The Monster Bed

The Monster Bed

Jeanne Willis Susan Varley / Feb 20, 2020

The Monster Bed Dennis the monster is scared What if humans creep under his bed during the night Mama assures him that humans aren t real but just try telling that to the lost little boy who wanders into Dennis s cav

  • Title: The Monster Bed
  • Author: Jeanne Willis Susan Varley
  • ISBN: 9780688167073
  • Page: 462
  • Format: Paperback
  • Dennis the monster is scared What if humans creep under his bed during the night Mama assures him that humans aren t real but just try telling that to the lost little boy who wanders into Dennis s cave one night

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    1. I don't normally review our bedtime reads, but the fact that my little guy has asked for this every night for the past 2 weeks is pretty impressive. It's a cute twist (monster afraid of humans under the bed) with some fun moments. A few rhymes are rough, and too many sentences have forced syllables that make reading awkward, but overall it's a fun read.

    2. The Monster Bed by Susan Varley is a children's picture story book first published in 1986. It tells the story of Dennis the monster and Dennis' mum, who live in the Withering Wood. It's a bedtime story that talks of how Dennis is scared not of monsters under his bed- he is a monster himself afterall- but of human children hiding under his bed to get him in the night. "What fiddle-dee-dee" cries his mother as he kisses him goodnight. Just to be sure, Dennis decides to sleep under his bed. Once D [...]

    3. The story tells a tale of a little monster who is scared to go to bed. His poor mum has trouble getting him to go to sleep because the little monster believes that humans live under his bed and they will get him in the night. One night the monster decides to sleep under his bed “for if I am there and a human comes near, it won’t think to look for me, safe under here”. That night a boy becomes lost and finds himself in the monsters cave, he spots the bare mattress and tiredly lies down. The [...]

    4. The Monster Bed Written by Jeanne Willis tells the story of a little monster who is afraid to go to bed because he thinks there are humans under his bed. One night a human boy gets lost in the woods and ends up finding the monster's cave. He climbs under the bed to hide and sleep. When the younger monster is ready to sleep, he checks under his bed to see if there are any humans, AND THERE IS, so he freaks out and runs away.The last page reads, "From now on, dear reader, you'd better behave. don' [...]

    5. This book is so awesome! If you haven't read it or even heard of it go and get it and read it to your kids or yourself. I love the flow and rhymes of this story. Even though there was a few parts I got tongue tied it was great! A little twist and what ifs this book will have you reading to your little one(s) every night. Now I'm off to buy a copy to put into Little Dragons library.

    6. KS1- Year 1English: Look at the rhyming in the story- can the children recognise the rhymes? Rewrite the story from a different point of view. Can you write your own story about someone or something who is afraid of something unusual? Science: Imagine that a monster was a real animal and right a report about it and describe its habitat, diet, adaptations etc. Computing: Use art software to create your own monster picture. Art: Look at existing pictures of monsters. Could the children try and rec [...]

    7. Here's what I always wonder about 'Don't Be Scared Of Monsters' picturebooks:Is a young reader pacified by the idea that there is a monster under her bed? Did he even consider that possibility before a well-intentioned pair of picture book creators imagined it up, illustrated it vividly and sold it to the parent to read right before sleeping time?Who knows. If you want to assuage the fears of a young child, best thing you can do is buy a divan. I digress.As far as these books go, this is a good [...]

    8. Little Dennis is a polite monster who lives with his mum inside a gloomy and glum cave. The only thing is that he is scared of bedtime. His mum asks him why he is frightened, he shows concern that the humans will get him. His mum explains that humans only exist within stories. This is a nice story which could be read to children who are scared of bedtime. The detailed illustrations are complementary to the text. This is a fear that many children face, so this may help them overcome their fear. T [...]

    9. For many years this has been one of my favorite Storytime books. Oh, never go down, dear reader, into the dark dark woodsI just LOVE the reaction I get as I introduce my storytime kids to Dennis, a young monster who is terrified that the humans will get him! Luckily Dennis has a wonderful mother who assures him that "humans are just in stories you see"It's one of those books that I want to NEVER go out of print.

    10. This became my daughter's favourite book from the age of 3 or 4 and we read it every day, usually more than once. The twist on the 'scared of monsters' theme is delightfully whimsical and the rhyme and illustrations add to the enjoyment of this lovely book. My daughter is 25 now and I can still recite it almost word perfectly!!

    11. The Monster Bed by Susan Valery. I was read this book when i was a child and it is a very sweet short story to help children cope with being afraid of monsters. For in this book the monsters are just as afraid of us children as we are of them. A must read to your children and yourself when no one is looking!

    12. A little monster is scared that the humans might come to get him while he sleeps. He hides under the bed just in case. And it just so happens that night a little boy playing hooky comes into his cave and crawls into his bed. Both the monster and the little boy are in for a fright!Fun illustrations.

    13. All my students invariably love the story of a young dinosaur-like monster terrified of human children and his mother who doesn't believe in them. And while the reader knows she's wrong and he's (at least partly) right, you gotta give her credit for being a single mom and a working monster to boot.

    14. Little Dennis doesn't want to go to sleep because there might be something under his bed. Dennis isn't afraid of monsters—after all, he's a monster himself. He's afraid that humans will get him. His mother says that humans are only in made-up stories, but Dennis is not convinced—but just try telling that to the lost little boy who wanders into Dennis's cave one night!

    15. Little monster, Dennise, is afraid there is something under his bed--a human. Reading PracticeInterested Level: Lower Grades (LG K-3)Fiction/Nonfiction: FictionTopic-Subtopic: Creatures-Monsters; Emotions-Fear

    16. This is a fun book! Conrad isn't afraid of the monsters under the bed so the context is lost on him, but the exaggerated expressions and monster cave are interesting enough. I had read this one as a young one and it brought back a bunch of memories.

    17. One of my favorite bedtime books from childhood. Recently re-read it for an assignment in my children's library class. A great story.

    18. Frank loved this, though as an , I wasn't all that big a fan. It does have a great surprise ending for the kids.

    19. Little Monster Dennis is afraid of scary humans under his bed! When a human finds the monster cave they're both in for a surprise!

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