Savršena komedija

Savršena komedija

Cora Carmack / Apr 02, 2020

Savr ena komedija Mackenzie Max Miller ima problem Roditelji su joj nenajavljeno do li u grad a vide li njezinu obojanu kosu tetova e i piercinge mogli bi se je odre i I gore od toga o ekuju upoznati pristojnog pr

  • Title: Savršena komedija
  • Author: Cora Carmack
  • ISBN: 9789533233239
  • Page: 414
  • Format: Paperback
  • Mackenzie Max Miller ima problem Roditelji su joj nenajavljeno do li u grad, a vide li njezinu obojanu kosu, tetova e i piercinge, mogli bi se je odre i I gore od toga, o ekuju upoznati pristojnog, prisebnog de ka, a ne tipa po imenu Mace koji ima tetova e na vratu i svira u bendu Sve njezine la i samo to se nisu na nju sru ile, no tada upoznaje Cadea Cade se preselMackenzie Max Miller ima problem Roditelji su joj nenajavljeno do li u grad, a vide li njezinu obojanu kosu, tetova e i piercinge, mogli bi se je odre i I gore od toga, o ekuju upoznati pristojnog, prisebnog de ka, a ne tipa po imenu Mace koji ima tetova e na vratu i svira u bendu Sve njezine la i samo to se nisu na nju sru ile, no tada upoznaje Cadea Cade se preselio u Philadelphiju kako bi glumio i pobjegao do problema u Teksasu Dosad, me utim, probleme nije rije io, a prilika da se popne na daske koje ivot zna e gotovo i nema Kad mu Max pri e u kafi u sa suludom molbom da glumi njezina de ka, on pristaje odigrati ulogu No kako se Cade u ulogu malo previ e u ivio, prisiljeni su nastaviti sa svojom obmanom A to vi e glume ljubavni odnos, to se on po inje initi stvarnijim.

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        Cora Carmack is a twenty something writer who likes to write about twenty something characters She s done a multitude of things in her life boring jobs like working retail , Fun jobs like working in a theatre , stressful jobs like teaching , and dream jobs like writing She enjoys placing her characters in the most awkward situations possible, and then trying to help them get a boyfriend out of it Awkward people need love, too She is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of the Losing It series Please note I am rarely on , so if you re trying to get a hold of me, the best places to find me are Twitter, Facebook, my blog, Instagram, and via email coracarmack at gmail dot com.


    1. Faking it was a decent book! I really enjoyed Losing It but FI didn't really live up to my expectations. I loved Cades story but I felt like the ending of the book was really rushed. Wasn't a bad book just a bit rushed at points

    2. UPDATE: 04/06/2013After going through Cora's blog (with a bit of stalking) I've compiled a list of all the Bonus Scenes & Chapters that she was so kind to share with us. I highly recommend buying this book because from these teasers, you can really see that she put a lot of effort into this novel.So here's the list:CADE'S POV WITH KISSINGBRIEF SNIPPET OF FAKING IT FROM CADE'S POVCADE'S POVMAX'S POVMORE OF MAX'S POVCADE AND MAX'S FIRST KISSBONUS SCENE #1BONUS SCENE #2CHAPTERS 1 & 2note: I [...]

    3. Sometimes you don’t know what you’re looking for until it’s already knocked you flat on your back. 4.5 Cade Lovin’ Stars!!!Oh Cade I remember how much I adored this guy in Cora’s debut novel Losing It. I was so happy to find out he was getting his own book!Cade is in PA, going to get his masters in theater. Cade is the good guy, the best friend. My heart broke for him in the beginning of this book. He is still not over Bliss. But he has to move on. She is with Garrick, and things are g [...]

    4. |2.7 I just want to forget the whole thing stars|Blurb: Mackenzie “Max” Miller has a problem. Her parents have arrived in town for a surprise visit, and if they see her dyed hair, tattoos, and piercings, they just might disown her. Even worse, they’re expecting to meet a nice, wholesome boyfriend, not a guy named Mace who has a neck tattoo and plays in a band. All her lies are about to come crashing down around her, but then she meets Cade.Cade moved to Philadelphia to act and to leave his [...]

    5. Did I read that right?It's about CadeAbout CadeCade Ca- OH MY BUTTERFLYING GOD! IT IS CADE!Pheewww~ Calm Down Nadd! I hope the cover is as sexy as Losing it. Th dude is HOT! And i also hope, Bliss and Garrick appeared in this book *FingerscrossedExpected publication: June 4th 2013 by HarperCollins WHAT?! DO YOU THINK I'M FINE?March 10 2013THE COVER IS OUT! I'M LATE I'M LATE! GARGHH!!UNBELIEVABLE! Goodness! Why does the DUDE look like"LIAM HEMSWORTH"WHY?May 18 2013 I WANT TO BUY THIS BOOK! UGH! M [...]

    6. So I wrote this book about two people that don't go together at all on paper-- your traditional boy next door and a kickass bad girl. To be honest, I didn't even know how they were going to work out when I started the book, but they *might* have turned out to be my favorite couple I've ever written. And well FAKING IT is their story. I hope you all enjoy reading about Max and Cade, and that you can identify with their struggles to be themselves in a world that's constantly pushing us to fit othe [...]

    7. I think I liked this one more than the first one and I really enjoyed Losing It. This one has more depth and emotion to it which helped me connect with the characters.

    8. I freaking Love Cade. He is so adorable!Golden Boy and Angry Girl:Cade is the best friend of Bliss in Losing It and I have to admit, for a time there I was really rooting for him because he was so sweet with her and just really loved her, but he got his heart broken in the end.I let people go.Cade has recently moved to Philly from Texas to pursue his acting career, go to grad school and try to leave the past behind him. It has been really hard considering Bliss and Garrick are in the same city u [...]

    9. I loved Cora Carmack's first book, Losing It - it was adorable and hilarious. But her follow up book, Faking It is just plain gorgeous. It has those same witty, funny elements that I'd come to love from this author, but added a level of in-depth emotion that had me crying at the end, in the best possible way and feeling ALL the feelings.I'm a huge fan of book bad boys, as you all know, but Cade is the ultimate good guy. We have a good boy and a seemingly bad girl. It's a delicious turning of the [...]

    10. 3 StarsAn endearing read!This was a very sweet and entertaining story. While I didn't enjoy it quite as much as the first installment, Losing It, I did appreciate that it was a unique read and that it was able to separate itself entirely from its predecessor.Faking It candidly follows the perpetual good-boy Cade, who is miserably fighting off his residual feelings for Bliss (heroine from Losing It.) The author does a fantastic job exemplifying the heartache of unrequited love. But, luckily for C [...]

    11. Another guilty pleasure read from Cora Carmack. I really like the story though it's cliche. The drama is enjoyable and I find it better than the first book. Good thing it's about Cade Winston, Bliss Edwards's best friend. After being "best-friend-zoned" by Bliss, he's nursing a broken heart and trying hard to move on from her. He pretends to be okay in front of her and her boyfriend. It's kinda awkward and I can't help feeling bad for him. When he was approached by a girl and asked a favor to pr [...]

    12. Es mas bien un 3.5 de los buenos porque a pesar de que al principio no podía ver a los protagonistas como una pareja, la autora supo llevar su relación de una manera tan sutil que ni siquiera se donde estuvo el punto de inflexión porque fue de alguna forma normal.Cade y Max son lo más opuesto que puede haber en la tierra y aunque podría haber quedado calva de tanto tirarme los pelos con esos motes de la chica enojada o el chico de oro, fue una historia bonita y muy entretenida que me leí e [...]

    13. I would be Faking It if I didn't say I loved this story! Cade Winston- 'MFA student, volunteer, mom-hugger, and your boyfriend for the next 24 hours.'Max Miller- 'musician and raging bitch.'Max needs the perfect boyfriend to get through the holidays with her over controlling parents. Cade just happened to be in the right place when Max needed him most. Their pretend relationship turned into them both feeling:They had to conquer their past before they could move forward:'She cried until the event [...]

    14. Took me a minute to give it a rating. I absolutely loved this book, didn't want it to end! Part of me was comparing it to other five star books, but I had to take a step back and rate it alone. I loved it, it made me smile, tear up, laugh and left me wanting more! So how could I not give it 5 stars? It's so much better than the first installment!

    15. Don't you love it when you pick up a second book by an author that you like well enough, but maybe weren't completely bowled over by, and then discover after reading that you are now a bonafide fan? When you realize just how much the author has grown as a writer between her debut and her sophomore effort? And isn't this is especially sweet when it's two books connected in a series? When you have that little moment of thankfulness that you decided to go ahead and keep reading her work, because yo [...]

    16. Karly *The Vampire Ninja, Luminescent Monster & Wendigo Nerd Goddess of Canada (according to The Hulk)*

      3.5 StarsI love a story that takes a romance “norm” and entirely swaps the sexes of it, I really do. In the case of Faking it that norm is tattooed punk male and preppy female. Meet Mackenzie Max:And Cade:(Okay, okay maybe not the whole fully-clothed-in-the-pool part, but I imagine you get what I’m implying here.)Cade played a role in Losing it that I didn’t really care for all that much, the other guy, but now after the ending of that one he gets his story. And his story starts off with [...]

    17. If all "new adult" romances were written like this, I could get on board with it. Sexy and fun! 3.5 stars

    18. Auch den 2. Band fand ich wirklich gut, ich mochte Cade schon im ersten Band und auch Max ist mir sehr sympathisch, vor allem, weil sie einen ähnlichen Stil hat wie ich selbst. Deshalb konnte ich mich gut mit ihr identifizieren. Die Story ist interessant, es fehlt meiner Meinung nach jedoch ein wenig die Tiefe, um dem ganzen 5 Sterne zu geben.

    19. HmmOnce again I find myself in a dilemma. I know I enjoyed the book but I'm not sure whether to give it a good rating or a very good one. I think I liked this one more than Losing It so I will give it a 4,sth.I have to say I love Cade. He appears so sweet and calm and then he does sth and you see the fire brewing beneath the surface.(view spoiler)[ The fight scene was such a turn on. (hide spoiler)] I liked him way more than Garrick and I actually wanted him to end up with Bliss in the previous [...]

    20. 3.5 stars - I. Love. Cade. And I was so excited to learn that there was going to be a book about him. Having said that, I didn't like this book nearly as much as the first one.But WHY, Katy?!? How can you say such a blasphemous thing about a book about Cade?!?Don't get me wrong, it was cute, and I enjoyed some if it very much. Cade was just perfect in just about every way. He was sweet. He was charming. He was witty. And he was heartbroken in a way that made you want to be the one who made it al [...]

    21. Åh, hvor jeg dog knuselskede den her bog! Den første bog i serien var sød, quirky og romantisk - hvor denne bog er rå, hot og frustrerende (på den gode måde!). Jeg var vild med handlingen, og karaktererne var SÅ fascinerende og alsidige. Cade er så så så skøn, og jeg kunne fangirle for evigt, men det sparer jeg jer for. Udover at forelske mig i skønne Cade, så kunne jeg identificere mig selv (eller meget af mit fortidige jeg) med Max, hvilket var ret nervepirrende, men utroligt spæ [...]

    22. We should live like we smoke — Inhale the present and exhale the past.Max parents are ultra conservative… and she’s the opposite of that. With tattoos, lead singer of a rock band and with a tattooed boyfriend named Mace she is everything that her parents despise. So when they decide to make a surprise visit, she does the only that makes sense in the moment: ask a good guy to be her pretend boyfriend. (Yes, because that’s the solution everyone would choose, right? :P Well, Max is definite [...]

    23. **2.5 stars**Faking It is the third book in a row I've read where a main characters's sibling has died in a car accident - I didn't know this before picking any of the books. Maybe because I saw this handled in a more mature, less self-pitying way in the two other books, I couldn't stand how Max, the heroine in this one, used her sister's death (which happened 9 years ago) as an excuse for all her shitty behavior towards Cade.Max and Cade are very different. She's full of tattoes and bad attitud [...]

    24. Again this book is what you expected it to be, I almost didn't finish it. I have come to conclusion that all new adult books are the exact same. Am i wrong? Wasn't bad, but its always the same freaking story.

    25. "There are some things that are worth fighting for, no matter the outcome, and you're one of them." SO MUCH LOVE FOR CORA CARMACK!!This book was ADORABLE, HILARIOUS, CUTE AND SO MUCH FUN TO READ! AhhIt starts off hilarious with this girl named Max at a coffee shop. She's kind of a "bad girl" and has piercing and tattoos everywhere, works at a bar and tattoo parlor, and her parents are the complete opposite. She has this charade going with them where they don't know "the real" her so when they ca [...]

    26. Eine süße Geschichte für zwischendurch.Es ist ewig her, dass ich Losing it gelesen habe und an vieles kann ich mich gar nicht mehr wirklich erinnern 🙈. Trotzdem gefällt mir die Darstellung von Bliss in diesem Buch nicht so gut. Ja, sie hat nur zwei kurze Gastauftritte, aber da war sie mir eher unsympathisch. Cade und Max sind hingegen recht sympathische Protagonisten, die kaum unterschiedlicher sein könnten. Cade ist ein sehr lieber, hilfsbereiter und geradezu perfekter Mensch 😅. Max [...]

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