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Taken RhiannonThings change Sometimes not for the better Xavier is no longer the maid s son Or my best friend Now he s wealthy and powerful the dark don in charge of one of the largest corporations in the

  • Title: Taken
  • Author: Logan Chance
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 413
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • RhiannonThings change Sometimes not for the better Xavier is no longer the maid s son Or my best friend Now he s wealthy and powerful the dark don, in charge of one of the largest corporations in the world I never expected the boy who always saved me to be the man who kidnaps me XavierSome things never change Rhiannon is still as fiery and beautiful as the day I waRhiannonThings change Sometimes not for the better Xavier is no longer the maid s son Or my best friend Now he s wealthy and powerful the dark don, in charge of one of the largest corporations in the world I never expected the boy who always saved me to be the man who kidnaps me XavierSome things never change Rhiannon is still as fiery and beautiful as the day I walked away Now I m back, ready to seek vengeance against the one man who wronged me My rival Her father If her father wants war, he ll get a war Kidnapping his daughter is the key to my ultimate revenge.Standalone Mafia Romance

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    1. Logan you are my most popular author, what a rollercoaster ride you have just "Taken" me on. Plots and twists and the hottest sex scenes, my kindle was smoking lol. The complexity of this story and the raw passion of all the characters is exceptional. We are kept on our toes till the end ,and oh boy what an ending. Congratulations on another 5 star+ book Logan. A must 1 click for all readers.

    2. Rhiannon is a princess kept in a pretty cage and Xavier is the maids son and her best/only friend.Okay this isn’t a fairytale but you get the idea. Rhiannon’s father is cruel, evil and powerful she’s kept guarded and controlled at all times. The only time she has any fun at all is when she’s with Xavier but even then the threat of her father is looming.The book opens when Rhiannon is eight years old and Xavier is ten. We catch-up with them again when she’s twelve, fourteen, seventeen a [...]

    3. This book is a perfect example of why Logan Chance is one of my favorite one-click authors. Taken is the explosive story of mafia princess Rhiannon DeLaurio and the maid’s son Xavier Stone. These two share a past that neither can quite forget. The chemistry between Xavier and Rhiannon was explosive. Taken had everything I love in a good romance – strong characters, a little mystery, just the right amount of angst and steamy sex. Their story kept me flipping page after page waiting to see wha [...]

    4. According to Wiktionary, a mindf*ck is "something that intentionally destabilizes, confuses or manipulates the mind of another person." So "Taken" by Logan Chance was just that and also an awesome romantic suspense!This is my first read by Logan Chance but not my last. This author's writing style was so refreshing and the way he weaved his tale in such a clever and vivid storyline with unsuspecting twists and turns, drama, revenge tactics and the romance between the H/h, Rhiannon and Xavier was [...]

    5. 3.75 starsNothing sucks me in like a second chance romance with a good dose of suspense.This was good! Really enjoyed the writing and the plot however, from completely pushing the heroine away (and saying they can never be together) the hero does a complete 360 at the end. It feels as if i lost a whole chapter. Great potential, looking forward to reading more of this author's books.

    6. Well I thought Logan's last book he wrote was his best until now. I enjoyed all of his books but this one just had a whole new element and intensity to it. Taken is full of mystery, double crossing, very intense, very steamy scenes that might melt your tablet. There is so much that I could say bit I don't want to give anything away. Go one click on NOW!

    7. Wow what can I say about this absolute roller coaster ride of emotions. Xavier stole my heart and I’m pretty sure he isn’t going to be replaces anytime soon. Rhiannon is a spitfire and I love how sassy she was and how she literally couldn’t contain her feelings for Xavier. I’ve been reading Logan’s books from the start and each time they get better and better and this time he has truly outdone himself. The way this book twists and turns and keeps you on the edge of your seat makes this [...]

    8. Taken by Logan Chance, is a non-stop roller coaster of mixed emotions, entertainment and a whole lot of sexiness. Meet Xavier and Rhiannon, they are an extremely addictive pair; with the right amount of explosive chemistry. That’s how Logan Chance writes his stories from the moment you open up to the first page to the very last page it’s nothing but dynamite. He has the power to create scenes that will transport you into another world; isn’t that why we all read, to be transported into ano [...]

    9. 4 Vengegul CROWNSTaken by Logan chance is filled with secrets, deceit, corruption. It is a story that leaves readers trying to figure out what the hero is really up to and turning the pages until they find out.Readers meet two different sides of Xavier. They fall in love with the kid and the teen who is mischievous and good. When he resurfaces later, he is much colder and stolid. The memories of him in his youth is enough to keep readers connected to his character, as well as the mystery that su [...]

    10. Ok had to ponder this on and decided it needed two stars instead.Lots of holes lots of missing parts of the story lots of strange hero behavior.The book started out so well then fell to a jumble of ideas with tons of plot holes and unrealistic happenings.Missing parts.you would read along and suddenly they went from talking in a store to the next day at breakfast. One chapter was one sentence! We went from going to let her go to we are getting married. I have to scratch my head and say what happ [...]

    11. This was a very good read this was one of those books that started off with a lot of backstory that I really liked it started slow and heat up. What would you do if you were kidnapped by someone you grew up with and have secretly loved? Rhiannon DeLaurio grew up a mafia princess her father Al is a mob boss. Xavier Stone grew up with Rhiannon his mother Hannah was the maid. This was a really good read this book it had a few twist in it that I didn't see coming. Xavier who is tall dark and handsom [...]

    12. First book by Logan Chance.Definitely wont be my last one.Taken was so freaking good. It's like the ultimate revenge turned into a sexy romance story. God damn, I loved everything about it. It's a dual POV from Rhiannon and Xavier who were best friends when they were kids but then of course life got in the way and changed their course.Now what is the ultimate revenge? Well for Xavier it's basically kidnapping the girl of his dreams Rhiannon from her dad. For me, I don't think I'd ever be able to [...]

    13. Taken got my attention starting from the prologue and held it all the way to the end.Mr. Chance did an outstanding job with the way he let the reader get to know the characters of Rhiannon and Xavier. I liked watching them grow up and seeing how their friendship blossomed and grew. Rhiannon was such a strong,feisty young lady. Even with her upbringing and her hard father she was also sweet and innocent in a naive way and ahe had a great sense of humor.Xavier was always Rhi’s protector and best [...]

    14. Under the chestnut tree A girl and a boy; she's from a mafia family and he's from a single mom. They forge a forever bond that cannot be broken. But evil and lies separate them, until vengeance is served.Rhiannon was Xavier's best friend. They did everything together, well whatever she could hide from her father since he kept her on a short leash. And as they got older, those feelings became more. But when her father commits an unforgivable murder, Xavier flees.Now, years later Rhiannon has made [...]

    15. I have to start by saying, I love Logan's writing and have read every one of his stories. I was worried when I saw that this was a mafia romance, not Logan's normal story line and not a type of romance genre I normally read. With that said, I was extremely surprised at how much I loved this story! I really loved the characters, Rhi and Xavier, especially seeing them at different points in their life and the progression of their age. Their relationship and chemistry sets this story above others. [...]

    16. This was a really good read. It had a little of everything like mafia, suspense, romance and love. I was guessing how it was all going to end the entire time.

    17. If you are looking for a quick Mafia read, with some unseen twists along the way then this is a good choice to on click. Logan Chance has written a really good suspense romance here and it's definitely worth a read.Xavier and Rhiannon grow up together at her cruel father's estate, but Rhi is the captive daughter and Xavier the servant's son, who she is best friends with and who her father hates. The story sees them growing up together and I became quite invested in their journey, wondering where [...]

    18. I just finished this book a little while ago and I’m still reeling from all the emotions, twists, and turns! I know I say it with each release but this is Logan Chance’s BEST book ever! And I always mean it because he keeps outdoing himself every time. This book is totally different from anything he’s done before, stepped out of his comfort zone and given us so much more with a great backstory and deeply emotional complex characters. Rhiannon and Xavier’s tumultuous history makes for som [...]

    19. How do you describe perfection? For me, it's simple: one word - Taken. I've been waiting (im)patiently for this release and Logan has not disappointed. He has shown that his talent knows no bounds. This mafia romance follows the lives of Rhiannon and Xavier, two childhood friends with an instant connection and chemistry that is evident throughout. Logan has written an amazing backstory which adds so much value and gives the characters depth and likeability. This hot read takes you on an emotiona [...]

    20. 5 Stars to Taken by Logan Chance.I did NOT see that coming! What an amazing book! This book was engaging, intense, sexy, hot and thrilling all at the same time. All the feels and then some. God, my emotions were all over the place. If you are a member of Logan Chance's reading group on FB then you have been teased about this book often. From the minute Logan introduced us to Rhiannon and Xavier I was intrigued and not a little anxious to read their story. I have read all of the author's books so [...]

    21. I've read several books by Logan Chance and I have to say, in my opinion, this is his best work yet. This book has everything within it's pages from the innocense of childhood best friends, to the angst of teenage attraction, the brutality of heartbreak, the lies, the lust, the pain, the fear, the passion, the betrayal, the truth, the vendication. Everyone of those within these pages and all happening in the lives of Rhiannon and Xavier. Best of friends since childhood torn apart by tragedy. Apa [...]

    22. I was definitely "Taken" with this one!!!By Teresa's Tantalizing Teasers on January 27, 2018This was my first all-nighter read of 2018. Honestly, I didn't even get up and go to the bathroom.I did however, flip my Kindle pages feverishly as I got wrapped up in the not-so-dark Mafia world of Xavier and Rhiannon.A youthful friendship formed under the criminal, watchful eyes of Rhiannon's father leads to Xavier, the maid's son, becomingRhiannon's only trusted friend in life.Their friendship and thei [...]

    23. This is a great second chance romance. Xavier and Rhiannon grew up knowing each other - Rhiannon was the "princess in the tower", and Xavier was the son of the maid. He promised that they would have their own castle together one day. He was her only friend, but events happened when they were in high school and Xavier goes away, leaving Rhiannon behind. After Xavier is gone, Rhiannon finally opens her eyes and sees what has been going on around her and she starts to rebel. But her father has her [...]

    24. Logan Chance will always be one of my Auto Click Authors, and you only have to read his latest Book Taken to understand why. This book was much a much anticipated read, what I got was so much more than I imagined. Taken has just shot to my most favourite read of Logan’s. This book from the beginning is not what it seems, it is a Mafia Book with a Twist. It is wonderfully detailed the Characters Rhiannon & Xavier have wedged their way into my heart. I’m not going to give anything away exc [...]

    25. #Brilliant#FriendsToLovers#MafiaRomance#MustReadThis book took me places I never saw coming. I’ve read every book by Logan Chance, and yes every time I say “This is my favorite book of his” but.With Taken Logan has by far exceeded any expectations I had. I can’t recommend this book enough, his writing is phenomenal it’s like every word he writes turns to gold, Logan has been an auto buy author from his very first book and with each new one you see the growth in his writing. Taken is ve [...]

    26. Wow what a book, this is a mafia mob story and it delivers everything you want in a book from bestfriends, lust, crime, hope, heartbreak, Love, And revenge. We follow Rhiannon and Xavier from childhood to adulthood and what happens when they haven’t seen each other in a long time but one is heartbroken and the other wants revenge. This story will have you gripped from page one till the end I couldn’t put it down. I was in suspense on what would happen next the characters where well developed [...]

    27. Holy crap, what did I just read? This book was a total mindf$@k!!! I absolutely loved it! The plot draws you in from the beginning. Rhiannon and Xavier take you on a roller-coaster ride until the very end. And the ending, wow!!!! So many twists to keep you guessing what is to come and really hot sex too!! This story was so good and I'd give it more than 5 stars if I could!

    28. I know I say it after every one of Logan’s books and I’m sure I’ll say it after the next, but that was my favorite!I knew this book was going to be amazing and Logan sure didn’t disappoint. It was a little different then what you’re use to seeing but Xavier and Rhiannon’s story exploded from the very beginning. It is full of intensity, twists you don’t see coming and the hot as hell sexy steaminess. It will have you on the edge of your seat at times wanting to know what happens nex [...]

    29. I'm not going to tell you anything that happens in this book bc it's one of those you need to experience as you go. I will tell you that you will go through the emotions, never knowing what to expect next. A definite roller coaster ride. Just when you think you have something figured out you realize you didn't have a clue. I loved the characters in this book, including some of the side characters. Their stories just kidnap you and keep you held captive all the way until the last word. Another ph [...]

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