Ruin Box Set 1-3

Ruin Box Set 1-3

Lucian Bane / Jun 06, 2020

Ruin Box Set Ruin wakes up on Earth knowing only one thing to Judge and Execute As an Angel of Judgment with no memory of his origins and no ability to communicate he binds molecularly with Isadore the first hum

  • Title: Ruin Box Set 1-3
  • Author: Lucian Bane
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 362
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Ruin wakes up on Earth knowing only one thing to Judge and Execute As an Angel of Judgment with no memory of his origins and no ability to communicate, he binds molecularly with Isadore, the first human he comes into contact with Bestselling Author, Lucian Bane, dominates his spin on the popular Paranormal Romance genre, quickly becoming one of the many masters that rocRuin wakes up on Earth knowing only one thing to Judge and Execute As an Angel of Judgment with no memory of his origins and no ability to communicate, he binds molecularly with Isadore, the first human he comes into contact with Bestselling Author, Lucian Bane, dominates his spin on the popular Paranormal Romance genre, quickly becoming one of the many masters that rock our beloved book world.

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    1. MehSoooooo I've been reading this "Ruin" series by Lucian Bane. You know the one, the "ineffable Dom"? What evs (rolls eyes). This guy who is supposedly a real life Dom-cum-Erotica-writer (and fyi, I'm talking the Latin word cum as in dual role, not the OTHER cum that he writes about, seemingly, incessantly).Anyway, I won't judge his entire writing career nor his personal beliefs based on this one series, but there is def something weird that's kinda wigging me out about this dude and his writin [...]

    2. Lucian has done it again!! This entire series thus far has been Amazing. He will pull you in from the Waking to the Judgment and still leave you wanting more. From the bantering between Ruin & Isadore to the jealousy Ruin feels towards any man that looks Isadore's way.Isadore is a kind, loving, but yet a lying individual who has her quirks like you wouldn't believe. Ruin is an angel of execution who is confused and doesn't know what he should be feeling; especially what his feelings are towa [...]

    3. Why have I never read anything from this author before???Excellent series! Not quite as dark as other dark, erotics I so love but this series is very good. I absolutely loved Ruin; Isadore did progressively irritate me as the series went on with her constant reluctance to "give in". Aside from that, I found the storyline quite interesting, refreshingly different and I did love the dark/paranormal elements. The supporting characters and the entire plot concept was truly unique and look forward to [...]

    4. I usually HATE serials I am LOVING Ruin! It's an interesting story I like the characters well Izzy is getting a little annoying, but I guess that is part of her charm. I have had a seriously difficult time putting my Kindle down since starting this box set and now I am completely hooked and looking forward to the rest of the series! Very Well Done Mr. Bane! Highly recommend to my PNR lovers out there who like their romance a little on the dirty side ;)

    5. this was the first time I had read this author and all I can say is WHY did I wait so long. A great series I cant wait to finish with characters that seem to literally step off the page and wind there way into your heart.

    6. Oh boy this is an extremely difficult book to review!Book 1 The Waking: This begins with the story of Isadore and Ruin. Isadore lives in the Cajun swamps on her own. She left her life of science behind (with a PH.D no less). She has extreme OCD with mopping and Pine-Sol. This is her coping mechanism to deal with the mess inside of her Ruin does not remember who he is at this point and asks her for help. Ruin cannot lie, and Isadores' “little white lies” physically hurt him by causing fire in [...]

    7. Sometimes you read a book and you think, "That was really good! I really liked that story." Sometimes it's just OK, or even not so good. But then, every once in a while, you read a book that, as soon as you finish it, you just sit with the book in your lap and think, "WOW!!!!! That book was amazing!". This is one of those! I couldn't just finish it then flip to the page to write a review. No, I had to stare out the window, drinking my coffee, and just ponder what I was feeling and why. This stor [...]

    8. I put off starting this series for some time now, because it just honestly didn't sound like the type of storyline I would enjoy or get into. BUTI haven't read anything yet by Lucian Bane that I didn't love, so I finally broke down and read it. Let me just say, I am so glad I did!!This series revolves around Ruin, an angel sent to Judge and Execute. But, there's a twist, for some reason, he has amnesia and doesn't really understand who he is, why he's here, or what he's supposed to do. On top of [...]

    9. Ruin Box Set 1-3 by Lucian BaneRating: 4.5 StarsRuin was sent to Earth to Judge and Execute. What he didn't expect was to be molecularly bonded to a human being such as Isadore.I hesitated picking up this series long ago but now wonder why I didn't read it then. Ruin was absolutely wonderful. He has a refreshing mind, seeing things that were normal to me but yet, it wasn't for him. There were moments where I couldn't help myself and gave in to outwardly laughing in public, which gave me weird st [...]

    10. I love paranormal stories and this series looked like it would be just up my alley.I finished the book so that's a plus. Will I read the next? No. Even though the last book had a really big cliffhanger, I'm still not interested enough to find out what happens.I'd like to say the story had promise but to be honest I'm not sure where it started, where it went or where it plans to go. I spent a lot of time rereading passages because I just didn't understand what was going on. It was really confusin [...]

    11. I love Ruin! One of my favorites from Lucian Bane.Ruin would not let me stop reading him. I wasn't sure what to expect when I started and boy did I get more than I ever thought I would.Ruin and Isadore story is a different type PNR and one you must read. Watching Ruin and Isadore grow together was such a wonderful thing. Isadore is full of quirks and Ruin doesn't know how to act after forming a bond to her. This set is all you could expect in a PNR read with love, laughter, hot sex and anger.

    12. Absolutely loved this 3 box series, fantastic storyline and characters. Based around Ruin, who turns out to be like an angel, whose job is to judge and execute, but whilst on earth needs someone to balance him out. Isadore is the woman who lives in the swamps, and ends up being Ruin's link and needs to learn everything and anything from her. Hot sexy scenes and brilliant characters with a story that you just can't put down. A must read.

    13. ITS MR. BANES BEST WRITING TO DATE!!!!!!!,!I loved Ruins thinking when Isadore brought him to church. Because it was sad but so true on so many levels. I LOVED how she was lying all the time to be nice. The sex scenes were hotttttt. Their bantering is hilarious. I really loved how Mr. Bane put the Christian truth with his writing. This is one of the best books I've ever read. AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

    14. RUIN 1-3 I truly enjoyed reading this! Honestly I didn't know if I would but I proved myself wrong. I loved how the story began and upon reading it, I was drawn in more and more. I love reading books that have a different twist to them, not knowing where it's going but taking that journey with them. When a writer can grab you and take you away into another worldwell that's why I like to read. I highly recommend it!

    15. Great Box SetThis box set takes you through the evolution of a hero and the growth of a relationship. The events that take place are raw but bring you closer to the characters. My favorite theme of this book set is love and what it does or does not mean.Lucian Bane has become my new favorite author!

    16. Wow! Loved this series can't wait for more. This is one of those stores that has you guessing and unable to put it down. Well at least it was for me. Lucian really has a way with words and plays into every visual aspect you could think of. It had my attention the whole time. Never a dull moment. I'm ready for more! A definite must read!

    17. I purchased the box set thinking it was the entire series only disappointment is that it is not. The storyline and characters in this series are unique and entertaining!

    18. Stopped at about 75%, just couldn't go onI will still read LB's books, but this one I just could not get through. Looking forward to continuing Claw:-)

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