Arrogant Neighbor

Arrogant Neighbor

Kira Ward / Dec 11, 2019

Arrogant Neighbor The first night in my new apartment I wanted to kill him The laughter in the halls the banging against the walls the sound of that girl screaming in ecstasy It was so loud that I had to call our bu

  • Title: Arrogant Neighbor
  • Author: Kira Ward
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 477
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The first night in my new apartment, I wanted to kill him The laughter in the halls, the banging against the walls, the sound of that girl screaming in ecstasy It was so loud that I had to call our building manager about him twice.My new neighbor was a rude, arrogant asshole.I can t blame the girl though His dazzling blue eyes, that body, those tattoos I had never metThe first night in my new apartment, I wanted to kill him The laughter in the halls, the banging against the walls, the sound of that girl screaming in ecstasy It was so loud that I had to call our building manager about him twice.My new neighbor was a rude, arrogant asshole.I can t blame the girl though His dazzling blue eyes, that body, those tattoos I had never met a guy quite like him.But then he keyed my car, and I needed to get the police involved That was the beginning of our heated feud.Little did I know, things were about to get a lot heated The cocky bastard was holding onto a lot of big secrets, one of them being that he was an ex Navy Seal And when the Navy Seal came to the rescue, I ended up rescuing him from himself in the process.This is a full standalone novel with a happily ever after ending No cheating

    Arrogant Neighbor by Kira Ward Arrogant Neighbor is a great story There is nothing like thin walls to really help you know your neighbors For better or for worse, this slighly damaged couple is working past their own insecurities to make this relationship work. How to deal with an arrogant neighbour Quora Apr , The appropriate response to a neighbor s arrogance could range from apologizing to them for having the ultimate responsibility for their perceived arrogance to ending their life in a spectacular fashion, only limited by your imagination There is far too little information given to provide any practical judgement call or advice. How to deal with arrogant neighbors Yahoo Answers Jul , Okay, our neighbors moved in a few years back, and their kids were small and nice Now that they ve grown up, they ve started acting arrogant with us We have a driveway and it is connected to their small patch of land So, we re nice to share our drive way for them to play in But as soon as they see the car is out of the driveway, they get all happy that we re not home. How to Deal with Rude Neighbors Our Everyday Life Short Sad BTS FF My Arrogant Neighbor st Day Wattpad Short Sad BTS FF My Arrogant Neighbor Fanfiction This is a sad short ff, hope you enjoy this and please vote I wish you like it This story is by Y Min, I just change the characters names My Arrogant Neighbor Taehyung FF Watch it on her channel, she was a great writer bts kimtaehyung How to Detect Arrogant People Steps with Pictures Aug , How to Detect Arrogant People Do you always seem to cross paths with people who are stuck on themselves, intolerant of people different from them, rude or downright arrogant These people can be a great source of potential pain, and this How to Cope With Arrogant People with Pictures wikiHow Jan , Enter an encounter with an arrogant person with the strong and confident realization that you are well and strong When you feel sound within your own self, there is nothing an arrogant person can say or do to undermine you Your sense of confidence and self worth will prohibit you from being vulnerable to an arrogant person. How to Handle Rude Neighbors Peggy Post Etiquette May , If that s the case, approach your neighbor in a friendly way to let her know the rules Eileen, I m not sure if you re aware, but the village allows residents to have no than three sales a Miss Manners Avoid the temptation to put neighbors in Sep , Miss Manners Avoid the temptation to put neighbors in their place am wondering what is the best way to deal with an arrogant next door neighbor He The Survivor Approach To Dealing With Difficult Neighbours Jul , The Survivor Approach To Dealing With Difficult Neighbours Published by Graham Stoney on July , July , Over the last few years, I ve adopted a strategy for dealing with troublesome neighbours based on the theme of the reality TV show Survivor Outwit, Outplay, Outlast.

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    1. For those that are hardcore anti-OW, let me save you some time and preface this review by saying that THE ENTIRETY of chapter one is devoted to the MMC feeling up one chick before dismissively twirling her ass off into a crowd so he can finger another random chick who's hotter. He spends the rest of the chapter screwing her in detail. AN ENTIRE CHAPTER, I say. Did I mention that after he bangs her a couple hours, she's STILL so drunk that she can't remember where she lives? Not a good start, dud [...]

    2. Re-read and liked even more a second time!Sloan and Major. Sloan is Major's new neighbour and doesn't appreciate all the moaning and banging all night. Gotta say, normally this would put me off but I still liked Major's character. It was obviously meaningless and didn't make Major's character more sexy or give us any greater insight into his personality. It serves to set the stage that Sloan and he get off on the wrong foot and could have been done with less detail. But like I said, once you get [...]

    3. Great readShe was beyond naive and apparently sheltered until she moved out. He was the bad boy next door neighbor. The two together couldn't be more different, but worked so well.

    4. Sloan and Major.Sloan is a woman who just graduated collage and moved into her own apartment because she was tired of being smothered, she wanted out of her mothers house she wanted her own rules. But what she doesnt expect was a whole bunch of drama in the first two days. From her car, to her noisy neighbor, to a guy she's been dating for a little under the first week. Things are hective. And well things are different then what she expected. She doesn't expect so much drama when she moved out o [...]

    5. Scorching sex and characters with real feelings--good and badHe's a bad-boy sex god with a high alcohol tolerance, a long line of satisfied ladies and a surly attitude toward his new neighbor, Sloane. The book starts off with a bang (right up against his bedroom wall) and doesn’t let up. The sex is sizzling hot, especially with Major’s POV. I love reading his thoughts-in and out of bed.He’s got some baggage and doesn’t think he deserves love. He sticks to one night stands and uncomplicat [...]

    6. Annoying neighbours can be a pain, but to have one that looks like him, Major, how far would you put up with him. Sloan, newly moved into her apartment, finds out that her next door neighbour is different than she imagined. Annoyingly hot, all the noise, all the girls and all the loud music. What to do. Report him and that she does. Major thinks his new neighbour is cute and sexy looking at first, until she reports him for all the noise,then for allegedly keying her car!!! Little madam. Things c [...]

    7. I read this in one sitting. I really didn't believe my kindle when it told me it would only take two and half hour. But at last, it was right. Part of that was also because it ending at 70%.Sadly, this book just wasn't for me. The main characters were too stereotypical and the story really didn't go anywhere. I would go more in depth but I really can't recall a whole lot now. I will say I like the drama between Sloane and her dad. Yet it didn't really do a whole lot for the plot. It was mostly u [...]

    8. Things are not what they appearMajor is a former Navy SEAL and he's dealing with things that are just a part of life. Sloane just graduated college, got her first fob doing what she loves, and just moved into her first apartment. The two don't necessarily hit it off at first but eventually they start seeing each other. Sloane doesn't want to follow in her Mom's life mistakes and Major is keeping secrets. Will these two learn to trust each other and let their pasts go? Read this wonderful stand a [...]

    9. WOW!!! Kira Ward has done it again. Arrogant Neighbor A Navy Seal Romance grabs your attention from the very beginning. I received my copy as an ARC to give a honest review of this book.Sloane & Major are a great pair. From Sloane calling the building supervisor on her neighbor, Major to accuse him of keying her car. Major coming to Sloane's rescue from her boyfriend's attack. From the very beginning they had a lust/hate relationship going on. You will not be disappointed on reading Arrogant [...]

    10. Loved it!Nothing like a hot Navy Seal! He's not really a player. He's just trying to take a month off and think about some life decisions he has to make. Then he meets his neighbor, Sloane, gorgeous, feisty but a thorn in his side.Can Major and Sloan get past the initial lust/hate they have for each other? Can Sloane get past Majors hidden secrets that come to light?Read it, you won't be disappointed. Me. Ward knows how to write romance, hot romance.

    11. I was pleasantly surprised by Kira Ward's style of writing. This book was well written. Not erotica but well loving scenes. Major was a Navy SEAL who's dealt with enough war, now he works when he wants to. Sloane just moved into the next door apartment. And the walls are paper thin. When things start to happen to her she blames him. The tension between them spark. But they both have secrets that could cost someone's chance at love. Will look forward to reading more by this author.

    12. After reading some scathing reviews of this book and some positive ones I just decided to make up my own mind. The writing wasn't the most sophisticated but the story was decent enough and I liked the characters and how their relationship developed. The story finishes at 70% so it was a quicker read than I was expecting and there were some grammatical errors and mistakes scattered throughout the book. Overall it was enjoyable and it seems it's a love or hate book so make your own mind up.

    13. I loved this book, it had you hocked from the start. The chemistry between Sloan and Major. Major the noisy neighbor with his noisy guest, when they meet they find each other sexy as. Sloan loves Major's muscles and hot tattoo, she thinks he has keyed her car, but when Sloan's attacked Major surprises Sloan by coming to her rescue, he helps her and then there friendship takes a new turn n the rest as they say is history. This book is a hot sexy book with a brilliant HEA xx

    14. Very good This book was very good. That's as basic as I can put it. The H was broken as was the h. They fit together perfectly to make each other whole again. It started out as a interested/ annoyed thing, then an interested/ hate thing, then a hate/hate thing. Except it was never a hate thing. They fell in love in just over a month after a concession was made one night. After that it was a slippery slope right down to the HEA. Recommended.

    15. At first, I was really enjoying this book. It was hot and passionate and full of turmoil and heartache, but then the novel went on super speed. I like a book that slowly reveals itself and then leads me slowly to the end, but here BAM it was over. It was over at 70% One minute she is angry with dad and boom the next the end. So, I give it a three because it had a lot of potential and could be great with a little more development.

    16. DNF @ 60%It was kind of boring. And the add "A Navy SEAL Romance" is a joke. Sure he is a former military guy but not a Navy SEAL. Did the author know what a SEAL does? I don't think so.UpdateFinished it because it was only 10% more and the Story ends. I thought before it was boring but OMG it was really bad and boring. Such a unoriginal ending and way to fast.

    17. 3 stars. Quick enjoyable read. Major was a total meanwhile at the beginning of the book. He and Sloane certainly didn't have the best of starts but it turned into a sweet story with Major saving Sloane when a date becomes a dangerous situation. By the end of the book I was really rooting for this couple to have their HEA

    18. UnfinishedThis book just ends at 69%. How was this even published? There was an odd overly long recap of the story so far at about 38%, and now its just over! What! The story is a good story, could have been a great book, if it had been written. Wt* Don't bother yourself with this. You will be greatly disappointed.

    19. Good book shame about the endingI really enjoyed this book, loved the story and the characters . the only reason I didn't give 5 stars was because I found the ending to be very rushed, and this spoilt it for me.

    20. I enjoyed this love story, although I think that Kira Ward should have made them hate each other more. It doesn't seem like they did not like each other to me. I still enjoyed the book and the characters were great. I loved the ending. Good reads.

    21. Absolutely amazing!This book was wonderful! From start to finish is was amazing. I could definitely read this book again. I will be recommending this book to all my book friends. Give it a try and see what you think.

    22. Arrogant Neighbor is a great story. There is nothing like thin walls to really help you know your neighbors. For better or for worse, this slighly damaged couple is working past their own insecurities to make this relationship work. I really enjoyed this story, and highly recommend it.

    23. Arrogant Neighbord they lived happily ever after. As always, Ms. Ward gives us a story that pulls us at our heart. Enjoyed the book. No crazy drama. Just two people falling in love.

    24. BRILLIANT BOOKReally enjoyed this very hot nice tattooed guy with muscles what's not to like with that ,really enjoyable read,HOT,HOT HOT

    25. Samantha's booksTwo for one I love this new thing with combing two for is great so I got two great books read.

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