Serial Killer Groupies

Serial Killer Groupies

R.J. Parker / Apr 07, 2020

Serial Killer Groupies Ted Bundy received hundreds of love letters from women every week while he was in prison Women not only sent fan love mail but marriage proposals money and gifts The same goes for Jeffrey Dahmer Ri

  • Title: Serial Killer Groupies
  • Author: R.J. Parker
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  • Page: 427
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  • Ted Bundy received hundreds of love letters from women every week while he was in prison Women not only sent fan love mail, but marriage proposals, money and gifts The same goes for Jeffrey Dahmer, Richard Ramirez, John Wayne Gacy and many other notorious and not so famous serial killers Groupies will do almost anything to get close to the prisoner that they are attractTed Bundy received hundreds of love letters from women every week while he was in prison Women not only sent fan love mail, but marriage proposals, money and gifts The same goes for Jeffrey Dahmer, Richard Ramirez, John Wayne Gacy and many other notorious and not so famous serial killers Groupies will do almost anything to get close to the prisoner that they are attracted to They give up jobs, family, spend money on him, and even move across country to be in the same town as him Most Serial Killer Groupies SKG s are attractive and well educated, for example, Doreen Lioy who married Ramirez had an above average IQ of 152 and a University Degree Many are already married, they are mothers, and in several cases, they work in law enforcement or psychology They sometimes wait for hours just to have a few minutes every week or so to have a face to face visit in the prison Some SKG s are attracted to the celebrity status they acquire They go on talk shows to announce their undying love for the serial killer and proclaim that he was not capable of these killings Or, that he has changed Some have taken credit for changing the killer and that he s been regenerated The research and writing of Serial Killer Groupies started in 2012 after an interview I had with Paul Bernardo, who receives copious amounts of fan mail each month This book depicts several cases of fan fare some killers receive and known medical conditions that many groupies have.

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    1. There are just a couple of things I'll credit this book for:1). It gave me a couple of serious titles on this subject that may be worth reading.2). I hold out hope that the author's claim of donating a percentage of proceeds to Victims of Violent Crimes is not only true but that the percentage is substantial Otherwise, I kick myself for not spotting the deficits of this book from the cover design. (Yes--book, cover, etc.) The very basic Adobe layout, the vague claim of being a bestselling author [...]

    2. Anyone who's had to sit through a college lecture will understand what I'm referring to when I say that Serial Killer Groupies reads like the reference notes that you took for the purpose of writing a paper. You know - the notes that you're supposed to expand upon, turning your scribbles into something bigger and more intricate than just what you copied down. Groupies was a book of references notes, all collected and organized into one big volume-o-horror. If you would enjoy reading what is esse [...]

    3. When studying the dark world of serial killers, the women who attach themselves to them, follow them, write to them and in many cases marry them are a curious subject. InSerial Killer Groupies seasoned true crime author RJ Parker looks at the psychology behind their obsessions and the reasons why they often give up their families, their careers, and their homes just to be close to a man who has carried out some horrific acts of violence. The early chapters are an enlightening read, introducing t [...]

    4. Wow! What a page turner! I couldn't wait for this to be released and stayed up late into the night on New Years Eve just to finish it. And it didn't disappoint. Filled with many jaw dropping moments, this book will kinda mess with you a little. On one hand, you will be shocked and appalled at the extent some people will go to befriend serial murders with the hopes of gaining some notoriety in their own sad desperate lives. They are as bad as the serial killers IMO. Then in some circumstances, yo [...]

    5. I find it sad and disturbing that seemingly intelligent and sophisticated women literally waste their lives devoting their time, money and energy to the scum of the earth. Only imagine what could be accomplished if this same fervor was directed toward worthy causes.This book presents unbiased accounts of many instances of serial killer groupies who abandoned their families, their jobs, their entire way of life to be at the beck and call of the lowest form of humanity.Mr. Parker refrains from bei [...]

    6. This subject kind of fascinates me. It amazes me that so many women want to be associated with serial killers. There are Facebook pages created by them and liked by many women. Some women write, visit and marry these individuals. I have no words for that. These are men who may have stalked, did torture and kill women. Brutally. Some of it is some misguided belief that these men need a mommy's love. Granted some my have been abused, severely, but so are hundreds of others who do not do these thin [...]

    7. Not very often thought about.I started reading this just out of curiosity. It's a topic I've never explored. The book was easy to read, but not basic. I'll read more by this author.

    8. WOW!!Very interesting to read about groupies! I knew they existed, but who knew how crazy they could be. How totally obsessed, and to think, they think these men love them Definitely a fascinating read! Thank you RJ for another great read!

    9. Good researchThe author has done in-depth research. The subject matter is disturbing, and the author attempts to make sense of it. We may never understand the more deplorable actions of certain members of society.

    10. Interesting quick read about several well known and some not so well known serial killers and the women who declare their love/fascination for them. Some of the details of the crimes are graphic so be warned. It was a light look at the women who become involved with serial killers so do not expect to go heavy into the psychological makeup of them. That is not to say the author does not delve into it. He did. It is not an in depth look though. I found it to be a good start and interesting to read [...]

    11. Serial Killer Groupies was such a tedious read, I struggled to even get through it.It reads like the essay of a high school student, and really, this is all it is.The author hasn't spoken with any of these women, nor even anyone associated with them, rather just searched the web, maybe read a few books, then wrote a brief summary of what she learnt. Another thing that really bugged me was the repetition, of both words and in general.The author could do with a good thesaurus, the word ' horrible [...]

    12. So disappointed. This book provides thumbnail sketches of dozens of North American serial killers. Then seems to tag on the names of women that had some involvement with the killers. I learned close to nothing about what attracts women to these killers. No more than ten percent of the book even talks about the groupies. Sadly a lame book.

    13. Serial Killer GroupiesWhile I found no problem with the book other than the subject matter obviously .I found most of the reasoning solid in why some women are drawn to these men. It does cover most of the usual suspects. Bundy ,The Night Stalker Danny Rollings .If the subject interests you it is covered fairly well.

    14. This was an interesting concept, but reads like the first draft of a dissertation. There are a few too many personal touches from the author for the tone of this book. Lastly, the connecting sentences/paragraphs could use some work.

    15. Quite an interesting read.This book delves into the issues of serial killer groupies. Many interesting facts relating to famous killers and their followers. I found the book to be highly enlightening on the mind of the killers and their admirers.

    16. This is a great subject but this book fell flat. The author could've gone alot deeper with his research and come up with a much longer book.Also, the writing is juvenile at best. If you're looking for brief synopses, then you might enjoy this book.

    17. True crime liteIf your looking for true insight, keep looking. If your looking for a brief synopsis of popular cases, and well know groupies (think Veronica Compton or Carol Anne Boone), then this is the book for you. C plus.

    18. I always wondered about the women who were serial killer groupies. This is a really interesting study of different women who love serial killers. A bit scary thinking people like this exist.

    19. It is a very good book Very clear, concise, and informative. I rear enjoyed the read, and I am looking forward to reading this author's other books.

    20. FASCINATING TALEA very educating book about serial killers and the women who fall in love with these psychopaths.

    21. Amazing bookThis book kept me interested from the first page to the very last page. Left me intrigued and wanting to read more. Highly recommend this book.

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