Me 2.0: Build a Powerful Brand to Achieve Career Success

Me 2.0: Build a Powerful Brand to Achieve Career Success

Dan Schawbel / Apr 07, 2020

Me Build a Powerful Brand to Achieve Career Success The handbook for surviving and thriving in the digital age Highlights include An effective step process for discovering creating communicating and maintaining a personal brand Expert insight into

  • Title: Me 2.0: Build a Powerful Brand to Achieve Career Success
  • Author: Dan Schawbel
  • ISBN: 9781427798206
  • Page: 368
  • Format: Paperback
  • The handbook for surviving and thriving in the digital age Highlights include An effective 4 step process for discovering, creating, communicating, and maintaining a personal brand Expert insight into how blogs, podcasting, and social networks can position individuals to find careers based on their passion and experience A complementary website personalbrandingb The handbook for surviving and thriving in the digital age Highlights include An effective 4 step process for discovering, creating, communicating, and maintaining a personal brand Expert insight into how blogs, podcasting, and social networks can position individuals to find careers based on their passion and experience A complementary website personalbrandingbook with helpful templates for each tool in the personal branding kit i.e resume, portfolio, etc Proven advice on branding from leading industry experts Tips on using social media tools for personal empowerment, confidence building, and professional networking in order to attract jobs directly, without having to perform tedious job searches Strategies for creating an online and offline presence for career protection and self promotion.

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        Dan Schawbel is the Managing Partner of Millennial Branding, a Gen Y research and consulting firm He is the author of the 1 international bestselling book, Me 2.0 4 Steps to Building Your Future, now in 13 languages His second book, Promote Yourself The New Rules For Career Success, will be released in 2013 by St Martin s Press Dan is a columnist at both TIME and FORBES, and has been featured in over 1,000 media outlets, such as Wired Magazine, PBS Nightly Business Report, The Willis Report on Fox Business and ELLE Magazine He s spoken at Google, NBC Universal, McGraw Hill, Harvard Business School, MIT, Time Warner, IBM, and CitiGroup Dan was named to the Inc Magazine 30 Under 30 List in 2010, the Forbes Magazine 30 Under 30 List in 2012, and BusinessWeek cites him as someone entrepreneurs should follow on Twitter.


    1. I picked up Me 2.0 since Dan Schwabel is considered something of a guru in the area of personal branding, and working with career development this is important. Me 2.0 mainly covers your online presence. How do you use a blog, facebook, linkedin, twitter, as well as your own website to portray a well thought through image of yourself to the world. Personally I believe social media will keep growing, and with it it’s importance and impact, so having this knowledge I believe will serve you well. [...]

    2. To be fair, I'm a little late to the game with this book. It is a little dated. I bet this would have been a great book back when it was published. But now most of these ideas are readily available with a simple Google search on how to brand yourself or how to find a job. This book is definitely geared towards college students and/or recent grads who are looking for their first job. Many of these ideas are still very relevant, but some are a little antiquated and no longer good practices. In my [...]

    3. As a first-time entrepreneur who launched my own business in February, I was very eager to read this book. Being that my background is in marketing, and I founded a digital and social media marketing company, some parts of the book were a bit redundant and seemed to target recent graduates. That said, there were still a LOT of great messages and pieces of advice that I'm excited to incorporate into my personal/professional brand.

    4. Schawbel gives some good background information & history of employment trends and the rise of personal branding. He also is up-to-date and relavant in his dicussion of online branding and using web 2.0 applications. He gives good advice and breaks it down into digestable parts. I would have liked more exercises and advice on how to create my own personal brand or even a professional branding statement or elevator speech. He also heavily concentrates on networking especially online networkin [...]

    5. Me 2.0 provides an excellent skeleton to your personal marketing plan and job hunt. However, I'd ask readers to try and customize this as much as possible as they are reading. A lot of the techniques offered are great for people in the digital or creative industries, however not entirely applicable to careers in more traditional industries. Personal pet peeve: the tone is very male and in general I felt that the book was very male-oriented, with little consideration as to the female aspect. Don' [...]

    6. At this point, the book reads as if it were written by a college sophomore named Captain Obvious. If you know anything about the internet and social media now, you probably won't learn anything here. When there IS a subject you could use real insight on, the book offers only vague, generalized cliches and stops there. Why? Well, he doesn't really have the depth of experience yet to be able to give actual advice. Can't really get around this occupational hazard of the self-styled whiz kid.This bo [...]

    7. Dan Schawbel is the publisher of “Personal Branding Magazine.” When you take his suggestion and type “Dan Schawbel” into Google you’ll see that he practices what he preaches. His award-winning “Personal Branding Blog” comes up first. And my favorite section of the blog is his tab called “Quote Me” where he lists some of his favorite things to say like “Be the real you because everyone else is taken and replicas don’t sell for as much.”That quote alone should inspire you t [...]

    8. This book is really targeted to Gen Y and how they could, probably should, use social media and other Web 2.0 capabilities to further their "brand". I learned new techniques thought a lot of the content was not new to me. It is valuable to have a comprehensive view of how all of these elements can be combined to create a personal brand.I would recommend it for any Gen Y's embarking on their careers. For the baby boomers, that would be my group, I would recommend it for those that are not comfort [...]

    9. The word 'dreck' comes to mind. Self-serving, superficial, cliche, and full of the sleazy 'business for business' sake' slimey attitude that turns the stomachs of people like me. This book uses cliches, obvious and well-circulated info ("dress up for job interviews!" "If you get a reputation for being messy, instead be neat all the time!"), and circular logic, combined with a seemingly willful obfuscation of The Point, to craft a love letter to corporatism and the author's own devotion to it. Th [...]

    10. To be fair, I am not the target audience for this book (18-22 year old Gen Y job seeker with a limited vocabulary). But no, I did not particularly enjoy this book, although I did LMAO at the author's perspective on Gen Xers (in essence, labeling them as well-connected luddites with deep pockets).All in all, not a bad job-hunting primer for young adults (primarily female, as suggested by the book's cover) and a "polite" counterweight to the Tyler-Durden approach that Scott Gerber takes in "Never [...]

    11. Un muy buen libro para entender cómo hacer una buena campaña de Personal Branding y entrar en el mundo laboral por la puerta grande. Se lo recomiendo especialmente a los estudiantes universitarios que están buscando sus primeras oportunidades de trabajo. Lo malo es que muchas de sus referencias quedan desactualizadas porque el libro es de 2011, y hace hincapié, precisamente, en el uso de las nuevas tecnologías.

    12. The first sections of the book discuss the power of a blog in reaching out to large social networks. Time is spent explaining what LinkedIn is and basically this book is for someone who does not know anything about Web 2.0 or social media. Although, it did end with some good organizational points. There are checklists for ensuring you maximize your online potential. Tips for creating and maintaining an effective and consistent personal brand (online and in person).

    13. "I am very interested in personal branding on line. As I have read so many books on so many subject there was not much new in it, but still it is a very good book on a very interesting subject. I am though still looking for the focused book on on line personal branding and some of the sides of it all books a read lack. Maybe I need to just write it :), but recommend it for everyone building up there personal brand and career online and offline

    14. Excellent book. Your personal brand is becoming infinately important with social networks replacing PR and advertising. And if you get a chance, definately read Jonathan Fields' interview with author Dan Schawbel about his new book, Me 2.0. careerrenegade/a-conve

    15. Reasonably coherent, decent content very much in-the-moment. I took a few ideas away from it all, and only found myself rolling my eyes a few times, so (kind of like a QB's touchdown/interception ratio) I'd say it was an overall win. Good for those just starting out in the professional world, or those for whom the whole Web 2.0/social media thing is a complete mystery.

    16. Good information covering the basics to generate and understand the on-line personal branding. I agree with other reviewers about the need to get an updated view of the topic from other sources, as the new social and technological trends during the last years have changed the context. Anyway there is value on the main concepts discussed.

    17. Un libro interesante, con buenos consejos. Sin embargo, adolece de lo mismo que tantos otros libros similares: lenguaje exageradamente positivo, como si tan sólo hiciera falta proponérselo para lograr cualquier objetivo. Coincido en que es importante ser positivo, pero sabiendo que la posibilidad de fracasar también está ahí.

    18. Best part? I zipped through it in about an hour this morning. Proclaimed target audience? College grads and newbies to the work force. Actual target audience? Freshmen and Sophomores. In high school. Great self-promotion material for Dan Schawbel, though, and that is a great lesson in and of itself.

    19. If I was a little younger, I probably would have given this more stars. It is squarely aimed at the recent college graduate, and while I enjoy thinking of myself that way, in reality I am not. Some of the advice, methods, and tools are applicable to developing a personal brand at any age, however, and I will be instituting some if it ASAP (or already have). A good personal branding primer.

    20. Not bad. A bit annoying because of it slant toward recent college grads, and a bit annoying because marketing oneself is not something that appeals to me at all. But because of a need I perceive for doing this more at my job, and because of the need I will have if I try to establish a second career, I decided I should read this.

    21. ざっと読み。パーソナルブランディングの本。多数の中から自分を認識/評価してもらうためには、「人とは違う自分」を「意識的に」形作る必要がある(それは時分を誇張するという意味ではなく、自分のイメージを正確に伝える(管理する)といった意味合い)。現代はfacebookやlinkedin,twitter,blogなど自己を表現する媒体があり、個人をPRする手段がたくさんあるから活用 [...]

    22. Seriously, not worth it. I only read it because it was in Kinko's, and I had nothing to do while waiting for hubby.

    23. I really enjoy Dan's personal branding blog and also this book. If you are looking to stand out from your peers to get a job or career in this tough job market then read this book.

    24. I'm only giving this book two stars because I'm a seasoned professional in search of something more than how to dress for interviews. I would recommend this book for a recent college grad.

    25. Mixed feelings. Good insights on being remarkable. But, creating a business plan? Wearing a suit? Is that remarkable, really?

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