Take Me With You

Take Me With You

Catherine Ryan Hyde / Jan 23, 2020

Take Me With You Seth and his little brother Henry haven t had the most stable of upbringings Their father has been in and out of jail their mother took off years ago and hasn t been seen since Life is constantly unce

  • Title: Take Me With You
  • Author: Catherine Ryan Hyde
  • ISBN: 9780552778022
  • Page: 328
  • Format: Paperback
  • Seth and his little brother Henry haven t had the most stable of upbringings Their father has been in and out of jail their mother took off years ago and hasn t been seen since Life is constantly uncertain but a twist of fate could be just what they need.August stopped drinking the day his son died While on a journey that s very close to his heart, a breakdown leavesSeth and his little brother Henry haven t had the most stable of upbringings Their father has been in and out of jail their mother took off years ago and hasn t been seen since Life is constantly uncertain but a twist of fate could be just what they need.August stopped drinking the day his son died While on a journey that s very close to his heart, a breakdown leaves him stranded in a small town and at the mercy of the local mechanic Seth and Henry s father.But then August is presented with an offer he doesn t expect take the two boys with him for the summer, and pay no charge for the repairs.As the unlikely trio set out on their road trip, the most unlikely, unforgettable friendship begins to take shape.Take Me With You is a moving, thought provoking story that fans of Jodi Picoult, Susan Lewis or Diane Chamberlain will love, or the perfect read for those looking for something special to curl up with.

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    1. Okay so when I first stumbled across this as a deal on and read the blurb I was more inclined to pass it by than to pick it up.  I honestly did not think I was ready to deal with a burned out teacher and recovering alcoholic who is still dealing with the tragic loss of his son.  This did not exactly sound like uplifting fare, but after reading a couple of reviews on that raved about it, I bit the bullet so to speak and grabbed it.  Thank you !This story is so fantastic and while yes, it doe [...]

    2. Got caught in my throat more than once in this story. Thank you for making me feel human. If you have another that touches me like this did, I'll be reading it soon. Hopefully many more. Like August, I want to savor every minute of this journey you've put together. It's even more impressive that you make August and the boys real feeling beings and not standardized males.

    3. Four and a half stars.I fell in love in this book. Not just with Seth and younger brother Henry, but with August and felt for him in his grief at the death of his son. Woody, August’s little Jack Russell won his way into my heart too. From the first page I knew this book would hook me right in. It is simply but powerfully written and shows clearly that it is often the family that suffers along with the alcoholic. This is perhaps not a book where the reader will be wowed by the beautiful prose. [...]

    4. The main character of this book is August, a man of a certain age, a science teacher who is taking an RV trip. Just those two facts – the science and the RV meant that throughout this read I had Walter White in my head and read all of August’s dialogue in Walter’s voice.But, to be serious, this is the second book that I have read by the author lately and, like Where We Belong, the main theme of this book is a friendship between the generations. Similarly, we have a man who is intrinsically [...]

    5. If you're the type that enjoys character rich stories, and you haven't read a book by Catherine Ryan Hyde, then I suggest you start right here. I have never been disappointed in her work.This is the story of a teacher named August who travels each summer in his RV. He meets up with 2 young boys, Seth and Henry who end up traveling with him. The 3 of them share a summer of camping, and learn quite a lot from each other.It is a heartwarming story, that had me choked up a few times. I always feel s [...]

    6. Catherine Ryan Hyde's books are readily addictive if you want to read about people and their lives, their relationships and their stories, and care about what happens to all of them. I started reading her books and soon became obsessed with reading everything she had written. Many of her books make me think that her original idea comes from a small 2" blurb from Page 4 of the local paper and that she then tells the story behind the blurb. Whether it is the story of Grace alittle girl, whose moth [...]

    7. Fantastic Book!! Another great book by Catherine Ryan Hyde. I am very surprised that I didn't find this author long ago! I did see the movie "Pay it Forward" based on her book by the same name many years ago and loved it. When I came across this book and read the description I thought it sounded pretty good. However, it more than exceeded my expectations. I devoured it and since then I've been a huge fan. As I read her books I often find myself nodding along and agreeing with something a charact [...]

    8. I was engaged and interested in the beginning of "Take Me With You." The conversations felt natural and genuine; I believed what the characters said and their behavior began to express their personalities. But then I began to lose interest and the story lost a lot of its magic. I liked Seth, the 12-year-old, but once August begins his summer excursion with him and his little brother, Henry, Seth's conversation sometimes becomes unnatural (it didn't sound like a 12-year-old speaking) and repetiti [...]

    9. Oh man. I think I only finished this book because it was the only book I had with me several times. I have never read anything by this author but many of her works have crossed my path. People seem to like her.After finishing it, my thought are "ugh". Lowercase. I can't even give it an exclamatory "Ugh!" because the stupid book elicited almost zero feelings from me.Almost nothing happens at all. A man takes a couple of kids on a road trip to see many of America's national parks. The children are [...]

    10. A special thank you to Lake Union Publishing and NetGalley for introducing me to such a talented author, and providing an ARC in exchange for an honest review. Take Me With You was totally Amazing!! This is one of those rare books you will want to Pre-Order or purchase the day it is released. From the first page, this heartwarming story, grabs you and pulls you in, with a strong hold until the ending, and thereafter in your thoughts. My only issue was having to stop and finish work – and this [...]

    11. I can't for the life of me remember why this was something I wanted to read and now that I've read it, I still can't figure it out. It started out okay - a teacher who hates teaching heads out on a national parks summer vacation in his RV. When the RV breaks down a jail bound mechanic offers to fix it for free if August - the teacher - will take his two boys with him for the summer while he does his stint in jail for yet another DUI. A bit unlikely, but okay. August is divorced following a tragi [...]

    12. This was a nice story even though a little far fetched. Two boys spend a summer with an elderly gentleman teacher who had tragically lost his son fairly recently. They travel in a motorhome through well known campgrounds exploring and learning about life, love and forgiveness. It is a coming of age story that touches on alcoholism and how each individual deals with it. By the end of the summer they had formed a lifelong friendship. The characters were well developed and the landscape description [...]

    13. After reading When I Found You and Pay It Forward I was eager to read more of Catherine Ryan Hyde's work. She writes flawed characters who seek better relationships and try to do the right thing. Sound simplistic? Yes. It's also refreshing. Many of her books revolve around family and inter-generational relationships. writing. She uses words sparsely and concisely. The premises of her books are wholesome. I will be reading more!A burned out science teacher develops an usual bond with two boys he [...]

    14. Once in a blue moon one encounters a book that just demands to be read and for me this was such a book. The storyline involves Alcoholism, coming of age, grieving the death of a child, and camping in an RV. The description of scenes from Joshua Tree, Zion, Arches, Canyonlands brought back memories and the other parks a desire to see new lands. With all the grammar and spell-checking software available today I’m mystified as to why so many errors still evade publishers and authors but this volu [...]

    15. Another one I came into blind. (I read the synopsis when I originally put it on my To Read list, but had completely forgotten by the time I read it.) August is a grieving high school teacher using his summer off to take a road trip from San Diego to Yellowstone, just him and his Jack Russell Terrier, Woody.His plan starts to go off course when vehicle trouble puts a wrench in his time line and in his travel budget. He reluctantly gets some new traveling companions and his pilgrimage is adjusted. [...]

    16. The first half of this book was amazing and I enjoyed every word of it. I was completely absorbed in the story and the characters, feeling such a sweetness coming from Seth especially. And the visits to the AA meetings were fascinating to me, especially seeing how Seth was trying to come to terms with his dad's alcoholism. When August returns the boys to their father at the end of the summer, I wondered what would happen in the rest of the book, since it felt like the story was over and there wa [...]

    17. I don't know if it's fair to review a book before finishing but I can't take one more page of this drivel. It reads like a Highlights magazine story for grade school children. The premise is unrealistic, which most times I can overlook, but the author seems to be banging you over the head with her "lessons" about alcoholism, abandonment and letting go. This would be fine if she was reading to small children in a library, not enjoyable if you're over age 12.

    18. CaptivatingI did not know what I was getting into but I couldn't put it down. It is such a simple story but the author does a splendid job keeping you on your toes. She manages to write about all these emotions without ever sounding overbearing or non believable. Just a great book.

    19. Every now and I then I like to take a break from all the murders/psychological thrillers and crime books and read a book that takes me on a different journey altogether. Take Me With You was certainly that book! August Schroeder is a grieving father on his way to Yellowstone Park in his motorhome with his son's ashes when he breaks down in the middle of nowhere and Wes the mechanic tows him to his garage. Finding himself agreeing to look after the mechanic's 2 young boys for the summer the trio [...]

    20. My Take:5 STARS!Another "knocked-it-out-of-the-ballpark" novel again! Written by the AMAZING by best selling author, Catherine Ryan Hyde! You probably know her best from her book (and movie), "Pay It Forward", a household phrase for doing good for others! That, she has done again! BRAVO! +Catherine Ryan Hyde ! BRAVO! She truly understands and knows the true spirit of humanity! She nails it every time in the countless novels she has written. There is no romance in this book, so if you're looking [...]

    21. Catherine Ryan Hyde has a way of depicting ordinary people and making their stories count. Her books are well written, that is a given, and they make you care. You just care. I simply love that. She reminds me a bit of Kent Haruf in that way. Her books are not about romance and that is such a relief. Hyde’s books have a way of focusing on our social environment, and maybe a bit more on how children of our era are embraced, loved, influenced, educated by other people then their biological paren [...]

    22. TAKE ME WITH YOU by Catherine Ryan Hyde is an entertaining coming-of-age, adventure novel full of family values and addiction awareness. It hit one of my favorite tropes, which is “travel challenges”. I didn’t expect it to be mostly from the male point-of-view, but it was an agreeable difference.It’s TBR Challenge day with Wendy the Super Librarian and time for me to visit the other challenge participants. I love doing this every month! There are a couple of pictures from my trip to Yell [...]

    23. August Shroeder is making a road trip in memory of his son Phillip, hoping to heal some of the heartache he feels over his death by visiting special places and scattering some of his ashes. When his motorhome needs repairing, he takes it in to be fixed but comes away with two additional passengers, Seth and Henry. They need somewhere to stay over the summer, and someone to care for them. As they travel from place to place, a friendship begins to build, and eight years later, on a road trip of a [...]

    24. Due to unusual circumstances, a grieving father finds himself exploring the national parks of the southwest with two young boys in tow. When the journey began the three were essentially strangers. Descriptions of the parks are vividly done and the plot is unique. There are many specific references to various hiking trails and landmarks. The beauty of the great outdoors, together with its/the potential for healing is a recurring theme. Underlying all of this are the human dynamics in play – ins [...]

    25. Take Me With YouThis was one of my unlimited kindle books that sat on my list for about a year and wished I would had read it sooner than later because it was that great of a book. I am glad I read it when I did though because it has helped me deal with a few things going on in my life at the time and the memories these characters shared together also showed me that even though life is what it is that there is still a lot of good memories there as well

    26. I might have not given it a fair chance but seriously, the coversation exchanges in this book are no more advanced than your average Dick & Jane book. The whole time I'm reading this I'm thinking, "But people really like this book!" But at some point you just have to call it quits.

    27. Book was cheesy and unrealistic, but it held my interest. There was a line in the book which read 'What makes your life feel like enough?' which was very thought provoking for me. It's something I need to ponder on myself

    28. August Schroeder is on his way to Yosemite. He is taking a trip he had planned with his son, Philip, but Philip is not along for the trip because he was killed in a traffic accident. When his car breaks down in a town along the way, he is persuaded to take two young boys (12 and 7), Seth and Henry, along with him on his summer trip. It is a fortuitous trip for both August and the boys, and it changes them in ways they cannot anticipate. They all need saving, and they save each other, and it is t [...]

    29. The first half of this book was great - quick, intriguing, unique. The main character August - a recovering alcoholic - goes on an RV trip with two young boys he hardly knows as he struggles to come to terms with the death of his own son, Phillip. Hyde writes in (what I imagine to be) the way men think; all of the dialogue is very frank. I wasn't sure about her style at first, but it grew on me. The plot had me hooked. The second half of the book was disappointing - I found it entirely unrealist [...]

    30. SO GOOD!!I downloaded this book for free, thinking it might be good. I stayed up way too many nights reading it instead of sleeping. This was one of the most touching, heartfelt stories I've ever read. A love story that is simply pure and innocent between a man and 2 boys who unexpectedly come into his life. I cried several tears throughout the book, mostly the 2nd half, but they were not sad tears. They were heartfelt tears. I highly recommend this book.

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