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Tame This novel contains instalove lust Imagine if the television show Friends was on Skinemax You would have Tame Tame is Club Dahlia Miranda and Evan in one edition How much do you think you can take D

  • Title: Tame
  • Author: Arden Aoide
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  • This novel contains instalove lust Imagine if the television show Friends was on Skinemax You would have Tame.Tame is Club Dahlia, Miranda, and Evan in one edition How much do you think you can take DahliaDishabille The state of being only partly or scantily clothed It s the perfect name for Miranda Marchand s nightclub For her brother, Alexander Marchand, it is thThis novel contains instalove lust Imagine if the television show Friends was on Skinemax You would have Tame.Tame is Club Dahlia, Miranda, and Evan in one edition How much do you think you can take DahliaDishabille The state of being only partly or scantily clothed It s the perfect name for Miranda Marchand s nightclub For her brother, Alexander Marchand, it is the perfect place to find women who can fulfill his every desire While his kinks aren t uncommon, his affections run too fast and too deep for the cautious and aloof He has given up on finding the one who can embrace his impulsiveness.For Dahlia Warwick, Club Dishabille is the gateway to a sensuous new world A world she craves Dahlia meets with Miranda with a seemingly simple task To help her find a man who would be patient enough to guide her through her submissive fantasies, but not dismiss her fears Miranda knows that Dahlia is not one for play that doesn t involve her heart, and she knows only one man who could guide and teach her, to worship and to love her.It s a rapid awakening for both Alex and Dahlia, quickly laying trust and intimacy on the table.Dahlia spanks the genre of romance and gives the readers the hearts and flowers they love and only the palest of pink bottoms It is an erotic tale for those who aren t looking for Cinderella or Prince Charming It is a feast for those who want it a little bit.her I wonder if I should take you apart slowly, bit by bit MirandaMiranda is a story of transitions Miranda Marchand, manager and proprietor to Club Dishabille, has a bit of a secret She s not ashamed, but she d rather not have to explain herself to men she might bring to her bed A chance meeting in a secluded hallway with one Nicholas Jones, ex husband of Dahlia Warwick, exposes her turgid secret It transformed her opinion about future possibilities She wants Nick She wants to see how far she can push him She wants him on his kneesNick can t get enough of her While he indulges Miranda, he has his own transformation that takes him kicking and screaming into a functioning sexual relationship, and he learns to let go of deeply held guilt from his previous marriage.Miranda is an epicurean adventure for those who are ready for a bit than just a spanking and some erotically hot kink Is this what you want Yes How hard Until it hurts EvanEvan takes us on a lustful journey of near obsession, past the normal niceties of sex and romance We are treated with a tiny intense glimpse into the mind of Jefferson Rainier A mind both intricate and simple He knows the rules, but doesn t always seek to understand them He s a sexual savant, but his day job working in a tech field never earns him a second glance With a little help from Alex and Dahlia, he s noticed for the first time by the woman who occupies his mind relentlessly.Evan Monroe is looking for in her life, but is unconvinced there is such a thing She is bored, and unnecessarily jaded But, she ll try anything once twice if you begged She is charmed by Jeff s smile, and entranced by his quirks that most everyone else in his life has refused to accept Jeff is a force and she is than happy to be consumed.Evan tries to define love, but by the end you will learn that it is only the tip of the iceberg.

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        Sign up for the newsletter here ardenaoide connect Arden Aoide lives in San Antonio, Texas, with her husband, two daughters, and three cats Turn ons include men who cry during sex, long walks on the beach, and talking about herself in the third person Turn offs include mean people and trying to figure out how to write an interesting author bio.She doesn t write about the typical men you normally read about in erotic romance novels She likes her men brainy and just this side of manic She s an introvert, she loves coffee, Internet, British television, and pot stickers And pie She loves pie.


    1. This is a refreshingly different trilogy of love stories, the characters are engagingly likeable and not your regular Alpha male roles These are your average everyday nerdy guy's but *oh so sweet*!!! The storyline is definitely sexy with a good dose of kink!! But you can sense the reality of these people though Ms Aoide's writing My favourite is Force Majeure, I loved Jeff & Evan. I would recommend this book as intelligent, kinky, in the moment humorous and fun read.

    2. I was given Tame (Apprivoisé Trio) by Arden Aoide for an honest review. Here it is, and just as an fyi there will be spoilers and a gif or two possibly from this point forward. Tame (Apprivoisé Trio) contains all three of the Apprivoisé novels. It begins with Club Dishabille, continues with Morphoses, and concludes with Force Majeure. Each book tells the story of a set of characters, though you never feel as if any of the others from previous books have left. The books flow seamlessly togethe [...]

    3. Apprivoisé is actually a set of three novellas: Dishabille, Morphoses, and Force Majeure. I had already completed Dishabille several months ago and loved it, and decided to move forward with the other two.There are so many good things about this set it is hard to know where to begin. I will start with what most erotica readers want to know - are the sex scenes hot? YES. Yes, they are. I re-read Dishabille and had forgotten how seriously sexy it was. To the point I had to put it down to remember [...]

    4. Apprivoise was a great read. Initially I was overwhelmed by the book being over 400 pages, but it contains three stories. Dishabille is about 195 pages. Morphoses is about 140 pages. Force Majeure is about 170. What I found interesting about the characters was each story has a strong male that each have a different quirk. I loved all the characters in the book, they were very well written.Dishabille is Dahlia and Alex's story. Dahlia is looking for something a little different in her life. She e [...]

    5. Most Unique Erotica EverA book that hits you in in the gut makes a review very difficult to write. This is one of those books. I've grappled with it for weeks and finally just decided to start writing, without thought, but from the heart. Don't get me wrong, this is a hot, steamy read - but the characters are the most appealing aspect. I would dare anyone to not find a character to relate to or even aspects from multiple characters.This book is, by far, the most realistic erotica book I have rea [...]

    6. this is a great trilogy you will love the characteres in each book, they flow so that they continue where the othe left off. you are able to still follow each characters life. great book, it was really hard to put down i wanted to finish each one so that i would see what happen next. they are all very relateable. even though some may feel that you would never i think we all have a little of the characters in ourselves. thumbs up for Arden Aoide.

    7. I loved all three of these books. They have hot sex scenes and some of the characters have unbelievable kinks. There are also a lot of lol moments.

    8. The first in the Tame Trio is a beautiful tale about a woman seeking out what she has yearned for, for years. She wants to be desired. She wants to love another, truly, love them and be attracted to them sexually. Dahlia decides to just take the plunge so to speak, and talk with the owner of the local sex club, Miranda. She has many questions about how to go about finding a mate, or someone that will fulfill her desires. Miranda instantly likes her, which is a strange reaction for Miranda, and s [...]

    9. This book was so entertaining and heartening to read; it’s a full cast of characters who are flawed, eccentric, loveable and connected. As Tame is the full trilogy, these stories flow seamlessly into each other.Dishabille - Dahlia and Alex are Dominant/submissive (sexually). Dahlia has always been interested in submitting, but has never had anyone to submit to. Alex is not the typical romance read Dom – he’s endearing and seems like such a real, relatable person!Morphoses - The story conti [...]

    10. Unforgettable Kink Club Friends. I have had to read this whole series twice because it is just that good. If you like to read light BDSM where the characters really like each other and are intelligent then this series is for you. The characters are really unforgettable. Miranda had worked as a Manager at a Strip club, came into some money and decided to start her own club that she would like to visit. The first story is about her brother Alex, the second about Miranda and the third is about Alex [...]

    11. Taken me a while to finish it due to busy schedules but it was totally worth it. My favourite of the trilogy is Club Dishabille. I would certainly recommend this book to those new to and wanting to explore a BDSM world/B&D relationship. When I found the time to read it, only sleep could make me put the book down. It was funny, hot, touching and captivating. The naughty scenes are very well written. I would love to have my very own Alex! Perhaps I should sneak this into my partner's reading l [...]

    12. This is a trio of love stories, each dealing with different issues; ADHD, low testosterone and stuttering. The characters are well written, each with a depth and warmth all their own and I enjoyed the way the author brought each couple together. Issues are dealt with by each couple but there is also plenty of hot and at times kinky sex as well. Everyone can identify with the characters on some level throughout their stories. I look forward to reading more by Arden Aoide, she has a way with the w [...]

    13. This actually rated 3 3/4 stars in Rabidfaery's Tales! This is a bundle of all three of the Apprivoisé novels."CLUB DISHABILLEAlex Marchand doesn't know how to do things by half, even when on medication to control his impulsiveness. It's a struggle he's had since childhood. When he falls, he falls hard and he falls fast. Luckily, he found a girl as foolish as Dahlia Warwick, a woman who has codependency down to an art. Club Dishabille is a novel that gives the reader the hearts and flowers they [...]

    14. Let me start off by saying that this series took me almost a week to read, which is a long time for me. Not because of the length but, I don't know I was able to put it down easy and then still wanted to pick it up again. That so doesn't make sense at all but it is what it is :PThat said. I loved the characters and I think that is the main reason I kept coming back.Not very often do you get a chance to read a book where the Dominate men are ummm, awkward, nerdy not the big scary bad ass as all t [...]

    15. I love-lusted after Alex for days after reading Club Dishabille then.Mary mother of G-dJEFF.Holy f***k on a cracker! Must have processing time before writing a reviewProcessed yet still slightly obsessed 8/1/2014.To give each story its proper due I think I must write individual reviews and I'm not sure the measly 20K characters offers is enough ;-) kidding.well maybe not. Tame is the combination of Club Dishabille, Morphoses and Force Majeure. The principal characters in the stories are Dahlia, [...]

    16. What a stimulating series ;) This collections of stories were superb on the description and details to each character. I must caution that these books do have instances of moderate/heavy BDSM that may not appeal to some. These stories were naughty and fun to read! I laughed with the characters and felt the books were written very smoothly. My only misgiving was the simple fact that these were all whirlwind relationships. I wish a little more time had been built in to the characters stories, so I [...]

    17. Well written with several editing issues. There are some strange inconsistencies with perspectives switching mid paragraph, but it's distracting, not irritating. This is a series of connected stand-alone books with no cliffhangers. Each story includes the introduction of characters for the next story.Book 1: I didn't separately review this book because it already had a number of good reviews. It's the most traditional of the books with regards to BDSM.Book 2 Review: /review/showBook 3 Review: /r [...]

    18. Wow what can I say Arden you write so beautifully I'm so happy I finally got Tame off the TBR shelf and immersed myself in club Dishabille for the past few days. I have to be honest I love ready about my Alpha men but your characters are not your A typical and I freakin loved that xx If your ever board ( yeah right Erin I know ) please feel free to jot me down a chapter or 2 I seriously can't get enough of them and Jeff will be forever in my heart as will Nick life doesn't always go to plan but [...]

    19. I was gifted a copy by the author for an honest review. I actually wasn't fully sold on this series based off of the first book. I felt that a few of the characters were under-developed and that, that particular story wasn't finished. Going on to read part 2 and 3 - my thoughts changed. The character development became deeper - and the way that Arden ties all three stories together was done creatively and in a way to pull me in more. I personally feel that part 3 appealed to me most. But then ag [...]

    20. Three stories in one!!!! Great book. Different book. Different kinks for different people. Now your Alpha/billionaire males but your average guys who work hard and want to play. Great female characters too. They were strong and loving. I connected with each female character at some point in their story. And great sex scenes.

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