Before I Wake

Before I Wake

Eli Easton / Feb 17, 2020

Before I Wake Nurse s aide Jonesy is drawn to Michael the comatose victim of a hate crime whose homophobic parents have rejected him Jonesey sits with Michael reads to him and encourages Michael to wake up Jones

  • Title: Before I Wake
  • Author: Eli Easton
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 421
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Nurse s aide Jonesy is drawn to Michael, the comatose victim of a hate crime whose homophobic parents have rejected him Jonesey sits with Michael, reads to him, and encourages Michael to wake up Jonesy may not be the smartest guy in the world, but he knows Michael needs him And if he also thinks Michael is the most beautiful thing he s ever seen, well, Jonesy knows bettNurse s aide Jonesy is drawn to Michael, the comatose victim of a hate crime whose homophobic parents have rejected him Jonesey sits with Michael, reads to him, and encourages Michael to wake up Jonesy may not be the smartest guy in the world, but he knows Michael needs him And if he also thinks Michael is the most beautiful thing he s ever seen, well, Jonesy knows better than to hope for things that can never happen.Michael is lost in a dungeon, a dark and terrifying place His only comfort is the sound of a man s voice Can Michael come back Does he want to Maybe Jonesy can convince him that some things are worth living forIS IS A SECOND EDITION, published by the author It has a new epilogue, new formatting, and a new edit.

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        Having been, at various times and under different names, a minister s daughter, a computer programmer, the author of paranormal mysteries, a game designer, an organic farmer, an avid hiker, and a profound sleeper, Eli is happily embarking on yet another incarnation as a m m romance author As an addicted reader of such, she is tinkled pink when an author manages to combine literary merit, vast stores of humor, melting hotness and eye dabbing sweetness into one story She promises to strive to achieve most of that most of the time She currently lives on a farm in Pennsylvania with her husband, three bulldogs, three cows and six chickens All of them except for the husband are female, hence explaining the naked men that have taken up residence in her latest fiction writing.Her website in elieaston You can email her at eli elieastonCOMING SOON See what s in the pipeline here elieaston work in progress


    1. Happiness is a warm puppy.And this book. A little sad but mostly sweet, this is a feel-good story that will make you believe in miracles. Don't think too hard on the medical and legal aspects. Instead, sink into Jonesy's unfettered love for Michael. That's what hope looks like.Hope is the thing with feathers -That perches in the soul -And sings the tune without the words -And never stops - at all -~Emily DickinsonUnlike Michael's cold, Bible-thumping parents, Jonesy never gives up. He SEES Micha [...]

    2. Really, I am yes, I've been alternately sobbing and grinning like a fool for the past two hours, but I'm really okay.This tells the story of a very simple man named Jonesy who cares for a comatose man named Michael. I know it sounds improbable and maybe even a little uncomfortable, but it was a joy reading about the two of them falling in love. I am honestly too emotional to write a cogent review. Just trust me - this was super sweet and had a lovely ending. P.S. Make sure that you're getting th [...]

    3. Somebody get me some Ricola, this lump in my throat is killing me.Just as sweet, with a bit of sadness, as the first time I read it. Love the new epilogue.Also! Also! Eli Easton has a new book coming out next month (Feb 2015) How to Howl at the Moon. It's the "first in an all new romantic comedy shifter series." Seriously, though, my throat hurts.

    4. This was my first published m/m story and it's been out of print for a few months. I've just released a new self-published version that has a new cover and a brand new epilogue. I've added about 3K words.Here are the links: -- amazon/Before-I-Wake-EARE -- allromanceebooks/prodB&N -- barnesandnoble/w/beforCheers,Eli

    5. OkI didn't expect this one to gut punch me, but hell, it did. Highly recommended because all the feelzAlthough I think there hasn't been anyone out there who hasn't read it.And don't forget, it is afairy tale and you should treat it as such. Forget about the medical and law stuff, and enjoy.

    6. When I saw Mandy's review and her comment about Muscling Through I knew I had to read this short.This is a wonderfully thought out story. Original in a way that's rare to find in the M/M genre,for me at least.Jonesy is absolutely wonderful. If you liked Al from Muscling through you will love Jonesy lol. Micheal we don't get to know as much, but from the little we do find out I know he will be perfect for Jonesy.This is pure romance and my only niggle would be the sex (hand job only) felt more li [...]

    7. This was the harrowing tale of Michael, who has been left in a coma, the victim of a brutal hate-crime beating, and what happens when his parents decide to put a 'Do Not Resuscitate' order into effect because they don't agree with his lifestyle, and are no longer willing to use their medical insurance to pay for his care, and yes, my fists are clenched as I'm writing this!! 4 stars. Jonesy works at the hospital as a nurse's aide, he's not the sharpest knife in the drawer but is loving and kind, [...]

    8. 3.85* I really enjoyed this author's Superhero so I went and picked up this from her backlist.I love fairy tales, and this was most definitely one, and it had the nice twist, even if Michael was in some sort of coma, we got to see and feel how he was experiencing his surroundings. Michael was badly beaten and ended up in the hospital with no family to care for or about him. Jonsey, a nurses aide and a real gentle giant takes it upon himself to care for Michael. Jonsey reminded me a little of one [...]

    9. Ughhhhhhh, puede que tenga sus puntos dulces, entiendo que la gente lo piense, pero a mi sobre todas las cosas me ha parecido muy muy muy creepy y la primera escena de sexo la he leído con muchísima incomodidad. No me ha gustado

    10. Jonesy is a sweet and innocent man. He's a very caring nursing assistant who is on shift when a young man, Michael, the victim of a hate crime is brought in to hospital.Although Michael is deep in a coma Jonesy talks to him hoping to reach him and that he'll wake up. He's end up taking Michael home and acting as his caretaker. We also get chapters here from Michael's POV which I really enjoyed because if this had been a one-sided story I don't think I would have enjoyed it as much.A lovely story [...]

    11. 4.5 * What a lovely m/m take on sleeping beauty. In this Jonesy, a male nurses aide is our prince and is a kind hearted gentle giant with a loving childlike quality. I loved him. Poor Micheal has been beaten badly and is a coma because of a hate crime and as soon as he sees him Jonesy is drawn to the young man. He sits with him and cares for him every day, talking to him. bathing him, reading to him and playing his favourite music. His homophobic parents have abandoned him and the hospital don't [...]

    12. 3.5 StarsSimple Jonesy, with a heart of pure gold, only wants what's best for poor, abandoned patient Michael.His love and dedication gets him his man in the end.Sweet, sweet, sweet.

    13. This story reminded me of a couple titles that deal with a 'relationship' (if we can call it that) with an unconscious patient. There was nothing new being offered here. But it was sweet, nonetheless. It was a romance without as much as conversation between the two MCs, since Michael was in coma. And Jonesy was his guide in the dark with his voice and presence. No smut. Pretty much one sided conversation (from Jonesy to Michael). And well, an ending that you can 'conclude' as HEA, if you're opti [...]

    14. This one was nice and sweet but a little too sugary. Sometimes that's a good thing, but I didn't really buy it here.

    15. *sobs* *dabs at eyes* I'm ok! *sobs*Such a sweet short story! Read this! Read it now!

    16. Ohh.Ohhh.Ohhhh.*sniff*That was quite remarkable. I'm sad and I'm happy. I'm weepy and smiling at the same time. It's like when the sun shines and it rainsat's how I feel. Yeah. ANDI can't tell you much without just saying, you need to read this. Really. I'm not kidding. Come join me in the sunny rainstorm. It's breathtaking.

    17. 4.5 stars! The beginning of this book absolutely broke my heart. Learning why Michael was in the hospital. Hearing what his parents said during their visit. But then there was Jonesy. He truly was Michael's knight in shining armour. What a sweet story! And the best epilogue. I really loved it.

    18. A cute enough take on the story of Sleeping Beauty, but I have to admit that the whole (view spoiler)[let's-give-a-hand-job-to-a-semi-conscious-patient (hide spoiler)] aspect skeeved me out a little bit. (view spoiler)[Yes, there was implied consent, but it wasn't the level of consent that I would have needed to do the same thing, so (hide spoiler)]Jonesy's character was all heart and emotional intelligence. He reminded me a lot of Al (who I absolutely adored) from J.L. Merrow's Muscling Through [...]

    19. It is difficult to review short stories without giving everything away, but this one is a sleeping beauty tale, something most people are familiar with. Jonesy is an unlikely prince, he would probably tell you. He is one of those people who maybe isn’t the smartest one around but he is kind, gentle, caring and honest. He is a giant of a man who works as a nurse’s aide and when the beautiful, beaten up Michael arrives in a coma after being brutally attacked, he takes care of him. After witnes [...]

    20. This is one of those stories that sounded interesting when I read the blurb, then it blew me away with the reality of the deep emotions involved and the very powerful message about love it sends. A comatose patient trying to find his way back to life in difficult circumstances and the nurse aid who takes him under his wing is a pretty fascinating situation to start with. But adding the strong characterizations of both men, achieved with seemingly effortless grace and very few words, made it even [...]

    21. 2.5 Stars.This is difficult to review because I normally LOVE Eli Easton's stories, and I feel a bit awful that i didn't like this one as much, especially seeing that pretty much everyone else liked it a lot.The writing style is her usual great, but while most of her shorts have a great pace, and left me feeling connected to the MC and satisfied with what I learnt about them, this one left me with more questions than answers.The premise is very, very good, but I didn't feel like the book reached [...]

    22. I can count on one hand, maybe two, the number of times I've given short stories a five-star ratingout of hundreds upon hundreds of books I've read the past few years. This was so heartwarming, so poignant and lovely, I just had to give it all the stars.

    23. This is a very sweet twist on the Sleeping Beauty fairytale. I couldn't help but love Jonesy and there was a lot of emotion in the story considering it is fairly short. The ending made me smile and I would love to read more about these two men.

    24. So so so sweet, but what did you expect really. Jonsey was such a sweetie, he was a little slow, just like Al in Muscling Through, so if you liked that you'll love this!

    25. Just another example of why I am a fan of Eli Easton ' s writings. A close to perfect short story. So sweet. Just enjoy it.

    26. That was beautifulllllllllllllll.I'm not sure about how realistic the details regarding Michael's state are, but this story worked so well that I don't really care. It was really sweet- I would have loved for it to continue for a bit further than where it ended, though, but it was still really nice!

    27. 3.5 starsSuper short story with very sweet, lovable "hurt" MCs--one who's mentally challenged and one who's a victim of a hate crime. Eli Easton is such a gifted writer, srsly. Caution (view spoiler)[Some of the sexual content happens while one MC is in a coma, which feelsicky, awkward, uncomfortable and probably brought my rating down by half a star. BUT somehow still works (go Eli!). (hide spoiler)]

    28. 4.5 StarsI thought this was such a nice story. It isn't long, 8,000 words, but every word counts. I would have liked it longer, simply because I wanted to stay with Jonesy and Michael. A reimagining of Sleeping Beauty. Eli Easton knows how to write charming. Review at ontopdownunderbookreviews/

    29. What a sweet sweet story this turned out to be. It took me on a grand tour of my emotions, too, and there were tears of sadness, then of joy.Jonsey really was a knight in shining armor throughout this story. He took care of Michael when everyone else gave up. The epilogue really got me. This story was everything I needed this night.

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