The Charmed Children of Rookskill Castle

The Charmed Children of Rookskill Castle

Janet Fox / Jan 23, 2020

The Charmed Children of Rookskill Castle Keep calm and carry on That s what Katherine Bateson s father told her and that s what she s trying to do when her father goes off to the war when her mother sends Kat and her brother and sister awa

  • Title: The Charmed Children of Rookskill Castle
  • Author: Janet Fox
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 372
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Keep calm and carry on That s what Katherine Bateson s father told her, and that s what she s trying to do when her father goes off to the war, when her mother sends Kat and her brother and sister away from London to escape the incessant bombing, even when the children arrive at Rookskill Castle, an ancient, crumbling manor on the misty Scottish highlands But it s Keep calm and carry on That s what Katherine Bateson s father told her, and that s what she s trying to do when her father goes off to the war, when her mother sends Kat and her brother and sister away from London to escape the incessant bombing, even when the children arrive at Rookskill Castle, an ancient, crumbling manor on the misty Scottish highlands But it s hard to keep calm in the strange castle that seems haunted by ghosts or worse What s making those terrifying screeches and groans at night Why do the castle s walls seem to have a mind of their own And why do people seem to mysteriously appear and disappear Kat believes she knows the answer Lady Eleanor, who rules Rookskill Castle, is harboring a Nazi spy But when her classmates begin to vanish, one by one, Kat must uncover the truth about what the castle actually harbors and who Lady Eleanor really is before it s too late.

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        Author of award winning fiction and non fiction for middle grade and young adult readers My upcoming middle grade novel is a companion novel to The Charmed Children, and features a refugee from Nazi Germany and a magical watch My picture book debut, VOLCANO DREAMS, launches in September 2018.Published books Get Organized Without Losing It middle grade, Free Spirit Publishing, 2017, new edition Faithful young adult, Penguin Speak, 2010 Forgiven young adult, Speak, 2011 Sirens young adult, Speak 2012 The Charmed Children of Rookskill Castle middle grade, Viking, 2016 Volcano Dreams picture book, Web of Life Books, September 2018


    1. Click here to watch a video review of this book on my channel, From Beginning to Bookend.It is 1940. Kat and her siblings are sent to Rookskill Castle to escape the London Blitz. Rookskill Castle is a labyrinthine structure housing several children and many secrets. When children start disappearing one by one, Kat is forced to unearth Rookskill's hidden truths before she and all of the other children disappear forever. The Charmed Children of Rookskill Castle has enormous potential. The cover is [...]

    2. It's rare for me to give a one star review because I feel bad when I do. But this book, THIS bookThe author thanks her editors (plural) for all their help, and I'm baffled, because clearly, they were no help at all.In historical fiction, even that written for children, it's important for the characters to be true to the times in which they lived. These children are not. Kat's brother swears! When he is introduced to his father's colleague he calls the man a "ruddy American". Ruddy is a euphemism [...]

    3. Wow! This was really different! It was both a story about evacuees from London during the Blitz, and a story about black magic, and even had a bit of a steampunk element going on! There are witches and spies and ghostly visions! I was not expecting a lot of this book, nor could I guess the motives of most of the adults. It really kept me on my toes! But I started to feel like, with so much going on, that there wasn't enough time to go in depth into various subplots, not to mention the characters [...]

    4. The back of this book is covered in lavish praise, which I find baffling because of how mediocre it is. It's not that it's a bad book, per se. Plenty of children will be modestly entertained by it. But it's so flat. Flat characters, draggingly slow, a plot that is expressly given away at the beginning by letting the villain narrate her every move and motivation More than one review mentions "twists and turns," of which there are literally zero. So strange.

    5. When I was young I remember being fascinated by the thought of the mere possibility of getting scared while reading a book. I didn't think it was possible. (My Dad had told me that Dracula scared him so much he had to put it down for a few minutes. Dad!) There were no blood-suckers in this book, but it still delivered an eerie punch. Perfect amount of creepiness.And the cover! How cool is the cover?! AUDIOBOOK: The narrator did a good job -- easy to listen to.UPDATE: I just listened to this agai [...]

    6. Creepy (perhaps a bit too creepy for younger readers) and a little more about why the children were sent away (American readers won't know about the Blitz and child evacuations). Beyond that, what happens to the children - all of them - at Rookskill, and how they react is a great blend of realism (rebelling against an older sibling) and fantasy (Lady Eleanor's plans for them)C provided by publisher.

    7. "The Charmed Children of Rookskill Castle" was not as predictable as I thought it was going to be. I like that in a book.

    8. Three children are sent to a new academy in a Scottish castle to avoid the bombings in London during WWII. The castle is odd and unsettling right from the start, and things only get more mysterious and downright creepy as the story progresses. Kat, the main character, struggles with determining whether there is a magical or supernatural reason for everything going wrong, or whether there is a rational explanation, like a spy being harbored in the castle. I often found myself looking up from the [...]

    9. This is an exciting, haunting, beautifully told historical fiction that has elements of fantasy and magic. The heroine Kate believes that there has to be a logical explanation for everything, but she is up against Lady Eleanor who is in a way a tragic figure, almost a Lady Macbeth, who come from a tragic past and hungers for power and revenge. The Lady runs a boarding school in a castle in England that Katherine is sent to along with her younger brother & sister, there she meets and become f [...]

    10. This book was very suspenseful and creepy. It has that tone that you don't know what to expect. I wanted to keep reading because I wanted to know what would happen next. I thought the first chapter was creepy and then after that chapter, it got slow, but then it got better. I really liked it. I don't normally read creepy books, but this book was really good. I liked how the author keep the ending slightly open for a sequel. Neato! I think I would recommend this book to those that like suspensefu [...]

    11. ***Spoiler Alert*** The story i'm going to tell you is about these children who are going to a castle that is a school and is supposedly haunted. The castle is farther where they live because where they live there is a blitz/war going on in London. The Children's names are Kat, Rob, and Ame. They all are siblings. Except Peter who is a boy that came from a city and is going to the same school castle as they are. When the children arrive at the castle they are greeted kindly. When they spot the f [...]

    12. There’s something strange happening in Rookskill Castle. Mechanical screeches and screams, children disappearing, ghosts inhabiting the castle grounds… and the walls themselves seem to be listening. With a perfectly inhuman villain in Lady Eleanor, a plucky and determined cast of young sleuths, and set in the middle of the Second World War, each page carries the reader deeper into the mystery… and the danger.Janet Fox has created a new classic: an eerie, gripping gothic tale for children t [...]

    13. Ghost kids, WWII evacuation to a creepy old castle, enigma machines, sterling silver chatelaines, math prodigies, steampunkery, and a heart-of-gold cook named Cook can't redeem this by-the-numbers middle grade mystery. Most egregious is the heartless wicked-stepmotheresque headmistress who can't seem to muster up even one unpredictable action.

    14. This was a lovely creepy tale to read the weekend before Halloween. A good recommendation for kids who love the sort of book that is just scary enough without being true horror.

    15. While I essentially enjoyed the story, I did feel like some elements weren't consistent with the London Blitz time period, and at times the story moved forward too slowly for me. I loved the creepy feel, but was slow to get answers. The ending satisfied me, but the 380 pages we took to get there could have used some work.Magic and mystery lovers should enjoy this book, and for older readers as some of the supernatural elements might be frightening. Three stars.

    16. Twelve year old Kat is being sent to Rookskill Castle to escape the Blitz in London. Along with her siblings and other children, they are to attend Lady Eleanor's school in the castle for the duration of the war. Rookskill Castle is a spooky, gothic castle in the Scottish Highlands and Lady Eleanor isn't what she seems. Kat was given her great aunt's chatelaine, a family heirloom, that is supposed to be magical. Kat doesn't believe in magic, but can't help being suspicious of some of the things [...]

    17. My initial reaction to The Charmed Children of Rookskill Castle was that it was unnerving, not quite creepy, but very unsettling. The story takes place in Scotland and has all the feel of being mysterious, dark, and drafty. Something seems to be lurking in the corridors of the castle, and there are rumors that the castle is haunted, what with the strange sightings of young children wandering the grounds. Yet, there are only small hints to what this mysterious thing is. The Charmed Children of Ro [...]

    18. THE CHARMED CHILDREN OF ROOKSKILL CASTLE by Janet Fox is a historical fantasy mystery set in a spooky old Scottish castle. Kat has been sent to an eerie boarding school to avoid the Blitz during the Second World War. Although she tries to find a logical explanation for the disappearance of children and other spooky happenings, she begins to realize that evil lurks around every turn.The author uses a chatelaine, charms, and flashbacks to earlier time periods to add depth to the story. Written for [...]

    19. I received a copy of this book in return for an honest review.This is a dark and suspenseful tale that is a blend of what YA readers love: ghost story, steampunk fiction, historical fiction and magical fantasy. In 1746, Leonore yearns for a child to save her marriage to the lord of Rookskill Castle. So much so that she is willing to make a dark pact with the Magister who trades her charms to enchant children and ensnare their souls. Now, in 1940, Kat, Robert, and Amelie are sent to Rookskill Cas [...]

    20. The Charmed Children of Rookskill Castle, Janet Fox’s middle-grade fantasy adventure has a smart, feisty girl hero; it has clockwork steampunk, the London Blitz, spies, sinister rooks who seem to be speaking, and magic. And lots of atmosphere!Katherine Bateson, who goes by Kat, is the oldest of three children and her watchmaker father’s favorite. It is World War II, and America hasn’t entered the war yet. The Blitz has made London unsafe and many families are sending their children out of [...]

    21. 1.5 stars. Painfully long, boring, and anti-climactic. Spoiler: When the author hits you over the head for forty chapters with the idea that a castle might be haunted and a woman's chatelaine (think fancy housekeeper keychain with charms) is magical, it's not that interesting to discover they are. Derivative of The Chronicles of Narnia but obviously not nearly as engaging or endearing. Skip it.

    22. I love the idea of this book, but it didn't live up to my expectations. What mostly ruined it for me was the fact that the villain gave away her entire plan and all her evil motivations from the beginning. I kept thinking "no, let me figure the mystery out with the kids!" I think if it would have unfolded bit by bit I could have loved it. I did relish the creepy labyrinth of a castle and the good and evil magic battling for domination, but the plot and characters fell flat.

    23. If you are looking for a spooky, dark historical fantasy, than this is the book for you! I literally at times had to keep the lights on!This book is has some heavier content and spooks, so I think it is more geared to upper MG.

    24. I won this book in a giveaway and was very happy to do so. Wonderful book and wonderful author, Janet Fox, can't wait to read more of her work.

    25. This book is one you want to read with the lights on. It has it all - suspense, adventure, nuanced characters, layered plot lines, a unique setting, and amazing writing. Highly recommend!

    26. It's 1940 and it's time for the three Bateson children, Katherine, 12, Robbie and Amelie to be evacuated to Rookskill Castle in Scotland. Their father had already left for Europe, on a secret mission for MI6, but not before he makes arrangements for a new school to be set up for them and other evacuees at the castle.Before they leave, Kat's Great-Aunt Margaret takes her aside and gives her a gift - a silver chatelaine with its three hanging charms, a scissor, a thimble and a pen. This chatelaine [...]

    27. What in the world was this? I think this book's biggest problem was that it was trying to be too many things. It was a spy thriller, a ghost story, a steampunk and magic and realistic book all in one. And it fell really, really flat. The writing was atmospheric and the dialogue was pretty good, but the story itself didn't interest me at all. I'd give Fox another read just for her writing, but not if it's going to have all sorts of randomness like this book did.

    28. Scary and engaging, but in a subtle way. At times exciting and haunting but - and unfortunately - lackluster in some areas.The Charmed Children of Rookskill Castle (isn’t this like the caricature of a children’s book title!) follows Kat Bateson and her friends in England during WWII. Like many other children, they’re sent away from the city in order to stay safe from the Blitz - in their case, Rookskill Castle in rural Scotland. Things seem alright when they first arrive at the manor, but [...]

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