Some Sunny Day

Some Sunny Day

HelenCarey / May 29, 2020

Some Sunny Day In Helen Carey s poignant and nostalgic novel SOME SUNNY DAY it s and two young women are growing up in a world full of drama and danger Perfect reading for fans of Kate Thompson and Donna Doug

  • Title: Some Sunny Day
  • Author: HelenCarey
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  • Page: 363
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  • In Helen Carey s poignant and nostalgic novel SOME SUNNY DAY, it s 1940, and two young women are growing up in a world full of drama and danger Perfect reading for fans of Kate Thompson and Donna Douglas September 1940 As Luftwaffe bombs rain from the skies over London, the women of Lavender Road are fighting their own battles.Shy Katy Parsons has always been shelteredIn Helen Carey s poignant and nostalgic novel SOME SUNNY DAY, it s 1940, and two young women are growing up in a world full of drama and danger Perfect reading for fans of Kate Thompson and Donna Douglas.September 1940As Luftwaffe bombs rain from the skies over London, the women of Lavender Road are fighting their own battles.Shy Katy Parsons has always been sheltered by her over protective parents The war is her chance to see life from beyond her bedroom window Enrolling as a nurse was always her dream, but the reality is tougher than she ever imagined And falling in love isn t all plain sailing eitherPrivileged Louise Rutherford secretly hoped the war would bring her some fun and romance But far it has brought her pain and grief, and now she has a secret something her strict father must never find out about.London during the Blitz is a dangerous place to live but the Lavender Road residents never stop believing their sunny day will come.

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        I am best known for my LAVENDER ROAD series set in London during the second world war THE OTHER SIDE OF THE STREET, the 5th in the series, is just out, published by Headline Books.One of my reviews called it Fantastic storytelling Do visit my book page for details or to catch up on all my other novels.I have lived in various parts of the world but I currently live in West Wales where my husband and I run our small coastal farm as a conservation project I am a fellow of the Royal Literary Fund and teach from time to time on the Creative Writing MA at Trinity St David University.I hope you enjoy my novels


    1. This was more like I remembered them. It's definitely a step up from the first one. All the characters are back and we meet one or two more. The 'obnoxious' one is still there and to me still just as horrible and selfish. Other characters have grown and stretched and Joyce Carter is still my favorite person. She's still struggling but she's a tough cookie and will never go down without a fight.I feel like I know this people. Some I want to know, some I'd definitely steer clear of. Anyway it's on [...]

    2. I liked this second book in the saga a lot. It wasn't as slow to start as the first book. Life in London during WWII is interesting and I enjoyed the way women "doing their bit" are described. My favourite odd couple being Joyce and Celia. On to the third episode. The problem being that once you've started, you can't stop!

    3. Love this book! I enjoyed all the female characters of different ages and backgrounds. It sit me on the road to reading more WWI and WWII fiction. I would love to find the story that comes before this and wish she'd written another to follow!

    4. For me this was the most enjoyable of the "Lavender Road" trilogy. By now the characters are familiar and the reader is pulled into their lives more and more as they establish their own identities. Although the varying lives of the women in a male dominated world are at the centre of the storytelling, this book does not feel overly feminist. A really rich and enjoyable read.

    5. I really enjoyed this book. As number two in the series it continues on with the War efforts of the those of Lavender Lane, London through WW2. We meet back up with the fabulous vast range of characters and see the reactions to War, thoughts and actions and how it effects their personal lives. There is heartache, danger, criminality and violence but ultimately it's a story of courage when faced with adversity. I'm really looking forward to the next book in the trilogy.My thanks go to the publish [...]

    6. Another good one! I was disappointed in the rather slow build up at first, because romance novels bore me to death, and I fould this 2nd book in the trilogy had a bit too many fawning and flirty females and unrequented love stories. But that soon changed and it just got better and better. OK, so maybe the ending was a little contrived, but who cares? This is not perfect, but it's good story-telling, and the atmosphere of London during the Blitz, with all its tragedy and courage, seems very authe [...]

    7. As indicated in my review of Lavender Road, I am a massive fan of this author,and I have read (and re- read) this novel several times over the last few years. I trained as a nurse (and was on duty at the time of the D Day landings and saw the first casualties come in) and the character of Sister Morris is - I swear - drawn from some of the both formidable, yet magnificent,senior nurses who oversaw us rookies!! The descriptions of the Blitz and the horrors (and the humours) that this entailed for [...]

    8. I have just finished reading this book and found it most satisfying. I have read all three books in the Lavender Road series now (having read the third book first)and have grown to love the distinctive and well-drawn characters living in Lavender Road during the early days of the Second World War.Helen Carey is a brilliant story teller and although the neighbours suffer distressing hardships of war, these books are full of hope for better days to come. Once again I am extremely impressed with th [...]

    9. I really enjoyed the second instalment of the Lavender Road series - maybe especially the elements relating to Sister Morris and the experiences Katy has regarding nurse training - my mum trained as a midwife (albeit some 25 years or more later than when these novels are set) and some of her stories, particularly about the dreaded (but well respected) Matron really chimed with Helen's account. The book kept me really hooked in, I just wanted to know how the lives of the characters would progress [...]

    10. The second of Helen Carey's trilogy of novels set in South London during WW2. This time it takes the community through the height of the Blitz. It is a story of courage in the face of tragedy, but does not hide the dark side of life - there is also domestic violence and criminality, antisemitism and gender prejudice. I thoroughly enjoyed the book.

    11. This book actually got better than I thought it would be! The character Katy was strong, and a great leading character. I liked her husband Ward a lot and though we heard about him at the end of the book, I would have preferred an appearance instead.

    12. This book kept me on my toes. The ending was dissapointing, not sad, but i wished more to happen. The book definatly works well with the benifit of surprise. Whatever i tried to predict to happen, never did.

    13. What a delightful read. A true insight into the way people in London lived during the war and the resilience they found in themselves, to shake off the problems, straighten their shoulders and just carry on.

    14. The second in the Lavender Street trilogy. Even better than the first as the characters evolve and the reader becomes even more involved. Can't wait to start the third book in the series.

    15. The year is 1940 and War is in the air. The world is full of drama, heartache and danger. Bombs are falling all over London and the ladies of Lavender Lane are still determined to do their but for the war effort. Katy Parson wants to flee her over protective parents and so signs up to be a nurse. Although it is all a lot tougher then she would ever possibly dream. Is there a love story coming Katy's way? As always an enjoyable read when you are on Lavender lane. It was lovely to catch up with al [...]

    16. The second book that I have read in this series and I have read many times because I love stories from this era.Very well written and made me think how frightening the London blitz must have been.Really captures the spirit of the era. Brilliant story.

    17. I'm hooked! After reading #3 I had to go play "catch up" with #2. Enjoyable story and (mostly) likeable characters - will see the series through to the end!

    18. After reading Helen Carey’s Lavender Road, I was hooked. I was not disappointed with book two. Some Sunny Day, brought us insight into and more personal growth in the main characters as German bombers are decimating London.Through the war torn London streets, the reader is taken into the hearts, minds, and true grit that helped the men and women of Lavender Road continue to love and live. Each character is carefully and skillfully woven and there is a sense of place that is truly rare to find [...]

    19. Found this in a charity shop and really enjoyed it. would love to read more but they are hard to find in Ireland.

    20. My favourite in the trilogy, I couldn't put it down I just could wait to see what happened with the women of Lavender Road next.

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