Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn

Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn

Philip Athans / Dec 12, 2019

Baldur s Gate II Shadows of Amn In the second installment of novelisations of the popular Baldur s Gate series of computer role playing games Abdel Adrian and his companions face the powerful and evil wizard Irenicus who plans to

  • Title: Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn
  • Author: Philip Athans
  • ISBN: 9780786915699
  • Page: 374
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • In the second installment of novelisations of the popular Baldur s Gate series of computer role playing games, Abdel Adrian and his companions face the powerful and evil wizard Irenicus, who plans to use Abdel and his cursed blood as tools in his plans for revenge.

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    1. I guess I could have some fun by trying to explain just how this is the worst book ever.I absolutely adored the computer game. It gave me the chance to be the hero in the fantasy world I knew from R. A. Salvatore's novels, and it had a great deal of depth of character and story. I approached the novelisation with some trepidation. Of course it was not going to be epic like that. But I hoped it would at least be some trashy fun.It started out seeming like that. While none of the changes from the [...]

    2. In over 40 years of reading (and over 3000 books), this ranks as my number 1 worst of all time. No doubt I am a bit jaded because I did, in fact play the game and I absolutely hated the way the author messed with the characters. But putting that aside, I still can't imagine a worse novel. The plot was horrible and filled with holes, the setting descriptions were amateur at best, and characterization? Laughable. My daughter wrote better stuff when she was 4 years oldI only kept reading due to my [...]

    3. "(She) didn't like that word: monsters. It was disrespectful. WHat made one creature an animal and another a monster? Were monsters animals that were new, threatening, or dangerous to people? Monsters behaved like animals, didn't they? When they were hungry, they ate. Calling something a monster made it easier to kill. She hated calling anything a monster."

    4. Al menos el primer libro se salvaba en cuanto a los personajes, porque si bien la reinterpretación del protagonista afectaba a los secundarios de manera más o menos coherente, en esta segunda parte esa misma reinterpretación sirve también para todos aquellos personajes que hacen grande la saga de juegos original y, que en este libro, tienen una burda participación. El autor toma su nombre y la nostalgia que nos trae a los que somos jugadores del videojuego y los va destruyendo página a pá [...]

    5. And yet another let down in the "forgotten Realms" genre. I don't know why I keep reading these books(it's because I can't help myself)This was the second, and final book, in the "Baldur's Gate" series. Now, I never played the game, so I don't have that conection with it, but I was still let down.Actually, the begining was promising. I thought that this one was going to be better than the first. When I read the first book and wasn't very impressed, I guessed that it was one Athans first attempts [...]

    6. What the heck did I just read? Supposedly, this is a novelization of Baldur's Gate 2, but I refuse to accept it as such. Basically the only thing that this book had in common with the game was a few names. Even the events of the main plot only vaguely resembled the ones from the game. And the marvelous side-quests? Not a one is mentioned. It was like Athans didn't want to include any character that he didn't absolutely have to. Imoen and Minsc, who should have at least made an appearance in the [...]

    7. I played the game. I approached the book, hoping for a least a decent, novel-quality After-Action-Report. I was hoping for an extension to the epic-ness and the lores and the sophisticated characterization that I so love in the game. Instead, I find disappointment. The characters are weak (not physically but in terms of personality), unimpressive, dumbed-down and outright boring. I feel no attachment to the story or the character the way i feel about the game. I have the feeling that Philip had [...]

    8. Kind of like the first book, but Imoen suddenly becomes a lesbian (note to author: girl-on-girl is hot, but not when someone like you is writing it) and Irenicus gets flanderised into a dirty pervert with no motivation.Reading this is more painful than crucifixion, so anyone stupid enough to actually want to read this will probably find it in a depraved BDSM dungeon.No wonder a better author was hired for the third book (which is also rubbish).

    9. I couldn't finish the first book in the series so I'm knocking this off my Want To Read List. I highly doubt it gets better so pretend this book was never written and re-install the game. I just got the Enhanced Edition so I'll be enjoying this story the way it was meant to be enjoyed. By playing the Video Game!

    10. Reseña completa en mi blogdrdeadwish/201Algo mejor que el primero, pero no por mucho. Sigue siendo algo superficial, poco sostenible en algunos hechos. Las típicas cosas que encontré en el primer libro.

    11. What I remember it was that the book was bad to someone who played the game. Nothing to it. No juice, no storytelling.

    12. Following the events of the first book you may think it couldn't get worse but it does! Totally ruined the story.

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