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Vagrant I ve finally got what I want Rafe Mason loves me He s forgiven me Survived for me Killed for me But is it enough His darkness owns me Consumes me Bends me Heals me Loving him is my destiny Even if it

  • Title: Vagrant
  • Author: Gemma James
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 147
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • I ve finally got what I want.Rafe Mason loves me He s forgiven me Survived for me Killed for me.But is it enough His darkness owns me Consumes me Bends me Heals me.Loving him is my destiny Even if it breaks meTE TO READERS VAGRANT is a dark romance with disturbing themes and explicit content, including sexual scenes and violence that may offend some Intended foI ve finally got what I want.Rafe Mason loves me He s forgiven me Survived for me Killed for me.But is it enough His darkness owns me Consumes me Bends me Heals me.Loving him is my destiny Even if it breaks meTE TO READERS VAGRANT is a dark romance with disturbing themes and explicit content, including sexual scenes and violence that may offend some Intended for mature audiences Please begin with Torrent, Rampant, and Fervent before reading Vagrant Part 4 of the Condemned series.

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    1. Can I just say real quick I am so glad that is over. I have been so wound up and frustrated over this series. The crazy thing is that I couldn't quit reading it.In the beginning I was a huge Rafe fan but now I realize that is just sick in the head. He did all this crazy stuff to "save" her but he did terrible things to her for "punishment". Alex wasn't much better because she actually liked it. I was so proud of her for about a minute but then she disappointed me again. Im just glad it's over be [...]

    2. 4.5 I'm so sad this series is over stars **arc kindly provided by the author! thank you Gemma James!**OMG. What an emotionally charged ending to this amazing series. At this point, it's safe to say that the reader knows Rafe and Alex like the back of their hands. You've come to love this couple and to see them go through the final test of their love is truly bittersweet. I am going to miss reading about this amazing couple! The book opens to a very depressed Alex who is mourning the loss of Rafe [...]

    3. 3.5 stars. What a let down After giving each of the first 3 books and the Condemned Series 5 star ratings and absolutely loving them, I was VERY eager to get my hands on this book, buying it the week it was released. I had enjoyed the other books in this series so much that I decided to go back and reread books 2 & 3 just to make sure I hadn't forgotten anything before I read this one, book #4. I don't regret rereading Rampant and Fervent since they were just as good the second time through. [...]

    4. Dark And Sexy!The fourth, and final, book in the Condemned series, 'Vagrant' returns to the dark, heated vibe of the first book. Rage has his memory back and he's not fighting his darker urges. He wants to own Alex and expects obedience.Alex is torn between equal parts joy, for being reunited with the man she thought had died, and anger, as she has to face the fact that Rafe chose to abandon her all those months ago. The man that Rafe has become in their time apart is more sinister than the man [...]

    5. 3.5 Stars-I Don't Like This RafeHm I realize the life this guy lived and continues to live makes him hard (in more ways than one), but I wasn't liking this Rafe Mason at all. Sure he would still do anything for his girl, however seemed a bit more twisted and sadistic than I remembered from the three previous books. "I couldn't let you go no matter how hard I tried." ~ Alex And she didn't. Alex has waited all of her life for Rafe Mason and finally has him. Rafe however has his sights set on reven [...]

    6. To say I'm disappointed in this last instalment of the Condemned series would be an understatement. This book is a prime example of an author stretching the hell out of a story for financial gain. There was not a single worthy plot point that made this book necessary and you could tell that the author herself had lost interest in her characters. It's all bollocks, honestly; save time and money and read something else.

    7. This whole series had a firm hold on me from page one! I'm so glad I was able to read them one after the other until the end, I'm pretty sure the wait for the next book would've killed me. They're dark, they're sexy, and the series ends with a most fantastic HEA. What more can you ask for?When I first received this ARC I immediately jumped in, not realizing it was a series needing to be read in order. It took me 40% of the book before I realized something was terribly wrong, lol. Don't do what I [...]

    8. Vagrant picks up six months after Fervent ended, and Rafe is back to claim Alex once and for all.If I’m to be completely honest, I was expecting a lot more from the final book in the Series. I had enjoyed everything, for the most part, up to this point. I was thrilled that Rafe got his memories back at the end of the last book, but if I would have known what to expect because of it then I would have been singing a different tune. Rafe always had dark desires. He was always controlling. But I f [...]

    9. 3.5 Stars*ARC provided for an honest review*I'm having a hard time rating this one. As much as I liked the Condemned series Vagrant didn't live up to my expectations.

    10. Review on BadAndDirtyBooks I have been patiently waiting for the final installment in the Condemned Series and now that it's over I'm both happy and sad. Happy because it was beyond a perfect ending and sad cause I would love more stories about Rafe and Alex.Holy shit what an amazing final book. Just reading the first chapter and I felt like I was coming home to see a long lost friend.It picks up right where Fervent ended. Rafe told Alex that he would return to her after he went to help his frie [...]

    11. ***** 5 "Never Letting You Go" Stars ***** Gemma James.HOT DAMN GIRLis series WAS PHENOMENAL!!!! "His darkness owns me. Consumes me. Bends me. Heals me.Alex is trying to come to terms with the decision that Rage made at the end of book 3. When she finally thinks she has her life under some what control, she is greeted with her past that she had hoped for 6 months ago. Rafe and Alex's journey to keep her safe is met with road block after road block and truths that won't necessarily set them free. [...]

    12. Find This and Other Reviews At Craves The Angst.3 Stars!Dark, twisted kind of loveThe Review:I have mixed feelings about this book. First, I liked that we got a sufficient ending to Rafe and Alex’s story, but at the same time, I also think this book was tame compared to the first three. I’m glad Rafe and Alex finally got to a place where things seemed somewhat settled, but the author went full throttle with the first three books and it seemed almost like in this book, she wanted to save and [...]

    13. Vagrant by Gemma JamesRafe & Alex's ConclusionYOUR HOME IS UNDERNEATH ME5 Stars because 10 is (again) not an option! Sooooo This is it! This is the end of an era! I loved it, I hated it, and I wanted to start the series all over again! God help me, but I'm a dirty, filthy whore who can't get enough of this tale of woe and despair. This is the fourth and FINAL installment of the Condemned series and I feel like a part of me will forever be left on the pages of this invigorating tale. Gemma Ja [...]

    14. Gemma, YOU DID IT TO ME AGAIN! GAH. I would ask myself why I keep coming back for more, but you write some fantastic stories and I can NOT get enough!This is the conclusion of the Condemned series, and if you haven’t read the first three, YOU NEED TO RIGHT NOW!Rafe and Alex are back! And thank goodness I had done laundry first, as my panties ended up damp at some points. Rafe is back to the person we first met—all broody, alpha, and oh so dominant male. If he was a real person, I might have [...]

    15. This is book four and the conclusion to Rafe and Alex's story. I really didn't want this book or series to end.The storyline keeps up the fast paced grittiness that we got in the previous books. Rafe and Alex are still running from their past. Will they find peace and a happy ever after? Well you'll have to read to find out. I absolutely loved and inhaled this book like I did with the previous books. It's certainly not for the faint hearted but I'm convinced my mind is totally warped from readin [...]

    16. Ms. James warns us that this series is dark, sexually explicit and violent. That it may be unsuitable for some readers. Well let me tell you, I will surely be reading the Condemned series over and over again. It was erotic, dark, devious and I loved every minute of it. And, I'm thrilled I waited until the series was finished to start reading it otherwise I would have been off the wall waiting for each and every one. Now, I only need to wait six more days until Deviant is released. I can do it, I [...]

    17. Book Review: Vagrant by Gemma James15 SEP BY KATHY READS FICTIONVagrant by Gemma James Published by Self-Published on September 15, 2015 Pages: 156 Book Review: Vagrant by Gemma JamesSeries: Condemned #4 Format: eARC This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.I received this book for free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my re [...]

    18. I thought this was a great ending for this series. Alex and Rafe find each other again (in a manner of speaking) and the issue with Zach is somewhat resolved. While it wasn't the ending that I expected (I'm trying not to give away spoilers) I was happy with the way things worked out. I would definitely recommend this series but it is very dark and has some very disturbing parts that might upset some readers.

    19. What a rush! A high-octane, gritty and heavily erotic conclusion to one of my favorite dark romance series.If you are looking for something sweet, light, and romantic then turn around and run away, OR you can run towards the darkness and try something new with this incredible dark erotic series. Believe me, it is worth the risk. Alex and Rafe have been through so much. It was bittersweet to have their story come to an end. I was thrilled for them to finally get the happy ending they deserve, and [...]

    20. AHHHHHH! No Gemma you can't end the series like that! I have so many unanswered questions, like where did Zach go, does he leave Alex alone, and do Rafe and Alex every get married? I really hope there is another book, or at least a spin offjust so I can have some closure.

    21. HOLY MOTHER. My head, heart and soul are in a clusterfuck of emotions that I don't think I understand. The sexual vibes and the intense tension? God. I definitely needed more than a pair of panties and fuck, I'd happily kneel for Rafe. That's all. [Full Review Coming].

    22. I"m going to give the overall series 4 star. It really had my emotions going, even hours after. I'm not left with a warm fuzzy feeling but definitely keeps going through my head. The first book was 3.5 star and had me gasping and freaking out a lotthe second book i gave 3 stars for as it was just too much for me. The whole kidnapping and raping by her step brother was just too much. But also, it just seemed to lack a little. But that could be because of my disgust at the rapes.The third book was [...]

    23. The story is "tied up" nicely , with a bow in the concluding part. A bit rushed ending, a bit repetitive scenes , but all in all, very sweaty, heavy, breathing story . Rafe is stuck, he can't escape the inevitabe. So he literally ties up Alex, while he goes to take care of business. The lost six months are still a bone of contention between them. Now that Alex has found grit and resolve, she's growing defiantd getting punished for it.I loved the entire series, read them one after the other.apap. [...]

    24. This is the last book of this series and i am glad it's over. I enjoyed the story in general.I loved reading how these characters became twisted and dark but still could not let each other go.But i do have to say.During reading this book , i got tired of the story. I normally read a book as fast as possible. But this one , i had to put down several times because i just was not that interested anymore. It was not bad , don't get me wrong. I guess it was al just a bit too much. A bit too long. So [...]

    25. A culmination of all that happened in the first three books, but not as explosive I'm sad to say. While this couple still burned up my kindle with their dark deliciousness, pushing limits and breaking their own barriers, it felt as if something was missing. While I still enjoyed it, it seemed to veer more into the emotions of the couple rather than tying up loose ends, which was ok. Still an amazingly dark and twisted series that will remain with me for a long time!!!~~~Erika, Book Haven Book Bl [...]

    26. Six months after leaving her, Rafe is back to claim Alex and this time it's for good. But he's different now, he's embraced his darkness and she will feel the full force. I like that the old Rafe is back and memories and all, but Alex isn't happy that he left without a word and she wants to know why.Vagrant by Gemma James is book four in the Condemned series and it's every bit as exciting, thrilling and sexy as the first three books and I can't wait for the final part of this gripping series. It [...]

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