Return To Me

Return To Me

Shannon McKenna / May 30, 2020

Return To Me It s been years since bad boy Simon Riley hopped a freight train out of town and Ellen Kent s given up wondering what happened to him Running a successful bed and breakfast in Oregon doesn t leave he

  • Title: Return To Me
  • Author: Shannon McKenna
  • ISBN: 9780758205612
  • Page: 448
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • It s been years since bad boy Simon Riley hopped a freight train out of town, and Ellen Kent s given up wondering what happened to him Running a successful bed and breakfast in Oregon doesn t leave her a lot of time for fantasizing about midnight kisses and secret passionuntil an unexpected visitor knocks on her door Simon is back She had no idea that he was a famousIt s been years since bad boy Simon Riley hopped a freight train out of town, and Ellen Kent s given up wondering what happened to him Running a successful bed and breakfast in Oregon doesn t leave her a lot of time for fantasizing about midnight kisses and secret passionuntil an unexpected visitor knocks on her door Simon is back She had no idea that he was a famous photojournalist, working in war zones around the world But the man is everything she wants in a lover and Dogged by trouble, Simon swore he d never return to this backwater town, even to see Ellen Kent But he had to investigate his uncle s sudden death and El s lush beauty still tempts him beyond belief He knows he can satisfy her most hidden desire and he s hungry for the sensual tenderness that only she can give The last thing Simon would ever do is hurt El, but someone is forcing his hand Someone who will stop at nothing to keep the past dead and buried even if it means silencing the woman Simon loves.

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        Also wrote five category romances under the penname Shannon Anderson From The Author s Website HOW IT ALL BEGANI started writing my first romance novel in secret I was working a temp job in an insurance office in Manhattan at the time, and the office manager had made it clear that even if there was nothing to do, I still had to look busy never one of my big talents I felt bad about the wasted time, though, and I needed something to round out my other chosen career, which was singing Yeah, that s right Most artists choose a practical Plan B to back up their improbable Plan A Me No way Long Shot is my middle name.So I sneakily set up a Document 1 and a Document 2 with a spreadsheet on it If my Boss du Jour walked by I could quick like a bunny switch screens, and whenever the coast was clear, I went back to my story Not that I was slacking, mind you If there was work to be done, I did it The sneakiness felt familiar, though, because I ve been teased about reading romances since I was a kid I think the day I finally grew up was the day I stopped trying to cover up what I was reading on the bus, train or subway Let people think whatever they like.It wasn t until I moved to Italy details of that Long Shot provided later on that I got serious about writing, though I found myself with many long, quiet days alone with nothing to do, so I slogged my way bravely to the end of the manuscript and sent it out Everybody rejected it except for Kensington I wrote for them for a few years, and then made a bid for an erotic novella for the new Brava imprint, and oh joy, they accepted it Then I wrote BEHIND CLOSED DOORS And so on, and so forth.That s how I started I can t think of anything I d rather do I never knew it would be so scary, and so hard all that solitude and silence, a blank computer screen, and no one to blame But still It s worth it It s great.


    1. I just spent ages writing a review and it's disappeared, so here goes with review no.2 Hey Ho.I read this a few days ago and have spent time diliberating whether it's a 4 or 5 star read so perhapes it should be 4 1/2.Simon and El share a sad past, and whilst Simon has moved on and made a name for himself El has stayed in the same small town all her life and is now a sucessful business woman. When circumstances dictate that their paths cross again (albeit under sad ccircumstances) all the old sha [...]

    2. reviewed at the passionate readerthepassionatereader.c"Sometimes—in fact, lots of times--I just want a down and dirty bad boy hero who sweeps into town, throws the good girl over his shoulders and drags her off to a happy ending. This bad boy does and then gets the nice girl story has been done many times by Shannon McKenna, sometimes well (think Extreme Danger) and, unfortunately for this reviewer, sometimes terribly. It’s hard to find much to like about Ms. McKenna’s overblown Return to [...]

    3. What an utterly fantastic book! I wasn't sure what to expect from it since it was a book I randomly picked up the library. It just looked interesting, and since I love romantic suspense (and that's what it was labeled as) I thought, what the hell, why not? And I ended up loving the book, even though it was completely not what I expected.Return To Me is best described as a thoroughly primal, raw, passionate, story. It's extremely erotic. It might not be the most sophisticated story in terms of la [...]

    4. Shannon Mckenna is about the only non-pnr, rom/suspense writer I read anymore. (well aside from Pamela Clare!) Thank God I haven’t made it thru her entire backlist yet because I hear her latest couple releases haven’t been as hot- (which tends to happen in a long series). However, Return to Me, I’m happy to report, I thoroughly enjoyed! Though its not part of her McCloud Brothers series, it has all the hallmarks of a good McKenna read- a lost soul alpha hero, a heroine who knows and loves [...]

    5. Hubo una época donde devoré los libros de Shannon Mckenna, y en mi convalecencia (?) estoy abierta a todas las posibilidades, así que buscando en mi Kindle encontré este ebook, agregado hace bastante. Siempre digo que cuando la pareja principal es opacada por otras historias secundarias y esos personajes te interesan más, entonces la novela pierde su atractivo. Me ocurrió exactamente eso; prefería a la pareja de Cora y Brad, y eso es un mal síntoma.La historia es sexo, sexo, sexo, mezcla [...]

    6. I am pretty easy on erotic romance books. These are my escape, and as long as I find myself transported I am willing to overlook many things. This book was bad in so many ways that even I, with my low expectations, found little to like. I will list my 5 biggest issues.1. The lead characters were terrible. Simon is an asshole of the highest order, and El is boring, weak, without pride, a terrible business person, and has no desire to know anything other than how to make good pies and please her m [...]

    7. Return to Me is a decent book that somehow failed to grab my interest. It was too easy to put down. Part of the problem is the emphasis is on the romance instead of balancing the romance with the suspense plot. I also had the suspense plot figured out very early on, so there wasn't much to hold my interest. While Simon and El tried to figure out their relationship (El loved him and he figured he was bad for her), they had sex. Lots of sex. LONG sex scenes that went over many pages. I found mysel [...]

    8. I wanted a fast read to occupy me in the last days of November and so I grabbed this book. I haven't been to fond of McKenna's books I've read but this one ended up being better than the ones I tried before.Seventeen years after bad boy Simon Riley sped out of town Ellen Kent has finally got her life together. She's very busy running her successful bed and breakfast in Oregon's LaRue River Valley. And she's engaged - to a man who doesn't exactly make her knees weak with lust, but so much the bet [...]

    9. A boring story with a non-existent mystery. No build of tension around the villain's transparent intentions, which could have saved the fact that the reader knows who the villain is from the get-go, but the characters don't. The book reads like it was written with a teenager's understanding of how 30-somethings act and speak (they speak of love like inexperienced teenagers; someone uses "Not" without any irony; the supposed town slut is called a "tramp" by several people), and the one-dimensiona [...]

    10. เป็นเรื่องที่ใช้เวลาในการอ่านนานมาก เพราะดันไปเอาเรื่อง Never Never มาอ่านคั่น(แล้วดันผิดหวังสุดๆ) เรื่องนี้สนุกดี ชอบพระเอกกับนางเอก แรงดึงดูดระหว่างกันมหาศาล จะว่าไปเขาก็รักกันตั [...]

    11. Yet again another book by Shannon McKenna that I loved. This book grabbed me from the very beginning and kept me interested all the way through. The heat level was good for me and the hero was absolutely yummy. The heroine had eye's only for the hero and stuck by her man no matter what. The action was really good and the bad guy was completely crazy.Thanks Kris for the rec :)

    12. I love Shannon McKenna!!! Plus a second chance romance with a hot scene on a bike!!! Oh, yawhile this man is slightly less uber, alpha than her other menill loved him!

    13. Before Brian and I stay at bed and breakfasts, we always have to weigh the advantages of good food and beautiful locations with the disadvantage of the inevitable chatty host who will want to share his / her Views On The World. Our favorite B&B is owned by a druid who joins guests at breakfast to air his thoughts on local politics and environmental degradation. It would have been less annoying if we hadn't been on our honeymoon.Apparently though, our perceptions are all wrong. The tree-huggi [...]

    14. This should be a 1.5 if that existed. I'm sure this book is great to some people. However I didn't care for a lot of the dialogue and I didn't like the male protagonist. El was better but she seemed weakI meane is engaged to a guy who she doesn't love, isn't interested in sexually and can't stand his family. Has she ever heard of online dating? This book occured in the present. It wasn't like she had to settle for the local townfolk and the first suitor that made an offer. Spoiler warning:I have [...]

    15. This book was really frustrating for mei'm giving it 2.5 stars bc i really like the author and it did have some really fun partsI never really felt connected to El and I wanted to shake some sense into Simon on several occasions!! I wish there had been more detail in the end, Ray's story, what made him that way. on Gus and a whole lot more on Simon's mom. I did like Brad and Cora and Missy rocks!

    16. Great read.So far, I have read and loved five of Shannon McKenna's books. Her characters are different and interesting. Her books are thrillers, with terrible bad guys and a lot of suspense, and always a happy ending. She's one of my favorite authors.For a list of my reviews of other Shannon McKenna books, see my 5 star review of “Ultimate Weapon” posted 11/15/08.

    17. um I finished it but can't actually remember it, so was ok but nothing special which is probably why I failed to update on it.

    18. 17 years ago Simon Riley left the one girl that loved him more than anything because of a fire he did not set. With his uncle's passing, he returned to his hometown and entered Ellen (El)'s life again.The reason I did not give this book more stars is because Simon Riley drove me nuts with his "I'm bad luck" persona. Woe is me, I'm no good for you, I should leave. I wanted to throw myself down my own stairs. I couldn't take much more of his I want you but no, I really don't because I'm bad for yo [...]

    19. Unbelievable plot & weak character development. More about how many ways can we have kinky sex. Bad boy Simon comes back to his home town after 17 years away & is instantly & insanely attracted to his childhood friend Ellen. Too bad she's engaged to Brad & the town hates Simon for something they blame him for happening when he was a teenager. El can't stay away from Simon even though her world is blowing up around her ever since he came back. Admittedly the sexy bits are good for [...]

    20. I was grabbed by the writing in “Return to Me”. In its twenty-four chapters, details were slowly revealed, the build-up of suspense and sexual tension felt electrified. Characters were dynamic and realistic. For me, there were moments where I laughed to the point of tears and the romance was read in one sitting, I couldn’t put it down. Key elements of acceptance, love and comfort were appreciated.

    21. A great blend of romance & intrigue. I thought that the workings of a crazy person's mind was done well, including his outward personas in society. It was also a bonus to have a second romance included. The characters overall were portrayed well.

    22. 3.85Loved the underlying mystery. Different having the H be the one to run away so much. Therefore, I appreciated a strong heroine. I felt more for the supporting characters than the main 2. Would like to read Cora's story.

    23. It really hit home for me.This book is set in Babylon and covers the return of the Jews to rebuild the temple. Families are torn apart as some decide to stay where they've built successful businesses and others decide to heed God and return to Jerusalem and struggle to rebuild His temple. It's a longer and more arduous process than they thought, with opposition from the leftovers from before the captivity. They intermarried and resort to pagan ways. Some regret leaving Babylon and long to return [...]

    24. Seventeen years ago, bad boy Simon Riley skipped town, leaving behind Ellen Kent - the only true friend he ever had. Now he's back to investigate the sudden death of his uncle, but the trouble that's dogged him all his life is hot on his heels, and El is getting caught in the crossfireReturn To Me was good. Shannon McKenna has trouble writing bad books. But it's not her best. She's an excellent wordsmith, and writes some of the hottest, most intense (but very explicit, which some readers don't c [...]

    25. Although this one was sold to me as a suspense, there is not really a lot of serial killer woodely-woo like you would expect. I would say that this is more of a small town contemporary that just happens to feature a neighborhood serial killer.I thought that the story of two damaged people who lost their virginity together as teenagers and then were able to reconnect as adults is a super sweet trope that is very well done here. I loved Simon and Ellen. Although Simon is the alpha type character, [...]

    26. This story was better than I thought it would be. After reading her McCloud series I was ready to chuck all her books but I was surprised by this one. The heroes of the previous books wereper alpha he-man types that just didn't do it for me. Simon was mostly likable except for the whole I'm the center of the universe I cause all to go wrong attitude. El was so-so. It kinda seemed like she was two different people. One shy, innocent, I need him to live, please walk all over me. The other, sex kit [...]

    27. With nary a McCloud in sight, this one is getting rated on its own merits. The story was fine, with the usual overbearing, possessive alpha dude-bro and the sexually unawakened, sweet, shy, secretly-a-firecracker lady, plus a whiff of paranormal stuff. But it lacked the sheer, over-the-top WTF aspect of the McClouds series that makes up for the fact that the dude is basically steam-rolling over the lady's protests, sexual and otherwise, and the lady is a waffle who is also a doormat. And despite [...]

    28. Simon Riley left 15 years ago after the town wanted his head on a platter. A fire that burnt down a stable was blamed on him and he was not at fault. So he left town on a freight train, before he left town, he told his best friend El goodbye. She cried, and in a moment of tenderness gave her virgininty to him.Now 15 years later Simon returns to as a famous photojournalist. Ellen runs a Bread and Breakfast. When Simon knocks on the door, Ellen is doesn't reconize him and Simon doesn't reconize he [...]

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