How To Watch Football

How To Watch Football

Ruud Gullit / Jan 22, 2020

How To Watch Football Every armchair pundit s new favourite bookHow can one striker be better than three Why do the best defenders never need to make a tackle What s the secret of Tiki taka Welcome to Ruud Gullit s masterc

  • Title: How To Watch Football
  • Author: Ruud Gullit
  • ISBN: 9780241274583
  • Page: 141
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Every armchair pundit s new favourite bookHow can one striker be better than three Why do the best defenders never need to make a tackle What s the secret of Tiki taka Welcome to Ruud Gullit s masterclass on how to read a match.From his unrivalled perspective as player, manager and pundit, the Dutch football legend shows us everything to look for in a 90 minute match.Every armchair pundit s new favourite bookHow can one striker be better than three Why do the best defenders never need to make a tackle What s the secret of Tiki taka Welcome to Ruud Gullit s masterclass on how to read a match.From his unrivalled perspective as player, manager and pundit, the Dutch football legend shows us everything to look for in a 90 minute match From formations and tactical decisions to player qualities and pivotal moments, Ruud Gullit unveils the hidden patterns on the pitch.Packed with his acute insights, original observations and talking points, How to Watch Football will quite simply change the way you see the beautiful game.

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      • Ruud Gullit

        Ruud Gullit is a Dutch football manager and former footballer who played professionally in the 1980s and 1990s as a midfielder or forward.


    1. The title may be this book's biggest problem.Much of the book is a memoir. Almost every example is from his own experience, especially during his playing career with A.C. Milan or the Netherlands national team. The few examples not from his own experience are almost exclusively from FC Barcelona.And much of this book has nothing to do with how you watch the game (hence the trouble with the title). It is doubtful Gullit's thoughts on food intolerances will change any way you see a game. And if yo [...]

    2. This is a book written by world renowned footballer and manager Ruud Gullit. The book is about tactics and strategies that can be noticed while watching football. These are explained simply and clearly.This was a very interesting book since I love football. I was able to learn, and more importantly understand lots of new things about the world of football, more specifically, in-game situations. I really enjoyed the writing style of the book, the simplicity of language, and the short in-depth exp [...]

    3. Still working through the book due to wanting to use it as a guide for coaching soccer. The way he goes over his career at the start of the book helped me to see where he is coming from in the way that he analyses soccer. Its a good resource and I look forward to finishing it.

    4. I was thrilled to win this book as a giveaway. I'm what you might call a casual fan; I have my favorite teams and players but I only really watch when a game pops up online at ESPN3 (or now I've started to watch old streamed games on youtube). I also try to catch as much as I can of the larger competitions like the World Cup.I thought this book delivered great on its title. If you know nothing about soccer than this book will help you understand the basics. If you know a little bit about soccer [...]

    5. Filled with opinions and observations, Gullit's books is meant to show the novice how to watch soccer at a deeper level. I found it informative and helpful though I imagine this will differ from person to person based on how much they agree with his observations. There are chapters on formations and positions and thoughts on the differences between each nation and each league. Gullit is qualified to discuss these things. He has both played and managed on the highest levels of soccer in multiple [...]

    6. Prima boek over de tactische concepten in het voetbal en de kijk van Ruud Gullit daarop. Zeker een aanrader als je van plan bent meer te leren over voetbal, omdat Ruud je handvatten geeft om ook het spel zonder bal te volgen met onder meer illustraties die zijn uitleg visualiseren.Kijk je al veel voetbal en ben je redelijk op de hoogte van verschillende tactieken, formaties en de voor- en nadelen daarvan, dan is het boek vooral interessant vanwege de mening van Gullit hierover. Ik was het niet a [...]

    7. This book wasn't entirely what I expected based on the book jacket and a review I had read in the WSJ. I think it is more aimed at someone who already knows something (a reasonable amount) about soccer and not for a novice. While I have some familiarity with soccer (both from playing when I was a kid and now watching my 10-year old play), there were a number of terms and ideas that I really was not familiar with. Nonetheless, I found the book to be interesting and do feel like I gained a greater [...]

    8. Given the title, I assumed this would be about analysing the game. It is not. It's a bizarre, directionless collection of comments on the personality of various managers, and incredibly basic information about football that would not be new to anybody who had ever watched or played a game. For example, there's a page about how the way most formations are written don't include the goalkeeper, e.g. 4-4-2 is not 1-4-4-2.

    9. Technical details are in the book, but I think the book format makes it difficult to read. Most of the book exists as short sections with few paragraphs in each section. Most of these paragraphs describe how he played or how he coached. Every once in a while, a deeply detailed technical description pops up that does not match the breezy tone of the rest of the book. It's jarring to go from one tone to the other.

    10. Reads too much like a longish promotional brochure from Mr. Gullit about himself, occasionally interspersed with some nuggets of wisdom, and therefor becomes unreadable about halfway through. Disappointing for sure.I received an ecopy from the publishers and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

    11. Good insights on football but feels disjointed. Different topics keep coming under different headings. Very unstructured. I took a long time to finish this but a fast reader can finish this in two days.

    12. The author reflects on his career as a professional soccer player and manager in Europe. He offers many opinions and insights about different aspects of soccer. I especially enjoyed his analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of various soccer formations.

    13. Ik was wel benieuwd hoe Ruud Gullit naar voetbal kijkt, maar het boek gaat meer over voetbal in het algemeen dan over hoe Ruud naar voetbal kijkt. Daarom viel het mij tegen. Op zich leuk, maar zonder echte eye openers.

    14. An excellent read. Great insight into the game from one of football's best, providing real clarity for the reader on every topic you could think of.

    15. Finding soccer insights in this book is like finding hay in a haystack; unavoidable but also unorganized. Unfamiliar with a lot of the European soccer history the specifics were wasted on my but Ruud does a good job of making the takeaways clear.

    16. I grew up watching Gullit play. It fun to hear his brain dump on the beautiful game. His "what it's REALLY like to be a player and manager" insights were worth the price of admission.

    17. Leuk voor iemand zoals ik die bijna niks van voetbal weet. Ik kan niet inschatten of het ook wat is als je er wel verstand van hebt.

    18. I have picked up this book so many times already that I wonder if it will ever make an impact on the way I watch the game of 'football'. :(I started watching soccer more regularly less than a year ago after becoming acquainted with the game and wanting to keep up with my European football fanatic friends. But I couldn't pick up on the rules, penalties, player positions and nuances of the game at the time.I decided that this was the book for me - I could finally be in touch with the game and carr [...]

    19. Ahmm, it's like this: I respect Mr. Gullit for wanting to write a book on soccer, sharing his experiences but I don't think it's not a good idea to squeeze a sport like football (for the rest of the world this is how it's called (:) into several pages. It doesn't fit there, pops out of the book! Maybe he should do this on TV, you know explaining football and all but visual aspects of football which is very important, can't be written down. At least I didn't like it in a book.But for the people w [...]

    20. I received this book as a giveaway. The book provides the perspective of a former player and coach and many of his examples come from both the Dutch professional game and the Netherlands national side, but this shouldn’t be a negative for American readers interested in soccer. The most positive aspect is that Gullit offers reasonable advice for players, coaches, and fans willing to sift through his many examples.

    21. It may just have been the translation, but I found this to be extremely poorly written and very condescending. Also self-aggrandizing, but that's par for the course with athlete memoirs. The only parts that really flowed & I found helpful were the technical aspects & the psychology.

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