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Agonize Tony Reed has always felt second best To his family To his best friend To every girl he s dated But when Lex Lix Jones an indie rock star convinces him to let go of his inhibitions and have a little

  • Title: Agonize
  • Author: Xavier Neal
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 391
  • Format: None
  • Tony Reed has always felt second best To his family To his best friend To every girl he s dated But when Lex Lix Jones, an indie rock star, convinces him to let go of his inhibitions and have a little fun, Tony quickly has a critical decision to make Are they meant to live in a world of passion together or should he be left alone to agonize A Senses Series Novel.

    Agonize Definition of Agonize by Merriam Webster Agonize definition is to cause to suffer agony torture How to use agonize in a sentence. Agonize Definition of Agonize at Dictionary Agonize definition, to suffer extreme pain or anguish be in agony See . Agonize definition of agonize by The Free Dictionary Define agonize agonize synonyms, agonize pronunciation, agonize translation, English dictionary definition of agonize v agonized , agonizing , agonizes v intr To suffer mental anguish or worry about something agonized over the difficult decision . AGONIZE meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary agonize definition to spend a lot of time trying to make a decision to spend a lot of time trying to make a Learn . Agonize definition and meaning Collins English Dictionary Agonize definition If you agonize over something, you feel very anxious about it and spend a long time Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples Agonize Idioms by The Free Dictionary to fret or anguish about someone or something Now, now, don t agonize yourself over the situation Time cures all. Agonize Synonyms, Agonize Antonyms Merriam Webster synonyms of agonize from the Merriam Webster Thesaurus, plus related words, definitions, and antonyms Find another word for agonize Agonize to cause persistent suffering to. Agonize Synonyms, Agonize Antonyms Thesaurus Synonyms for agonize at Thesaurus with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions Find descriptive alternatives for agonize. agonize Dictionary Agonise definition, to suffer extreme pain or anguish be in agony See . Agonoize

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    1. ANOTHER WINNER,AM LOVING THESE BOOKS!!Tony and Lex' s storyTONY,THE HOT,SEXY,NERDLEX,TATOODED,INDIE,ROCK STARThey wake up in Vegas,married after a drunken nightShe wants a Green CardHe wants someone to put him firstTony agrees to go along with the whole Green Card thing and they return home but somewhere along the way they start to develop feelings for each otherThey both have insecuritiesTony feels as though he always comes second. Maxx and his familyLex has made mistakes and has done things sh [...]

    2. Just love this series. love all the characters in this series you still get glimpses of the group of friends in each book.Plot predictable you know where its heading theres no twists but I actually like that, and I love hea's.Like the other books the characters address the reader getting you involved for example: yeh you were thinking that to weren't you. Its different, great and fun.It's fun,hot & humerous in partsWould love to read a book about Dean coming of age he's Logans mini me and al [...]

    3. Holy hot sex Batman! If you thought Logan Kellar was hot, wait until you read about Tony! You may find that he’s even hotter than Kellar (Don’t tell him I said that though ;) ) Grab your fans ladies; you’re going to need them! After waking up married to the smoking hot indie rocker Lex, Tony’s life changes forever (one, he now has an unlimited amount of sex ::fans face:: ). Though Tony decides to stay married to the hot rocker to help her with her situation, he starts to develop some str [...]

    4. Lex girl can tease her man, "the minute I see his teeth dig sharply into his bottom lip I ask, "is there a problem?" A low groan crawls out as I feel his d*** stiffen in my grasp." Tony he likes to make sure he wears things that make him think of his woman through out the day, "why wouldn't I wanna wear the tie that made my wife come not once, not twice, but three times before 8 a.m.?" Lex sometimes doesn't know the proper etiquette speak when screwing her man, "baby, I can't keep a hard d*** an [...]

    5. Yeah, sexy Tony!Oh yeah, this series keeps getting better and better! Loved Tony and Lex, like opposites really do attract. They were so good for each other! Good book! Ok, on to the next in the series.

    6. Holy smokes!!!! I thought my Kindle was going to explode! HOT, HOT, HOT!!!!! I always think Xavier’s books can’t get any sexier, but she always proves me wrong, time and time again! Agonize is Tony’s story; he is Maxx’s best friend and the male version of her. He comes across as somewhat of a nerd, but he proved me wrong! Who knew underneath he was a hot sex god???Agonize was somewhat different than the other books in the series. Readers are introduced to a new character, Lex. Let me jus [...]

    7. A marriage of convenience may be how it starts out but it most definitely isn’t where it ends.Tony has come back from Vegas with more than memories of the fun time he had while he was there – he’s come back with a wife. Tying the knot with Lex may have been intended to help her get her green card and to stay in the country now her rock band are beginning to make it but feelings be damned because there is more between the two of them that they were initially willing to admit. It doesn’t t [...]

    8. *I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review *Agonize can be read as a stand alone,  however, the full story contained within the prior novels are worth the money and time. I am committed to the Senses series by Xavier Neal.  Her characters are so well-known and loved that the author has been writing these stand alones per request of her readers. The emotional atmosphere in Agonize geld a different allure to me from the former books in this series.  I am, however,  biased [...]

    9. Tony is a character we meet early on in the Senses series but now we get to know him even better and boy is he full of surprises!!Tony is tired of being second best. Second best son, second best guy to Logan Kellar with Maxx. During a weekend in Vegas, Tony finds himself married to the sexy lead singer of an indie band. He doesn't regret it though because he has finally found someone that is all about pleasing him and making him happy. Lex needs a Green Card to stay in the US and marries Tony in [...]

    10. I'll be honest, I lost sleep and had sex while reading this book last night. That's right, I'm not ashamed, I just could not put it down, so I just spread out and told my SO do what he has to do and let me know when he's finish. So that's that. NowTony, Tony, Tony. Damn Tony. Where the f*k was all this in Maxx and Logan's book? I mean, DUDE you would have totally been first choice if you brought all that manaconda into the bedroom. But alas, you can't compete with Logan Motherf*king Keller. So I [...]

    11. holy hell this book is hot!! anther amazing book from Xavier Neal!!tony wakes up married to the bad- A$$ rocker chick lix. hes get the most amazing sex out of this marriage. tony married lex to help her with a situation although as time goes on hes falls in love with lex. lex has a whole bunch of brick walls put up and as time goes on tony starts to break them down an see a little more of lex that no one else has seen. but then some one fills his head with doubt and he starts second guessing eve [...]

    12. Another amazing addition to this awesome series. This book was basically dedicated to Tony and Lex. Lex is a woman he met while in Las Vegas, got drunk and then got married! It still involved the rest of the group but what pretty much started out for Lex as a marriage of convenience so Lex could get her green card, was way something more for Tony. Tony felt it the minute he met Lex. He felt a connection that he had never felt for anyone before. It seems like from the start, Tony's family was out [...]

    13. Wow! Who knew how hot Tony is! All I know is that if that is what it's like to be a nerd then count me in! Finally Tony gets his story and let me tell you it did not disappoint. He was always best friend to everyone else while putting himself last. His love life lacked while everyone else's love life seemed to fall into place. Tony just never had that until this book with the ultimate proof of what happens when opposites attract. Although Lex and Tony married out of haste and decided to stay mar [...]

    14. I've really enjoyed the Senses series and overally I liked this book but sadly I just didn't love it. I struggled to connect to Lex and Tony as a couple for a good part of the book - I think I maybe needed the scenes where they first got together or possibly some more scenes where they gave to each other on a more emotional level. Lex and Tony were great characters it was just I felt I needed something more from them. While I may not have not connected to them emotionally I had no trouble believ [...]

    15. 5 Stars!!!I was given this book to read in turn for an honest review!!!Tony spends a wild night in Vegas that lands him married to an Indie rockstar. Did he just make the biggest mistake of his life or could she prove herself to be 'the one'?Funny, nerdy and HOT, what’s not to love about Tony Reed! In Agonize Xavier Neal truly brought Tony’s character to life, a sexy nerd who’s desperate to not be second best and accepted for who he really is. I loved Lex’s character; she is sexy, carefr [...]

    16. Poor Tony who we met during Logan and Max’s rollercoaster of a ride to a relationship, helped get them together although originally interested in Max for himself it grew into a friendship, which earned him a place in the family, with loads of failed, not up to scratch woman he went on a bender in Vegas to celebrated his brother getting hitched ( what a story that develops into ) he meets a Rock star called Lix a Welsh fire cracker who needs to marry to stay in the country, in a drunken stupor [...]

    17. I Was Provided A ARC By The AuthorAgain, another addition to this kick-ass series!Who knew nerdy Tony, was really a buff, dirty talking, guy!Tony wakes up married to Lex aka Lix, sexy, tattooed, lead singer of a band. Total opposite of Suite wearing, Dr. Who loving, Tony.But these two couldn't be a better match. They may come from completely different worlds. But the love, banter, and holy hell the sexy times between them, works. Tony & Lex, are another great couple in this series. You'll ro [...]

    18. 5 #NERDRULES Stars! Agonize is yet another one-sitting read for me. This is Tony's story, you know the hot nerd. Who doesn't want to dig that? This book can be read as a stand alone but i woild highly recommend to read the entire series to be able to relate more with the characters. Xavier Neal surprised me with the heroine I DIDN'T SEE that coming ir maybe it's my fault because i don't really read Synopsis, I just read whatever she writes because I know I will love it! So Lex, is a sexy Indie b [...]

    19. Who needs Clark Kent when you can have Tony Reed! Get ready to fall in love with this sexy nerd. You think you might know him, but ladies you have no idea! This man has a yummy dark side, but all he wants is to be someone's first choice and not to come in second. Now let me introduce you to Lex. She is a sexy rocker vixen, with fiery red hair, and has some kick ass body art. She is this no nonsense woman that will tell you like it is. But we all our own secrets to bare, and she is no exception. [...]

    20. Another five star read in a well deserving serial!Tony has, as you would expect by now, become a part of the ever expanding Keller/Hart family, after a bit of a rough start, he's now another of the clan. Problem is, he still feels on the outer.He wants someone for him. Someone to love him and be there for him. When he wakes up in Vegas with an exquisite redhead in his bed and a wedding ring on his finger, he really needs it to be for ever. Problem is, he's been the nice guy again, and all Lex Jo [...]

    21. Tony & Lex's StoryWhat happens in Vegas didn't stay in Vegas. Drunk and married!!! In order to remain in the states to continue with her band Lex puts on a good front but Tony has feelings for her. She is the total opposite of what Tony dates. They say opposites attract. What will happen between them. Xavier captivates her audience with this series. I never kiss and tell so you are going to have to one click to see what happens. Xavier is and amazing talented author that gives you some sexy [...]

    22. Nerds Rule!!Being a nerd myself, I loved this book more than most. Tony is great in all the other Senses books, but damn the sexy, commanding, dominant side you get to know in this book is panty melting hott! Lex is going to fit in the family just fine. Hard core rocker chick with a shady past, a smart ass sense of humor, and a heart made of protected goo. It's like Tony found his very own Maxx. This was a fantastic book!

    23. While I have loved this series thus far, this book is probably my least favorite. I think it was because it really wasn't as connected to the family as the others or maybe it was that I didn't feel the chemistry between Lex and Tony. I did like it but needed more. Please read series in order. It will allow the reader to understand who Tony is up to this point and why he always feels second best.

    24. Ahhhh, so nerdy Tony finally gets his story told, Hangover style When he wakes up in bed next to Lex, the gorgeous rockstar, he has some hazy memories from the night before, including a WEDDING? Will they cave in to peer pressure and divorce a la Brittney, or will they listen to their true feelings? This one kept me guessing till the very end!

    25. Well, well, well Who knew that Tony could be so hot and heavy in the bed room! Lol what a surprise! I loved Tony and Lex's story! I couldn't put it down! The series just keeps getting better and better! And I CAN NOT wait for Luke's book! I love this series! If you haven't started it, you need to its just awesome!

    26. 3.5 starsFirst off I want to say I love Xavier's Senses series. Logan and Maxx are my favorite. But I just didn't find myself drawn into this one like I have the rest. I know it's only a book and not real life but I just didn't feel that Lex and Tony were right for each other. I've always loved Tony!! And I guess in my crazy mind he deserves someone better.

    27. Good but couldn't give it more than 3 stars I just didn't enjoy this book as I have the previous ones I just dint like lex it may be because of how lex and tony first got together and because I didn't think she fit with the rest of the family I have come to love and adore but oh well you do get one during every series that you just can't stand and sadly this was the book in this series .

    28. Agonize (Senses Series)Well, well, well Who knew that Tony could be so hot and heavy in the bed room! Lol what a surprise! I loved Tony and Lex's story! I couldn't put it down! The series just keeps getting better and better! And I CAN NOT wait for Luke's book! I love this series! If you haven't started it, you need to its just awesome!

    29. TerrificThis was so awesome and I loved every minute of it.I love that we are getting armal look at how relationships work.I love that Tony is totally getting a girl that's his opposite in Lexd they work in a not over done way.This was so entertaining and I look forward to reading more about this series.

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