Edge of Midnight

Edge of Midnight

Shannon McKenna / Jun 02, 2020

Edge of Midnight Shannon McKenna creates characters readers never forget and in her latest novel Sean McCloud must protect the woman he has never stopped loving Liv Endicott Years ago Sean had to send Liv Endicott a

  • Title: Edge of Midnight
  • Author: Shannon McKenna
  • ISBN: 9780758211859
  • Page: 414
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Shannon McKenna creates characters readers never forget and in her latest novel, Sean McCloud must protect the woman he has never stopped loving Liv Endicott Years ago, Sean had to send Liv Endicott away to save her life Now he has to keep her closer, very close for the same reason E BREAKING POINTOn the very day an arsonist burns down Liv s bookstore in a smalShannon McKenna creates characters readers never forget and in her latest novel, Sean McCloud must protect the woman he has never stopped loving Liv Endicott Years ago, Sean had to send Liv Endicott away to save her life Now he has to keep her closer, very close for the same reason E BREAKING POINTOn the very day an arsonist burns down Liv s bookstore in a small town in the Washington mountains, she finds fate has another shock in store for her Amid the smoke, rubble and tears, Sean McCloud appears, calling her name He s every inch the man he always was the man she kept on wanting But wanting is not the same as trusting, and she doesn t dare let him get too close Yet a ruthless killer is gunning for Liv, and she ll die unless they join forces to unearth a chilling truth and come together in a blaze of searing passion .

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        Also wrote five category romances under the penname Shannon Anderson From The Author s Website HOW IT ALL BEGANI started writing my first romance novel in secret I was working a temp job in an insurance office in Manhattan at the time, and the office manager had made it clear that even if there was nothing to do, I still had to look busy never one of my big talents I felt bad about the wasted time, though, and I needed something to round out my other chosen career, which was singing Yeah, that s right Most artists choose a practical Plan B to back up their improbable Plan A Me No way Long Shot is my middle name.So I sneakily set up a Document 1 and a Document 2 with a spreadsheet on it If my Boss du Jour walked by I could quick like a bunny switch screens, and whenever the coast was clear, I went back to my story Not that I was slacking, mind you If there was work to be done, I did it The sneakiness felt familiar, though, because I ve been teased about reading romances since I was a kid I think the day I finally grew up was the day I stopped trying to cover up what I was reading on the bus, train or subway Let people think whatever they like.It wasn t until I moved to Italy details of that Long Shot provided later on that I got serious about writing, though I found myself with many long, quiet days alone with nothing to do, so I slogged my way bravely to the end of the manuscript and sent it out Everybody rejected it except for Kensington I wrote for them for a few years, and then made a bid for an erotic novella for the new Brava imprint, and oh joy, they accepted it Then I wrote BEHIND CLOSED DOORS And so on, and so forth.That s how I started I can t think of anything I d rather do I never knew it would be so scary, and so hard all that solitude and silence, a blank computer screen, and no one to blame But still It s worth it It s great.


    1. This book tells the story of Sean McCloud, youngest of the four McCloud brothers, whose stories were told previously in "Standing in the Shadows" and "Out of Control". Sean and his brothers were raised by their paranoid and delusional widowed father in the backwoods of Washington state. Older brothers Davy and Connor and friend Seth Mackey ("Behind Closed Doors") have all settled down with wives and are starting families of their own. But Sean's life seems to be on hold. He has never gotten over [...]

    2. I absolutely loved Edge of Midnight, which is number four in the Mccloud & Friends Series. You definitely need to read these in order!Kev McCloud committed suicide 15 years ago by driving his truck off of a cliff. Everyone thought he’d gone insane like their father had. It was a tough blow to the entire clan, especially Kev’s twin, Sean.I’ve been anticipating Sean’s story since his brother, Conner’s, book, ,Behind Closed Doors. He’s looks like a fallen angel, and is so charming a [...]

    3. My first delve into the romantic suspense genre got me the amazing Naked in Death and I was suddenly really excited to read more of these mystery books. The problem here was, where Naked in Death and the other books in the series are a deeply developed psychological murder mystery with a sweet romantic subplot that is secondary to solving the case Edge of Midnight is sex. Lots and lots of sex and love and sex and angst and sex. There's also a stalker on the loose, but we'll get to him once we've [...]

    4. I think I found my new favorite in Shannon Mckenna's McCloud series. I loved this book and I loved Sean. He's the ultimate bad boy and a consummate man slut. He's also the proverbial class clown as well as an idiot savant. He was complicated and hysterical and I couldn't stop smiling or laughing over his antics. He's described as nearly out of control with his boundless energy and what better way to work off all that energy than engaging in sweaty, all night sex fests?! Most of my enjoyment came [...]

    5. This was a surprise re-read. Once I got about a chapter in I realized I read it before, but it was still enjoyable regardless. **Thank you, Mayu, for the rec!

    6. Absolutely awful Heronwhoring his way through so many females, you would think to this point he must have caught an STD?I felt disgusted by his overbearing sexual lifestyle and I was to believe he was always in love with the heroine for all the 14 years whilst he was having sex with anything that moves?Sorry, but I am too old for this shit!

    7. With a woman in his bed every night- and sometimes two!- Sean McCloud seemed to be the most devil may care of his brothers. But all is not what it seems and when the love of his life re-enters his life, the mask his been wearing to cover the deep pain of his twin brother's tragic death is suddenly ripped away.Olivia had just begun to get the independence she's always craved from her overbearing family, until an explosion destroys her beloved bookstore and an obsessed man marks her for death. All [...]

    8. I Spent the entire book thinking it must have been written by a large biker chic. Or possibly a dude. The plot was mildly interesting if predictably implausible, but the sex scenes were just excessive and rough to the point of being silly.I also need to grind a personal ax here. If you're going to make your characters of a particular profession, do the world a favor and do a little research. I'll give you that not every library has been able to afford the upgrade from a card catalog to an electr [...]

    9. Edge of Midnight3 StarsCan't believe I'm writing this, but… this book has too much sex and it undermines the chemistry and emotional buildup of Sean and Olivia's relationship. The suspense plot has tremendous potential. Unfortunately, it is completely overwhelmed by the excessive sexcapades and by the time the eventual showdown with the villains arrives it is almost an afterthought. Sean is not as appealing a hero as I thought he would be - he is a total man slut, which is a huge turn off and [...]

    10. I read only about 20 percent and skimmed parts of the rest (mostly the ones involving naked bodies) because after 15 pages I hated the book with the passion of a thousand suns. I pondered this unusual fact and the main offender for me was definitely the language. Partly written in some dumbed down and bastardized 21st century version of a film noire private dick's monologue it felt coarse and sloppy*. The washed up hero is supposed to be quite intelligent (in the well known bright, but too much [...]

    11. Wow. There was lots o sex in this book. Id venture to say roughly 1/3 of the book was sex. It’s a big book too. I read while I’m at work. That was awkward.Sex aside, this was my first McKenna and aside from the similarities with our names, I didn’t connect with the story much. I guess I have a hard time believing the jump back into your first loves bed without much thought…without really having been there in the first place. The basis of the story was great had I not been jumping back an [...]

    12. Rating~ 4 stars. Short review:I just skimped through the last book to understand what was happening so I could Sean's book. This is Sean (the youngest of Mccloud's brothers) and his first love Oliva's book. Sean at certain times reminded me of Connor with the way he acted with liv trying make her laugh for example yet being protective of her at the same time. Sean never really got over his twin's death especially with him dreaming about him and feeling his presence which made him become a thrill [...]

    13. Generalmente no me gustan las novelas que encajan en todas las shelves que le puse a ésta, pero "Edge of Midnight" es algo atípico.Sean MacCloud está enamorado de Liv Endicott desde hace siglos y no por eso es un monje, más bien al contrario. Y así y todo es un héroe lindo, lleno de defectos y muy humano, no es el típico chico malo sin sentimientos de todas las novelas de este estilo. Liv es a veces inaguantable, pero muy terrenal y con las inseguridades de una mujer real aunque a pesar d [...]

    14. I loved this book as much as the 3 books in the series before it. I really like that the characters from the previous books where also in this book.Sean was a total hunk! Oh he had some problems just as Davy did but boy the guy sure knew how to go to it between the sheets, lol!I liked Liv too. She was smart, witty, brave and not a perfect size 5. She did cry a bit, but who would not after going through what she did.I liked the side story of Cindy and Miles. I especially liked what Shannon did wi [...]

    15. First book I read by McKenna and I instantly became a fan. I should have read the others but I found this because it was a new book in the New Books section. So I gave it a try. And let me tell you, this book is HOT. I loved it! I even read it a second time and I never do that. The suspense is gripping, the steamy romance between Sean and Olivia is majorly hot, and I loved everything about it. Well developed. One thing though that might piss you off: Olivia's mother is a major b*tch and very irr [...]

    16. I hated this book so much that I almost swore off Shannon McKenna. The main guy, Sean McCloud, is seriously a big loser. He's obsessively in love with this fat girl (whom he constantly refers to as "the goddess"). Of course, all she does is spite him and treat him like dirt. Ugh. I hated this book. Only read it if you like heroes that have no dignity, no shame, and no self-respect. And if you enjoy reading about mean, hateful fat girls.

    17. Status updateStill reading but this was getting too long for a status update.Chapter 13:1) These two are like sex machines. Actually, sex machines look at these two and go, Dude, aren't you, like, chafing by now? You're gonna lose a part if you keep at it.2) Do not ask me to take a book seriously when I read shit like this:Semen had always struck her as an unfortunate and somewhat comical by-product of sex[]This was so different. This was his body's offering. A tribute to life, poured out on an [...]

    18. Uma história interessante que seguiu um rumo completamente inesperado pelo mundo das experiências científicas/médicas ao cérebro humano. (view spoiler)[Inesperado ainda mais por se tratar também da morte de Kevin, o gémeo de Sean, há 15 anos atrás, que se pensava tratar-se de suicídio. Fica no ar a questão se morreu mesmo ou não. Entretanto já andei a espreitar uns livros à frente e já sei essa resposta.(hide spoiler)]Gostei muito do romance (muito sensual e quente) de Sean e Liv, [...]

    19. Loved this book. best in the series so far. It is packed with action and the story is very good. lots of sweet and hot moments between Sean, the youngest McCloud brother and his HEA Liv. She is a strong character, no super heroine but intelligent and loving.I was happy that Miles plays a major part in this book. He is one of my favourite characters in the series. I was hoping for him having his own novel though. He is so different from the McCloud brothers who are all amazing looking sex gods, w [...]

    20. So pretty much this book is soft-core porn. I would like to state that I didn't know that when I picked it up, it just sounded like your average romantic suspense book, a no brainer, but something to read while my students do their silent reading. And up to about page 80 it was and then the characters pretty much jumped on each other and didn't stop until the end of the book. It made no difference that they were running for their lives, they still had plenty of time for sex. And seriously, I don [...]

    21. This was a rather macabre and disturbing read and just really, really, really sad on so many levels. It left me feeling really melancholy and with a heavy feel in my heart. What happened to Sean was so incredibly sad. The villains got away way too easily and there is no discussion in the end as to whether anyone was held accountable for the heinous crimes. The heroine's mother was just awful too. I am really not a fan of Olivia, the heroine, either. I thought she was a little self-absorbed. Afte [...]

    22. Did not finish. Barely made it 30 pages, so no rating.Opens up with villain POV (ugh), and the clear implication that the villain would like to, and at some point will probably try to, rape and torture the heroine (double ugh).Move on to the hero waking up after a bender with two women he doesn't know and doesn't say goodbye to before leaving, because he's sexual promiscuous in order to punish himself for cruelly dumping the heroine in high school. I already can't control the eyerolls, and eyero [...]

    23. Loved it.Another romantic suspense thriller from Shannon McKenna. This one centers around Sean McCloud, the ladies man and former military mercenary. This one kept me on the edge of my seat. It was hard to put down. Good story, good characters, lots of sex. It is like an exciting roller coaster ride. Sexual language: strong. Number of sex scenes: about fifteen. Setting: current day in U.S. Genre: erotic romantic suspense thriller.For a list of my reviews of other Shannon McKenna books, see my 5 [...]

    24. Mmmmm, give me some Sean! That is one hot character! I love McKenna's books, and the Mc Cloud series is a pure pleasure to read. This particular story is loaded with interesting situations and characters, plus the always extra-evil villains.Loved the smoking hot sex scenes, if you like an alpha hero, look no further![image error]

    25. I think this one is my favorite so far. I still have to read Davy and Kev's stories though, so we'll see. I love Sean's character, he's a great mix of goofball fun and intense sexual magnetism. The plot was very well done too, with the twists and turns making sense and no one acting out of character. Loved it.

    26. Best book in this series so far!! Loved Sean and his Liv. And wow what a plot, so full of action and suspense. I was biting my nails while sitting on the edge of my seat through the whole thing.Sean has been a favourite of mine for a while now and I have been looking forward to his book and i have to say it didn't let me down.

    27. I would probably give this book a higher rating, but I'm just so sick of all the man-sluts in books these days. If it isn't okay for the heroine to have slept with hundreds of men, why should it be okay for the hero to have slept with hundreds of women. Ick. If you can ignore his extreme promiscuity (and several other moments of his sheer stupidity), this is a decent book.

    28. Liked this one quite a lot. Interesting characters, good suspense. Would not recommend for those who do not like erotic romance, but was nice to read erotic romantic suspense that was good on both counts. A little too much sexxoring after a while, but other than that I liked. Also heroine was a librarian which is always a plus in my book:)

    29. Sean McCloud is a little off kilter, sexy, outrageous, and full of regret. I just love Shannon's books. I do not buy many books because I read so quickly - But I have bought every single one of her books - even if I read the library copy already.

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