Winning Glory

Winning Glory

Ann Gimpel / Dec 12, 2019

Winning Glory Book Description for Winning Glory After years as a black ops CIA agent nothing surprises Roy Kincaid yet his current assignment is close to a bust How could his target renegade genetic freaks drop

  • Title: Winning Glory
  • Author: Ann Gimpel
  • ISBN: 9781943093175
  • Page: 315
  • Format: ebook
  • Book Description for Winning Glory After years as a black ops CIA agent, nothing surprises Roy Kincaid, yet his current assignment is close to a bust How could his target renegade genetic freaks drop off the radar as if they never existed Burnt out and discouraged, he hunches over a meal in a backwater diner when a half frozen woman with the look of an abused runaway staBook Description for Winning Glory After years as a black ops CIA agent, nothing surprises Roy Kincaid, yet his current assignment is close to a bust How could his target renegade genetic freaks drop off the radar as if they never existed Burnt out and discouraged, he hunches over a meal in a backwater diner when a half frozen woman with the look of an abused runaway staggers through the door On his feet in an instant, Roy kicks himself His first instinct is to help her, make certain she stays long enough for the bluish cast to leave her lips His second is to finish his meal and leave The world is full of broken women It s not his job to fix them, but he can t take his eyes off her Glory s telepathic ability blares a harsh warning Roy hunts those like her, but damn if he didn t buy her dinner Maybe she can fool him, just for tonight Add a dry motel room to the meal If she plays it very cool, he ll never find out she s on the run from the same group he s targeted for death.Enhanced genetics only go so far A roadblock and her face on a Most Wanted flyer shatter her fragile truce with Roy If her Handlers find her, they ll kill her If Roy finds out what she is, she ll be worse than dead Series Backstory Sometime between the interminable wars in the Middle East and 9 11, the United States moved forward breeding a race of super humans Clandestine labs formed, armed with eager scientists who d always yearned to manipulate human DNA At first the clones looked promising, growing to fighting size in as little as a dozen years, but V1 had design flaws.Seven years ago, a rogue group turned on their creators, blew up the lab, and hit all the other breeding farms, freeing whomever they could find In the intervening time, they ve retreated to hidden compounds and created a society run by men Women are kept on a tight leash because the men fear if they discover their innate power, they d launch their own rebellion.

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        Ann Gimpel is a national bestselling fantasy and romance author She s also a clinical psychologist with a Jungian bent Avocations include mountaineering, skiing, wilderness photography and, of course, writing A lifelong aficionado of the unusual, she began writing speculative fiction a few years ago Since then her short fiction has appeared in a number of webzines and anthologies Her longer books run the gamut from urban fantasy to paranormal romance She s published 25 books to date, with several contracted for 2014 and beyond.A husband, grown children, grandchildren and three wolf hybrids round out her family.


    1. If you start reading Winning Glory, be prepared to sit for a while. The action never stops, so there is no good place to put it down! Genetically altered humans is the theme of this book. The men, otherwise known as the Nameless Ones, are the bad guys. They keep the women imprisoned, and only let them out to do their evil bidding. Actually, other than destroying the humans and labs that created them, I'm not sure what their evil goal is yet. More to come in a future book?Glory is one of the gene [...]

    2. *If you want to read this R-rated book as PG-13, I got you; read below the disclaimer*3.4I normally don't read books with shirtless dudes on the cover, but this was free for me and sounded as though it actually had a plot, so I tried. I was pleasantly surprised.There are only 5 sections to skip if you want to keep it PG-13 (only 2 times that make it R), the plot was good, and the characters clicked. It was slightly stereotypical, but it was fun nevertheless.Recommended 15+ for romance, LOTS OF L [...]

    3. Don’t you get it? I’m never leaving you anywhere. HOLY MOTHERSHIP! This is a SPECTACULAR sci-fi/paranormal romance of a book! It is just soSO WOW!!!! I have read a fair number of Ann's books and have enjoyed EVERY. SINGLE. ONE! And yet she still manages to astound & amaze me with the diversity in her subjects, the characters and the way that she pushes the boundaries to ensure that her books are never classed as mainstream or cookie cutter types! Which is utterly fantastic because it als [...]

    4. What do you get when you mix genetically engineered humans (aka freaks) with a CIA black ops team?Why you get Winning Glory: GenTech Rebellion Book 1 of course.Add in enough action to leave you gasping for air, a splash of humor, a shot of mystery, stir in some psychic abilities and finish it off with a dash of romance and you are left with a read that will make you loose all track of time.Glory is a freak, she can open computer locked doors, download vast amounts of data from computers right in [...]

    5. Looking for a sci-fi/military romantic suspense book that will keep you engaged, have you invested in the characters, and provide plenty of action and excitement? Well, you'll find that right here in Winning Glory. This book is a great start to an interesting series from Ann Gimpel, and will have you primed for the rest of the series.The characters were realistic-even from the standpoint of the genetically altered ones. The division between the men and women of the so-called "freaks" (the govern [...]

    6. Fans of stories with techno elements and life or death circumstances will be drawn to this series starter and the characters readers are just starting to get to know. Though the narrative is a bit rough and choppy at times the overall story arc is compelling and this tale full of intrigue.Roy and his team feel as if they're losing the fight against a group of genetically engineered men until he stumbles across a woman with unique talents running from a past not of her own making. He's immediatel [...]

    7. Originally posted on The Bibliophile Chronicles!Genetically altered humans? Government cover-ups? Romance and mystery? Winning Glory has it all.Glory is a genetically alter human, and she’s tired of the rules and regulations that surround her life. As events spiral out of control, Glory ends up a fugitive, on the run from those who would force her back into this regulated life. She is completely unprepared for the harsh winter of Minnesota, and struggles to survive in the stormy weather. Then [...]

    8. Glory is a genetically engineered human, who has been locked away in a compound with other women – women like her – by ruthless, genetically enhanced men. These men, who the women call Nameless Ones, are determined to destroy humanity and have been operating underground since a rebellion freed them from their human masters seven years ago. Glory and her friends are kept under lock and key, completely dependent on their cruel captors for everything. They are punished for disobedience, kept ig [...]

    9. It is not often any more I read sci-fy type even if it contains romance but this one really intrigued me. So as I began I noticed right off this author does a great job in giving the reader a solid foundation while introducing one of the main characters-Glory. As I read on I was fascinated by their predicament and Glory with right away thinking I really like this girl. When she does obtain, by extreme measures in a snap, her escape I am right there with her edging her on. Meanwhile then you are [...]

    10. Independent Reviewer for Paranormal Romance and Authors that Rock  GenTech Rebellion book 1Glory is a genetically altered human who is held captive with other altered women by her own people. Forced to run missions for the Nameless Ones, she and her friend dream of being free. After her first mission Glory has an altercation with one of the Nameless Ones and escapes. After twelve days on the run she staggers into a cafe and meets Roy.Roy works for a special team in the CIA locating and killing [...]

    11. This was an amazing story that captured my attention from the very beginning. Roy is a CIA agent who hunts "freaks", man made super humans. Roy finds himself captivated by Glory, a woman who appears to be an abuse victim down on her luck. Glory is on the run from her captors from an underground compound run by the same men Roy is hunting.The chemistry between Roy and Glory is immediate and out of this world hot. Roy and Glory may be total opposites but they do have many things in common, the big [...]

    12. I can't believe I finished this book. Talk about boring. It's a good premise but poorly executed. The story didn't flow smoothly, and the characters were all wooden, flat. Needless to say, there was no chemistry or heat between the H/h. Again, oh so boring and at times really hard to continue reading. How I miss reading paperbacks; throwing them across the room always gave me a sense of satisfaction.

    13. I will say first that this book/series has a great premise. It is pretty imaginative and I like the abilities that the genetically altered humans get. At first it seemed like there were limits to what they could do then there were “oh wow!” moments where they “figured out” that she could do this or that and could easily teach it to the men on the team who had gotten shots to keep up with the “freaks.” It seemed a bit too easy or coincidental at times for an ability to crop up. I thou [...]

    14. Government secrets have a way of coming out. The U.S. Government started a project to genetically engineer super soldiers. During a rebellion, the soldiers killed most of the scientists involved in the project. The males then kept tight control over the women and did not let them know about their origins or their full capabilities. They chose the missions for them and kept them under lock and key.The CIA is working on hunting them all down. Roy is an agent and he decides to go solo trying to inf [...]

    15. This author never ceases to surprise me; no genre is off limits to her. In this book we have scientist once again tinkering with human DNA to make that super soldier; but when the scientist feel they are not up to their expectations they attempt to destroy them or even worse. The "genetic freaks" turn on their makers, killing them and destroying the labs. Now the CIA black ops are after them and have been losing their own at alarming rates. This is the build up to a unusual meeting and growing a [...]

    16. I really enjoy Ann Gimpel books. She is an excellent story teller who draws you in and keeps you there, which is always the sign of a good writer.Roy is a sexy black ops CIA agent his targets is the renegade group called The Genetic Freaks. Glory is one of their captives. She is also a genetically altered human who has powers, but they keep the captives subdued by food rationing and threats. But Glory manages to escape and runs into Roy. I won't tell you any more as I hate went reviewers spoil t [...]

    17. Glory is a v3 genetically altered humanRoy is a CIA agent who hunts the Vos only thing is he never meet one of the girls until now! She on the run and needs his help! This story is SOOOOO awesome wow. I have never had the chance to read anything by Ann Gimpel befor but now I am a fan! She is really great. I could not put this book down, so much action, mystery hot tension, romance lol it was amazing! I loved itit was gifted for an honest review and thank you so much. What a great book and I look [...]

    18. An interesting story about humans with extraordinary abilities, but not quite mutants (sorry X-Men fans!). Men and women known as freaks are being chased by CIA agent Roy and his group. One of the women 'freaks' escapes from the compound where they are held against their will by the male 'freaks', determined to be free and maybe find out where she came from.

    19. I received a free copy of this book solely in exchange for an honest opinion. I was captivated from the 1st page till the end. Great story between humans and other species + love story :)This is a stand alone but the main storyline for the series continues, I'm looking forward to them.

    20. Wow! I loved this book! Ann Gimpel does it again! Winning Glory is an amazing story. What an absolutely fantastic start to a new series. I am a fan of Ann’s books and haven’t read one yet I did not like. It has drama, intrigue, mystery and urgency all within the first few pages. By the end of the first chapter, you already have dozens of questions about Glory and her situation and all of those around her that just MUST be answered so you simply HAVE to keep reading. Winning Glory will snag y [...]

    21. I received a copy of Winning Glory by Ann Gimpel in exchange for an honest review.Note: this review contains spoilers!There have been many stories of enhanced or genetically engineered individuals created to fight evil. There have even been stories about those individuals turning on their creators. But there are very few stories of those individuals getting free of their creators and then turning on each other, male against female. That what happens in Winning Glory. The men, otherwise know by t [...]

    22. Winning GloryAnn GimpelWinning GloryBy: Ann GimpelReviewed by SFF Dragon for Candid Book Reviews on behalf of the author.Wow! What an absolutely fantastic start to a new series. I can't wait for the next one.I was given this copy of Winning Glory by Candid Book Reviews on behalf of the author in exchange for an honest review. I won't waste words giving the series back-story as it's in the blurb for the book on as well as at the beginning of the book.This action packed paranormal romance is the [...]

    23. Winning Glory is an unique story of a futuristic world of enhanced genetic beings. Glory, who is genetically made, escaped from her captors of genetically enhanced males, the Nameless Ones. One of them wanted force sex with Glory and the only option for Glory was to knocked her captor out and escaped from the compound.Roy Kincaid, a CIA agent is burnt out. His last mission didn't go as he planned. He stopped at an outback diner for a meal. When Glory showed up in clothing that are not fit for th [...]

    24. First off this is normally not my kind of book, but it was freely offered and I decided to try it. Its more of a romance suspense and I normally read PNR type of stuff. I did like it and finished it. I dont like it enough to continue the series though. I liked both characters Roy and Glory. Glory is telepathic and has been a prisoner for 7 years that she knows she has no memory of her previous life. She's been genetically modified and from what I understood a test tube type of deal. She's got en [...]

    25. WONDERFUL TWIST AND TURNS, ACTION , FUNNY, HEA LOVE STORY ENDINGWHAT MORE COULD ANYONE WANT I WAS GIVEN THIS BOOK FOR AN HONEST REVIEWOVER 18 READING Glory ( a genetically altered young woman 22 ? ) only has memory of the last 7 years and the compound where her and a group of other young women (all about the same age , black long hair, green eyes and same abilities ) where they were brought the same night 7 years ago and they have never left. The males (nameless ones) have controlled everything [...]

    26. I loved Winning Glory by author Ann GimpelRoy Kincaid works for the CIA and his job is to hunt down freaks with his unit. The freaks as he calls them are genetically altered humans bred in labs to become elite weapons. Roy's job killed his wife so he never lets himself be close to a woman again. Glory is the female version of one of those "freaks". She has no knowledge of her past or the extent of her abilities. She lives in a dorm with other females and has no rights. Her food amounts, shower t [...]

    27. This audiobook was provided by the author, narrator, or publisher at no cost in exchange for an unbiased review courtesy of AudiobookBlastComWinning Glory was a good listen and a good start to the series and am looking forward to more.So.Glory is a genetically engineered human who is under lock and key in a compound in Washington by the genetically engineered males (AKA The Nameless Ones) All the women seem to be kept somewhat downtrodden by The Nameless Ones. Glory makes an unplanned escape fro [...]

    28. Genetics aren't new in the news but it isn't a general subject spoken within the public either. Gimpel took it to the next step and wrote an outstanding story from the other sides point of view. This book had so much to capture the imagination that I kept turning the pages. The "Nameless Ones" as they referred to themselves weren't much better than the scientists who created them. A population of genetically engineered males holding the female counterpart prisoners doesn't make them any better t [...]

    29. This book was another winner! I am a fan of Ann’s books and haven’t read one yet I haven’t liked and, in face, have read quite a few I have loved! And this series (so far) definitely falls into the loved category.This series combines a lot of my favorite elements of Ann’s stories. It has drama, intrigue, mystery and urgency all within the first few pages. And by the end of the first chapter you already had dozens of questions about Glory and her situation and all of those around her that [...]

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