius in disguise. Would need to read other books by the same author to find out. Will I? Maybe.

    15. It's always difficult to decide what twelve books Chrissi and I should put on our kid lit list at the start of every year as there is such a wealth of brilliant children's literature out there yet I don't think we are ever going to struggle over what to choose! Anne Cassidy is an author I've heard of but I've never read any of her work before and Looking For JJ was suggested as one of the top books for younger readers, although it does probably sit firmly in the young adult category rather than [...]

    16. Reviewed by coollibrarianchick for TeensReadTooHow well do you know the people around you? How do you know they are not hiding a huge secret like their past? This is the second book I've read recently that casts light on how murderers who are children fit into society after serving time for their crime. Anne Cassidy's new book, LOOKING FOR JJ, will keep your interest until the very end. Not only does the author give details about what happened but she lays the framework as to possible causes of [...]

    17. From book jacket:"Three children walked away from the cottages on the edge of town toward Berwick Waters. Later that day, only two of them came backAlice Tully knows exactly what happened that spring day six years ago - though it's still hard for her to believe. The images, the sounds, and the aftermath are imprinted in her memory. She'll never be able to forget, even though seh's trying to lead a normal life - she has a job, friends, and a boyfriend whom she adores. She's making a go of things, [...]

    18. I randomly picked this up last Friday from the closest library from my home. It was literally the only young adult book in English they had in their shelves. Since the description sounded somewhat interesting I decided to give it a try. I started to read it already at the library while I waited for my mom. I was so into the book that I did not notice that the time was flying and it was already time to close the library. Luckily my mom works in the library so I did not get into any problems since [...]

    19. If I could rate this book 0 stars I would but sadly I cannot. I don't even know why I persevered reading it, I've stopped reading better. I think I just really really hoped it would have a satisfactory ending and that all the bad points of the book would be worth it because of the ending, and I so wanted it to have a good one, but I hated the ending, and I hated the book. And it's not because it's graphic or confronting, because I can handle those things, and it's not because it's a crime book e [...]

    20. Grade: CAt age 10, Jennifer Jones kills her friend. Six years later she's rehabilitated, given a new name and released to start her life again. When news of her release hits the papers, detectives and reporters come snooping to find JJ, now Alice, threatening to disrupt her new fragile new world.LOOKING FOR JJ is a spectacular plot ruined by dismal writing. Alice has more layers than most characters. Neglected as a child, abused without bruises anyone can see, young Jennifer is the opposite if a [...]

    21. I chosed this book because i thought it would look kinda good to read and read something new to read too. so i said why not.In this book it pretty much took place any where but this book was like a mystery. like you need to find someones past or like what to know what really happen to that person and why people dont like her. In this book there are many characters but, only two of them stick out more. One of them would be Alice and jennifer jones. The one i like the most was Alice because she go [...]

    22. I honestly thought that this book would keep you guessing until the end. In some ways it did, just not in the ways I expected.Looking for JJ focuses on something I've not really dwelled on previously - life after a murderer is realised from prison. Do they feel remorse for their crimes? Do they blend back into society, living normal lives? Are they changed for the better? I'm not entirely sure on my thoughts about murderers being released, but for the purpose of this book, I allowed myself to be [...]

    23. This is a mystery novel which gradually reveals the truth about JJ. The Press are looking for her to give them a great story, but she is also looking for herself. It is a sensitive and at times tense look at the psyche of a child that killed another child. The writer is sympathetic to JJ, and reader is invited to be so also. I was, but interestingly I have found that many of the teenagers who have given me reviews of this book are not. For them the fact that JJ killed another child overrides any [...]

    24. YA Six years ago, three girls walked into the woods together, but only two came back. The missing girl's parents posted "Have you seen her?" posters all over town, but only Jenny/JJ knew her whereabouts deep in the woods. Eventually her secret came out and she spent her teen years and then some behind bars. Now, the court has arranged for JJ to have a new name and start a new life. They've even released her several weeks early hoping to disorient the tabloid journalists looking for information o [...]

    25. 2008 Best book for young adults (mystery)In this suspencful novel by Anne Cassidy we first meet Alice Tully, a 17-year-old who works at the local coffee shop, lives with her kindly guardian Rosie. And slowly the reader finds out that Alice is actuall Jennifer Johnson, JJ, a recently released convict because of a violent crime she committed as a young girl. As the reader finds out about her troubled past Alice and Rosie are desperate to keep her new identity intact, and protect her from the tablo [...]

    26. Looking for JJ is a very interesting story in that it is written from the point of view of a murder whom you are almost 'forced' to like because you see her for the pain she has been through. What is interesting to me is that some of the details in the story lead you to believe that there could be a second book. I could actually see JJ becoming a serial killer one who would stop at nothing to kill someone who treated her wrongly. I would have killed her mother if I was her!

    27. The book delivered what it promised, though I didn't think there was a lot of resolution. There was a twist when we found out which girl was killed and how she was killed, though, so it was unexpected. It's always interesting though to read books set in the UK written by actual UK people, because the language and slang are accurate.

    28. Such a good read and a real thinker. I really enjoyed it. Another real thinker which made you question what you might do in the situation and made you feel for the main character who at first glance you would automatically dismiss. A fab and thoughtful read.

    29. Fascinating concept, but I am not sure it was totally pulled off. I like the book, but found myself skipping ahead. This usually tells me the author is boring me with too much background detail.

    30. This was sinister! I was unsure of the age rating on this one because of the content. It was dark, creepy and very well written.

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