PRIMAL Unleashed

PRIMAL Unleashed

Jack Silkstone / Dec 11, 2019

PRIMAL Unleashed The mission began in Afghanistan when a Russian platoon battled Afghan warriors and raced to bury forever a devastating secret worth the greatest sacrifice It could end apocalyptically in the

  • Title: PRIMAL Unleashed
  • Author: Jack Silkstone
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 483
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The mission began, in 1989 Afghanistan, when a Russian platoon battled Afghan warriors and raced to bury forever a devastating secret worth the greatest sacrifice It could end apocalyptically, in the present, if a sinister evil escapes its sealed tombo the hands of one of the same men who fought to bury it Intel suggests that s exactly what s happening A UkrainiaThe mission began, in 1989 Afghanistan, when a Russian platoon battled Afghan warriors and raced to bury forever a devastating secret worth the greatest sacrifice It could end apocalyptically, in the present, if a sinister evil escapes its sealed tombo the hands of one of the same men who fought to bury it Intel suggests that s exactly what s happening A Ukrainian veteran of the 89 Soviet Afghan conflict, battle scarred and cold blooded, is now a wealthy businessman with a sideline selling deadly hardware to the highest bidders He s getting ready to make his biggest deal yet with a radical Iranian commander hell bent on possessing the ultimate doomsday weapon Only the battle tested skills, state of the art tech, and no rules but their own attitude of covert vigilante strike force PRIMAL can keep bloodthirsty madmen from unleashing hell on earth PRIMAL deals unconditional justice with cold steel to a world in dire need of heroes PRIMAL is a team of elite operatives, hell bent on fighting for the downtrodden and oppressed A renegade agency waging a secret war against the untouchables powerful criminals, greed driven corporations, and twisted politicians With cutting edge technology and tactics they strike across the globe with impunity, stepping in where governments fail PRIMAL books are dedicated to those who have fought for a just cause It is recommended the PRIMAL books are read in order 1 PRIMAL Origin 2 PRIMAL Unleashed 3 PRIMAL Vengeance 4 PRIMAL Fury 5 PRIMAL Reckoning 6 PRIMAL Nemesis 7 PRIMAL Redemption 8 PRIMAL Renegade PRIMAL Mirza and PRIMAL Inception are stand alone prequels.

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        I won t lie, I m just like every other guy on the planet I love action movies, first person shooters, fast cars, technology, guns, cool kit and of course beautiful women I grew up with Dirk Pitt, Jack Ryan, Jason Bourne, Doom, Wolfenstein, Commando Comics, James Bond, Rambo, The Predator and As a young man I have embraced Counter Strike, Half life, The Bourne Series, Top Gear, Call of Duty the list goes on and on Coupled with my military experience this seething mass of adrenalin fueled testosterone has evolved into PRIMAL.


    1. The concept of an organization acting as the judge, jury and executioner is well known both in the real world and in the works of fiction. In most cases, in particular the real ones, such organization is either corrupt from the beginning, or gets depraved with time.In “PRIMAL Unleashed” Jack Silkstone makes a risky attempt at showing that such an organization may actually do something good. Surprisingly, his attempt is successful. The book tells a convincing story of a powerful organization, [...]

    2. An amazing quick read that is laden with great action moments. Great Characters to love and you have the feeling that you are in the middle of the story plot.Jack Silkstone knows his SpecOp information and all the equipment and weapons knowledge shines well through out the story.I look forward to all future novels. Like Brad Thor, Tom Clancy, and others, Jack Silkstone will be among a great collection of writers.

    3. I'm so pleased to find this new author. He writes like I like to read. He creates believable characters, a good plot, and heart pounding action. This author doesn't get the reader bogged down with meaningless dialog, but moves from character to character with a very smooth flow.One unique thing that I found very delightful, was that imbedded within the text were references to a certain gun, plane, or explosive which were in blue print rather than black print. When I touched the screen on the blu [...]

    4. Loved the book, great read. Likable characters, memorable back plots and plenty of action to go around. I think jack has a start to a great series of books here. The marketing was interesting releasing the first short for .99 and then hooking you to want more. Great job Jack, keep up the good work! I will purchase all of your PRIMAL books in the future. ( but you have to buy mine). Give the PRIMAL series a shot gang, you will not be disappointed.

    5. Oddychovka v military štýle. Akčno-opisné, príbehová línia klasická (aby tú zbraň nedostali tí zlí), military kontext zvládnutý dobre, bez zbytočného romantického balastu (nechýbal mi).

    6. Primal: Origin and Primal: Unleashed are the first two novels from reasonably recent-to-the-scene thriller author, Jack Silkstone. Essentially these are special forces, action adventure tales in the vein of Chris Ryan or Andy McNab.Silkstone’s elite team bypasses the rigid directives issued by Western governments and their intelligence agencies hamstring their operatives on the ground because of various conflicting political agendas.So our heroes instead chose to be employed by Primal, a priva [...]

    7. This book has a lightning fast pace that grabs the attention of the reader and pulls them along the journey that is PRIMAL! If I was to liken Silkstone to any other writer, it would be Tom Clancy. Silkstone has not only a very good grasp on military hardware, which not only makes the story more realistic and believable, but he has a writing style that pulls the reader into his dangerous world of espionage, counter insurgency and sudden violence. Good story flow and excellent attention to detail. [...]

    8. Military fiction that will light up the imaginations of veterans and civilians alike. Plenty of memorable characters, mayhem, explosions, fantastic feats of daring, impossible escapes, terrorist attacks, weapons dealers, selfless heros and of course femme fatals. An entertaining tale of bravado and adrenalin versus maniacal extremists and weapons of mass destruction. Just like real life! An alpha-male treasure, at bargain pricing, that feeds the inner beast.

    9. Great series!The Primal series is phenomenal! 🙋 If I could give it more stars I would. 🌟 Loads of action and laughter, yes laughter. Alpha heroes with sass saving the world.Jack Silkstone writes such a realistic and detailed plot. The depth of the characters, the battles they fight, you feel as if your there fighting along side them. I've never been a fan of action thrillers before but I am addicted to this one. Must say a part of this book made me cry and get angry. Questioning why? Why w [...]

    10. The moment I completed 'PRIMAL Origins' I didn't waste any time and bought this second instalment.All I can say is 'Wow!' Kudos to Jack Silkstone who has skilfully crafted yet another fine, inspiring action-packed military adventure.There are no spoilers in this review, suffice to say that readers will not be disappointed; as you read about the atrocities of war and applaud a team who courageously tackle head-on the evil perpetrators of violent war crime. This time, Bishop and PRIMAL's newest r [...]

    11. What a sequel! This was fast paced action and menace in buckets! I wish I could write suspense like this! The treat was real in this modern world of ours and I liked that Mirza finally joined the team. What I didn't see coming was the loss of a team mate, especially such a loyal and noble one! But in reality this was right and real and sad. Like the rest of the team the reader is not allowed time to mourn his death, because the mission must continue and the treat must be eliminated.I liked the a [...]

    12. Wow. This was a pretty good book. Normally, books that are solely based on thrillers try to have some deep drama, but this was clearly a shoot-em-up kind of novel. Almost like a FPS game. Now, I've read my Vince Flynn and Clive Cussler, but this was nothing like it. With Vince Flynn, you can expect some finesse, some poise, and it only gets crazy when it gets rough. With Cussler, there is always going to be some humor, almost like a James Bond. With Silkstone, it's just one battle after another. [...]

    13. I really enjoyed PRIMAL Unleashed, and I was happy to see that it took me all the way through the very end wondering how things would play out. While with books like this, they are a bit predictable (I mean, people always expect the good guys to win) but for me HOW they win is just as interesting as that they do. This book covers a lot of interesting locations, plans, and general action. The characters are fun and lively and I find myself invested in their wellbeing and concerned when things get [...]

    14. Primal UnleashedThis book has it all Afghanis, Russians, Taliban but most of all PRIMAL a group that does not proclaim itself as belonging to any nation. They simply fight to defend and bring peace and justice to all. Aden , Ice ,Vance these are but a few of the players involved in this high action , fast paced tale. Would that we had an actual unit like them to help win the war against greed , evil and terror in our world today. You will enjoy this series and want to pass it on to friends. I lo [...]

    15. A good fast paced thriller which just lost its way a bit towards the end. Jack Silkstone is not experienced as an author and I believed he was the self-publicist as well. Although very good, I think an experienced publicist would have just smoothed off a few rough edges to make it even better than it was. It just seemed to run out of steam slightly at the end and became a bit one-paced, albeit fast, when perhaps it needed to change gear every now and then to break up the tempo. A bit picky, I kn [...]

    16. Vance and Ice return in a now fully operational PRIMAL unit. Vance the CEO has built a big team tackling problems on a global scale, Aden Bishop is a field operative trying to stop a WMD being created and delivered to Iran. The problem is tackled on two fronts; Ice and new recruit Mirza in Afghanistan, with Bishop and a hired team in Kiev, overseen by from the bunker by Vance. Good second book, expanding on the creation of PRIMAL and building a team of operatives, the A Team is here!!

    17. This is not my usual kind of read, however, it certainly won't be my last. Jack Silkstone has written an exciting action packed adventure story. He shows great knowledge of military history and the consequences of engagement and disengagement. The characters are surprisingly sexy, although, I certainly feel he could have spiced it up a bit more, but then I write romantic/erotic/suspense so for me the meeting of bodies is important. I will definitely read the next book in the series.

    18. A spy / thriller. Not the best of storylines, maybe I would need to read book 1 in the series to understand the background better. An undercover organization, not associated with any government, sets out to solve the problems of the world with force and violence. They are the kind of problems that can't be solved in any other way but.

    19. YES!!!Loved this book. Real seat of your pant thriller, espionage title.All the usual suspects, a death or two, and the possibility of a love interest. Can Aden survive the Saneh onslaught.A ruthless arms dealer.l the boxes are ticked in this the first novel written for the primal series.Will I be reading moreyou betcha.

    20. Not a bad book, but it makes me think more of a Mack Bolan book where the good guys do no wrong, the bad guys do things stupidly, and lots of things get blown up or killed. I'll read the rest of the series before I condemn the entire series, but it needs to improve drastically.

    21. Good BookGood read, there were some disconnects from the first book in the series to this one. Unfortunately if you read them in order it is obvious because it is early in the book. Other than that hiccup, very entertaining and action packed.

    22. Well written and believable. Nice to have an author with the background writing books like this. Only issue are the links in the kindle edition, keep wanting to go to the links while reading. Will have to save them for when I read it again

    23. Primal unleashedA lot like several books from a number of different authors without a lot of the deep philosophy so many of today's try to impart. If it looks like Clancy or Fleming, what's wrong with that? I will have to view others of the series to see if it remains that way.

    24. I'm hooked!The team of PRIMAL are thrown into a world of hurt and it's operators show guttural warrior attributes. It's as if it is written by a true warrior. Also was a great read while my kids play video games on Christmas.

    25. Read this now! Or soon.As with the other primal books ,it's a fast paced world of pure imagination, matched with great military personnel adventures in the black flag end of the business. Scene's are well written and believable. Great for day readers.

    26. Loved it. Great characters. Great tech detail and non-stop action. On the back of this read, I've bought his other 2 books and look toward to this series continuing. Go Primal Team!

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