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Dagvlinder Het dramatische verhaal van een vrouw die koud blijft onder liefkozingen van haar man maar lichamelijke bevrediging vindt door zich in een bordeel aan andere mannen te geven Op basis van Kessels roma

  • Title: Dagvlinder
  • Author: Joseph Kessel D. van de Walle
  • ISBN: 9789061342922
  • Page: 123
  • Format: Paperback
  • Het dramatische verhaal van een vrouw die koud blijft onder liefkozingen van haar man, maar lichamelijke bevrediging vindt door zich in een bordeel aan andere mannen te geven Op basis van Kessels roman maakte Louis Bu uel zijn inmiddels klassieke film, met Catherine Denueve in een imposante hoofdrol.De in 1979 overleden Franse schrijver Joseph Kessel werd geboren in ArgenHet dramatische verhaal van een vrouw die koud blijft onder liefkozingen van haar man, maar lichamelijke bevrediging vindt door zich in een bordeel aan andere mannen te geven Op basis van Kessels roman maakte Louis Bu uel zijn inmiddels klassieke film, met Catherine Denueve in een imposante hoofdrol.De in 1979 overleden Franse schrijver Joseph Kessel werd geboren in Argentini uit Russische ouders Zijn lijst van publicaties vermeldt een kleine tweehonderd titels, waarvan l Arm e des ombres en Belle de Jour door de verfilmingen het bekendst zijn geworden Kessel was een markante figuur, die over de hele wereld reisde en zijn ervaringen in zijn boeken neerlegde Hij was lid van de Acad mie fran aise.

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        Joseph Kessel was a French journalist and novelist.He was born in Villa Clara, Entre R os, Argentina, because of the constant journeys of his father, a Lithuanian doctor of Jewish origin Joseph Kessel lived the first years of his childhood in Orenburg, Russia, before the family moved to France He studied in Nice and Paris, and took part in the First World War as an aviator.Kessel wrote several novels and books that were later represented in the cinema, notably Belle de Jour by Luis Bu uel in 1967 He was also a member of the Acad mie fran aise from 1962 to 1979 In 1943 he and his nephew Maurice Druon translated Anna Marly s song Chant des Partisans into French from its original Russian The song became one of the anthems of the Free French Forces.Joseph Kessel died in Avernes, Val d Oise He is buried in the Cimeti re de Montparnasse in Paris.


    1. No, I haven't seen the Bunuel movie version with Catheryne Deneuve. I prefer, as much as possible, to start with the written material and only check the silver screen adaptations afterward. That said, the title and the subject matter were very familiar and I guess it's no spoiler to say that the scandal associated with this 1928 short novel stems from the frank and explicit exploration of female sexuality, something a lot of readers still find uncomfortable or even threatening today. The protago [...]

    2. Argentine born French journalist and novelist Joseph Kessel penned several books in his lifetime that later were represented in cinema, the most recognizable being Luis Buñuel's 1967 film adaptation starring a Catherine Deneuve at the top of her game. I don't want to get drawn into the film so much (after all, this is book review), but it's going to be impossible for me not to mention it briefly. After Buñuel was approached about the idea of making the movie, he described Kessel's novel as 'ch [...]

    3. _Belle de jour_ΜΩΡΗ ΠΑΛΙΟΠΕΤΟΥΓΙΑ ΤΟΝ ΕΦΑΓΕΣ ΤΟ ΧΡΙΣΤΙΑΝΟ.A few things in english and the rest in Greek cz i want to use greek slang for this one cz FUCK formalities, i feel frustrated. Belle de jour by Joseph Kessel was first published in 1928 and it features the masochistic tendancies of Séverine Serizy. I've read pornography before and i must admit i enjoy this kind of books, but in this one there are not extended sex scenes and nothing stands out as too [...]

    4. H νέα,όμορφη,καλοπαντρεμένη και φαινομενικά ευτυχισμένη Σεβερίν βασανίζεται απο ανομολόγητα πάθη τα οποία δεν μπορεί να μοιραστεί με τον αγαπημένο της σύζυγο.Θα προσπαθήσει να βρει μια διέξοδο απο τις μαζοχιστικές φαντασιώσεις που την κατατρέχουν,δουλεύοντας σε έναν οίκ [...]

    5. This is the original novella that became the movie, which features Catherine Deneuve. It seems there are a few other books with similar titles, so please be careful. This small book defies easy definition and categorization. Let's start with what this book is NOT about. The protagonist is not a bored housewife. She loves her husband very much--to the painful level. And it's not just sex with other men that she wants. If that were all she wanted, the ending doesn't make sense. And if you want to [...]

    6. I bought this because of the title, and because it reminded me of the other Belle de Jour, the call girl's diary (I've only read the second one, but wow, I stopped after thirty pages, it was that aimless - eventually I'll give the other one a try). I'm a fan of the melodramatic and the freaky, so this was appealing, and I bought it for 50p.Initially it is quite hard to get into, but, once Severine is installed at the brothel, and I let go of the hope of there ever being a sex scene (there aren't [...]

    7. Ένα τέτοιο σενάριο αν ήταν γραμμένο σήμερα απλά θα το προσπερνούσα. Πώς μπορείς, όμως, να το κάνεις αυτό όταν ο συγγραφέας, και μάλιστα άνδρας, το 1920 τόλμησε να γράψει και να πει δημόσια για το δικαίωμα της γυναίκας στη σεξουαλική της έκφραση και στην πραγμάτωση των φαντασιώ [...]

    8. "Η Ωραία Της Ημέρας" είναι ένα από τα πλέον κλασσικά δείγματα ερωτικής λογοτεχνίας, δια χειρός ενός εκ των σημαντικότερων Γάλλων συγγραφέων, του Joseph Kessel, το οποίο και πρωτοκυκλοφόρησε σε εφημερίδα της εποχής ως ιστορία σε συνέχειες, το 1928. Φυσικά το περιεχόμενο ήταν τέτοιο π [...]

    9. I've watched Luis Buñuel's Simon of the Desert and Exterminating Angel—one of my favourite films and I was going to watch Belle De Jour when I discovered there was a book, and this book is where Buñuel got his inspiration from. Joseph Kessel's Belle De Jour follows Séverine Serizy, a young and somewhat flighty married woman who has lived a sheltered/pampered life. She and her husband Pierre, a doctor, live a rather comfortable drama free life. Their relationship is kind of odd, yet they see [...]

    10. ძალიან უცნაური წიგნია , უცნაური პერსონაჟებით , უცნაური სურვილებით , ნაცნობი ემოციებით და შიშებით. რაღაც მომენტში მომეჩვენა , თითქოს ათასჯერ "გადამღრებულს" ვკითხულობდი. ისე კი საკმაოდ კარგი [...]

    11. Belle de Jour is the story of Séverine Sérizy, a beautiful young housewife married to a successful doctor. Her life is pretty great, except she feels like she cannot fulfil her sexual affinity for masochistic desires with her husband. She gets a job as a prostitute under the pseudonym Belle de Jour, only working from two to five each week day, so she can return before her husband gets home. Her job gets her involved with a young gangster named Marcel who allows her to explore all her sexual fa [...]

    12. Very interesting. It's about a married shy French woman, rather virginal in her attitude to sex, who spends time in a bordello in her afternoons. She loves her husband, a surgeon, and he loves her, almost too much. They both want to serve the other and her attitude to sex is just a gift for her husband. Sexually, he leads, and she tries to avoid sex when she can.But when she hears about another society woman attending a bordello, she gets curious and goes, too.She is repulsed first, but also obv [...]

    13. A well-meaning friend gave me this, thinking it was this. It is not. Which kind of sucks. I was hoping for salacity and scandal and all things dirty, but this book is pretty much the opposite. It's really dry, and incredibly melodramatic, the kind of book where everything happens internally, in the oh so scared, tortured soul of our poor heroine, Séverine. She is a beautiful, rich, pampered society lass who is married to a gorgeous young surgeon. Her life, you see, is so wonderful, so carefree, [...]

    14. Restless, unhappy and bored in her marriage, a woman turns to a young lover. While the subject is prosaic, the treatment is not. Mr. Kessel has created a tour de force, a story told in dishonestly simple terms. Séverine does not turn from her husband out of hatred but out of spurned love. She wishes him to lean on her but he persistently refuses. Her love has no outlet and thus she becomes involved in a dangerous profession to appease it. Mr. Kessel has given us more than the portrait of an adu [...]

    15. Facebook bana diyor ki; beş yıl önce tam da bugün izlediğin dört filmin ikisi Luis Bunuel'in. Viridiana ve Simon of desert. Belle de jour da yakın zamanında izlenmiştir kesin, ama film hala aklımda ayrı güzel,kitabı ise daha daha güzel. Pek bir kararsızım. En güzeli yarıştırmamak galibaKitaptan film yapmayı inekten bulyon yapmaya benzeten kimdi unuttum ama bu gündüz güzeli için geçerli değil. Tüm gün severine'ye yüz sürüp psikanalize tekrar tekrar aşık olabilirs [...]

    16. This is my favorite book of all times! This woman struggles with morality, faithfulness, and self-respect in a changing world for women. It was written in the naturalist style, and the movie that follows was filmed in the nouvelle vague of French cinema. An AWESOME experience!

    17. Severine is happily married to rich surgeon Pierre. But Pierre has her on a pedestal and treats her like a breakable object when all she wants is rough passion. Because she can't tell her husband her secret sexual desires, she takes employment in a brothel where she becomes involved with a shady gangster type. Obviously, this doesn't end well. Considering the subject matter, I would have expected more titillation but there are no descriptive sex scenes. Sort of interesting psychologically though [...]

    18. Tengo curiosidad por tratar de comprender que lleva a una persona a cambiar radicalmente su vida con tal de sastifacer sus mas bajos instintos.

    19. Η τραγωδία της σάρκας, επιμένει ο Ζοζέφ Κεσσέλ, είναι ότι έχει επιθυμίες άλογες, ασυμφιλίωτες με εκείνες του πνεύματος. Η Σεβερίν δεν αρκείται στην τρυφερότητα και την ευγένεια του άντρα της. Τη συγκινούν, αλλά της βγάζουν μητρικά αισθήματα απέναντί του. Αποφασίζει να δουλέ [...]

    20. Not an easy read. Severine's self-destruction is painful and real. Even though she's highly imperfect and makes some selfish, misguided decisions, you can't help but mourn for her and Pierre's fate.Some of the other reviewers who paint her as a bored housewife fail to take into account that Severine was raped by a plumber when she was 8 years old. This fact is revealed in the prologue and for me it echoed throughout the entire book. How can a woman reconcile sexual pleasure with pure love when h [...]

    21. To βιβλίο, που κυκλοφόρησε το 1928, ήταν για την εποχή του προκλητικό και ο συγγραφέας κατηγορήθηκε για ελευθεριότητα, ακόμη και πορνογραφία. Το να μιλάς εκείνη την εποχή για τη σεξουαλικότητα μιας γυναίκας της καλής κοινωνίας και τις "βρώμικες" φαντασιώσεις της που πάνε κόντρ [...]

    22. The silence between them was thick with their defeat.Then she realized that this woman drawing nearer was her double, part of herself, and she wanted to detach herself from that reflection, to escape an act of possession she didn’t desire.It was as if every atom of energy had left her, sucked away by some insatiable mouth.All her senses were like limp leaves blowing in the wind.Pierre’s manner, his taste, his desire to please, all were poles apart from something in her that had to be beaten [...]

    23. Bueno, la verdad es que me lo esperaba mucho más impactante de lo que en realidad es, dadas las críticas que recibió el autor al publicarlo. Aunque cierto es que, al ser de 1928, la cosa cambia. Normal que se escandalizasen en esa época con las ideas que se tenían entoncesEl estilo me ha gustado; el desarrollo de la historia está bien e incluso la duración del libro es la adecuada. Respecto al finalo buena novela francesa, no defrauda. Trágico pero abierto a la vez; esclareciendo aspecto [...]

    24. A quick and easy read, took me two days of 4 40-minute subway commutes to complete. As a fan of the film, it was interesting to get a more in-depth, inner thought view of Severine (ah, what a name!), but it still played a little strangely. I was also curious towards the end as the events transpire in a quite different way than the film. The description of Marcel exactly fits the movie, though, I laughed and loved it. Good read, but not amazing.

    25. wowry different from the movie. much more cohesive, and a lot more expressive of an actual dilemma. it's much better at putting the heroine's experience in a context where her actions and desires are surprising, but understandable. because it was so much less weird and graphic than the movie, it also came off as less moralizing. less, "whoa, look what fucked up shit is happening to this fucked up woman"; more, "wow easy it is for something so simple to go so wrong".

    26. Every once in a blue moon, there’ll be hype around a book [deemed groundbreaking, stellar, bestseller, etc.] that will prove valid. Unfortunately, Belle de Jour was not one of those exceptions for me. I’m not sure what it was that the masses saw to merit its acclaim and performance, but it read as relatively blasé to me. Maybe my scholarship and subsequent insights into the humanities makes me biased, but there was nothing remotely innovative—edgy, intriguing, empathetic, or cathartic—i [...]

    27. Kessel est un écrivain immense bordel ! À quand en Pleïade ? C’est un scandale. Et Belle de jour est un livre superbe. Tout est bon dans Kessel en fait (comme le poulet).

    28. It took me a while to get into Kessel's rhythm, but once I did, I found the book enjoyable. A touching story, poetically written. Not smut, but like the works of many French authors of the first half of the twentieth century, close to it. Would definitely recommend, if you like emotional dramas punctuated by physical thrills and chills.

    29. It is always amazing to find a short book written in a seemingly simple style that has so much strength and depth in its presentation. This book is one of those remarkable works. The characters are so vivid, the settings breathe with a life of their own, and the final words don’t signify “The End” so much as they do a haunting memoryLLE DE JOUR was known for throwing “decent society” into hysteria when it was published in serialized magazine and book forms because of the central charac [...]

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