Forever Defend

Forever Defend

Michael Anderle / Feb 28, 2020

Forever Defend Some forget why she was called the Queen Bitch Not Any Bethany Anne is going stir crazy after than a decade of having to be The Empress Now her advisors have to deal with an Empress who is determined

  • Title: Forever Defend
  • Author: Michael Anderle
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 481
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Some forget why she was called the Queen Bitch Not Any Bethany Anne is going stir crazy after than a decade of having to be The Empress Now, her advisors have to deal with an Empress who is determined to be on the front line.The Ixtali s come to the Etheric Empire, hat in hand.Nathan decides that the best way to handle soft intelligence, is to create a newSome forget why she was called the Queen Bitch.Not Any.Bethany Anne is going stir crazy after than a decade of having to be The Empress Now, her advisors have to deal with an Empress who is determined to be on the front line.The Ixtali s come to the Etheric Empire, hat in hand.Nathan decides that the best way to handle soft intelligence, is to create a new company What they name the new company should give a clue what it is about.The Skaine are able to finally get Ranger Tabitha s group right were their missiles can attack The problem is, who is sucking whom into a trap Strap back in, because Bethany Anne is putting the Queen s crown back on.

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    1. Love itOk in this book we see BA and her bitches take on an aggressive race who have been updated and enhanced by the nasty Kurtherian. It's weird because they attack according to a schedule. Not a minute before nor after. The exact time they have been attacking this planet for the past seven years. It's awesome to see the Queen Bitch is back. Hey she's been an Empress for the last decade and she always leads from the front.Nathan has set up a new company and is presently recruiting members. Bad [...]

    2. Great bookI really think this series keeps getting better with each additional book. All we really needed was more puppies in the book!

    3. In time to remind us of the goodiesNormally I would give the book five star for the awesomeness, but I gave it four because of the repetitions of paragraphs, and some of the names misspelling. That's what I didn't like and hope Mike will do something about it.Now what I liked! The author is catching up and setting up actions for the books of miss Ell with her Ascension series, Nathalie Grey and other things. I would advise reader to read the series of the kurtherian world to really understand wh [...]

    4. Love HerAnother wonderful masterpiece. Love how we get to see more of Tabitha, and poor Jennifer always seems to be getting the short straw 🤔 so looking forward to reading the next book.

    5. Still awesome! I loved the artworks! More! Write faster! Haha! *cracks whip* I read all the Terry Henry chronicles while I was waiting for this, if you haven't read them then go there immediately!! This story keeps getting better and better. I think it was a bit quick but that could be because I read so fast and was so made up to find it ready to read after I finished the THC's I abandoned all responsibility and retreated into my quiet corner with my kindle. As always, loving the author's notes [...]

    6. gotoocalnet/druv/buzzer(blue basketball players might be from buzzer beater)I can't grasp the fighting scenes anymore, the problem might be on my side, don't know, also some repetitive cussing and one tear reading irritation annnnnd Tabitha🙈 I fell in love with the series, but now, I am too used to the story. no joy here anymore anyway, overall an ok book.when the series finish, I LL probably reread all of them. and see if the main reason for my loss of joy was due to time break btw each book [...]

    7. He did it again!!One more time and it continues to hold my attention. I have slammed though this series as if I have never read before! Michael, you continue to amaze me with the depth and breadth of this alien adventure. And, even for this grammar Nazi, the book errors have improved which increases my ability to remain focused instead of clucking in disgust! Lol! I wait with bated breath for future reads. Thanks for keeping an old lady happy. While it isn't better than sex, this series is as en [...]

    8. Love, love, love it!Solid five star ratingof course. It has been way too long without some Bethany Ann and her B's! Amazing work from Mr. Anderle. This one sets a couple years into the future from the previous installment but that's okay. I enjoyed the storyline nonetheless. The characters are still amazing.I've reread this whole series from book 1 - 16 at least three times under KU while waiting for this one to come out then I just gave up and bought the whole series. Now to wait for the next o [...]

    9. I Finally Got My Bethany Anne FixI love this universe and this series in particular. Bethany Anne is my hands down favorite character. I like the themes of loyalty, duty, love, and power woven throughout the story. The irreverence, smartass remarks, and humor present throughout the series are endearing. The individual story threads running in parallel to the main story are interesting and I would expect them to come to fruition in future books. I anxiously await the next book.

    10. I like these books, I think the characters are great and the story is truly epic, but the author’s writing style does irritate me at times. It’s reading for those with short attention spans, its like watching a soap opera where the director switches between characters numerous times every few minutes. Then there is the dialogue, which can be like a transcript of a conversation between illiterate teenagers. It also felt like the author occasionally couldn’t decide what to say, so didn’t s [...]

    11. ReviewVery good, I have read all of them so far as well as all at the other spinoffs I can find in the same universe as well as other books by these authors. Thank you for finding this universe and the people who live there. Bethany is kickbut awesome and Michael even more so.Despite not writing reviews on all of them thank all of the people who have written the books and the people behind the scenes, you know who they all are. Muchos Gracias and thanks much for the hours of great readingErnie

    12. Reason for just 4 stars is that not even 25% of the book was actually about BA and we need more BA Michael Anderle and less boring Tabitha. I really liked the parts about Badcompany though was hilarious some of it. The BA fight scenes where not what I had been waiting for, really disappointed about those. You seem too be skipping so much BA as we continue in the series this is a misstake because Bethany-Ann is the no.1!

    13. Forever defendGreat job , I have been waiting forever for this book to come out .Michael you did not disappoint. The only problem I had was that it was not long enough. It was great to see everyone still alive and kicking. I can't wait to find out what Nathan an Ekaterina are going to be doing with Bad Company. I have read every book of each series several times each book draws you in and won't let go. Michael thanks for the wonderful escape.

    14. The Best Sci-fi,Paranormal, Military, End of the World, and others book out thereStarted this series cause I found book 1 free and I'm so glad I did. The author manages to hit just about every possible type of fiction genre while having everything make sense. The worst part is it will addict you from the start and the next thing you'll find yourself 17 books in bumming cause book 18 ain't out yet.

    15. SpectacularThis has been an amazingly entertaining series since book one. The ability to spread so many stories from such a simple start, and yet still have them all feel like they belong is amazing. Every time someone asks about a new series recommendation, this is the first one suggested! Sort of glad that work kept me from reading this on the day it came out, now I don't have to wait as long for the next one.

    16. Outstanding!Loved it! Lots of the humor I've come to expect from t he TKG books. The action was beyond what was seen in the previous books. Kept me glued to my seat to the end. The best part was the return of the Queen Bitch and the introduction of Nathan's daughter Christina who is the perfect mix of both her parents with the obvious strong Bethany Ann influence. Can't wait for the next book!

    17. I won't recap about the story; I know I don't read reviews to get a rehash of what is already included on the book page. What I can say is that this is one of the best books I've read in the series. The author was appropriately descriptive without overwhelming you with details. The pacing and action were perfect. I recommend you read the books in order to get the full development of existing characters and the proper introduction to new characters. Love Bethany Anne!

    18. Love it!Per usual outstanding! Per usual ended to soon! Per usual need the next one now! Per usual thanks for writing these wonderful stories! Love the Bad Company name! Very curious as to what their ultimate agenda is. It was a good thing BA made the mistakes in a more controlled environment, so that she doesn't make a final mistake later when they reach the Leath home world. Really liked the art work of the different aliens.

    19. Missing a littleEnjoyed Bethany Anne and the gangs latest adventure. My complaint is that while some parts were fantastically fleshed out, descriptive, and complete Other parts felt like they were missing a page or paragraph, or skipped over to return later, but never did. especially the closer to the end we get, which was a drawback as the battle is one of the main things I was looking forward to and lots was glossed over or just missing 😟

    20. Bad Company! I love it!Wow! It's good to know that BA is not infallible. I have re-read this series many times now and the thing I really noticed the last time is Michael Anderle has come a long way from Death Becomes Her. The world building, the depth of all the characters, not just the main ones, but all of them. Also the details of the action scenes and the follow through of all those different threads. Excellent series and thank you for sharing your imagination with us.

    21. Yet another great book!While this one does miss some of the usual flow due to moving from character and scene , to another, then back again. The writing and story are of the usual awesome quality, so I didn't mind since mr. Anderle needed to get some world building out of the way and I get that. Really looking forward to the next one though!

    22. Another great chapter in the life of Bethany AnneI tried so hard to make this one last. Read awhile, put it down, read a little more, put it down. Pick it up to read again. And now I'm back to anxious awaiting the next book. These get better and better. I love the series and I thank you for sharing the adventures.

    23. Finally BA gets to have some fun!I hope everyone is really loving this series.if you aren't reading it get going people! I like them enough I'm back 6 months later starting from the beginning. Oh coarse now I'm two behind that were just released so I need to jump back n forth. The offshoots are as amazing as these original story line are and then some!

    24. Awesome stuffYou can't help getting sucked back into this world and loving all of these characters. For me it's the little thing like the eight year old boy and Barnabus. Those little scenes in the book just make the story so much more. And when you get a perspective of a random alien witnessing some bad ass Bethany Anne action, it just makes you smile.

    25. Tons of actionWell, that was an action packed science fiction tome. It felt like it even if it wasnt really that long. Bethany Anne has created a humongous military power that flexes its muscles in any direction that has belligerent aliens in it. Her patience with alien politics was fun to read.

    26. Can't wait for the nextI am so glad my brother-in-law got me to read the first book of this series. I have loved everyone of them and also have loved all the spin offs. The characters are fantastic and I love the way the stories all come together. If you like fantasy and sci-fi you will love these books.

    27. A better series you could not findI've been hooked since the first book, I can't put them down .I strategy reading the moment they are available and don't stop until I'm done. I've read all the books twice and am listing to them on audio. Can't Wait for the next one,of please hurry up on the next Michael book.

    28. Space travel is not my thingI don't usually read Sci-Fi space travel books, but I have read all the books in this series and all the associated books that have been released. I love them all!If you are looking for a bad ass female role model then look no further. Bethany Ann is the bomb.Thank you Michael for giving us this world.

    29. Fun fast readsFor a book that claims over 300 pages, this was a quick read.I only recommend this to those already reading the series. Everyone else start with book one.Is it an error that the MC shoe size changed, or is that just something that woman do, like changing their weight, height, and age?

    30. Loved it!This is not a stand alone story. You truly need to read the other books to know all the characters and understand the stories. As usual there are multiple things going on in this story.It's a fast paced read. I enjoy Michael 's books and characters. Can't wait for the next one!

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