The Way We Work: Getting to Know the Amazing Human Body

The Way We Work: Getting to Know the Amazing Human Body

David Macaulay Richard Walker / May 29, 2020

The Way We Work Getting to Know the Amazing Human Body In this comprehensive and entertaining resource David Macaulay reveals the inner workings of the human body as only he could In order to present this complicated subject in an accurate and entertaini

  • Title: The Way We Work: Getting to Know the Amazing Human Body
  • Author: David Macaulay Richard Walker
  • ISBN: 9780618233786
  • Page: 167
  • Format: Hardcover
  • In this comprehensive and entertaining resource, David Macaulay reveals the inner workings of the human body as only he could In order to present this complicated subject in an accurate and entertaining way, he put in years of research He sat in on anatomy classes, dissections, and even reached inside the rib cages of two cadavers to compare their spleen sizes He observIn this comprehensive and entertaining resource, David Macaulay reveals the inner workings of the human body as only he could In order to present this complicated subject in an accurate and entertaining way, he put in years of research He sat in on anatomy classes, dissections, and even reached inside the rib cages of two cadavers to compare their spleen sizes He observed numerous surgeries, including a ten hour procedure where a diseased pancreas was removed, as well as one where a worn out old knee was replaced by a brand new one This hands on investigation gives Macaulay a unique perspective to lead his readers on a visual journey through the workings of the human body.The seven sections within the book take us from the cells that form our foundation to the individual systems they build Each beautifully illustrated spread details different aspects of our complex structure, explaining the function of each and offering up close glimpses, unique cross sections and perspectives, and even a little humor along the way.This one of a kind book can serve as a reference for children, families, teachers, and anyone who has questions about how his or her body works When readers see how David Macaulay builds a body and explains the way it works, they will come away with a new appreciation of the amazing world inside them.

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      167 David Macaulay Richard Walker
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        David Macaulay, born in 1946, was eleven when his parents moved from England to Bloomfield, New Jersey He found himself having to adjust from an idyllic English childhood to life in a fast paced American city During this time he began to draw seriously, and after graduating from high school he enrolled in the Rhode Island School of Design RISD After spending his fifth year at RISD in Rome on the European Honors Program, he received a bachelor s degree in architecture and vowed never to practice After working as an interior designer, a junior high school teacher, and a teacher at RISD, Macaulay began to experiment with creating books He published his first book, Cathedral, in 1973 Following in this tradition, Macaulay created other books including City, Castle, Pyramid, Mill, Underground, Unbuilding, and Mosque that have provided the explanations of the how and the why in a way that is both accessible and entertaining From the pyramids of Egypt to the skyscrapers of New York City, the human race s great architectural and engineering accomplishments have been demystified through Macaulay s elaborate show and tells Five of these titles have been made into popular PBS television programs.


    1. Non-Fiction. A walk through the human body, starting at the atomic level, moving on to tissues and organs, and ending with reproduction, accompanied with a variety of illustrations. The book is fun (in the appendix, there's an appendix!); the writing can be jokey and the illustrations often include ladders and tiny people commenting on the action. The artwork is colorful and detailed, frequently depicting human systems as factories or machines.So it's playful, but there's serious science going o [...]

    2. I am borrowing a lovely review by Carol Hurst:Macaulay has turned his able hand from The Way Things Work to The Way We Work. Well written with fascinating drawings he breaks human anatomy and physiology into seven chapters: Building Life (cell structure), Air Traffic Control (respiration), Let's Eat (digestion), Who's in Charge Here (nervous system), Battle Stations (immune system), Moving On (skeletal and musculature), and Extending the Line (reproduction). Most of the 336 pages are covered wit [...]

    3. Junior Book LogInformationalRecommending Source: The Joy of Children's Literature p. 294Maccaulay's illustrations makes learning about how the human body works possible for children. As if looking through a high powered microscope and slowly zooming out, the book begins with a close look at atoms and molecules and eventually move on to the different systems of the body as well as reproduction. The illustrations are realistic, yet included in humorous settings (e.g. a cowboy riding the contractin [...]

    4. Junior Book LogTitle: The Way We Work: Getting to Know the Amazing Human BodyAuthor: James MacaulayCategory: Informational #2Source: Textbook pg. 294This was an amazing book full of tons of information. I loved the way Macaulay started the book by looking at everything from under a microscope and discussing atoms. He moved into mitosis and parts of cells until he worked his way to organs and their functions. He went into detail about neurons, antibodies, reproduction and so many other topics. Th [...]

    5. Ever wonder why certain smells evoke emotions or memories? Or why your nose runs when you cry? Did you know those tiny bumps on your tongue actually have a name – and a purpose? How long does it take or food to get from your throat to your stomach – and will it get there if you eat upside down? The answers to these questions and more can be found in David Macaulay’s The Way We Work. In his introduction, Macaulay asserts that we take our bodies – remarkable as they are – for granted. Sy [...]

    6. Macaulay takes apart our bodies and organizes them by function, with humor, intensity and his characteristic artistic skill. The complexity is profound, his respect, clear and the explanations perhaps more complete than some would want, but very informative. A book for all the family to read in bits and pieces, as the spirit, or their body, moves them.

    7. In a companion volume to THE WAY THINGS WORK, Macaulay tackles anatomy and physiology. The best nonfiction book of the year--and one of the very best in any genre.

    8. I grew up reading a lot of the works of David Macaulay and I really did enjoy every one of his books that I opened all the way through early High School. This is yet another accomplishment for him, and really simplifies some of the complex concepts involved in the world of anatomy and physiology. All the drawings are clear and his simplifications make it easy to understand some of the more difficult concepts. I would not hesitate to give this to any kid has some questions about how they work on [...]

    9. There were a lot of activities to do while figuring out what your work should be. It was helpful in finding out what I do not want to do, as well as what direction would better suite me.

    10. The one thing I found interesting about this book and other by the same author is the amount of research behind each book. On this particular book I think he spent five years or so. The use of vocabulary is correct and every picture depicts a human part in its correct functions. His illustrations engage the reader and creates a learning environment that can be enjoyed by everyone. He does so by introducing the smalls organism in the human body and slowly introduces the bigger ones. I think this [...]

    11. Do you ever wonder how we work? What makes our body work? The book titled, The Way We Work by David Macauley is a nonfiction book. I would give this book a 10 out of 10. I extremely enjoyed this book, and every time I would read it I ended up being fascinated on how the body functions! The book is broken out in 7 different kind of chapters. In each chapter the author explains about different kind of human objects such as, the eye, and brain. It also explains how we work. For example David explai [...]

    12. Found this for a really good deal at the BYU Bookstore. I've been wanting it for a while because I have his other book "The (New) Way Things Work" and I enjoyed looking through that.These books are interesting as it's hard to pick out exactly who the audience is for these books. The copious illustrations indicate a younger reader, but the text and content is definitely for someone around a middle-school level at least.The illustrations for this book also seemed a little more rushed. That's under [...]

    13. This book was very enlightening. It was much like a text book I went a little in depth about certain things but I have gained a lot of intelligence. The only reason why I gave this book a three and not a one was because the dawning's made me laugh and also some of them looked very cool also the tittles were a little funny like when it talks about how your body makes poop the tittle was called making feces. So this book I would recommend to people who want to get in depth about the body and who i [...]

    14. I may not be popular for saying this, but David Maculay is just not my style. I appreciate the genius behind his books, but they are not ones I hold near and dear to my heart.Not to be all SB about it, but I think I like the man more than his work. And so it should come as no surprise that I greatly enjoyed working his event. Daddy Mac likes to talk, no question about that, but his slides were interesting and I was okay with the almost hour long presentation.I'm stoked for his upcoming Earth boo [...]

    15. I found this in the children's section, but I think (comprehension-wise) it would take at least a middle-school-aged student to follow along. (Trust me on this one - there's a lot of terminology that would have thrown me off without my college courses in physiology, microbiology, neuroscience, etc.) That being said, I think it is a GREAT overall look, and I think the pictures are simpler than the text. This is definitely an accurate representation that doesn't oversimplify.

    16. I do not like anatomy. Blood makes me squeamish. Too many long words. But this book breaks down and explains the components of the body from the atomic level on up clearly and concisely all while keeping me entertained with Macaulay's charming illustrations. This is another book I'm going to save for my kids.

    17. This human body book is spectacularly illustrated. The content is accurate and the way the book is arranged makes the content fun and interactive. The illustrations are so detailed that you do not even have to read the bulk of the text to learn about the human body!Recommended age 8-14Reading Level 5th grade

    18. I can see why some of the libraries in our system put this in their adult collections. This thorough guide to human anatomy tells you how everything works, and the more child appropriate pencil drawings are actually more illustrative for non-doctors than photographs. An exquisitely drawn book throughout.

    19. does just what it says on the box. an illustrated encyclopedia of human life processes, from the atomic level to the cellular, then to the different organ systems. lovely, engaging, comprehensive, accessible. if i had had this book when i was a child, i would have read it a hundred times by now.

    20. This book was awesome! It really tells you how our bodys work! I really enjoyed this book! It was really interesting to see how our bones move and learn all about how the things that help bones move!

    21. I really enjoyed this book, but not as much as the How Things Work book. With the human body, I would have preferred more realistic images of the body parts but I guess I can get that elsewhere.

    22. Extremely informative with in-depth illustrations on every page, this book covers all the systems and functions of the Human Body. This reference would be an outstanding addition to health classes teaching anatomy, body systems, reproduction, and nutrition.

    23. Notes:each page can stand alone as a science lessondrawings are really interesting, some are a bit complicatedwritten in a fun way that isn't too encylopedia-ishlast section on reproduction is not for under 10

    24. This is a great book for teaching kids to understanding the workings of the human body. The illustrations are top-notch. It's interesting to see artistic versions of what we normally see in computer images. Good explanations, too.

    25. I love this book and wish I owned it. I'm such a geek. The illustrations are fun, (most) of the explanations are approachable without being so watered down as to be worthless, and it's a fun experience. David Macauley is a god.

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