The Wanderer

The Wanderer

Sharon Creech / Dec 07, 2019

The Wanderer Shortlisted for the Carnegie Medal and a Newbery Honour Award book a modern classic with a fantastic new cover look

  • Title: The Wanderer
  • Author: Sharon Creech
  • ISBN: 9780330392921
  • Page: 252
  • Format: Paperback
  • Shortlisted for the Carnegie Medal and a Newbery Honour Award book a modern classic with a fantastic new cover look

    The Wanderer Newspaper Nations Oldest Weekly Catholic By JUDE P DOUGHERTY Thought was the title of a highly respected Fordham University quarterly, published from to During that period, its website tells us, it published issues containing over , English language contributions by philosophers, theologians, literary intellectuals, and others. The Wanderer TV Series Sep , Created by Roy Clarke With Bryan Brown, Kim Thomson, Otto Tausig, Gtz Otto Two immortal twin knights, one standing for all that s good, the other evil incarnate, must face each other at the end of the nd millennium to fight for one last time and determine the fate of all mankind. The Wanderer Old English poem The Wanderer MTG Wiki The Wanderer is a planeswalker introduced in War of the Spark.Nobody knows where she came from or her real name, but what they do know is that she is one of The Wanderer at Paper Mill Playhouse Meet the man behind hits like Runaround Sue and The Wanderer in this world premiere musical about Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Dion DiMucci.

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        I was born in South Euclid, Ohio, a suburb of Cleveland, and grew up there with my noisy and rowdy family my parents Ann and Arvel , my sister Sandy , and my three brothers Dennis, Doug and Tom.For a fictional view of what it was like growing up in my family, see Absolutely Normal Chaos In that book, the brothers even have the same names as my own brothers Our house was not only full of us Creeches, but also full of friends and visiting relatives.In the summer, we usually took a trip, all of us piled in a car and heading out to Wisconsin or Michigan or, once, to Idaho We must have been a very noisy bunch, and I m not sure how our parents put up with being cooped up with us in the car for those trips The five day trip out to Idaho when I was twelve had a powerful effect on me what a huge and amazing country I had no idea then that thirty some years later, I would recreate that trip in a book called Walk Two Moons.One other place we often visited was Quincy, Kentucky, where my cousins lived and still live on a beautiful farm, with hills and trees and swimming hole and barn and hayloft We were outside running in those hills all day long, and at night we d gather on the porch where stories would be told I loved Quincy so much that it has found its way into many of my books transformed into Bybanks, Kentucky Bybanks appears in Walk Two Moons and Chasing Redbird and Bloomability Bybanks also makes a brief appearance by reference, but not by name in The Wanderer.When I was young, I wanted to be many things when I grew up a painter, an ice skater, a singer, a teacher, and a reporter It soon became apparent that I had little drawing talent, very limited tolerance for falling on ice, and absolutely no ability to stay on key while singing I also soon learned that I would make a terrible reporter because when I didn t like the facts, I changed them It was in college, when I took literature and writing courses, that I became intrigued by story telling Later, I was a teacher high school English and writing in England and in Switzerland While teaching great literature, I learned so much about writing about what makes a story interesting and about techniques of plot and characterization and point of view I started out writing novels for adults The Recital and Nickel Malley were both written and published while I was living in England these books were published in England only and are now out of print But the next book was Absolutely Normal Chaos, and ever since that book I have written mainly about young people Walk Two Moons was the first of my books to be published in America When it received the Newbery Medal, no one was surprised than I was I m still a little bit in shock.After Walk Two Moons came Chasing Redbird, Pleasing the Ghost, Bloomability, The Wanderer, and Fishing in the Air I hope to be writing stories for a long, long time.I am married to Lyle Rigg, who is the headmaster of The Pennington School in Pennington, New Jersey, and have two grown children, Rob and Karin Being with my family is what I enjoy most The next best thing is writing stories Sharon Creech


    1. If I were to write down my favourite quotes from The Wanderer by Sharon Creech, I have a feeling I would end up transcribing the whole book. Choosing just one moment doesn't seem fair.The Wanderer is life and as alive as the sea. It comes with ups and downs, moods and tides, storms and rainbows. Once you are in, you are in for the whole journey. The story is brought to us by the hands of Sophie and Cody, and is told through their journal entries. Their writing, absolutely stunning in its simplic [...]

    2. I borrowed this book from my daughter’s newly organized “library”. She explained the rules, which were a little different from the ones I am used to at our local library. She knows I have a huge, almost impossible amount of books on my to-read pile, yet she insisted I take this one, and, of course, read it now. To emphasize her point, she explains her library’s rules. I have two weeks to read it (she places a post-it on the inside back cover), and I cannot return it unread to avoid the f [...]

    3. A family mystery, dealing with the enigmas of one girl's past, set before the ominous backdrop of the romantic high seasWhat could be more enticing than that? The Wanderer really isn't as much a complex mystery as I had thought from reading the book's description, however. What lies at stake in these three hundred five pages is less about unraveling a mystery after following numerous leads to nowhere and then finally hitting upon the hot trail that begins an exciting endgame, and more a matter o [...]

    4. J CREECHDebbie-4 stars"The sea. The sea. It rolled and rolled and called to me. Come in. Come in."These are the words of Sophie, a young gal who is the predominant voice in the book, The Wanderer, which is actually the name of the boat Sophie and 5 men use to sail across the ocean. Their destinationn on the boat is to England to see Bompie, who is the father of the 3 brothers and the grandfather of the 2 younger boys. Who is Bompie to Sophie? That along with lots of other questions about her rea [...]

    5. This has been one of my all time favorite books since I was maybe seven or eight. I've at least liked all of Sharon Creech's books, but this is the one I truly loved and has stuck with me ever since I read it for the first time. I found Sophie the only main character Creech has written that I was not annoyed by. The others all seem the same to me. Sophie, while maybe just as unreasonable as many of the other characters from other books, is very easy to relate to and her character is one you can' [...]

    6. Ahoy there me mateys!I previously read two novels by this author: walk two moons (Newbery Medal Winner) and chasing redbird.(ALA Best Book for Young Adults). When I found a copy of her Newbery Honor Book about an adventure across the ocean on a sailboat at a Friends of the Library sale, I had to snag the copy. Arrrr!Side note: me copy has a lovely inscription in it: Dear Veronica, Good luck in your new school (W.M.S.). You are a wonderful student & I will really miss you. Love, Mrs. BeckerI [...]

    7. Sophie goes on a sailing adventure with an all-boys crew including Cody, Brian, Uncle Dock, Uncle Mo and Uncle Stew on Uncle Dock's boat, the Wanderer. The crew encounters friendly people, marine life and unpredictable weather. Sophie and Cody struggle to prove themselves to the rest of the crew; Sophie proves herself to not be helpless around the boat just because she's a girl while Cody tries to prove that he's not a "knuckle-head doofus". As the Wanderer and its' crew travel to different plac [...]

    8. This book is about a girl named Sophie living with her two adopted parents who went to sea with her cousins and uncles to go find her Bompie who has sent Sophie many letters telling her stories about water when he was young. When Sophie told these stories to her cousins and uncles at first they had a hard time believing her. Sophie mentioned in the stories about her Bompie suffering in water but the cousins were confused because the uncles said Bompie never told them anything about him suffering [...]

    9. Love Sharon Creech. I've enjoyed every book I've read of hers; there's an honesty about her stories, and a lack of pretension that I find refreshing. "I wonder why I didn't worry about these things beforehand. Maybe it was because I didn't know, about the four-knot current and I didn't know about the bad things that could happen. I wondered if it was better to know about the bad things in advance and worry about them, or whether it was better not to know, so that you could enjoy yourself."This i [...]

    10. Bompie is a name that will stay with you long after you’ve finished reading this heartwarming adventure story.Surprisingly, so will what a reef knot looks like, even though you might not be a sailor or even know how to swim. Your interest in sailboats might be piqued when something like the Volvo Ocean Race comes to town because this book taught you what “reefing the mainsail” means. Now you’re probably very pleased to know the difference between a square-rigged sailing vessel and a fore [...]

    11. This was a very good book and there were things I loved about it and a few things I did not really like.The things I like:The family takes a voyage across the Atlantic and I found this very interesting. It is told in a realistic way that made me feel as though I were there, and made me think about what it would be like to take such a voyage.I liked that there is a girl narrator (Sophie) and a boy narrator (Cody). This made it neither a "girl" book or a "boy" book. My son really related to Cody. [...]

    12. Sharon Creech has a special ability to touch the hearts of young girls. This is a story in which she uses several writing techniques to tell a poignant and powerful story of one young girl searching for her place in the world, and coming to terms with her difficult past. The story is particularly effective in the use of dual diaries, written by Sophie and her cousin Cody, which give the reader two revealing perspectives on the past and the present. Also delightful was the writing technique of So [...]

    13. A good adventure story of and especially for a young girl.Thirteen-year-old Sophie is the only girl amongst the surly crew of The Wanderer made up of her three uncles and two cousins. They sail across the Atlantic toward England, the land of Bompie, her grandfather. The sea calls to Sophie -- promising adventure and the chance to explore and discover. But the personal journey she takes brings her deeper into a forgotten past than she ever knew she could travel to.Sophie's thirteen-year-old cousi [...]

    14. This was an excellent book, and I really enjoyed it.I liked the way the story unraveled and how you got the perspectives of Sophie and Cody in each chapter. In this book you are reading two journal entries of the events that take place.Sophie and her two cousins, *Brian and Cody, and her three uncles, Uncle Mo, Uncle Stew and Uncle Dock all set out for an adventure across the Atlantic Ocean. They will sail all the way to England to visit their Grandfather, who they all call Bompie. They all lear [...]

    15. Traditional Sharon Creech - the journey theme. In this case, orphaned Sophie takes off on a sea adventure from Connecticut to England with her 3 uncles and two cousins. Together the motley crew repairs the Wanderer and sets off to England to see Bumpie, the father of the uncles, and grandfather of the cousins. Each take a turn not only at each job in the ship, but also at narrating; Cody, a wisecracker, gives us all the details about Sophie that she purposefully leaves out. Everyone has to teach [...]

    16. I chose to read this book because I really liked a couple of other books I had read by this author. This was an enjoyable read, just like the other books by Sharon Creech it was heartfelt and had an interesting twist in the end. Sophie is sailing with her uncles and cousin to visit her grandpa Bompie in England. Sophie is adopted and has never met Bompie, yet she tells stories about him as if she knows him. The twist is finding out that she has been writing him letters, and so they have come to [...]

    17. Definitely an odd read. I have a vague memory of starting this book when I was young and putting it down to gather dust on my shelf. I feel bad when I have unread books just sitting there, but I can see why I put it down.It's a very slow book, with an odd little mystery following an orphan girl and her desire to rewrite her past and forget her pain. I didn't really find myself getting emotionally involved with any of the characters, but I found some of the ideas and concepts in it rather intrigu [...]

    18. A large family of uncles and cousins make their way via sailboat to Ireland to visit their beloved father and grandfather in his last days. As they make the journey, a heartfelt crossing undertaken in honor of how Bompie came to the New World as a young man, they reminisce about Bompie's life. What is odd is that the person who claims to know the most stories is Sophie, the only girl on the ship and a newly adopted member of the family. She has never met Bompie- who is she kidding talking night [...]

    19. The Wanderer is a great book about a kid named Sophie that follows her dreams and finally goes on a sea voyage from the east coast of America all the way to Europe. I like the formatting of the book because it is very unique. It is a book written from the memories of Sophie and Cody. (What they wrote on their dog-logs) It is written in first person switching from Cody to Sophie. It is like they are taking turns telling the story. It is a really great book. If you like realistic fiction books, th [...]

    20. Sophie is a girl who dreams her life is just what it is now, and people don't get it when she thinks she grew up this way. Because she didn't. Can they find out a way to let her know the truth and not hurt her? I gave this book four stars because it was good but it was a little hard to understand how it kept on switching people and diary entries. Eventually I got it but for anyone who wants to read this, I recommend you to pay close attention. This book i would recommend to people who like adven [...]

    21. This book is about a girl named Sophie and she is setting sail with her uncles and cousins and if you have noticed she is the only girl on the Wanderer. They are crossing the Atlantic Ocean to go to England to see her grandfather who had Unfortunately had moved back to England. While on that trip her cousin Cody is trying to prove to his cousins and uncle and dad that he is much more then a doofus. Sophie is learning the struggles of every day life on the Wanderer. They will figure out stories o [...]

    22. Sharon Creech is one of my favorite authors, I love the detail she adds in her book. Sharon adding detail into her book puts imagery in my head, making me want to never put the book down!This book is about a girl who has always wanted to sail the oceans and seas, and her dream finally comes true. She goes sailing with her family members and everything is going good, until a horrible storm comes through. I recommend this book to anybody who likes adventure books.

    23. I really liked Walk Two Moons so I picked this one up. It was a great story and the ending was so perfect. I really loved the characters especially Sophie. This book tells the story of the brothers and three cousins going on a sailing adventure from the US to England to see Bompie, father and grandfather. It is written as a journal from Sophie and Cody's perspectives. I will definitely read this again.8/2016 second time reading it, cute story. I hadn't remembered everything

    24. Three brothers decide to sail across the Atlantic. Two of them take their sons, one goes by himself, and a daughter goes without a parent. They all hope to make it to England to see the brothers' father. The daughter's story isn't quite complete and you're not sure what is going on. The book compels you to keep reading to understand her past.

    25. This is a very well written book. It is not a high adventure book. I think the back of the book might lead you to think it is going to be high adventure. There is a section with a very dangerous storm on the sea. Most of the book is about the relationships of this one family. It has beautiful sensitive passages where the author has used our language like a song.

    26. Sharon Creech tells a great story! She is great at writing mysteries for people who don't enjoy traditional mysteries. I was occasionally confused by the flipping back between the two viewpoints, but only because on my Kindle version was difficult to tell. This story would be great for any adventurous kids.

    27. The Wanderer is a book about a girl named Sophie. She has a calling to the ocean and when she finds out that her uncles and cousins are sailing to she her grandpa Bompie in England, she is all ready to go.I really liked this book. I think Sharon Creech did a great job narrating both a girl and a boy in the story. I recommend this to people who like fiction books.

    28. Walk Two Moons & Chasing Redbird, both by Sharon Creech, are two of my favorite junior fiction books. The Wanderer did not disappoint. Knowing that 3/3 books I've read by Creech have been enjoyable, I want to read all of her other books, too!

    29. just started tonight - think this will be an excellent family read aloud.oh I loved it! beautiful, poignant story. the girls were a little antsy at the beginning - thought it was too slow - but it built in excitement - had suspense and a bit of mystery as well. really lovely story

    30. A Newberry Honor book by one of my favorite children's authors. Not as good as "Walk Two Moons" but worth a read. There is a strong female character and an emphasis on the importance of family.

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