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Aprilh xan En av mina systrar stal det liv som var avsett f r mig Jag vill veta vem S t nker Desir e d r hon ligger i sin sjuks ng Hon r ett av de handikappade barn som p talet placerades p institution Hon ka

  • Title: Aprilhäxan
  • Author: Majgull Axelsson
  • ISBN: 9789176434581
  • Page: 145
  • Format: Paperback
  • En av mina systrar stal det liv som var avsett f r mig Jag vill veta vem S t nker Desir e d r hon ligger i sin sjuks ng Hon r ett av de handikappade barn som p 50 talet placerades p institution Hon kan varken g eller tala, men hon har andra f rm gor Hennes tre systrar vet inte att hon finns Men en dag f r de var sitt brev som tvingar dem att minnas ett sm rtsa En av mina systrar stal det liv som var avsett f r mig Jag vill veta vem S t nker Desir e d r hon ligger i sin sjuks ng Hon r ett av de handikappade barn som p 50 talet placerades p institution Hon kan varken g eller tala, men hon har andra f rm gor Hennes tre systrar vet inte att hon finns Men en dag f r de var sitt brev som tvingar dem att minnas ett sm rtsamt f rflutet.

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        Majgull Axelsson b 1947 is a famous Swedish journalist and writer She grew up in N ssj and had education in journalism.Her first book was non fiction, and focused on the problems of child prostitution and street children in third world, and poverty in Sweden April witch is her second novel, and one that was well received in Sweden With over 400,000 copies sold in hardcover, It landed on several bestsellers lists for months and received important Swedish literature awards including the Moa Martinsson Prize J rgen Eriksson s Prize and Augustpriset It addresses themes of mother daughter relationships, competition between women, and the failures of Sweden s postwar welfare state.Axelsson lives with her husband on Liding From.


    1. Review to followgotta get back to the garden just now.Okay, now that my dirt work is over, I can think a bit more about this book. It tells the story of four women: Desiree, Christina, Margareta, and Birgitta. Their lives have not been easy, definitely not easy. There are some gruesome scenes here, and gory details that may make a squeamish reader close the book and turn away. But such things happen, and they are important to being able to understand the different personalities involved here so [...]

    2. Ako trazite nesto carobno, ovu knjigu preskocite. Kada citate, a cijelo vrijeme osjecate nervozu jer jedva cekate zavrsiti Kada vam nije jasno zasto je ta zbrkana i naporna knjiga uopce pisana Znajte da vam ni kraj nece biti prijatelj.

    3. "Vjerujem u Boga, rekao je. Ali ljudi? Ne postoji nikakvog razloga da bi se vjerovalo ljudima. Pa oni su sposobni za sve."Bome jesu, pa i napisati hvalospjeve na koricama knjige. Ajmo, još malo pa nestalo, kupite ljudi! Srećom, nisam ju kupila, samo posudila u knjižnici. Na spomenutim koricama čitat ćete o vješticama i natprirodnom ako to očekujete između korica, odustanite odmah na početku. Nema toga, ni u tragovima.A sve ostalo je zbrčkano do boli, samo autorica zna što je htjela re [...]

    4. I posted a comment on the only review worth reading of Me Before You about how people saying the work was acceptable representation of disabled people needed to find twenty other works that featured disabled people in prominent character positions and see how the results laid out. Did they live? Did they die? Were they similarly pressed to save the neurotypical and/or abled people the trouble of taking out the trash in order to make for a tearjerker conclusion for the myriad eugenishits in the g [...]

    5. Много хубав роман. Сочен. Плътен. Солидно конструиран. Главните героини са всички жени - много ми беше интересно да мога да се идентифицирам до такава степен с хора с живот, различен от моя. Преводът на Анелия Петрунова е вещ, умен, голямо удоволствие. А шведите, на които нищо [...]

    6. Although some parts of April Witch were beautifully written, it took me way too long to read this one--an entire month--and I am usually a fast reader. It did not deliver enough of the kind of magic realism it claimed it would in its description, and it was so difficult to care about any of these prickly, superficial characters. Margareta was the best one, but not interesting enough to carry the novel.

    7. I was disappointed that, in the end, the long build-up of interlocking storylines did not amount to much. It would not have been as disappointing if there hadn't been hints magic, leading one to believe that there was some surprise just a few pages ahead. While it was interesting to see how each of the three sisters perceived themselves, how they thought of each other, and how their circumstances influenced them, ultimately that could have been done without the promise of revealing some larger s [...]

    8. It was well written and kept me reading out of suspense. I was always waiting for something to happen and it just never did. It could have been better than what it was.

    9. Det var min andra boken av Majgull Axelsson. Jag gillar hennes textstil. Det är interessant bok om fyra kvinnor som har svår barnhet. Desiree var Ellens dotter som var mycket sjuk från början. Ellen gav bort hennes dotter och sedan adopterade tre tjejer. Efter fyrtio år berätter Desiree oss om hennes systrarsliv. Deiree är aprilhäxan som kan lämna sin kropp och leva i någon annan. Hon följer dem. Hon vill vet att vem av sina systrar stal det liv som var avsett för hon. Boken talar vi [...]

    10. April WitchMajgull Axelsson (Translated by Linda Schenck)I breezed through this 408 page novel in three days. Being who I am and knowing the plot of this book it is easy to understand why I devoured this book so voraciously. Originally published in Sweden in 1997, it won the coveted August Prize and created a stir in its home country, mostly due to its realistic and harsh description of Sweden’s post-war welfare state.This book has much deeper topics to ponder than Swedish politics, though. Th [...]

    11. 3.5 stars that I was willing to round up rather than down.April Witch is an interesting book. The story of three (four) sisters whose life paths have gone very differently, it recounts a time in late middle age where their stories converge once again. I found the characterization believable and became engrossed in the various stories of the sisters' lives. In fact, up until the last bit of the book, I was prepared to give this a Real Four Stars instead of a rounded 3.5. But in the end, the clima [...]

    12. In this best-selling, award-winning Swedish novel, five women encircle their lives. There is Ella, mother of Desirée and foster mother to Christina, Margareta and Birgitta. Desirée lies in a hospital bed, stricken with cerebral palsy and epilepsy since birth, mute and unmoving, but with a keen interest in the integrity of the universe and a capacity for out-of-body experience. Christina is the “good girl” whose birth mother is a fearsome hag and who determinedly succeeds. Margareta was lef [...]

    13. I feel so relieved for having finished this. I tried to read this 10+ years ago but couldn't finish it because it made me so anxious. Now I decided to give it another go as a book that was previously left unfinished was needed for my challenge. (This book has also been bugging me ever since I abandoned it all those years ago because I simply cannot leave books unfinished, which is ridiculous. There are so many books and so little time) I can't recall why this made me anxious in the first time bu [...]

    14. It is only in theory, she tells herself, that time is an illusion. To people, time is real, and therefore it is a signal of human madness to try to reach through it, for instance to try to console a twenty-years-younger edition of oneself.*We have spoken for days and weeks, months and years, and yet we have remained silent about the things that have burned the deepest holes in us.*I shriveled up. That's what happens when you abandon hope. You shrivel up.I could feel it happen [] as if I lost eve [...]

    15. The book tells the story of four sisters who are very different from one another. In fact, they have no biological connection with each other, but who cares. Their names are Christina, Margareta, Birgitta and Desiree. The first three of them were raised by their foster mother Ella, but once she is seriously ill, they disperse to meet again after maybe 20 years.The author examines the life of Christina, then Margareta, and then of Brigitta and the main view is of Desire - the girl who can not wal [...]

    16. Dubnová čarodějka je jiná. Ta ví, kdo je. A když pozná své schopnosti, umí prohlédnout časem a plout prostorem, schovat se stejně snadno v krůpěji vody či v těle hmyzu, jako se zmocnit člověka. Ale nemá svůj vlastní život. Její tělo je vždycky slabé nedokonalé, nehybné. – – –Když budete číst, že jde o "příběh v tradici magického realismu", nečekejte Macondo Garcíi Márqueze. Nejde o latinskoamerický magický realismus, ale jeho vzdálenou švédskou p [...]

    17. Axelsson displays the power of the unreliable narrator in a rarely reliable manner. This particular story is told from the perspective of four women who are loosely bonded as sisters, and yet they exquisitely fall apart. The primary (and I would argue, one of the least reliable narrators) is that of Desiree, as she is so aptly named. Her critique of her sisters, Christina, Margareta, and Birgitta is beyond troublesome, yet seductive. One wants to believe that Christina is beyond the most reliabl [...]

    18. Tyckte den här boken var okej, den var varken dålig eller jättebra. Det jag saknade var ett riktigt slut; det kändes som att boken tog slut alldeles för fort.Författaren har spenderat mycket tid på att bygga upp intrigen enda fram till slutet som tyvärr känns hafsigt och inte riktigt genomtänkt. Ungefär som att en deadline har närmat sig och man inte haft tid att slutföra sitt jobb. Tror boken hade mått bra av iallafall 100 sidor till.

    19. I was really excited when I began the book and was fervently copy-pasting highlights and quotations well into the first 100 pages but the book was ultimately disappointing because it seemed too disparate and the conclusion that the protagonist reaches towards the end seemed like something she could well have reached at the beginning, making the plot seem rather obsolete! It somehow didn't come together for me despite all its interdisciplinary borrowings and some beautiful writing. SpoilersThe bo [...]

    20. This book is a translation of a book originally published in Sweden. It tells the story of Desiree, a severely disabled person who has capabilities no one realizes she has. As he lies in a hospital bed, she comes to the realization that one of her three foster sisters, who do not know of her existence (her mom gave her up at birth and then took in 3 more girls) has led the life she was supposed to lead herself.

    21. Jag gillade idén av boken och jag kände rätt mycket för karaktärerna och ville veta mer. Däremot blev jag stundtals tveksam över hur Desirée med CP representerades. Att ta ett handikapp och sen lägga på magiska krafter… Jag vet inte, det kändes lite tveksamt. Samma sak med hennes syster som led av missbruk.

    22. Hmm nevím. Zajímavě napsané, sugestivní, ale asi až trochu moc té "magické" stránky a hodně depresivní. Tam vlastně není nikdo šťastný, všechny hlavní hrdinky poznamenali dysfunkční rodiče a další nepřízně osudu. Byla jsem zvědavá na rozuzlení, ale na konci vlastně jen o to smutnější a neuspokojená. Budu se radši snažit zapomenout.

    23. Een al wat oudere Zweedse roman, over een vergeten gehandicapte zus en haar drie pleegzussen. Over hoe het is om zonder liefde te worden opgevoed, over toekomstdromen en clashes met de realiteit.Niet mis, maar het duurde me net wat te lang.

    24. Книга сильная, но специфичная. Жизнь брошенных детей и неблагополучных семей.

    25. Christina, Margareta, Birgitta e Desirée: quattro sorelle per caso, non di sangue. Christina, Margareta e Birgitta: figlie di madri sbagliate, figlie non volute, abbandonate, maltrattate.Desirée: figlia desiderata, come dice il nome. Figlia frutto d'amore, aspettata e sognata. Peccato che per le complicazioni del parto non è uscita fuori come Ellen, la madre, l'aveva immaginata. Desirée non era una bambina, ma solo un mostro. Un pezzo di legno alla deriva. Qualcosa da dimenticare, da cancell [...]

    26. Fin dalle prime pagine di lettura appare evidente che "Strega d'aprile" è un romanzo di livello superiore, adatto ai lettori più esigenti. La storia è complessa e multisfaccettata. Le protagoniste sono quattro donne che non hanno legami di sangue, che forse non si sarebbero mai conosciute se il fato non le avesse fatte incontrare. Hanno in comune un'infanzia dolorosa che le ha inaspettatamente connesse tra loro creando un complicato legame affettivo e facendole diventare "sorelle". Ed è atto [...]

    27. I am about to recommend a book that is so different I don’t know how to review it. It is nothing like have ever read. There is no comparative literature. This is a standalone novel. Although it takes place in Sweden post World War II, it reads as a contemporary novel. Many of the themes in the book easily translate into current American issues. This is a highly ambitious novel that covers many different aspects of post modern life contemporary life that do not at first seem to be related. The [...]

    28. *** Varning för mindre spoilers ***"En av mina systrar stal det liv som var avsett för mig. Jag vill veta vem.Så tänker Desirée i sin sjukhussäng. Där har hon legat sedan femtiotalet och kan varken gå eller tala, men hon har andra gåvor. Som en gnista kan hon sitta i ögat på ett djur eller en människa och få den att föra henne dit hon vill. Se det hon vill se.Fångad i vården, med personalens kvävande vänlighet omkring sig smider Desirée sina planer. Hon är inte vapenlös. Hon [...]

    29. Тетя Эллен растит трех приемных детей - трех девочек примерно одного возраста - Маргарету, Кристину и Бригитту. Девочки очень разные, разные и их истории. Маргарета - найденыш, ее, новорожденную, подкинули в общественную прачечную, неизвестно, кто ее мать. Мать Кристины - псих [...]

    30. kitapezgisiBu kitap engelli olarak dünyaya gelen, fakat üstün bir zekaya sahip olan Desiree’ın merkezinde bulunduğu olayları anlatmakta. Desiree bir Nisan Cadısı’dır. Başka canlıların vücuduna girerek istediği her şeyi yapabilmek gibi bir yeteneği vardır. Kırk iki yılını bakımevi ve huzurevi arasında geçirmiş olan bu yetenekli kızın bir tek amacı vardır. Kendisini terk eden annesinin evlatlık olarak aldığı üç kızdan, hangisinin kendi hayatını çaldığı [...]

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