The Final Warning

The Final Warning

James Patterson / Dec 09, 2019

The Final Warning In this breathtaking new story from the astonishing imagination of James Patterson a girl has to save herself from an army assembled just to capture her and maybe save the planet while she s at it Ma

  • Title: The Final Warning
  • Author: James Patterson
  • ISBN: 9780552558112
  • Page: 272
  • Format: Paperback
  • In this breathtaking new story from the astonishing imagination of James Patterson, a girl has to save herself from an army assembled just to capture her and maybe save the planet while she s at it.Maximum Ride is a perfectly normal teenager who just happens to be able to fly, the result of an out of control government experiment Max and the other members of the FlockIn this breathtaking new story from the astonishing imagination of James Patterson, a girl has to save herself from an army assembled just to capture her and maybe save the planet while she s at it.Maximum Ride is a perfectly normal teenager who just happens to be able to fly, the result of an out of control government experiment Max and the other members of the Flock six kids who share her remarkable ability have been asked to aid a group of environmental scientists studying the causes of global warming The expedition seems like a perfect combination of adventure, activism and escaping government forces who watch the Flock like a hawk.But even in Antarctica, trapped in the harshest weather on our planet, Maximum Ride is an irresistible target in constant danger For whoever controls her powers could also control the world Maximum Ride is James Patterson s greatest character, a heroine who manages to be human and fearless at once.

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    1. My problem with the story wasn't so much that James Patterson used it as a soapbox for global warming -- after all, it's his book, and he can do what he wants. The problem, as I see it, is there was NO WAY he started writing this series with a plan to make Max's "saving the world mission" one that had anything to do with this topic. If you go back and read the series from the beginning, starting with THE ANGEL EXPERIMENT, we all knew that Max and the gang had a special mission, a mission that wo [...]

    2. Eew. This book sucked SOOO BAD. James Patterson seems to have a talent for making every next book in this series worse than the one before. I declare the Maximum Ride series as now officially RUINED. This book was boring, full of lecturing global warming yapper (all of which I already KNOW) and lacking any adventure. There were no action-packed chase scenes, no thrilling fights that Maximum Ride used to always be full of. Instead, the MCs are stuck in Antarctica - of all places - trying to help [...]

    3. The release of a sequel is an anticipated event, especially if the sequel is written by a wildly-popular, best-selling author like James Patterson. Approximately 4.8 million copies have been sold of the previous three books in the Maximum Ride series, so hopes were high that Final Warning, the new installment, would be just as entertaining. When a sequel fails to live up to the standards of the previous books in the series, readers feel let down. There are three issues that affect the quality of [...]

    4. What the hell was that? I've been enjoying the humor and action and adventure of this series (even though they are "young adult" and I'm anything but) . . . but this? OK, yeah, it had the humor. And about two chapters of action and adventure. The rest was penguins and Antarctica and snow and OHNOESGLOBALWARMINGISTEHBAAAAAAADDDDD!!!1!!11!!!ELEVENTY-ONE!!!Mr. Patterson, if I want a lecture on global warming shoved down my throat, I'll go talk to Al Gore. From you I want what you do best: action, a [...]

    5. Quite a disapointment, compared to the other three books. It's about a third of the size, and is not nearly as good as the others. Where is the HEART POUNDING ACTION? The WITTY SARCASTIC HUMOR? The SUSPENSE that makes you wanna CRY everytime you are forced to put the book down.I've heard rumors that there are going to be 5 books of this series, and I can only hope the others are much much much better.

    6. I dropped this series after this book. I found it too childish and cliche. It's a great premise and I had positive expectations but it ended up falling short for me. It's a shame, I had hoped to enjoy this series as so many others had.

    7. AAAAAAAhhhhhh!! This series is fun. The first three books are an action-packed fun adventure with decent characters. There are plot holes, but the point is believable teenage angst in the midst of constant danger. This 4th book has some good parts involving the characters dealing with adults' expectations of them. But it is also a full-on, boring, crappy, global warming propaganda pamphlet with some random bad guy thrown in out of nowhere and an extra bad hurricane--due to global warming of cour [...]

    8. Maximum Ride was created to save the world. Now she just needs to figure out how the voice in her head thinks she's going to do this.With the rest of her flock of Avian-Human hybrids, Max moves from taking down evil corporations to stopping global warming ('cause penguins are cute and hurricanes are bad!).Now, if only Patterson could be bothered to finish one plot thread before moving on to six more.If this hadn't been a Maximum Ride book, I would have never finished it, and most likely never ev [...]

    9. What the hell?That was my general reaction to this book. Also, "Why?!". A dog - who already TALKS - growing WINGS? What the hell? Why?! This development is completely irrelevant to the plot, other then being "cool", and annoyingly convenient. Same with Angel (the 6-year-old flying who can read and control minds, to refresh your memory) suddenly being able to change her appearance at will. When inexplicable things like this happened in the other books, I played along, because the books are fun to [...]

    10. Ok, the humor was still there. The book was funny. Thin. But funny.*SPOILERS BEGIN*I completely felt the ending was horrible. It was a disappointment. It was like Patterson was attempting to write the book, but wasn't done yet, and had forgotten to put in most of the excitement. I was also angry at the sorely lacking Max/Fang scenes. Sure we had a kiss and a mention every other chapter, but there was nothing sturdy. Even the ending, it ends with them going off on another mission. No closure. Mr. [...]

    11. The flock attend Ari's funeral, just after a new breed of Flyboy attacks the cabin they were thought to be living in. The flock are led by Dr Martinez, who is now called Mom by Max, and Jeb to Washington where they are offered a comfortable life and an education in return for aid from the flock to the government. Fang tries to kiss Max again. Max barely recognizes her subconscious love for Fang before she flies off the near by dock away from Fang. Max refuses the government offer and facility an [...]

    12. Title: The Final WarningAuthor: James PattersonSeries: Maximum Ride #4Rating: ★★Summary: First she was watched. In this breathtaking new story from the astonishing imagination of James Patterson, a girl has to save herself from an army assembled just to capture her - and maybe save the planet while she's at it. Then she was threatened.Review: Wow, this book sucked. I am being an angel by giving this book two stars. It is just so Ugh! What a stupid plot! Global warming, are your kidding me? A [...]

    13. HuhIn my review of the previous book, I said that if the next book was as bad as that one, I would quit reading. This isn't as bad as the previous book, but it's not quite bad enough to make me give up, just yet. It was at least interesting to see this story get completely screwed up in an entirely different way than the last one. There are some things that this book has improved upon, making it better than the last one; there aren't a dozen meaningless plot twists, Max's voice doesn't feel as " [...]

    14. This is bad. Very, very bad."Save the world, Max!" "Yeah whoo! You can do it!" "Save the world from Global warming?" Terrible, just terrible. I mean they buried Ari (which I didn't like that Ari turned good anyway. He was a lot cooler as a bad guy who wanted Max all to himself) and then they gathered information on penguins. And then they get kidnapped. And then gives a speech to congress???? What? And what happened to them wanting to take the School down? The kidnapping was the only part that w [...]

    15. you know the feeling when you want to s t o p rereading bad books but somehow, your cold coal heart wants to try them again??? yeah i should reallyyy stop that shit's the problem: this series ( yeah the SERIES ) is entirely underdeveloped. patterson writes plot twists but NEVER EXPLAINS them. the character's ( shitty ) personalities disappear slowly, and it just feels like a bunch of random ideas thrown together to create a book.why, in the world, would MAX ( ugh ) a character who wants believes [...]

    16. NO! Even FANG of all the characters was into the 'global warming is bad and we must save the world'Total growing wings all of the sudden?Max's 'voice'-as in her normal character-was completely off. The Uber computer/weird half human half computer was wacked, the completely random abilities with no point were just that, ande preaching in front of Congress almost made me want to barf. Here's MAX talking to Congress and babbling on to herself about this being more scary and nerve wracking than bein [...]

    17. This book was frustrating, tedious, and sacrificed its plot, world building, and character development to an endless platform to speak about political issues and global warming. The really exhausting part is that I do agree, overall, with its message, but I was so tired of being hit over the head with a constant lecture, right in the middle of every potentially interesting scene, that I just wanted to quit the book. It's condescending, both to adults and tweens, in terms of its information deliv [...]

    18. The Final Warning, by James Patterson, is the fourth book in the Maximum Ride series. As I recall, this series was supposed to be a trilogy, but after the last book, Maximum Ride: Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports, it was clear that Patterson could still add to the story line. While this book answers more of the lingering questions, there are still some that require more investigation, like "Who is the Voice?" and "Why are the kids mutating new powers?" The book begins with The Flock und [...]

    19. When I picked up The Final Warning after reading the previous Maximum Ride books, my hopes were very high. It was a series about flying children and evil scientists, that was immensely interesting and enjoyable. The plot was compelling, the characters interesting and easy to sympathise with. In fact it was probably my favourite series. Until now.In this installment of the series, the gang head to Antarctica to promote environmental salvation.The main plot point of the entire novel is global warm [...]

    20. Well, actually I'd give it a 3 1/2, but there's no option here. I again enjoyed this book and the exciting twists, I really liked the other ones more. This one needs a little more wrapping up, that is if he's not planning on writing any more. The preaching of the "theory" of global warming was getting a bit repetitive. It didn't have the same feel as the rest of the book. It's like the author decided to shift gears, and jump onto the Gore bandwagon. I wonder how many free "$400.00" haircuts he w [...]

    21. For fans of the fist three, this book is a big let down. Not only is it a lot smaller, but JP seems to only have skill in drawing up characters and the same confrontations, over and over. Max is still funny, the flock get weird new powers, and the scientists are still crazy-strange. But, by the end of the book, nothing is resolved between Max and Fang, and I felt cheated. The book just seemed to be one big promotional tool to get people informed about global warming. Some of that was interesting [...]

    22. I really wish this series would have ended after book 2 or book 3.This is just more of the same, with a message about climate in it.(view spoiler)[You already know the flock gets captures and they will escape. It's not even that exciting. (hide spoiler)]Only thing that kept me curious was the relationship between Max and Fang. Think that you can keep kids addicted to these books longer, but I will quit the series from now on. It was fun while it lasted, and I will add the first 3 books to my own [...]

    23. Why?!? Why does she keep running away from him?!? This book mainly focused on global warming and only had a few fight scenes compared to the others. Not my favorite from the series but still good. I liked seeing the weird new abilities on the flock and I'm still expecting Max to well. the world, but in a cool-new-power way!

    24. In the 4th book of the Maximum Ride series, written by James Patterson, the book started to get more predictable. It was still written with a lot of the same humor, teenage human-avian hybrid angst, non-changing character traits, and bad-guy schemes. The book started off where the 3rd book left off, after the collapse of the Itex headquarters, where evil scientists were creating mutants to be sold to countries who would use them to gain control of the world. The flock, Max, Fang, Iggy, Nudge, Ga [...]

    25. The Final Warning takes such an odd turn from the rest of the series. I still found it to be enjoyable, but I feel like the massive changes that were made really slowed down the story and that disappointed me a little. It doesn't really change my overall picture of the series, but I really would have liked to see things continue at the pace they were going. The plot change just felt a little to out there. After all the crazy battles and all of the stuff with Itex in the first book The Final Warn [...]

    26. What can I say about this book? (Rhet.) I struggled, and I mean struggled, to get through ch.1 and then finish ch.2. After that, I could take no more *laughing*. The problem(s)? *Sigh* Where to start and still 'try' to be fair? I start reading this book and have real trouble believing that it's a James Patterson. Okay, so it's not one of the 'Women's Murder Club', but it's uuurrggghhh I'm looking for a word The only one that is coming to mind is 'crap' *laughing*. Alright, why? It's not even the [...]

    27. This book had enough of an ending that I feel comfortable ending the series here. Expect my review May 7, 2011 on my website: reenajacobs/blog/?p=4577The first thing I noticed about this book was the flock faced off against super-villains who were super-dumb. I mean, not an ounce of intelligence floated around in the brains of the bad guys. It was really sad, to be honest. They were worse than Lash in Lover Mine (see review here). Most of my notes were about how the villains were too stupid to l [...]

    28. Honestly i don't understand some writers, are they just writing other novels into a series because they want more money or they actually have a story to tell?. This is the fourth book in the maximum rider series and its probably the worst yet, I'm kinda of scared to read the rest because I really don't see where James Patterson is going with this series. The book is thin and it has some pages of action that keep me interested and of course the relationship between Max and Fang which is pretty mu [...]

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