Bloodline Rising

Bloodline Rising

Katy Moran / Feb 20, 2020

Bloodline Rising The Ghost is the fastest most cunning young criminal in Constantinople Skilled at lying and deceit he has the power to twist the minds of men bending them to his will He is both invisible and invin

  • Title: Bloodline Rising
  • Author: Katy Moran
  • ISBN: 9781406310238
  • Page: 167
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Ghost is the fastest, most cunning young criminal in Constantinople Skilled at lying and deceit, he has the power to twist the minds of men, bending them to his will He is both invisible and invincible Or at least he thinks so until he is captured and sent to Britain.

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        Katy Moran began writing BLOODLINE while she was still in college A former children s book editor, she now spends her days writing in her garden shed in London.


    1. Opening: "They are not quick enough to catch me. Jesu, but it's hot up here. A dusty heat haze hovers above the city, blurring the great dome of Santa Sofia. The sea beyond glitters like cloth-of-gold."Though the setting (Constantinople) and a young thief and a familiar declaration (I can do anything) make a comparison to The Thief seem natural, I actually felt that Rosemary Sutcliff was a better way of thinking about this story. In fact, it reminded me quite a bit of Blood Feud, one of my favor [...]

    2. In this sequel, Bloodline's hero Essa has left Britain with Lark to settle in Constantinople and is now the father of 12-year-old Cai, named for Essa's father. Cai eschews the company of his family in favor of that of thieves and criminals; his penchant for thrills and his strange gift for moving about unseen and for influencing minds make him a master of the art. After he runs afoul of the wrong person, he is captured by slavers and ends up in Britain, land of his parents - who have never told [...]

    3. Thoughts on the Overall Book: I loved "Bloodline" which I actually ended up doing a faith buy on (which I ended up being glad I did) but "Bloodline Rising" I think was even better. I mean, seriously, it has every theme I absolutely love in it! Celtic Britain, thieves, the Middle East, plus a lovely father-son relationship and lots of brotherly relationships too. Just simply a wonderful book!Cover--Yae or Nay: I really like the covers for these books because I love silhouettes and you can tell it [...]

    4. In this companion novel to "Bloodline," readers are introduced to Cai (the son of Essa, also known as Tasik) who is the trickiest street thief in 17th century Constantinople. Cai’s magical ability to make himself invisible is partly why he is so successful as a thief, but he has enemies everywhere, and one day he is ambushed and sold into slavery. Cai travels for months in horrible conditions onboard a trading ship and ends up in his parents’ homeland of Britain. Held hostage by one of his f [...]

    5. This is a slightly odd, but very enjoyable book. The plot is wide ranging and episodic. It was so well written that didn't bother me at all, but I can imagine it being hard to sell! I enjoyed Bloodline (the first book in the sequence) very much. It's some years since I read it, but I don't remember there being such an overt supernatural element (probably just my shoddy memory!) So I was kind of surprised by all the magical doings in this.The prose is lovely, and the historical detail grubby and [...]

    6. Reviewed by Jennifer Rummel for TeensReadTooCai can blend in anywhere - making him the perfect thief. He's known as the Ghost. He moves through the shadows and has amazing balance. He gives his loyalty to the King of Thieves, hoping one day to rule his world.Now, his King gives him an impossible task. Cai does his best to retrieve the information requested. However, he hears more than he's supposed to. This information concerns his family, and he races back towards them.In Cai's line of work, th [...]

    7. back with the second book and the son of Essa, named after his father Cai,but this one was way better, I enjoyed it more,and didn't bore me the leastis time the book focus mainly on Cai, and how is was back to the lands of his father because fate decided him to, part one was fresh new and very entertaining and you cant but keep reading, you will like Cai's wit and cleverness, and how he became the "Ghost" and the thief of Constantinople . a little after the second half you will be back to the la [...]

    8. As this book opens, Essa and Lark are about to have their first child and arrive in Constantinople, unable to go back to their old lives in England. Moran fast forwards a dozen years or so, and we meet the Ghost, a young thief with an amazing ability to persuade, to go unnoticed, and therefore to steal and spy for the lord of the Underworld, the crime network in the city. Slowly his connection to Essa is revealed, and the reason for his choice of activity. And he has no idea how far he will trav [...]

    9. I love this book. It starts out in Constantinople in the time before Rome fell, and wastes no time in shipping you all the way across the Mediterranean Sea and up the Western edge of Europe to the ancient land that is now known as Great Britain. Its about a young boy--a thief--known as the Ghost who goes all the way back to the land of his ancestors (though not by choice) and discovers where he really came from, and his place in the world. Its about growing up, about a cunning young boy becoming [...]

    10. Yeah this book had the same faults as the first.I suppose the main thing was the random main character magic. WHY does Cai have the ability to become invisible?? It never gives any explanation, reasonable or otherwise. It's just there. And again, he thinks his father (Essa) is dead FOR NO REASON EXCEPT THAT HE HASN'T SEEN HIM ALIVE. I also think the author wanted me to believe that Essa was dead, but I was never convinced. At all. Maybe I'm just a skeptic.

    11. This second novel attempts to bring about the back story of the ghost, the best thief in constantinople The first half is fantastic with roof top chases and then the ghost is sent to England where he is accidentally reunited with his family. This half was really slow and for me confusing as I couldn't really see the point. Part of this was my fault as I was using this as a in the car book meaning I would some here and there whenever I had time. I think I did it a deservice

    12. Though not as its companion novel Bloodline, this book does a good job at carrying a story and its characters forward, closer to an ending. This is about Essa's son Cai and the journey he makes from the only home he has known to the home of his ancestors. I love the history of these books and I look forward to another title - there has to be one!

    13. The story starts out in the ancient city of Constantinople, and is narrated by a skilled young thief named Ghost.Ghost is similar to Charles Dickens's: Artful Dodger. Ghost is crafty and selfish. He also has a great distain for authority.

    14. Plot is not as linear or distinct as I prefer, but still an interesting representation of a time-period not well represented in YA literature. At least, not to my limited knowledge.

    15. It was amazing. The ending was perfect, the whole book builds up, and the finale just feels right. I love the main character and his father, and their relationship.

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