Ring of Fire

Ring of Fire

Pierdomenico Baccalario Leah D. Janeczko / Jun 03, 2020

Ring of Fire Every hundred years four kids from four cities must save the world Rome December A mix up with their reservations forces Harvey from New York Mistral from Paris and Sheng from Shanghai to share

  • Title: Ring of Fire
  • Author: Pierdomenico Baccalario Leah D. Janeczko
  • ISBN: 9780375858956
  • Page: 481
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Every hundred years, four kids from four cities must save the world.Rome, December 29.A mix up with their reservations forces Harvey from New York, Mistral from Paris, and Sheng from Shanghai to share a room with the hotel owner s daughter, Elettra The four kids discover an amazing coincidence they all have birthdays on February 29, Leap Day That night, a strange manEvery hundred years, four kids from four cities must save the world.Rome, December 29.A mix up with their reservations forces Harvey from New York, Mistral from Paris, and Sheng from Shanghai to share a room with the hotel owner s daughter, Elettra The four kids discover an amazing coincidence they all have birthdays on February 29, Leap Day That night, a strange man gives them a briefcase and asks them to take care of it until he returns Soon afterward, the man is murdered.The kids open the briefcase In it they find a series of clues that take them all over Rome, through dusty libraries and dark catacombs, in search of the elusive Ring of Fire, an ancient object so powerful that legend says even a Roman emperor couldn t control it.In the first book of the Century quartet, Italian author P D Baccalario begins a mystery that will take four cities and four extraordinary kids to solve.

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        P.D BACCALARIO was born in Acqui Terme, a beautiful little town in the Piedmont region of Northern Italy He grew up in the middle of the woods with his three dogs and his black bicycle He loves seeing new places and discovering new lifestyles, although, in the end, he always returns to the comfort of familiar ones.


    1. This book is about 4 kids with the same birthday, 2/29, that meet up in a hotel and gets delivered a briefcase with mysterious clues. I recommend this book to anyone who loves mystery, and anyone who wants a quick read. It’s because the book is very short and has a decent plot. Speaking about the plot, it was decent, but not enough in my opinion. The reason is that compared to other good mystery books, the plot was not that suspenseful and didn’t get me “scared.” Also, the author left so [...]

    2. Okurken keyifli vakit geçirdim. Bu kadar çok eğleneceğimi tahmin etmiyordum kitaba bașlarken. 4 tane 14 yașındaki gencin yașadığı macerayı anlatıyor. Akıcıydı, heyecanlıydı. Beni sıkmadı. Beğendim.

    3. Four children, every century, must pass a test: and mysterious figures try to stop them from doing so. Sounds cliched and tired already? Well, let's check.The author of Ulysses Moore, check.One of the characters looks like 'the singer of Oasis, only shorter', check - and his three new friends are also interesting. Plus, they were all born on February 29th.A murderer who plays a hypnotizing violin and uses the bow as a tool to slit people's throat open, check.An adventure in Rome, with great deta [...]

    4. An intriguing mystery of four 12 year olds (two boys, two girls) thrown together with peculiar similarities and strengths. I really liked how this story follows the protagonist kids AND the antagonists out to get them. The story is gripping, original and very clever, with unforeseen twists and turns that keep you on your toes. Baccalario did a good job keeping the solutions to clues just hard enough that you can't guess that answers right away but not so hard that you couldn't figure them out wi [...]

    5. OMG this book was so good! The characters were unique and interesting. The story is very intriguing and I couldn't put the book down! So sad I can't read the next books because I don't have those! Ugh

    6. Ring of Fire by P. D. Baccalario (Century Quartet #1)Pages: 304Release Date: September 8th, 2009Date Read: 2011, November 12-22ndReceived: BorrowedRating: 2/5 starsRecommended to: 10+SUMMARY -Fernando of Melodia, owner in part of the Domus Quintilla hotel in Rome, has made a huge mistake. He came to the airport, expecting to pick up a French woman and her daughter to transport them to the hotel - but now three other families are all saying they booked the same room for the same night! Fernando's [...]

    7. To be perfectly fair--as a child I read a lot of books from the 40's/50's that were about 12-13yr olds solving mysteries. Not just Nancy Drew, the Boxcar Children and the Hardy Boys, but random titles I found in my elementary school's library of books no one probably has heard of. For me, Ring of Fire felt like those. A 'feel good' story that has a little bit of drama, a little sadness, a little violencebut overall is meant to encourage and reassure. Not scare and worry a kid.As a twenty-somethi [...]

    8. A very fun book and very suited for age 9/10 and up. I enjoyed reading about Elettra, Harvey, Mistral and Sheng. Four kids from across the globe who happen to meet in Rome just before New Years and stumble upon a man on the run. The man presents them with a briefcase whose contents they must figure out, and then a short while later the man is murdered. The contents of the briefcase are part of a greater puzzle and it's revelation needs to stay out of the hands of the bad guys. It's a great adven [...]

    9. This adventure has a strong Da Vinci Code feel to it, with a mysterious object that links ancient events to modern times, secret groups, and strange events that occur regularly over the centuries. Rome makes a fine backdrop for the kids' adventures and is brought to life by a full-color "scrapbook" of photos of the buildings the kids visit, receipts, maps, and all the clues they find. There is nothing particularly clever about the clues or the way the kids figure them out, but that makes the sto [...]

    10. Reviewed by Jennifer Rummel for TeensReadTooThe week of New Year's Eve in Rome is crazy, but this year, it's even crazier.Elettra's father accidentally overbooks a hotel room - three times over. On December 29th, three families show up expecting a room. Now, Elettra and her family are struggling to find space for their guests. Three teens end up all bunking together with Elettra, where they discover they have something in common.Their birthdays all fall on the same day - a day that rarely appear [...]

    11. Το θέμα φάνηκε ενδιαφέρον από την αρχή: 4 παιδιά αναζητούν ένα αντικείμενο στην πόλη, ενώ πρέπει να λύσουν ταυτόχρονα κάποια μυστήρια που προκύπτουν, για να οδηγηθούν στο επόμενο στοιχείο. Και όλα αυτά εμπεριέχονται σε ένα μεγαλύτερο μυστήριο, το οποίο όμως τα παιδιά δεν το [...]

    12. Yes! This is going to be the perfect series for fans of Percy Jackson. Four twelve-year-olds find themselves thrown together in an implausible coincidence. The reader knows that it's not really a coincidence--four mysterious adults are guiding the fortunes of these four children who happened to be born on exactly the same day. Elettra is a headstrong Roman girl, Mistral is a quiet Parisian girl, Harvey is a sullen American, and Sheng is a boy from Shanghai (who totally reminds me of Hero Nakamur [...]

    13. "Century, The Ring of Fire," is an excellent book for young adults. The author, Pierdomenico Baccalario, a native of Italy, sets this treasure hunt in Rome. His searchers are an international quartet of preteens, all born on February 29. They are drawn together by unknown forces to find the mysterious Ring of Fire. The book blends the right amount of fantasy and reality to keep the reader enthralled. It is impossible to read slowly through the book, as the action and mystery draw you enticingly [...]

    14. Ένα καλό βιβλίο που είναι ικανό να ενθουσιάσει τις μικρότερες ηλικίες αναγνωστών. Πολύ καλή περιπέτεια στα χνάρια της Κάθριν Νέβιλ και του Νταν Μπράουν (σε παιδική εκδοχή) , οι περιγραφές είναι πολύ πολύ καλές με αρκετή δράση και πολύ μυστήριο. Στα συν το σκληρό εξώφυλλο και [...]

    15. Four kids with their birthdays on Leap Day, Fubruary 29, end up in the same hotel in Rome, three days before the new year. Next thing they know, they're on the trail of a very powerful ancient artifact and being chased by people who will stop at nothing to get what those kids are looking for. They're looking for the Ring of Fire.I think Ring of Fire starts off weird and you're only starting to get it at the end of the book.But I would recommend it for people who like mysteries that are a little [...]

    16. Good adventure book but it seemed like nothing really outstanding happened. The general feeling I got from this book is that it is basically setting up the next book. Four children born on February 29 are chosen for an unknown purpose by unknown persons for something that happens once every 100 years. That's basically the summary.

    17. I gave 4/5 stars to this book , because I liked it but it was not one of my favorite! It was interesting and mysterious and I really want to see what is going to happen in the end!!!!!

    18. The Ring of Fire / 978-0-37-585895-6The difficulty with reviewing books for children is that, well, I'm not a child, and I can only rely on my admittedly imperfect memory to decide whether a book I don't like *now* could, perhaps, have been more likable when I was younger. With "Ring of Fire", however, I am fairly confident that I would find this book tedious and tiresome regardless of my age."Ring of Fire" starts out well enough. A string of coincidences (or are they? *cue suspenseful music*) e [...]

    19. My name is Elettra, and three new friends and I have been thrown into a dangerous mystery. We knew something was strange due to our February 29th birthdays, and then a professor gave me his briefcase, minutes before he was murdered. He said, "It's begun", but I had no idea what that meant. The briefcase contained a scratched up box, a checkered umbrella, and four little tops. We're following the clues we find, but the murderer is hunting for us. The man's violin can put people to sleep, and he u [...]

    20. Ik had hem een 4,5 ster willen geven maar die knop bestaat bij mijn weten nog altijd niet.Bij deze toch een 5 sterren.Om wille van het feit dat hij zwak begon, te onrealistisch, kwam ik toch al snel mee met het verhaallijn. En echt mijn complimenten aan de schrijver, was er helemaal weg van.Een van de laatste hoofdstukken zat ik haast te nagelbijten als ik niet zo intensief mijn bladzijdes om moest slaan.Kortom kijk al uit naar de volgende delen, zal ze zeker allemaal is lezen en misschien zelfs [...]

    21. 4 ragazzini di diverse nazionalità che si ritrovano insieme e non per puro caso e che iniziano un'avventura dopo essere entrati in possesso di una valigetta,contenente articoli molto strani che formano una mappa misteriosa.Ogni libro della serie avrà come sfondo una diversa città data dal paese natio dei giovani protagonisti. Si inizia con Roma,città di Elettra e abbiamo il solito schieramento dei personaggi buoni e cattivi,quest'ultimi chiamati "loro",nuovi grandi poteri all'orizzonte e cit [...]

    22. The whole 'Century' series was one and only. All the books' plot was utterly amazing with many unexpected twists and turns. P.B. combines historical data of different cities (we visit through the books) with mystery, fantasy and romance A book that suits to every young reader, despite the book genre he's into.

    23. Good for Children!! The 4 main characters of the story, who are kids appear to be witty, sharp & quick thinkers - too much for 12 yr kids!! Nice story, writing not that impressive though!!

    24. Strange mix of teens sharing a birthdate thrown together to solve a mystery. It was OK, but it didn't leave me reaching for the next book.

    25. This review was originally posted on my review blog : fallingofftheshelfElettra is the daughter of a hotel owner in Rome, and she has always done her part to help with anything the hotel needs. When there is a mix-up with reservations, she offers to allow three children from different cities of the world to spend their time in her bedroom with her. Their first night, they discover that not only do they now share a bedroom as their sleeping quarters, but the same birth date, February 29th, Leap D [...]

    26. Good Opener - left me with lots of questionsbut isn't that what the first book in a "series" should do?What is up with all the "haters"? Why so many negative reviews on ? How many of you are teens or young adults? or readers of YA literature? I think this was a fun set-up for what I am hoping will be a great series.It left me with unanswered questions - what is Aunt Irene's story - really? I get that the parents weren't involved as much as they should have been in real life - but I also think th [...]

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