The Serpent's Secret

The Serpent's Secret

Sayantani DasGupta / Apr 06, 2020

The Serpent s Secret MEET KIRANMALA INTERDIMENSIONAL DEMONSLAYER But she doesn t know it yet On the morning of her twelfth birthday Kiranmala is just a regular sixth grader living in Parsippany New Jersey until her pare

  • Title: The Serpent's Secret
  • Author: Sayantani DasGupta
  • ISBN: 9781338185706
  • Page: 342
  • Format: Hardcover
  • MEET KIRANMALA INTERDIMENSIONAL DEMONSLAYER But she doesn t know it yet On the morning of her twelfth birthday, Kiranmala is just a regular sixth grader living in Parsippany, New Jersey until her parents mysteriously vanish later that day and a rakkhosh demon slams through her kitchen, determined to eat her alive Turns out there might be some truth to her parents fantMEET KIRANMALA INTERDIMENSIONAL DEMONSLAYER But she doesn t know it yet On the morning of her twelfth birthday, Kiranmala is just a regular sixth grader living in Parsippany, New Jersey until her parents mysteriously vanish later that day and a rakkhosh demon slams through her kitchen, determined to eat her alive Turns out there might be some truth to her parents fantastical stories like how Kiranmala is a real Indian princess and a wealth of secrets about her origin they ve kept hidden.To complicate matters, two crushworthy Indian princes ring her doorbell, insisting they re here to rescue her Suddenly, Kiran is swept into another dimension full of magic, winged horses, moving maps, and annoying, talking birds There she must solve riddles and slay demons all while avoiding the Serpent King of the underworld who may or may not want to kill her and the rakkhosh queen who definitely does in order to find her parents and basically save New Jersey, her entire world, and everything beyond it

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    1. Disclaimer: I haven't read this but I'm pretty sure the people who gave this book 1 star haven't either. I'm hoping my 5 star rating counteracts this.

    2. Pre-emptively giving this five stars to balance out the eyebrow-raising rating of a book that literally just sold today. I am so, so excited for this and Sayantani's magical words! This is going to be so good!

    3. Disclaimer: I received an ARC of this novel in exchange for an honest review. This is no way impacts my review of the novel.The Serpent's Secret is a middle-grade novel about Kiranmala, a 12-year old living her regular life in New Jersey until her parents go missing and she finds out she's a real Indian princess. In all honesty, the only reason I was planning to read this novel was because of the Indian rep, but there is so much more to the perfection that is this novel. I'm going to start this [...]

    4. I want to read this SOLELY BECAUSE PEOPLE HAVE BEEN SO MEAN SPIRITED about it already. Like, wtf? Are you that petty and hateful, or are you just bored and trolling? Either wayep on hatersyou're only garnering it more attention. The fear of ideas and differences will keep you small while the rest of the world soars.

    5. Had me at Indian folktale-based interdimensional adventures of a demon-slaying princess. Oh, wait. That's the whole summary? GIMME.

    6. I snatched this from a panel from one of the nicest authors (who signed my book by the way).Kiranmala and the Kingdom Beyond Book One is something I would recommend to ALL children. Also any adults who just enjoy a good ride start to finish in a book.Kiran is such a relatable young girl for anyone who has ever felt embarrassed by typical 12 year old things, namely parents. But her family is different from the majority of NJ folk in a way that most kids don't have to work with. They have cultural [...]

    7. Short version: kick-ass heroine + epic world-building + hilarious and snarky dialogue = one memorable ride. More, please!Long version: Kiranmala is just a regular sixth grader attending a regular middle school in Parsippany, New Jersey. Sure, her parents embarrass her on a regular basis, especially when they proclaim loudly about her fiber intake and the fact that she's really an Indian princess. Jeez! All that changes on the Halloween that happens to be her twelfth birthday. Turns out, she real [...]

    8. So, so great. I looooved Kiran's toughness and fears and utter realness. The traditional mythology was adapted and blended in so beautifully.

    9. "On the morning of her twelfth birthday, Kiranmala is just a regular sixth grader living in Parsippany, New Jersey . . . "Hey, I live in Parsippany, New Jersey! I have never seen a book take place here, so when this book arrived in a box of ARCs to the library where I work, I greedily grabbed it with my grabby hands. Now even MORE people in the world are going to mispronounce Parsippany!And the rest of the book is also quite up my alley: fantasy! diversity! a princess in disguise!

    10. First of all, I wanted to brag that Sayantani wrote this book in MY library! When she mentioned that her book was getting published, we all were looking forward to getting our hands on it. I devoured this book in two sittings. It has a badass 12 year old girl who finds out that she is an Indian Princess from another dimension when her parents are eaten by a demon. It is her job to get them back.It is hilarious, full of puns, rhymes, word play and lot of dad jokes. Kiran is smart and resourceful. [...]

    11. Oooh gurl! Where can you get a kickass heroine who is an Indian-American version of Buffy Summers and has the comedy of a Rick Riordan Percy Jackson series? Well, Kiranmala and her Kingdom Beyond upcoming series, of course. Here our 12 year old heroine is so embarrassed about her culture that she is shocked to learn she has a greater destiny to battle demons and monsters that are part of Indian mythology and folklore. Finally, a series that is geared for young girls who want a protagonist who is [...]

    12. Win a finished copy of this book at TheBengaliNomad My Blog: TheBengaliNomadTwitter: @1102DaydreamingInstagram: thebengalinomadBefore I begin this review, I’d like to personally thank the author. I grew up reading fantasy and adventure novels that mainly featured white/western protagonists. Sure, I did enjoy the occasional dose of Meena Raju , Thakurmar Jhuli and Gopal Bhar, but none of them sported characters whose world I could actually step into. Back then, my mind was far too young to see [...]

    13. I was lucky to receive an advanced copy of The Serpent's Secret at NCTE17. The story is fresh and full of adventure. Kiranmala is a sharp heroine with a voice that will have you laughing. I suspect it will be a favorite among my students! Personally, I can't wait for the sequel.


    15. Okay, here comes a what will most certainly be an unpopular review, based on some of the already five-star-but-haven't-read-the-book-yet-"anti-hater"-protest-fake-review-ratings.Here's a book I looked forward to my child reading because we enjoy fantastical stories in this house, and this book looked promising. I was entirely disappointed. Both that I spent my money on this and because I like stories that are fantastical but have great protagonists.Without spoiling any of the plot for those who [...]

    16. “It was only when I admitted to myself all of who I was that I was able to find my deepest power.”A story filled with humor, wit, action, tradition, and heart. Don’t miss this engaging story by @Sayantani16 coming out at the end of February. @

    17. Fabulous book! I read an ARC of the book, so there may be changes in the final version. I loved learning about Indian folktales in this enticing and easily relatable tale (what 12-year-old hasn't thought her parents are weird at times?). The book keeps up a good pace, has interesting characters with many layers, and a compelling storyline. Amidst the tension, there are many LOL moments that lighten the mood. The book has a good balance of action with scene-building and character development. Not [...]

    18. Do you ever read the end of a book, then feel you must rent one of those skywriting airplanes and tell everyone, "OMG, guys; YOU HAVE TO READ THIS BOOK!" ?That's how I feel this morning. Kiranmala is a normal girl living her usual life with her (goofy-but-loving) parents in New Jersey, until, one day, her parents disappear and a snot-dripping rakkhosh demon from her mother and father's folk tales breaks —well, smashes—into her house. Two dashing princes in funny looking clothes show up to [...]

    19. This was AMAZING. Witty, charming, and lovely. Check out Kav's review here because they say great thingsyoutube/watch?v=v8jQ6

    20. Public library copyKiranmala has always been irritated by her parents' insistance that she be an "Indian princess" for Halloween, since her life is anything but princess-like: her parents run a convenience store, and their house is the only run down one in the neighborhood. She enjoys hanging out with her friend Zuzu, but runs into some problems with a mean girl in her class, but that is of little consquence when she returns home to find her parents gone and a cryptic note left on Halloween nigh [...]

    21. @kidlitexchange #partner5/5 for THE SERPENT’s SECRET by @princesskiranmala and published by @scholasticinc; thx for the ARC for #kidlitexchange. All opinions are my own._*_*_*_*_*What would you do if you came home from school on your twelfth birthday to find your parents missing, a rakkhosh (demon) waiting for you and two princes with flying horses who insist you really are a princess? _*_*_*_*_*Swipe for the back of the book!_*_*_*_*_*I don’t read much fantasy. I often don’t like fantasy. [...]

    22. Received advanced reader copy from publisher via Baker & Taylor book supplierKiranmala is living her life in suburban New Jersey. But on her birthday, she comes home to her parents gone, a mysterious note from them on the table, and two princes on the porch and a demon upstairs? Kiran suddenly is swept into a whole other world, a whole other dimension.I got very excited when I read the summary about this story on the advance copy I received. My first thought was “A needed entry into middle [...]

    23. I wish there were more books like this when I was a kid! Longer review to come in the morning. #latenightreaderUPDATE: I did not receive this book from the publisher. I got it in advance of its official pub date (and in paperback!) from a Book Fair. So if you just can't wait to read this, go support a local school! I'm an adult in my late 20s, so usually the "lowest" I go in terms of age range for books is Young Adult. When I saw the cover for this middle grade book and saw what it was about, I [...]

    24. This was SO MUCH FUN! Booklist's starred review says this rivals Riordan's Lightning Thief - major praise given how vital his books are to modern YA. It's deserved and I'd even go further and say it surpasses for one big reason: the desire I now have to read more into the tales that inspired Kiranmala's tale. If you grow up in the West, you learn about the Greek myths that inspired Lightning Thief, almost by osmosis. They are taught in school and inspire much of our pop culture. The same isn't t [...]

    25. So I feel like there's moonbeams under my skin now. Like the vibrancy of this storytelling and the world building and the richness of the characters has painted me a brighter shade of myself. I don't even know if I can adequately put into words how much I loved the atmosphere here, the way Kiran's narrative and the speech of other characters felt modern and approachable while blending seemlessly with that fuzzy edged fantasy feel. Like one of my favorite scenes involves a talking bird who bounce [...]

    26. I am a K-5 school librarian and got this weeks early from our Book Fair. I devoured it in one sitting and loved it! We have 2 copies (which we only do for Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Rick Riordan books, etc.) and both have long waiting lists. If you have a child that likes Percy Jackson (mythologically-based fantasy with a strong dose of middle school humor), they will LOVE this book! So far we have had more boys read it than girls (in case you still wonder if boys will read a book with a female main [...]

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