My Life as a 10-Year-Old Boy

My Life as a 10-Year-Old Boy

NancyCartwright / Feb 21, 2020

My Life as a Year Old Boy Nancy Cartwright the ultimate Simpsons insider gives voice to the boy immediately recognizable as none other than Bart Simpson Now Nancy traces The Simpsons rapid rise to wild popularity offers hi

  • Title: My Life as a 10-Year-Old Boy
  • Author: NancyCartwright
  • ISBN: 9780786886005
  • Page: 109
  • Format: Paperback
  • Nancy Cartwright, the ultimate Simpsons insider, gives voice to the boy immediately recognizable as none other than Bart Simpson Now, Nancy traces The Simpsons rapid rise to wild popularity, offers hilarious anecdotes about cast members and guest stars and reveals what it s like to be at the center of a North American institution, one that reinvented the sitcom, rocked tNancy Cartwright, the ultimate Simpsons insider, gives voice to the boy immediately recognizable as none other than Bart Simpson Now, Nancy traces The Simpsons rapid rise to wild popularity, offers hilarious anecdotes about cast members and guest stars and reveals what it s like to be at the center of a North American institution, one that reinvented the sitcom, rocked the networks to the core and forever changed the face of television.

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    1. Terrible terrible We listened to this book on tape, narrated by the author on a road trip to Arizona. She is the voice of Bart Simpson, and is so incredibly full of herself, and went on and on about "oooh, i met this person, and this person, and him, and her." Whoopdee freakin doo, did you want an award for being obnoxious and self-centered? "I spend very little time working and make craploads of money doing it, praise me and be grateful for my time I am giving you writing this book" was her att [...]

    2. Do you want to read about your favourite cartoon series through 300 pages of your mom telling stories via Facebook posts? Then this is the book for you!Cartwright is a great VO actress, and I would even believe that she's simply a great orator. However, she is not a particularly good writer. This book is stitched together through several uneven, rambling journal entries, some banal minutia of the day-to-day production of The Simpsons (which reads more like an award acceptance speech that never g [...]

    3. This book is a must-read for any avid Simpsons fan, giving a unique perspective behind the scenes and a personal look into the life of Bart’s voice, Nancy Cartwright. Her enthusiasm is splashed across the pages (with gratuitous exclamation points) and it’s refreshing to read about someone who is truly grateful for her position in life. I loved that she is a total fan of guest stars, gushing over the likes of Tom Jones and Mel Gibson, and is vastly generous with her celebrity, freely signing [...]

    4. I agree with most of the other people rating this book because they are definitely not wrong about how the author is extremely full of herself and very self centered. The author only talks about how she's met her idols and done this and that but never mentions things about other. At time the story can be hard to follow because the author switches between herself and Bart (the main character in the book.) however, I could make some connections to the main character because I was once a ten year o [...]

    5. Cartwright tells how she got involved with performance as a teen, how she lucked into a mentor in voice-over acting, how she supported herself fine dong mostly voice-overs for cartoons and commercials until The Simpsons came along. She details how the Simpsons idea was born on the Tracy Ullman show, how it started a life of its own, and how its popularity brought on lots of guest stars, including many that Cartwright swooned over (Tom Jones, Mel Gibson, Meryl Streep). She is good about describin [...]

    6. I listened to this audiobook told by Nancy Cartwright herself to improve my voiceovers. I loved the book. She is humble, hardworking, successful and female. She tells the story from her perspective. She is motivating.

    7. I read this book on audio because it seemed like the perfect book to be on audio. I mean come on, the voice of Bart Simpson, Nancy Cartwright, reading about her experiences as Bart. Seemed like a fantastic idea. Apparently not. If you read this one, you might wanna skip the audio book and go for the printed word. Cartwright's voice is downright annoying. It's very high-pitched and squeaky sounding. She is very over-excited when she is doing the read for her book (so with her high voice you make [...]

    8. I am a lifelong Simpsons fan (well at least for the last 25 years of my life). It was enjoyable to read the perspective of one of the most famous voices from that show. It was also interesting to read of Nancy's determination to become a voice actor and her pursuit of one of the masters, Daws Butler, to help her on her journey. Ms. Cartwright has a unique perspective on the early evolution of the show and it's place in her life. Of particular amusement is an anecdote from a function that she was [...]

    9. This isn't a masterpiece but instead an insider's look into the world of Springfield, USA and the countless talented individuals who make it happen. From animators to musicians to voice actors to painters, behind-the-scenes Simpsons is serious business. Readers will be polarized by this memoir as Nancy Cartwright focuses on vignette-type stories of celebrity encounters and life lessons. I studied film in college and believe animation has profound influence on culture, especially within the color [...]

    10. As a die-hard Simpsons fan, I was eager to read (or in this case, listen to) this book. Nancy Cartwright gives an amazing performance in demonstrating how she perfected her craft as a voiceover artist and how the Simpsons came to be, but once we get passed the first two or three seasons, the book flatlines.While there are references to specific episodes, they are all confined to the now-classic early seasons, showing the book's age. Little mention is made of Bart's evolution away from the neighb [...]

    11. I really dug the unauthorized biography of THE SIMPSONS released last year, but Cartwright's is more true to the talent side of it. Whereas the former was more about the process, development and phenomenon of this show, Cartwright's is as much autobiography of her as much as it is about THE SIMPSONS.It's also got mini-chapters where she tells stories about all the guest stars you wanted to know dirt about. Kind of gossipy in a way. There's also a lot of cool insight into the rest of the cast tha [...]

    12. Part of me expected the book to be more about Nancy than Bart. I really enjoyed the first chapters as Nancy bursts into the scene and I now appreciate more the job of the world of animation.But then she started pulling things from her journal *gasp* I'm far from the biggest Hollywood fan, so it came across as immature and superficial.This book should only be read by a die-hard Simpsons fan.After reading a biography (or auto biography), I often use the "Would I want to hang out with this person? [...]

    13. Ay Caramba! Bart is voiced by a girl! Nancy is a riot. The audiobook is narrated by Nancy herself which makes it a joy to cruise through. The best part is Nancy talks about being a professional and what it takes to make it. Voice work is hard work. Growing up when the Simpsons first aired as shorts on Tracy Ullman it is easy to forget animated primetime series didn't exist before the Simpsons. Nancy gives a view into how the Simpsons have evolved over time and how they got their start. It makes [...]

    14. So here's another one I was glad to have listened to rather than read. It's read by Nancy Cartright herself which makes it that much more interesting. Plus whenever she's talking about a voice she does the voice. And in addition, she adds some notes to things that have changed since she wrote the book. She reads as is, and then puts a little side note in there.On the flip side, boy can she talk - she talks FAST and I was surprised that so much of the book centered on how the Simpsons was made an [...]

    15. I love the Simpsons, I have a gorgeous Simpsons trivia book I bought when I was 11, before I watched the Simpsons. I read the entire thing and as a result, knew more Simpsons trivia and quotes than someone who had watched the entire show. I didn't end up watching it till I was about 15. Regardless, I have a special connection to the trivia, the behind the scenes going-on's. Therefore, I think that's part of the reason I really loved this book. Also, I got it for a dollar while thrifting. So ther [...]

    16. I haven't watched The Simpsons since my last year of high school (1997), so I'm not sure why I chose to listen to this book. Nevertheless, it was interesting. 6 hours worth of interesting? Not so much. Some parts I just didn't care for. Near the end I finally grew a brain and increased the speed so I could finish it sooner. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't great. Listening to Nancy's different voices was cool though.

    17. This wasn't exactly what I was expecting, but as a huge Simpsons fan I still enjoyed it. Nancy herself seems great, albeit a bit goofy at times, and the behind the scenes stories were awesome. This was a bit disjointed though, and a lot of the stories jumped around and/or didn't come to a real conclusion. I'd give this 2 stars for the content but 4 stars for Nancy herself, so 3 stars seems like a good compromise.

    18. This is a FUN read (well, listen in my case.)It takes a little time to get used to Cartwright's voice, and to not see Bart reading this book. Her speaking voice is similar to Bart's. She reads at a fast pace, so that took some getting used to. Once I settled into the pace, it was really fun to listen to! Cartwright does voices, and sounds effects, and gets excitement in her voice when talking about celebs and such.

    19. I would recommend listening to this rather than reading it. Since Nancy Cartwright is a voice artist, I think one would miss quite a bit by reading. Yes, she does get a little annoying but this book is a very interesting look at life as a voice artist, the evolution of the Simpsons and the development of an animated show. When I couldn't take listening to her voice anymore, I turned off the CD and listened to something else.

    20. I actually listened to the audiobook, read by Nancy Cartwright. It was a lot of fun! I've listened to books read by the author before, and there are cases where the author can write a good book, but REALLY STINKS at reading it for audiobook. Nancy Carwright is a voice actress. This means listening to her read her book is DOWNRIGHT HILARIOUS. I'd recommend the book, but I don't think you'll get the full effect from it unless you listen to it.

    21. I listened to this on audiobook. I think that this is an advantage since Nancy Cartwright reads the book and will do Bart's voice at various points. I was disappointed because she talks a lot about the mechanics of the show and it gets a little boring. There were interesting parts, such as Meryl Streep asking Nancy Cartwright for her autograph. I wish she wrote more about moments like that instead of how the show was made. Still, great book for Simpsons fans.

    22. A quick and mildly entertaining read. The behind-the-scenes part don't tell you much more than you'll learn from the DVD commentaries (which, if you're an obsessive Simpsons fan like me, you'll have listened to at least a few times). The best parts are when Nancy talks about her personal life. I liked this book, but I wouldn't recommend it to someone who wasn't a fellow Simpsons nut.

    23. Great book, but probably only to fans of the Simpsons, of course. It was very funny and interesting. There were a lot of cool back stories on how things started and what it's been like to be a voice actor. It was a little too technical in parts. She described how an episode is done start to finish and some parts of that weren't too interesting to me. Overall, really fun!

    24. This book totally revived my lifelong-but-dormant interest in and love of The Simpsons. I hope to find some books by other people who work on it and learn even more about the magic. It took a few minutes to get used to her reading style on the audiobook, but it's very entertaining and fitting. I definitely recommend this for all who love the show.

    25. I'm a big fan of the simpsons, so this autobiography was something i had to readry interesting, it cronicles nancy's journey to becoming to voice of bart simpson. she talks about her early experiences on the show through about ten years after finding fame.

    26. I am a long-time fan of the Simpsons, so when I saw this book at the bookstore I knew I had to have it. I don't know why it took me so long to decide to actually read it. It is an excellent read not just for Simpsons fans but for fans of animation and art in general.

    27. This book was so HORRENDOUS from the start. I skipped a few chapters and tried getting into the Simpsons parts but it was just too stupid for me. I decided to not bother reading it, which is really out of character for me, but in this case - nope, not wasting my time.

    28. Great stuff about how The Simpsons episodes are created from script to air and her mentorship with Daws Butler (Yogi Bear, Snagglepuss, Elroy Jetson, etc.) from a true fan of the show, but the writing throughout is rather leaden. Also, the Scientology stuff is just pathetic. Still, worth a read.

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