Rejoice, Dammit

Rejoice, Dammit

Kaje Harper / Dec 12, 2019

Rejoice Dammit Rejoice dammit I could hear my husband Thom s voice as clearly as when he was alive telling me that four years were enough That this year I needed to stop avoiding the joys of the season and get m

  • Title: Rejoice, Dammit
  • Author: Kaje Harper
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 179
  • Format: ebook
  • Rejoice, dammit I could hear my husband Thom s voice as clearly as when he was alive, telling me that four years were enough That this year, I needed to stop avoiding the joys of the season, and get my solitary, colorless life out of its rut But it took seeing Colin standing in an ice storm, waiting for a bus that wasn t coming, to convince me to take a chance on op Rejoice, dammit I could hear my husband Thom s voice as clearly as when he was alive, telling me that four years were enough That this year, I needed to stop avoiding the joys of the season, and get my solitary, colorless life out of its rut But it took seeing Colin standing in an ice storm, waiting for a bus that wasn t coming, to convince me to take a chance on opening my life, and maybe my heart, a second time around.34.000 words

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    1. Oh I feel really bad trying to rate this. I kind of expected a fluffy Christmas themed read (I know I'm late reading this in February ;-P), which this story is absolutely not. Kaje Harper is one of my favorite authors and the "special attributes" of her writing that I love so much are present in this story too: Beautiful realism and a point on POV from inside a gay man's head that surprises me every time I read one of her stories. This story, however, was pretty dark. I didn't feel comfortable w [...]

    2. Kaje Harper is one of my favorite authors -- but this one didn't work that well for me. While I approved of having men in their 40's as the main characters, also this story has a touch of mystery in it (of them trying to find out what's going on with Colin's father) but I thought in the romance department, this one was, well, dry.I felt like the chemistry between Derrick and Colin was lackluster it was underwhelming, compared to what Derrick had with his late husband, Thom. I enjoyed Thom's vo [...]

    3. 3,5 stars.I dunno. It was a nice story, well written, smoothly reading, as you can expect from Kaje Harper. The characters being older guys is a nice touch. I liked the secret of Colin's father they investigated. Derrick's dead husband's voice was cool and Derrick's insecurities and how he struggled with them were touching. It was a pleasant story. I don't know why I sound so unenthusiastic about it. Maybe too many Christmas stories this year.

    4. I'm so happy Kaje wrote this story. When I read the flash fic that this novella originated from I remember thinking, "I want more of this story. I need to know if Derrick gets his second chance at love." I even posted a plea for it on Facebook. So imagine my glee when I learned that this was coming out, that it was actually a thing! Oh, this was just lovely! Derrick was so adorably awkward. Thom's voice was a riot and Colin, well, I just want to give him a big ole hug. Lots of great feels in thi [...]

    5. 3.5 звездыМилая, не переслащенная, слегка грустноватая рождественская история. Как всегда, отлично написанная.Многие отмечают, что им понравилось, что герои в возрасте, а для меня это минус, так как вся новелла в итоге получилась меланхолично-старческой. Много воспоминаний [...]

    6. Wonderful, marvelous, glorious, beautiful Christmas (holiday) joy. It's a perfect book to make you feel good about life and love, even after the loss of a loved one. Witty, wiseokay, by now you must have the picture. So go rejoice, dammit! by reading the book. Eric-who-knows-these-things.

    7. I enjoyed this Christmas story! It had a lot of depth and warmth and sweetness. I appreciated the fact that both protagonists were older with a wealth of life experiences between them. I also appreciated that former loves were not cast aside or forgotten, but weaved in--because lost loves do indeed leave a mark on our lives. This is one Christmas story that I'll definitely devour again. I recommend you read it as well!

    8. Wow, this totally didn't deliver for me :-/ the mystery, the "chemistry", I just wasn't feeling it. I'm surprised, but I'm also bummed. I definitely expected more from this one and instead, am sorely disappointed :-/.

    9. It could still be my current crappy mood but the circumstances in this story felt rather awkward to me. The way they met didn't seem odd but after that, the interactions with Colin's father and Fiona, as well as the progression of Colin and Derrick together just didn't seem entirely organic nor entirely realistic. It's excellent writing, because it's Kaje, but didn't have the flow and depths I'm used to seeing from her. It's also my personal peeve but I really didn't care for the lengthy convers [...]

    10. 4.5 stars This was beautiful. I liked everything about it: the characters, the plot, the atmosphere and the writing.Derrick is an amazing MC, I loved seeing him finally move on after his husband’s death. The way he “talked” to Thom in his head was sweet, funny and sometimes a little sad, but it showed how special what they had together was. More than three years after his husband’s death he's still able to draw strength from their bond and push past his insecurities to start something ne [...]

    11. Can't stop cryingWell, dammit. I don't know what it is about a Kaje book, but I cry every single time. This was a slow, gentle book about letting go of grief and reaching out for new love. Practical realities of life and the downside of mortality mixed with a small hint of Christmas miracles. A miracle in the form of healing and learning to live with an empty space left behind when a loved one dies. Derricks and Colin were beautiful.

    12. Absolutely gorgeous writing for an absolutely wonderful story about second chances at love, family, and living again, with fantastic characters and a very nice plot. Loved it.

    13. I almost, almost gave it 5 stars. The reasons I didn't? WellI generally don't read Xmas stories. I don't!Thanks to Rejoice, Dammit I had to add a new shelf for such books, see? (Ok, ok, maybe I read them rarely if they work as a follow-up or kind of epilogue to a story of a great couple that I've read) Normally, Christmas stories contain too much! Too much fluff, too much cuteness, too much christmasness! I hate the overusage of adorable pets/dogs/puppies, cute kids/toddlers/babies, pretty fairy [...]

    14. Caveat - I had the privilege of beta reading this one.Very sweet "second chance" story for two older (late 40's) guys. Derrick is a widower, and 4 years after losing his partner of 20 years has yet to move on, when a few days before Christmas he meets Colin, who is sitting at a bus stop in the rain long after the buses have stopped running. As the rain turns into an ice storm, Derrick invites Colin to shelter at his home. Colin is visiting his father, a neighbour of Derrick's, but has been refus [...]

    15. Where was the rejoicing? For me this was far too dark stuff for a Christmas story with weirdly behaving Dads and shotguns, and the last straw was one of the MCs behaving like an asshole when the other one was trying to help. Also, I hate seeing homophobia in my books, and in particular this goes for Christmas stories. I maybe should have finished it, it was fast to read, but I read a couple of Christmas stories lately that were so much better, especially the one I loveI just wasn't invested in t [...]

    16. SOOOOO GOOOOOOD! Why do you have to be such a stinking good author?! Never mind, I'm just glad that you are, since you make up for so many other slap-dash writers.Derrick has been alone since his husband died almost 4 years ago. Except that he has conversations with Thom inside his head. And Thom wants him to go back to living, not just surviving day by day. This is the story of Derrick finding that person to live for, not just the one he remembers living with.So sweet, so melancholy, so perfect [...]

    17. Lovely story.A poignant and thoughtful story a cut above the usual seasonal fayre. Both MCs were in their forties and were realistically described, not a six pack between them. Both had lived lives and brought to their growing relationship experiences which had shaped them and gave them an edge. The relationship moved quickly, but it didn't matter to me, aspects of the story were totally unbelievable, but both characters and story were so well written I just went with the flow. An enjoyable read [...]

    18. I enjoyed this short story.Driving home one night, Derrick finds a man standing at a bus stop in an ice storm. Showing compassion he stops and offers him a lift.Colin is in town to visit with his father over christmas, however there are issues and his father refuses to see him.I had more than a few tears in my eyes when reading this book. Derrick is a widower and he has conversations with his dead husband, who is trying to get him to live again and thinks Colin might be te right man for him.A gr [...]

    19. An icy blast of reality with a romantic topping. Both MCs are likeable and real, but I love the secondary characters, even though they are a little remote to the main narrative (because of the setting and events). I'm giving up on the cryptic, spoiler-free review now. This is a great festive novella with a touch of 'bleak midwinter' but it all concludes beautifully, and the story continues to New Year, so it's till good for this year's festive reading lists.

    20. I found myself alternatively snorting at Thom's snark, and sniffling at Derrick's pain. Four years but it's still tender. Colin is a breath of fresh air, and whether it's just that he appears at the right time, or that HE IS the right time, it matters not. What matters is that suddenly Derrick surfaces, and wants to be ready.I liked the complication of Fiona, and the xmas background fits. Kaje doesn't do easy or fluff, so this is authentic and strong. Rejoice, D, and love again.

    21. A delicious story written with Kaje's wonderful expertise at creating realistic folks who are working through their own challenges and issues and giving hope to all of us who are looking for bright spots in our lives.

    22. a short Kaje story. So good. I love how the men are older and that they can still look good. Derrick Lost his husband four year ago and Colin is having a rough patch. So not only do we have new beginnings but a lot of contemplation and conversation. this is a mature romance and I loved it.

    23. 3.5*I love that the characters are older! I also loved how Derrick still talked to Thom. It's hard to move past that kind of love. And the mystery with Colin's Dad was so real. Nice story!

    24. The perfect story for the holidays, this one filled my heart with joy and hope. It certainly didn’t hurt that the MCs were older men in their late-forties since I’ve recently discovered that I love a good story about an older man.One of my favorite moments—okay, many of my favorite moments—came with the dialogue between Derrick and his late husband, Thom. Apparently Thom’s oft-repeated advice and admonitions have taken on a life of their own in the nearly four years since he passed awa [...]

    25. "You’re not here. I will try to move on. Tomorrow. Tonight, just one more time, I’ll remember how much I loved you, and how you brought color, and shelter, to my world."I honestly don't know why I put myself through the angst in the books I'm attracted to. I would think I had enough in my daily life, but there are authors that I will read regardless of genre because I enjoy their writing so much. Kaje Harper is one of those writers and I put my heart in her hands knowing that she would do ju [...]

    26. While this was a well-written, thoughtful story it didn't really tug at my heartstrings like I thought it would. I loved the fact that Derrick can still hear Thom's voice in his head after losing him four years earlier to cancer. That comfort of knowing someone so well that you can still have a running dialogue with them in your head is certainly a blessing. I felt like I knew Thom better than either Derrick or Colin by the end of the story there was so much going on, it was like there was very [...]

    27. 4.5/5.0 I saw that Kaje Harper had a holiday story out and bought it because I enjoy holiday themed stories and I enjoy Kaje Harpers writing. I also did not read the blurb, so I was completely surprised. This was a lovely story. I enjoyed that the main characters are older, in their forties. It was easy to identify with them and some of the things they were going through. I enjoyed the pacing and the way the Derrick and Colin's relationship develops. The conversations with Thom were touching. Th [...]

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