Sage-ing While Age-ing

Sage-ing While Age-ing

Shirley Maclaine / Apr 06, 2020

Sage ing While Age ing I ve been a questioner all my life So begins bestselling author and award winning actress Shirley MacLaine as she invites readers to join her on the most powerful provocative journey of her life Ove

  • Title: Sage-ing While Age-ing
  • Author: Shirley Maclaine
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 362
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • I ve been a questioner all my life So begins bestselling author and award winning actress Shirley MacLaine, as she invites readers to join her on the most powerful, provocative journey of her life Over the years, Shirley has firmly established herself as a fearless, iconoclastic thinker and seeker of truth Now, as she confronts the realities and rewards of growin I ve been a questioner all my life So begins bestselling author and award winning actress Shirley MacLaine, as she invites readers to join her on the most powerful, provocative journey of her life Over the years, Shirley has firmly established herself as a fearless, iconoclastic thinker and seeker of truth Now, as she confronts the realities and rewards of growing older, she reflects on the greater understanding of her own place in the universe that her experiences have brought to her Sparked by the experience of moving into a new house, she is inspired to look back across the remarkable professional and personal milestones she has experienced so far Surrounded by books, pictures, and the artifacts of a life well lived, Shirley is able to recognize the profound power of synchronicity at work around her, discovering the invisible threads that stitch together the seemingly random events of her days, adding meaning even to the mundane Having grown older, she is increasingly concerned with the potential pitfalls of modern medicine She shares personal insights into nutrition, acupuncture, homeopathy, and alternative medicine Practical and bracing, here is advice for anyone looking to expand his or her understanding of health and well being Moving beyond the physical, Shirley explores what has always interested her most those things that are unseen What is consciousness What is the purpose of our lives Are we alone in the universe And perhaps the greatest mystery of all, what happens to us after death Filled with her trademark wit and candor, this is a fascinating, inspiring book that will delight and captivateShirley s legions of fans and fellow travelers everywhere.

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        Shirley MacLaine is an Academy Award winning American film and theatre actress, well known not only for her acting, but for her devotion to her belief in reincarnation She is also the writer of a large number of autobiographical works, many dealing with her new age beliefs, such as solipsism, as well as her Hollywood career She is the older sister of Warren Beatty.


    1. I love Shirley Maclaine. I think she's delightfully outrageous, a real individual, and a phenomenal actress (ever see Turning Point?). I have always found her books to be entertaining. But this one is different.As I "mature" I can really appreciate a good ramble. I enjoy a glimpse into the workings of the mind, the skips and jumps they make in their thought process, the associations. That's why I enjoyed this book. It's a bit of a soap box rant on extraterrestrials. So if you're not interested i [...]

    2. Shirley Maclaine wrote this book while in the midst of moving into a new residence overlooking Santa Fe in New Mexico, and reverts to the theme of settling into the house at the start of each chapter. This acts as her grounding so to speak, although the house is perched high in the mountains.She covers many topics in the book - her life and famous friends, advice for healthy living, her past life in Atlantis, UFO sightings and information, philosophical and spiritual reflections on the origins o [...]

    3. I think Shirley MacLaine is a fascinating individual and a very good writer, especially when she is describing personal experiences. In this one, unfortunately she spent most of the book talking about the experiences of others that she feels support her far from mainstream beliefs. I love her openness to new ways of thinking and viewing the world and always respect her honesty. But she is far less compelling when she is trying to support her perceptions of life with references to what she percei [...]

    4. My Age-ing Father gave me this book over a year ago where it sat on my shelf, un-read and avoided. Finally I reluctantly decided to read it after all, some of his questionable recommendations in the past have been better than initially anticipated. However this book was not in that category. I forced myself through the first few painful chapters before finally deciding to have mercy on myself and quit. Maclaine writes in a disordered fashion, skipping from one unrelated topic to the next, leavin [...]

    5. I am genuinely intrigued with Shirley MacLaine and have read quite a few of her books. Sage-ing While Age-ing had me interested in parts and overwhelmed in other topics. I felt that I was able to relate to her concept of synchronicity having felt myself that I have been in a certain situation before it occurred. As far as aliens, UFOs and other "visitors from outer space" I have difficulty accepting these notions. It was interesting to hear about the seven chakras because I do believe in the hea [...]

    6. Very interesting lady! She has lived a FULL life. She briefly writes about her life in Hollywood and working with several famous actors. The majority of the chapters are about her beliefs in Atlantis, UFOs, reincarnation and the new age that we are headed into. She gets a little carried away with names and facts to support her beliefs. However, it is a very interesting read and I am looking forward to reading some more of her penmanship.

    7. As usual Shirley seems a little 'out there' but her take on things like UFOs and aliens which have interested me since my middle school years, make for fun reading if nothing else. She definitely believes in conspiracy theories and government coverups. She is completely dismissive of the current media and their mission to only reveal what the government deems the country is ready to accept. Sometimes I agree with and sometimes not but it is an entertaining read anyway.

    8. I love trying to figure this celebrity out by reading her books. In spite of everything I think she'd be an interesting neighbor. At least she's an original.

    9. I love Shirley, and I loved the first two thirds of the is book. The final third kind of took a hard turn and turned into a bit of rant, that I admit, lost me. I have always loved her writing style though; as she writes very approachable, almost as she is telling the stories sitting on the sofa next to the reader.

    10. Very well written. I read this book because I like Shirley MacLaine as an actress and have enjoyed her television and radio interviews. I wanted to see what she had to say about UFOs, life on other plants and so on. I'm not convinced by what she relates but I enjoyed her writing nonetheless.

    11. I liked this book a lot and almost gave it four stars. It was published in 2007 and covers her early life and career as well as results of her research and experience with alien presences on earth for thousands of years. She ends with comments about 12/21/12, when the Mayan calendar ends and a new era begins. It is interesting how translations can distort the meaning of words. For example, she says that apocalypse actually means "that which will be revealed" and connects it to 12/21/12. I especi [...]

    12. This is the latest memoir from Shirley, and in many ways it is a combination of many previous outings with the advantage of extra life experience and some deeper research, particularly around the subject of UFO activity worldwide. It is an addictive straight-forward and intelligent read. Highly recommended to anyone who feels as though there is more to life than the media or governments show us . . . and revealing of the fact that there is definitely more to Shirley MacLaine than her fun superfi [...]

    13. I picked this book up randomly at a used bookstore. Being an age-er myself, I did appreciate Shirley's ramble from her life in Atlantis to why we should all own a dog. In part I say, who am I to know, but them she makes a statement such as "crib death, they say, is a karmic agreement between the new baby and the parents in order to learn. They come to die for the parents' learning. This I don't buy and is disrespectful to science. I do agree that we are all here to learnShirley Maclaine is passi [...]

    14. Okay Shirley, Shirley Shirley I have read your books in the pastyou do realize that no author knows everythingyou do fine when you speak of your own experiencesbut when you attempt to justify what you have read from authors you believe know some truth other than the truth. gets murky. The style of this book is too folksy for the content. I have to ctct Ms. Shirley.e needs anthropological feedback in a holistic way.

    15. This is a great book for those who are questing in their life for answers to who we are why we are here and where to next. Shirley has been to places and talked to people most of us do not have access to. She shares the information she gained from her journeys with any of us who wish to read about it. It's packed with information, speculation and experiences. There is bound to find something you can relate to.

    16. I've enjoyed everything I've read by Shirley MacLaine and this was no exception. She is surely one of the most fascinating and curious people on the planet. She explores everything from spirituality to history to UFOs to extraterrestrials in this 2007 memoir. I will think about her ideas and her sense of the world for a long time to come.

    17. I'm a fan of any book that seeks to question the world in which we live. Too often, those people are vilified and marginalised. MacLaine's book delves into questions about existence, consciousness, self-actualisation, etc. She is a clear and concise writer and while I don't agree with everything she posits, one shouldn't use agreement as the measure of good writing.

    18. I love to read Shirley Maclaine's books because no matter how far fetched her thoughts and experiences may seem; she stays true to herself and beliefs. Her books are always thought provoking and full of interesting topics. I really don't know why or how this book went under my radar for so long. Guess i was not yet ready for the information on the pages. TGlad i read it

    19. Shirley always has something interesting to say. Starting off with how she sub=ed for Carol Haney in The Pajama Game, was a great beginning for me. Loved Bob Fosse's dance scenes. Aside from the show business stuff, (always a favorite for me), her other items were interesting, some I questionbut always worth giving some thought tooYou never know

    20. This woman has led a fascinating life. I would like to see her write a full book that goes into detail on each of her philosophies. She has some very interesting ideas and a unique way of looking at life. She has given me some new perspectives and opened my mind to think about some apects of life in a new way. It was not a quick read because of the thinkng it inspired me to do.

    21. Shirley MacLaine is really far out. She's getting older and saying everything that's on her mind. She is a very brave person and I would love to know her in person. She talks about things that people are afraid to discuss openly or just plain outright dismiss. You need a really open mind to read this book or it'll just close up or get blown open in the process.

    22. Shirley MacLaine always challenges the reader. This one was a big leap because I had not been keeping up with her adventures. Basically, this time she tells us that there are a lot of aliens roaming the earth and that the world as we know it is ending at the end of 2012. When she backs this up with her (vague) research it does become quite believable. We'll have to wait and see, though. . . .

    23. Some people might think Shirley Maclaine is "out there" but after reading this book I have come to the conclusion that she is actually much more intellectually and spiritually evolved then most. This book covered many interesting topics including healthy eating, past lives, UFOs, chakras, and more. If you want to open your mind to rarely discussed topics then this is a great read.

    24. This was boring. Shirley doesn't give us anything new here. Already knew about these theories either from her earlier books or from other authors. Skimmed the whole thing and was left feeling let down.

    25. read my review on my Word Press blog. This is the second book of Ms Maclaine's that I have read.holisticcomplications.wordpres

    26. Shirley Maclaine is always sort of "out there", but there were some interesting bits of information within this book. I'm not into the UFO bit that took up a lot of the chapters, but new ideas always food for thought at least.

    27. The author very simply introduces the word coincidence and shows how there is no such thing, but rather, synchronicity. I found a kindred spirit; encouragement; that life is still very much an amazing adventure after age 50.

    28. So far there are some great insights on spirituality and consciousness, but she gets on a long tangent about extra terrestrialsd it ended up being over half the book. My rating went down.Audio Book

    29. Having read all of Shirley's earlier books it was really interesting to read her thoughts as a septagenarian. If you read this, you MUST talk to me about it!!! As usual, wild and thought-provoking!!

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