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Scorpia Alex Rider teen spy has always been told he is the spitting image of the father he never knew But when Alex learns that his father may have been an assassin for the most lethal and powerful terroris

  • Title: Scorpia
  • Author: Anthony Horowitz
  • ISBN: 9780142405789
  • Page: 386
  • Format: Paperback
  • Alex Rider, teen spy, has always been told he is the spitting image of the father he never knew But when Alex learns that his father may have been an assassin for the most lethal and powerful terrorist organization in the world, Scorpia, his world shatters Now Scorpia wants Alex on their side, and Alex no longer has the strength to fight them That is, until he learns ofAlex Rider, teen spy, has always been told he is the spitting image of the father he never knew But when Alex learns that his father may have been an assassin for the most lethal and powerful terrorist organization in the world, Scorpia, his world shatters Now Scorpia wants Alex on their side, and Alex no longer has the strength to fight them That is, until he learns of Scorpia s latest plot an operation known only as Invisible Sword that will result in the death of thousands of people Can Alex prevent the slaughter, or will Scorpia prove once and for all that the terror will not be stopped

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        Anthony Horowitz, OBE is ranked alongside Enid Blyton and Mark A Cooper as The most original and best spy kids authors of the century New York Times Anthony has been writing since the age of eight, and professionally since the age of twenty In addition to the highly successful Alex Rider books, he is also the writer and creator of award winning detective series Foyle s War, and recently event drama Collision, among his other television works he has written episodes for Poirot, Murder in Mind, Midsomer Murders and Murder Most Horrid Anthony became patron to East Anglia Children s Hospices in 2009 On 19 January 2011, the estate of Arthur Conan Doyle announced that Horowitz was to be the writer of a new Sherlock Holmes novel, the first such effort to receive an official endorsement from them and to be entitled the House of Silkcmillan author anthon


    1. The best Alex Rider book so far. Alex recently learned *spoilers for those who haven’t read the previous volumes* that his father was not a normal citizen and certainly not a super spy like he is/was. Actually, his father was an assassin working for the deadliest organization ran by assassins that ever existed. They call it Scorpia. Now that he has confirmation MI6 betrayed and lied to him from the very beginning, he doesn’t know what to do or where he belongs anymore. So he goes in search o [...]

    2. The book I read is called Scorpia by Anthony Horowitz. Horowitz has written other books such as Point Blank, Stormbreaker, Eagle Strike, and Skeleton Key. This is the fourth and final book of The Alex Rider adventures. This book is about a teenager boy that is a spy for MI6. He goes to Italy to find a company that he heard about from a former enemy named Yassen Gregorovich. Just before Yassen died he said Alex would find his destiny in Scorpia. He ends up working for them, but after hearing abou [...]

    3. After reading several reviews I notice that at the beginning of the novel “Scorpia” by Anthony Horowitz, the reader does get glued to the book. I found myself continuously telling myself “five more minutes till I go to sleep.” But as the book progressed I was slowly convincing myself that the book was not up to my level and something that I could have been reading in grade 6. Horowitz starts the book off really well. He immediately introduces the conflict in the novel. The antagonists a [...]

    4. I thought it was pretty good, though it was a lot like the last book. The whole series is kind of repetitive. Other than that though, it wasn't bad.

    5. by Anthony HorowitzRealistic Fiction388 pagesAlex Rider is on a mission. This time he is not working for MI6, instead this time there is a job that he has to do for himself. Just a short time ago Alex was present when his old nemesis, Yassen Gregorovich died. Before he died Yassen told Alex that he and Alex’s father used to be comrades and if Alex wanted to know more about his father and his father’s life he must go to Venice where he should find Scorpia. Scorpia would help “find your dest [...]

    6. Okay. Well. This book. This book was pretty cool, all said. At the end of the last book, I was almost in shock. I mean, whooooah. ALEX RIDER HAS A BIGGER PLOT THAN JUST A TEENAGE SPY RATTING OUT BAD GUYS. EVERYBODY GO HIDE UNDER A TABLE OR PUT A PAPER BAG OVER YOUR HEAD OR START USING THAT SUB-ETHA THUMB THINGY; THE WORLD IS ENDING. Sorry, your ears are probably bleeding right now. Or would it be more accurate to say your eyes? But I loved it that this time there was plot. I mean, yeah, the othe [...]

    7. One of the finest books i have read and this book is so engrossing that i read it in one single stretch.I love reading this book.Alex goes to Venice for a school trip but he was told in Eagle Strike that he would learn about his father's past.So he tracks down a gang named Scorpia which is a underworld gang and is included of Murderers and what they tell him about his father horrifies him.Then Scorpia hire him as a member of the gang of murderers and his first mission is to kill Mrs.Jones.Alex i [...]

    8. Not one Alex Rider book has yet to disappoint me. The book "Scorpia" takes so many twist and turns to the Alex Rider series. The only thing I have to say is that the books are getting a little repetitive. I feel like the same thing is happening in every book, and Alex is just going to some different country than before. I still really enjoyed this book though, and I think you might like it.

    9. 4.5 That ending though! Phew. Not quiiite a 5 stars because there are a few plot contrivances, but it's pretty much expected for the genre. Some of the great escapes/break-ins Alex pulls off are pretty sweet. And we finally learn more about Alex's family and their past.

    10. The novel 'Alex Rider: Scorpia' by Alex Rider is the fifth book in the Alex Rider series. The book contains a fourteen year old boy named Alex Rider. He is a spy and he works for MI6 although he has lost some interest working for them.When Yassen Gregorovich tells him to go to a criminal organisation called Scorpia in Venice, Alex tries to decide if he should work for Scorpia or MI6. Also in this book, Alex finds out the truth about his dad, John Rider and his uncle, Ian Rider, Alex made his cho [...]

    11. WHAT JUST HAPPENED!!! This was by far the best book in the series so far. I loved that we fially got to learn about Alex's dad. I'm also glad that Alex has a friend who knows about all this spy business. BUT THAT CLIFFHANGER!!! (view spoiler)[I was not expecting the book to end that way. I mean I"m sure Alex isn't actually dead since there's a whole bunch of books left. But I'm glad I didn't read this and have to wait for the next book, because the end was just so intense. If it weren't for the [...]


    13. I think it is a good book because it has a lot of action and betrayal. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes action, suspense, and science fiction.

    14. This book is pure genius. All the mystery, suspense, and action of this book is addicting. Alex is an amazing character. I am excited to continue to read the books in this series. What I like most about Alex is that he is younger than the other people that work on his field. I highly recommend this book the anyone into mystery and being a spy. A great book.

    15. Scorpia is the fifth book in the Alex Rider series. Alex is a teenage spy for a government agency in England. He sets out to find a woman Yassen Gregorovich, an assassin he’s run into many times, told him about. She is part of the terrorist group, Scorpia. Alex finds her and asks about his father, whom she knew very well. His father was an assassin and Alex is asked to join Scorpia as well. Throughout the book Alex fights himself about the decisions he makes. He is given a mission to kill his [...]

    16. The teenage spy, Alex Rider, sets off to find Scorpia. This was because he had learnt that his father had something to do with Scorpia. He really wanted to know more about his parents, because he never had met them. In a school trip in Venice, he finds Scorpia and follows them to their main quarters. There, he learns that Scorpia is planning for thousands of children to die. Unfortunately Alex gets involved in this evil plan. Since he was already involved, he decided to save these children that [...]

    17. This book was so intense and nerve-racking which is why I rated the book 5-star. Anthony Horowitz is a great author and he makes you never put the book down. It is so intense and it is full of so many criminal minds that you have to realize that Alex Rider is a 14 year-old genius. Another genius in this book is Mr Smithers who is a really fat person who makes awesome but realistic gadgets for Alex. In this book it was full of death and revenge so if you do not like criminal violence that is actu [...]

    18. "Go to Venice. Find Scorpia. And you will find your destiny" Alex has matured so much in this book, that I find it scary. In my opinion, he acts more like a 16 year old then a 14 year old. Scorpia followed along the same lines as the previous books in the series, but had less obvious plot twists. And that ending! I never would have suspected that!

    19. Personal Response: Well it seems that I started on book five, no wonder I am so confused, but that's fine. Most of the characters that were mentioned, the ones I'm confused about, are not in this book. I like spy stories, so as things went on, my heart raced faster as things got more intense. Sure it didn't help that I had other things stressing me out at the same time, but I'm fairly sure that I'm okay. Plot: So yes, I'm on the fifth book, but it begins with Alex Rider just coming back from his [...]

    20. Horowitz, Anthony. Scorpia. New York: Penguin Books, 2004Recommended for grades 7-9Scorpia is an action packed adventure story from start to finish. The story is about fourteen year old Alex who goes on a mission to find out about his dad. Claiming to have been a spy who was held captive by M16 a “secret intelligence” unit, Alex admits to his best friend Tom that he had come to Italy because he was told by Yassen Gregorovich, the assassin who had killed his uncle that if he wanted to find ou [...]

    21. Personal ResponseI thought this book was fantastic. It had everything that I enjoy: action, suspense, and thrills. It was very hard to put down once you started getting into it. I was always on the edge of my seat until the last page. I give this book 5 out of 5 stars because it was just such a great read. SummaryThis novel is about the fourteen year old Alex Rider, who has been a teen spy for MI6 several times in the past. However in this book, Alex almost becomes the very thing he never though [...]

    22. Action-packed and suspenseful, this is a great book for advanced middle-school, or high school readers. I wouldn't recommend this book if you are looking for a more mature novel, however it is a fun and quick read, and even has an unexpected ending.

    23. Brilliant book I started reading this series when I was about 10&3/4 i am now 11 and I am stuck in all Alex rider books.Good for ages 10 to 14

    24. This book told most fans about Alex's origin which is very interesting and suspenseful I would rate this very good

    25. The book "Scorpia" is the fifth book of the Alex Rider series and is set in modern times. Scorpia is an elite terrorist group. The book starts out with Zeljan Kurst, leader of Scorpia, arriving at the British Museum to meet Yannis Ariston Xenopolos, a Greek billionaire who is about to die of cancer, who asks that Scorpia return the Elgin Marbles to Greece. MI6, an agent group, knows about the visit, and sends in the agents to capture Kurst, but they are unsuccessful. Kurst then assigns the missi [...]

    26. Have you ever wondered what it would be like if James Bond started spying as a 14 year old boy? Well, that is exactly what Scorpia by Anthony Horowitz is about where Alex Rider a 14 year old spy that works for MI6. I read this book because it is the 5th book in the Alex Rider series also because on the first few pages of Stormbreaker, the first book in the Alex Rider series, I became instantly hooked. In Scorpia Alex sets off to find Scorpia, whereas Yassen Gregorovich told him he would find th [...]

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