The Prince of Frogs

The Prince of Frogs

Annaliese Evans / Jan 23, 2020

The Prince of Frogs Sometimes appearances can be deceiving Rosemarie Barrows has successfully defeated an ogre uprising that threatened the lives of humans and supernaturals alike Now she s trying to forget her lingering

  • Title: The Prince of Frogs
  • Author: Annaliese Evans
  • ISBN: 9780765361677
  • Page: 106
  • Format: Paperback
  • Sometimes appearances can be deceiving Rosemarie Barrows has successfully defeated an ogre uprising that threatened the lives of humans and supernaturals alike Now she s trying to forget her lingering attraction to her handsome Fey advisor, Ambrose Minuit, and settle in to life with her new husband, Gareth, Lord Shenley Unfortunately, Gareth s suspicious behavior is drivSometimes appearances can be deceiving Rosemarie Barrows has successfully defeated an ogre uprising that threatened the lives of humans and supernaturals alike Now she s trying to forget her lingering attraction to her handsome Fey advisor, Ambrose Minuit, and settle in to life with her new husband, Gareth, Lord Shenley Unfortunately, Gareth s suspicious behavior is driving a wedge between the newlyweds.Gareth Barrows is hiding an old secret, a problem he thought he d already resolved and would never have to reveal But his past has come back to haunt him, placing his future, his marriage, and his very life at risk.Bloodlines Ancestry Heritage Nothing is as it seems for Rose or Gareth, and as they struggle to unravel the truth, an unseen enemy lurks in the shadows, ready to silence them forever.

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        Annaliese Evans is thrilled to be writing historical urban fantasy Her Night s Rose series Tor Forge is set in the 18th century and features the real Sleeping Beauty, ogre slayer Rosemarie Edenburg The first book, Night s Rose will debut March, 31st, 2009 Night s Rose and The Prince of Frogs follow Rose as she uncovers the truth about her past while navigating the tumultuous world of supernatural politics and the even chaotic world of romance with two magnetic men Annaliese also writes erotic romance as Anna J Evans for NAL Heat, Ellora s Cave and Samhain Publishing She lives in the south with her Air Force hubby and their three soon to be four children.


    1. The Prince of Frogs by Annaliese Evans is the sequel to Night’s Rose. Night’s Rose is a type of book that can either be a historical urban fantasy or for some, an erotic historical fantasy because of the sexual tone of the story. The heroine is Rosemarie, a fey who fights orges. Annaliese takes the Sleeping Beauty myth and spins it. The Prince of Frogs picks up where Rosemarie and her newly married vampire husband, Lord Gareth are in the Kingdom of Myrdrean recovering from a ogre attack. Gar [...]

    2. After reading Night's Rose (Book One) I wondered how the three main characters, Rose, Gareth and Ambrose, would fair. Rose being married to Gareth, yet magically bound to Ambrose, she's in love with both men, brothers actually, and they despise each other. She's torn between the desire her body craves for the touch of Ambrose, but doesn't want to betray the love she has for her husband, Gareth, by giving into temptation.I was so very happy to finally read the continuing story of these three peop [...]

    3. I really liked this one I like how she kept A, R and G intertwined and connected I believe it would have been hard for her to choose one and though they both had done deceitful things you understood her reasonings for forgiving them. I liked the mystery in this one and look forward to seeing what comes next!

    4. Wow, her second book is even better than the first! I loved them both though! Lots of twists and turns in this one and I could not put it down. Oh and a huge turn of evens as well towards the end :-OI can't wait for the next one!!

    5. Okay, so, like, in WalMart, you know, there's the romance section, and this cover kept catching my eye. I finally picked it up and read the back, and did a headbob sort of thing, and put it back down. Then, there was the day I wanted something classy trashy and I saw this again.I'm not so sure it's classy trashy, by the way.I've probably rated it unfairly. But I've probably rated pretty much every book I've rated on unfairly.What I thought was cool, and what the back of the book failed to tell [...]

    6. It's like Rose had a lobotomy between the first and second books. In the first book Rose is a Faerie assassin who kills ogres. In this book, she is a wimpy female who runs from danger and screams for help. WTF happened to Rose?I had serious issues with the love triangle. Rose is married to Gareth and has been for only three months but they are supposedly madly in love. Then why the hell is Rose dreaming about being naughty with Ambrose? At one point she even has a joint dream where she and Ambro [...]

    7. Problem 1: This was mostly an over-the-top teen vampire/faerie romance. I mean, there were one-quarter faeries (spelled 'faeries', of course) and half-vampires, and they have to mention that fact as MUCH as possible, and it was just ugh.Problem 2: is a very important problem. This had to have been part of a series, yet there was no mention of any other books in the series ANYWHERE. If it's not a series -- and I cannot believe that it's not -- this is the weirdest publishing decision (and the lam [...]

    8. I was somewhat disappointed with the end of the novel . Because Rose hasn't completed her mission to kill the Great Mother who is always trying to harm through Echantar . But on the whole story and how the relationship Ambrose , Rose and Gareth bound in marriage two husbands with one wife , not too surprising . For such a relationship is only valid in the world Fey De La Nuit , as mentioned in some thought Rose in her story . Novels are different ending , and I hope Ms. Evans completed the missi [...]

    9. Konflik dan permasalahan semakin meningkat, adegan panas romantis kian banyak (ehemm), rahasia besar di balik pengkhianatan kejam Gareth Barrows mulai terungkap. Dan di atas segalanya, yang paling oke tentu saja bersatunya cinta Rose, Gareth dan Ambrose. Well done Rose, daripada bingung memilih, lebih baik ambil dua-duanya saja, kan? *slap

    10. The story itself was pretty good and I wanted to know what was going to happen. However, the writing was just mediocre. There was nothing that brought the story to life or eve made me like the characters. It was just words.

    11. I tried, but after 4 chapters I thought I was going to die of boredom. This character Rose was nothing like she was in the first book.

    12. Fairies, vampires, enchanted princesses set in 1750 England, with LARGE doses of graphic sex. What more could anyone ask for?

    13. I'm not sure if I can exactly articulate why I gave this book four stars. I enjoyed it because it was a little different then so many of the romance novels I've read of late that seem to bleed into one another. I enjoyed it because it had social war games, rival brothers, an infuriating title, and touches of fairy tale. I wish it had been about 150 pages longer and filed in the fantasy section so that maybe there would have been more room to explore this world that the author built. (I know ther [...]

    14. WOW! This book is not for those who don’t like reading X rated books. This is actually the second book in a trilogy. I didn’t know it at the time but I read it and I was not confused at all. She explained briefly what had happened. Sadly there is not a third book out yet. I’m hoping the author is currently writing the third book and I can’t wait to get my hands on it.I have NEVER NEVER read a books so fast in my life! It took me three (3) days to finish it. It was so good. It is most def [...]

    15. I must admit I am still totally baffled about what the title has to do with the book. Anycase, our lady protagonist is married to a guy with secrets who has a masterful brother whose always around that she totally has the hots for (oh no!). After a sex scene in the library, we end up whisked off to the fairy court for fairy politics. People are being killed, there's some court intrigue and infighting, she has nightmares about something evil and sex dreams about her husband's brother (was that re [...]

    16. Disappointing continuation of the story of Rose, Garret and Ambrose. Yes, Rose gets finally her secret wish granted but I didn´t find the storyline very interesting. I skimmed through some parts of the book because it was just too boring. The end was rushed, we only hear about important events which should have been one of the highligths of the book told to Rose by Ambrose and Garret. Why? (view spoiler)[Because Rose was unconscious during the final battle – exciting plot twist, right? (hide [...]

    17. One thing I try hard to avoid is jumping into a series in the middle. Yep, that's what happened to me here. The book cover was not at all clear that there was a previous volume. However, I can say honestly that Evans does a nice job bringing in the background material to keep the new reader up to speed. Still, I'm going to have to read Night's Rose now, if only to see why Rose found Gareth so charming. I didn't quite see it here.A fun read, a little trashy (good sex scenes, should you be into th [...]

    18. It took me longer to get into this book than the first in the series, but Evans did manage to pull me in before too long. There are some great, suspenseful scenes in this book that I don't want to hint at without giving too much away. The ending is thejuicyrt and you can imagine that Evans does a very good job writing in her other genre.

    19. I found this book in the library and thought it looked interesting. There were no other books by this author listed. I was sad to discover that this is the second book in a series! Nowhere in the book is there anything that would indicate a prior book. The story was interesting enough, but it was hard to follow since I hadn't read the first book! Oh well, better late than never!

    20. I just read this as a stand alone book not realizing there is a pre book. But it didn't matter as there was a lot of references to the past that I was absolutely able to know what's going on. It was wonderful. I was on my edge of the seat. The plot original and the characters were so well done. A page turner for me!

    21. I found Rose really annoying in this book, because she kept flitting between Gareth and Ambrose. It annoyed me that she couldn't make up her mind who she wanted and when she was in the company of one she was thinking or dreaming about the other. And Gareth's secret I found unexpected and down right wierd.

    22. From the beginning I thought It was great, with Ambrose and Gareth conflict, until reached the plot-twist, I just rolled my eyes. Next, the finished execution where they three were in bed. Okay, that's enough. Though I think the sex scene was done perfectly.

    23. An intense read.cately written, this book draws the reader in until you forget there is a book in your hand and imagine yourself breathing the same air as the characters. This is both a highly erotic and deeply romantic suspense.

    24. Not what I expected and I found it a wild mix that never really worked for me as a reader. Some good ideas, but not my cup of tea.

    25. First and last time reading from Annaliese. The ending where Rose landed two husband was a great twist but overall the book lacked depth and character development.

    26. Well that's certainly one way to solve a love triangle.Still a good read though, I just wish there was news about a third book

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