Enslaved by Ducks

Enslaved by Ducks

Bob Tarte / Jan 28, 2020

Enslaved by Ducks When Bob Tarte bought a house in rural Michigan he was counting on a tranquil haven Then Bob married Linda She wanted a rabbit which seemed innocuous enough until the bunny chewed through their elec

  • Title: Enslaved by Ducks
  • Author: Bob Tarte
  • ISBN: 9781565124509
  • Page: 286
  • Format: Paperback
  • When Bob Tarte bought a house in rural Michigan, he was counting on a tranquil haven Then Bob married Linda She wanted a rabbit, which seemed innocuous enough until the bunny chewed through their electrical wiring And that was just the beginning Before long, Bob found himself constructing cages, buying feed, clearing duck waste, and spoon feeding a menagerie of furry aWhen Bob Tarte bought a house in rural Michigan, he was counting on a tranquil haven Then Bob married Linda She wanted a rabbit, which seemed innocuous enough until the bunny chewed through their electrical wiring And that was just the beginning Before long, Bob found himself constructing cages, buying feed, clearing duck waste, and spoon feeding a menagerie of furry and feathery residents His life of quiet serenity vanished, and he unwittingly became a servant to a relentlessly demanding family.Whether commiserating with Bob over the fate of those who are slaves to their animals or regarding his story as a cautionary tale about the rigors of animal ownership, readers on both sides of the fence have found Tarte s story of his chaotic squawking household irresistible and irresistibly funny.

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    1. 0 stars - OH I HATED THIS BOOK!!!! This is the first book that I ever threw away from me in disgust. CHinaberry said this was a humourous memoir but I found nothing funny about an idiot that gets animals as pets and doesn't educate himself on how to care for them. Not to mention the whole depression/mental health angle. I have several animals (with a bunny named pepsi who was the love of my life RIP from cancer) and when I read about their beautiful white duck being eaten even THOUGH THEY KNEW T [...]

    2. I'm torn about this book. I would have given it 4 or 5 stars based on it being a really charming, humorous tale of a city-raised, petless guy marrying a woman who loves animals, and their adventures moving to the country and getting rabbits, various indoor birds, geese, ducks, and turkeys. On that level, I found it really enjoyable reading.However, I was disturbed by their attitude toward animal ownership in a couple of ways. They repeatedly get animals on the spur of the moment, with no foretho [...]

    3. This book was recommended by as a book about 'the pet you didn't necessarily want turns out to be exactly what your heart needs' and I needed a lighthearted read after slogging through some dense books, so I downloaded it. It starts off pretty much as expected - a couple buys a couple of pets that they don't really know much about and the trials and tribulations make them crazy but in the end, they love the little buggers. Okay, fine.But then it just goes on more pets turn into more pets turns [...]

    4. I loved this book! It made me laugh many times over and made me cry, too. I even learned some things about animals! The book spans 10 years of the author’s (Bob’s) life-events related to animals. Each chapter is devoted to a certain animal, or an animal event. It’s fun to see Bob’s changing attitude towards animals. He starts out as a begrudging pet owner (though it’s quite obvious that deep down he adores his rabbit!), and ends up gloating about his numerous pets to innocent bystander [...]

    5. This book is supposed to be funny and cute, but it's a downer. Animal hoarding isn't adorable no matter how much sarcasm one sad and passive man pours all over it. About a third of the way in the author casually mentions his struggle with life long panic attacks and bouts of depression. Ah yes, how whimsical and fun. When his regular doctor recommends an active hobby instead of anti depressants, said writer eventually finds somebody to write him a prescription for Zoloft with few questions asked [...]

    6. Okay, so I WROTE a book that's coming out Oct. 2 with St. Martin's Press, and that has REALLLLLLLY slowed down my reviewing of others. So it's very nice to get back in the saddle - or get down off the duck - with this book, because Bob Tarte and I connected in the social media author world and that's how I found out about his three books in the first place.Which is basically the equivalent of: disclaimer - I know this guy and he's a nice bloke so of course I'm going to like his book just on the [...]

    7. I found at least one useful thing out of this book. I gave it to my African grey parrot to shred. At least he is enjoying it.

    8. I read this book because I had read several over-the-top, RAVE reviews. I was pretty bored through most of the book, although there were a few laugh out loud moments. There were also a few moments that should have been LOL, but were poorly delivered. What kept me from liking it was the visual imagery of 4-6 inside birds, 3 inside bunnies, and a few occasional inside ducks. That is more poop and animal mess than two people could ever hope to clean up. Additionally, they fed their birds food right [...]

    9. I really enjoyed this tender and hilarious book about going from “the head of the household to the bottom of the pecking order.” After they move to rural Michigan, Bob and Linda Tarte accumulate all kinds of friendly and not-so-friendly pets over a ten year time span. The author and his wife don’t really set out to end up with ducks, geese, rabbits, parrots, turkeys, cats, parakeets, doves, and canaries, and they make lots of mistakes (including neglecting to do the proper research on thei [...]

    10. My husband and I had a lot of fun reading this; it was definitely our sense of humor. Having looked at other people's reviews, I've noticed one common criticism is of the author's seeming carelessness with animal ownership, but it looked to me like he was exaggerating for the sake of self-deprecating humor. (I mean, he talks like they bumbled along in total ignorance, while joking about the painstaking details of the daily clean up routines, the animals needing constant attention at meal times, [...]

    11. I bought this book based on the blurb and descriptions. THEY WERE WRONG!I thought it would be a light-hearted fun tale of people being taken over by their pets. I WAS WRONG.I read had the book, hoping it would get better. I WAS WRONG.The chapter on raccoons was the last straw. There people do not deserve to own animals of any kind, not even teddy bears! They are willfully ignorant and terminally stupid. I went into the book thinking, having owned a pet, I would have some sympathy for the owners [...]

    12. I read a good bit of this and just didn't find it as "hilarious" as advertised. Someone who loves animals would appreciate it more I'm sure, but all during the first chapter, I kept thinking "how dumb do you have to be to keep a pet rabbit in your house who chews electrical cords in half, tears up carpet, chews furniture and hides and gets into things non-stop as well as leaves bodily fluids all over--for two years!!!!!?" The next chapter was about an obnoxious bird. Life is too stressful to int [...]

    13. The premise of the book is interesting enough. The author explores the mini-adventures and disasters that followed every pet adoption he made with his wife. They own a large plot of land, so they have no reservations adopting exotic birds, ducks, bunnies, and so on. The author writes with a strong taste of sarcasm and makes a few witty observations along the way. Unfortunately the book is bogged down with repetition. Each chapter roughly follows the same pattern: wife suggests adopting new anima [...]

    14. The title of this book definitely made me buy it and, thankfully, the story inside fit the expectations. The author recounts his life after he moves away from the bustling city to placid (so he thinks) rural living and the eventual burgeoning family of animal pets galore.I'm sure some readers will get upset by the seemingly random way that pets are adopted or given back, but the story is well told and for me, anyway, rather humorous.Certainly I felt some kinship with the author. Hummingbirds dic [...]

    15. All the time I was reading this, I was going back and forth between loving it and thinking it was boring and annoying. In the end I'm not sure. I think my issue is that I've lived pretty close to this kind of life--we had 26 pets during a brief period of my youth, and 17 after the baby ferrets were all adopted. They were entirely furry rather than feathered, but having been somewhere near being part of a family who was enslaved by animals, I find some of the stuff in this book rather incomprehen [...]

    16. Reviews indicated that everyone like it -- everyone laughed. I enjoyed the introduction, but at page 80 of the book, I decided I had had enough. It wasn't interesting and it wasn't funny. In fact, it was annoying. How many mistakes must a vet make before you decide not to entrust the health of your pets to him? His writing is good, but, animal-lover that I am, I nevertheless found the story boring.

    17. Very entertaining, but not as good as Marley and Me. I like a laugh-out-loud read, and this was more of a giggle-out-loud and grins. It brought back many fun memories of when my daughter brought home a baby goose and it imprinted on me. For the next 8 years, I was owned by a goose. Fun memories.

    18. The husband is emotionally fragile, the wife is compulsively collecting animals and the resulting chaos is neither funny,charming nor inspirational.

    19. DNF - lost my patience with this man at about the time he adopted the fifth animal he couldn't manage. Really, incompetence is only adorable in the very young or very hot.

    20. After a shaky start, I did enjoy this book. It made me laugh out loud and it made me cry a few times. What did slightly sour my enjoyment was how Bob Tarte described himself and his supposed inability to take responsibilty for decisiins he and his wife made in taking in or buying the animals.By the last chapter he almost made up for this carelessness, in the way he described his rocky relationship with the parrot Dusty!Never again will I own a bird!

    21. I wanted to love this book. With a title and a cover like that, how could I not love it??? The author has a great writing style. His descriptions of the various characters (animal and human) had me laughing out loud several times. The book doesn't really have a plot, it is more just a collection of anecdotes about the various animals in his life. Definitely something that I would normally really enjoy. But the reason why I didn't love it is because I couldn't get past the complete irresponsibili [...]

    22. Enslaved by Ducks is an unexpectedly witty and subtle paean to the ups and downs of being owned by pets, particularly animals that are somewhat unconventional in the annals of "petdom" if you will. This book is neither scholarly or literary, but is intended to be neither. It is an entertaining tome, a fun read, and a peek at what life is like for the person who undertakes, wittingly or otherwise, to keep a winged menagerie.Most of author Tarte's humor is self-deprecating and there are a few laug [...]

    23. This is a difficult book to rate and review. So many mixed emotions, good, bad and ugly. I read several other reviews on the book and agreed with all of them, regardless of their rating. I hated and loved it, so I'm rating it in the middle. It took me quite awhile to get into the story. Early on some paragraphs were so wordy it was ridiculous. I really shouldn't have to look up the definitions of several words in a paragraph, especially when reading about ducks. But the more animals they acquire [...]

    24. Even though I'm more of a dog person, I enjoyed this book about a couple and their many pets, mostly birds. I like true animal stories, especially when the author actually is a writer and not just a pet owner who has an interesting story. Bob Tarte anthropomorphizes each duck, turkey, parrot, etc. with affection and dry wit. Several times, I had to stop and read passages aloud my husband. I never knew birds had so much personality. I did know that about rabbits, and the chapters about the Tartes [...]

    25. Delightful book but couldn't imagine living with all these animals. Bob and his wife Linda bring new meaning to pet owners. Rabbits, ducks, geese, parrots, doves, turkeys; a whole gaggle of all god's creatures share a home with this couple. Great book to savor on one's own, not certain how it will fare for book discussion.

    26. Hard to like a book written by a wildly irresponsible animal owner, who flat-out refuses to research before obtaining more and more pets, many of which die terrible (preventable) deaths throughout the book. This man should never own animals, let alone as many as he has, and as many parrots as he does.

    27. This was an amusing read, but I had little sympathy for the author. I would never let myself get so tied down in caring for animals foisted on me by my mate. Because I couldn't sympathize with his situation, I found many of the incidents pathetic rather than funny.

    28. Not my favorite pet owner book. Slow moving. Not endearing and I never really cared about the animals like in The Good Pig by Sy Montgomery. Definitely chose this book by the cover or the title. Writing wasn't bad but not engaging.

    29. I finally gave up trying to read this one. I'm really not an animal lover so maybe that's why every chapter seemed to be the same. I think short newspaper articles of this nature would be humorous but a whole book made me just shake my head and wonder why in the world they kept buying animals!

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