The Gap of Time: The Winter's Tale Retold

The Gap of Time: The Winter's Tale Retold

Jeanette Winterson / Jan 27, 2020

The Gap of Time The Winter s Tale Retold The Winter s Tale is one of Shakespeare s late plays It tells the story of Leontes King of Sicily whose insane jealousy results in the banishment of his baby daughter Perdita from the kingdom and

  • Title: The Gap of Time: The Winter's Tale Retold
  • Author: Jeanette Winterson
  • ISBN: 9780345809179
  • Page: 398
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Winter s Tale is one of Shakespeare s late plays It tells the story of Leontes, King of Sicily, whose insane jealousy results in the banishment of his baby daughter, Perdita, from the kingdom and then the death of his beautiful wife, Hermione Perdita is brought up by a shepherd on the Bohemian coast, but through a series of miraculous events, father and daughter, aThe Winter s Tale is one of Shakespeare s late plays It tells the story of Leontes, King of Sicily, whose insane jealousy results in the banishment of his baby daughter, Perdita, from the kingdom and then the death of his beautiful wife, Hermione Perdita is brought up by a shepherd on the Bohemian coast, but through a series of miraculous events, father and daughter, and eventually mother too, are reunited In Jeanette Winterson s retelling we move from London, a city reeling after the 2008 financial crash, to a storm ravaged city in the US called New Bohemia Her story is one of childhood friendship, money, status, video games and the elliptical nature of time It tells in a hyper modern way, full of energy and beauty, of the consuming power of jealousy on the one hand, and love, redemption and a lost child on the other.

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        Novelist Jeanette Winterson was born in Manchester, England in 1959 She was adopted and brought up in Accrington, Lancashire, in the north of England Her strict Pentecostal Evangelist upbringing provides the background to her acclaimed first novel, Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit, published in 1985 She graduated from St Catherine s College, Oxford, and moved to London where she worked as an assistant editor at Pandora Press.One of the most original voices in British fiction to emerge during the 1980s, Jeanette Winterson was named as one of the 20 Best of Young British Writers in a promotion run jointly between the literary magazine Granta and the Book Marketing Council Her novels include Boating for Beginners 1985 , published shortly after Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit and described by the author as a comic book with pictures The Passion 1987 , twin narratives following the adventures of the web footed daughter of a Venetian gondolier and Napoleon s chicken chef Sexing the Cherry 1989 , an invented world set during the English Civil War featuring the fabulous Dog Woman and the orphan she raises and three books exploring triangular relationships, gender and formal experimentation Written on the Body 1992 , Art and Lies 1994 and Gut Symmetries 1997 She is also the author of a collection of short stories, The World and Other Places 1998 , and a book of essays about art and culture, Art Objects, published in 1995 Her novel The PowerBook 2000 she adapted for the National Theatre in 2002 Jeanette Winterson s work is published in 28 countries Her latest novel is The Battle of the Sun 2009 She has also edited Midsummer Nights 2009 , a collection of stories inspired by opera, by contemporary writers, to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the Glyndebourne Festival of Opera She adapted Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit for BBC television in 1990, and also wrote Great Moments in Aviation, a television screenplay directed by Beeban Kidron for BBC2 in 1994 She is also editor of a series of new editions of novels by Virginia Woolf published in the UK by Vintage She is a regular contributor of reviews and articles to many newspapers and journals and has a regular column published in The Guardian Her radio drama includes the play Text Message, broadcast by BBC Radio in November 2001 The King of Capri 2003 and Tanglewreck 2006 are children s stories Lighthousekeeping 2004 , centres on the orphaned heroine Silver, taken in by the keeper of the Cape Wrath lighthouse, Mr Pew, whose stories of love and loss, passion and longing, are interwoven in the narrative Her most recent book is The Battle of the Sun 2009 Jeanette Winterson lives in Gloucestershire and London In 2006, she was awarded an OBE.


    1. 4.5 STARS The Winter’s Tale is one of Shakespeare’s “late plays.” It tells the story of a king whose jealousy results in the banishment of his baby daughter and the death of his beautiful wife. His daughter is found and brought up by a shepherd on the Bohemian coast, but through a series of extraordinary events, father and daughter, and eventually mother too, are reunited.In The Gap of Time, Jeanette Winterson’s cover version of The Winter’s Tale, we move from London, a city reeling [...]

    2. Thematically, this was a good follow-on from Nicole Krauss’ exquisite The History of Love: the first few pages alone included death, bereavement, forgiveness, revenge, loss of a child, identity, God, loyalty and love - as well as capitalism, mercy killing, and madness. Stylistically, there was no comparison: this is a simpler story - despite the numerous references to changing the speed, or even direction of time - and it’s mostly told in rather crude and wooden prose (very un-Winterson), es [...]

    3. Hogarth Books has embarked on a project to commission acclaimed modern writers to re-tell the stories of Shakespeare. 'The Gap of Time' by Jeanette Winterson is the first of the books to be publishedntage-books/about-This volume retells 'The Winter's Tale.'Would I have noticed that it was a retelling of Shakespeare if it hadn't been stated right up front? Not at first, no. (There's an introductory re-cap - kind of 'The Winters Tale For Dummies' - to get the events and characters fresh in our min [...]

    4. I was a little nervous about reading this because I am not really familiar with The Winter's Tale, but I found this a very enjoyable book. The barbarity of parts of the original story must have made the update (or cover version) quite a challenge to create. This is a thought provoking book of ideas leavened with a surprising amount of humour. I won't try and comment on the details because that would expose my ignorance!

    5. I was provided a copy of this from the publisher through Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review.The Gap of Time is a modern-day retelling of Shakespeare's "The Winter's Tale" as part of a larger series of authors doing the same for several of his works. (You can read more about the project at The Guardian). Retelling is used loosely, as the names are not the same, nor are all of the situations. The themes of jealousy, forgiveness, parenting - they're all still here!So how should I examine th [...]

    6. "Now take upon me, in the name of Time,To use my wings. Impute it not a crimeTo me or my swift passage, that I slideO'er sixteen years and leave the growth untriedOf that wide gap"-The Winter's Tale by William Shakespeare"Sometimes it doesn't matter that there was any time before this time. Sometimes it doesn't matter that it's night or day or now or then. Sometimes where you are is enough. It's not that time stops or that it hasn't started. This is time. You are here. This caught moment opening [...]

    7. The Gap of Time: The Winter's Tale Revised: booksandstuff1357.wordpress.c"And the world goes on regardless of joy or despair or one woman's fortune or one man's loss. And we can't know the lives of others. And we can't know our own lives beyond the details we can manage. And the things that change us forever happen without us knowing they would happen. And the moment that looks like the rest is the one where hearts are broken or healed. And time that runs so steady and sure runs wild outside the [...]

    8. Abandon ship, baby. Before it's too late. Jump ship, baby, don't wait. The threat's not yours, it's mine. We're caught in a gap of time.I have never read or seen a production of The Winter's Tale, but knowing that it was the source material for Jeanette Winterson's “cover version”, The Gap of Time, I thoroughly researched Shakespeare's play before opening the book – and in a way I needn't have: Helpfully, Winterson opens the book with a detailed summary of the play. On the other hand, I'm [...]

    9. I do like this book, but to a certain extent the jury is still out as far as how I feel about it.Winterson was the first author to release her book in the Hogarth Shakespeare series and for that reason alone this must have been a big challenge and ‘retelling’ Shakespeare must be a daunting (if not overwhelming) prospect for any author.‘The Winters’ Tale’ is clearly a book which is very close to Winterson’s heart – perhaps too close? Which may explain her somewhat overly reverential [...]

    10. While I loved Anne Tyler's "Vinegar Girl", a retelling of The Taming of the Shrew, and Margaret Atwood's "Hagseed", her retelling of The Tempest, this version of The Winter's Tale left me cold. I have loved the other Jeanette Winterson books I've read, but just could not connect to this one.So, not giving up on either Winterson or the Hogarth Press Shakespeare Project. 3 stars because it was too good to give up on, but left me happy to move on after finishing.

    11. This review is based on an uncorrected proof that I won in a GoodReads give away.4.5 stars. I loved it. But this contains things that are catnip to me: a Shakespearean story retold by a talented writer. I saw The Winter’s Tale performed last year, so it was reasonably fresh in my mind as I read The Gap of Time. Winterson, Winter’s Tale, how perfect.Winterson has the writing chops to pull this off. I love the playfulness of her writing in this novel—totally appropriate, as Shakespeare wrote [...]

    12. “I discover that grief means living with someone who is not there.”Boy do I have mixed feelings about this book. “The Gap of Time” is a cover version of Shakespeare’s “The Winter’s Tale”, a play I love. This novel is part of the “Hogarth Shakespeare” a project where noted contemporary authors write cover versions of Shakespeare’s works. I will read more in this series, but not because of “The Gap of Time.”I have never read any of Jeanette Winterson’s work before, and [...]

    13. It's readable, but compared to Shakespeare's play it's a travesty.The soul and magic of The Winter's Tale is smashed and crushed like a place devastated by tornado or earthquake.Shakespeare added humanity to stereotypes. Winterson over-exaggerates stereotypes into grotesque caricatures.She completely wrecked the ending.

    14. (Nearly 3.5) Winterson creates clear counterparts for each of Shakespeare’s characters, often tweaking names so they are still recognizable but a bit more modern. Notably, she opens in the middle, with Shep (Shepherd) discovering Perdita in a faux New Orleans, then fills in backstory for a London financier, a Parisian singer and a video game designer. “The Day of Celebration,” my favorite part, is an excellent 40-page section that could function as a stand-alone story. It’s the sheep-she [...]

    15. Really enjoyed this one. I think Winterson actually managed to get to the emotional core of the story more than the bard himself did. (Is that possible?) It's a tragedy that ends in a comedy, I guess, but Winterson's version does a better job of intertwining the stories over the time gap, I think. Worth reading.

    16. O carte frumoasă! Frumoasă rău! Foarte rar pot spune despre o carte că e frumoasă, de obicei spun că a fost bună sau interesantă. Ei bine, nu, de data asta declar cu mâna pe inimă că a fost frumoasă! De la stilul de scriere al lui Winterson, la povestea ambiguă de dragoste adolescentină dintre Leo și Xeno, la jocul PC cu îngeri căzuți care îi leagă pe Leo, Xeno și MiMi atunci când aceștia nu vor să mai știe unul de celălalt, la dragostea puternică dintre Perdita și ta [...]

    17. Το "Χειμωνιάτικο Παραμύθι" είναι μία ιστορία ζήλειας, εκδίκησης, απώλειας και στο τέλος συγχώρεσης. Σε αυτό το βιβλίο η Γουιντερσον έδωσε μία νέα μορφή στους χαρακτήρες του Σέξπιρ. Ήταν καλογραμμένο, με μοντέρνα στοιχεία και μικρές, έξυπνες συνδέσεις με το αρχικό κείμενο. Η [...]

    18. Disclaimer: I received this ARC through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.I am not intimmately familiar with either Jeanette Winterson or The Winter's Tale, but I was intrigued behind the idea of the Hogarth Shakespeare collection and was able to read this through NetGalley.Obviously, The Gap of Time modernizes Shakespeare's work, changing the setting, some character names, and other superficial details, but retaining the driving themes of the original (the summary of which is included [...]

    19. If you're not familiar with Hogarth Shakespeare (as I was before I read this book), it is a project that commissioned some prolific authors to rewrite Shakespeare's plays in a way that will appeal to modern readers. It is a massive undertaking for two reasons: one, they're to rewrite the plays into novels, and two, consider the author of the original works. THE WINTER'S TALE. The first book in this series is a retelling of The Winter's Tale. In the original work, it tells the story of King Leont [...]

    20. ”Și lumea merge mai departe, fără să-i pese de bucurie sau disperare sau de norocul unei femei ori de pierderea unui bărbat. Și nu putem cunoaște viețile altora. Și nu ne putem cunoaște propriile vieți dincolo de amănuntele pe care le putem gestiona. Iar lucrurile care ne schimbă pentru totdeauna se întâmplă fără ca noi să știm că se vor întâmpla.Și momentul care arată precum celelalte este cel în care inimile sunt sfâșiate sau vindecate. Iar timpul care curge atât [...]

    21. Funny, deep, irreverent, dirtier than I expected (not sure why, this is Shakespeare retelling after all!) I felt on the edge of my seat in some scenes despite knowing in advance who would die, who would live, who would get back together. I appreciated that the author had chosen one of Shakespeare’s older plays here where the tragedy resolves into a theme of forgiveness, unlike his earlier plays that usually led to jealousy or vengeance.Forgiveness is a word like tiger --- there’s footage of [...]

    22. I won a copy of THE GAP OF TIME (a modern retelling of Shakespeare's THE WINTER'S TALE) in a giveaway. Thank you! Unfortunately, I did not enjoy this book. As a general rule, I try to be fair and polite when I write reviews. I don’t want to discourage authors, no matter how much I dislike their work. But I am struggling to keep my claws in on this one, so grab your popcorn and settle in. This could get intense. The first chapter was beautiful. BEAUTIFUL. I honestly thought it was going to be [...]

    23. “Í am learning to be a father and a mother to her. She asks about her mother and I say we don’t know. I have always told her the truth – or enough of it. And she is white and we are black so she knows she was found. The story has to start somewhere.” p. 23I did not remember much about Shakespeare’s The Winter’s Tale before reading Winterson’s retelling of this play. However, she starts her novel with a synopsis and that was enough to get me on the right page.This masterful “cove [...]

    24. 2,5 stars rounded up.Winterson is a very prolific writer, but I think I can safely say I read most of her major works. Even if she writes about things I find uncomfortable, to the point where I'm not sure they ought to be published (Why Be Happy), I'm in love with her style. This is not the case here. Secondly, the plot is odd, even given it's a reworking of one of the strangest plays Shakespeare wrote. I think I have encountered a real life counterpart of every character in this novel, but yoki [...]

    25. 4.5 starsWhen I saw that this was a take off from one of Shakespeare's plays, I was so hoping it wasn't written like one of his plays. Then when I started reading it, I was like, oh no, it is. But, thankfully, that was just the first few pages of the book. I would have never got finished with the book if it had of been written like that through the whole book. Geesh!I loved this book. It was such a good story! And it was a lot like the Shakespeare story except done in modern times. There was def [...]

    26. I should note that Shakespeare'sThe Winter's Tale has never been a favorite. I've always wanted Leo to die. Yeah, I know it's about forgiveness, but still.So, this is okay. There are parts of that are wonderful. Like where Leo is watching MiMi and co via webcam. His reaction is nothing but an attack on rape culture and is masterfully done. Yet, sometimes, it doesn't quite work. Having the American characters use words like knickers and spelling tires - tyres, seems off. It was good, just not gre [...]

    27. „Der weite Raum der Zeit“ von Jeanette Winterson ist Teil eines spannenden Projektes des Knaus Verlages, bei dem acht zeitgenössische und international bekannte Autoren die Möglichkeit bekommen, ihre persönliche Neufassung eines Werkes von William Shakespeare zu präsentieren. Zum 400. Geburtstag des großen englischen Dramatikers erscheinen also nach und nach moderne Neuerzählungen seiner Klassiker. Jeanette Winterson hat sich dem Spätwerk „Das Wintermärchen“ angenommen und die Ha [...]

    28. Schöne Übertragung von Shakespeares Wintermärchen in die Gegenwart. Aus Sizilien wird die Firma Sicilia, aus Böhmen die Stadt New Bohemia in den amerikanischen Südstaaten, das Findelkind Perdita wird in einer Babyklappe „entsorgt“. Die Eifersüchte, die die Handlung bei Shakespeare vorantreiben, sind präsent, aber haben hier ein anderes Ziel. Und im Grunde sind fast alle Figuren Waisen, zumindest in dem Sinne, dass Beziehungen zu ihren Eltern kaum existieren. Zudem gibt es nette postmo [...]

    29. The Hogarth series is a modern retelling of some of Shakespeare's works. They currently include The Merchant of Venice, The Taming of the Shrew, and the one this book was based on, The Winter's Tale.This story had all the classic Shakespeare elements: rage, jealousy, revenge, love, forgiveness. ButI didn't like it. And if anyone has noticed I do like Shakespeare.I could follow the original Shakespeare storyline here but it just had too much internal philosophising. Babbling on about stuff that m [...]

    30. maybe 4 ½-stars, even. very enjoyable retelling of shakespeare's The Winter's Tale. winterson is a terrific writer and i was quite engaged with her story and characters. it feels like she had fun in creating this adaptation (which may sound odd give some dark things happen), but there seemed to be some joy coming off the pages. winterson provides a summary of shakespeare's play at the beginning, so while i think reading the play would enhance 'the gap of time', it is by no means essential. i fe [...]

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