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Interference The last thing Jordan Marshall wants is a relationship especially with someone like Taylor Becks the star player from a rival roller hockey team Taylor doesn t talk to anyone When Jordan s curiosity

  • Title: Interference
  • Author: Zoe Reed
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 360
  • Format: ebook
  • The last thing Jordan Marshall wants is a relationship, especially with someone like Taylor Becks, the star player from a rival roller hockey team Taylor doesn t talk to anyone When Jordan s curiosity about the athlete overpowers her predisposition to being guarded, the two strike up an unlikely romance In the midst of desolation left by being disowned and forbidden fThe last thing Jordan Marshall wants is a relationship, especially with someone like Taylor Becks, the star player from a rival roller hockey team Taylor doesn t talk to anyone When Jordan s curiosity about the athlete overpowers her predisposition to being guarded, the two strike up an unlikely romance In the midst of desolation left by being disowned and forbidden from seeing her little brother, Jordan finds that sometimes the biggest risks reap the greatest rewards.

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    1. 3 days. 3 days of sheer bliss. Oh the joys of being unemployed and being able to spend days and nights reading awesome awesome AWESOME stories about women in love!!!Interference is not a slow story, it's just a long story, and I enjoyed every sentence, every word, every syllable.And I can't imagine anyone that loves romance to not feel the same way about this book. I was really surprised by the storyline, I expected a coming of age kind of thing with teenagers crushing on other teenagers and a l [...]

    2. If you’re a Gen-Xer or Millennial who spent your teenage years in Culver City, CA, you know the hot spot on Friday night was the Culver City Ice Arena. I remember skating at the rink with friends while listening to US3’s “Cantaloop (Flip Fantasia)” blaring on the speakers and chasing after one boy, or two boys, or three. I was such a teenage hussy. I met too many boyfriends (that I’m embarrassed to admit) on that block of ice. I miss those days. Except playing the “boy-crazy” part. [...]

    3. This is a very good new adult book with a very nice cast of characters. The book is a lengthy one (199,965 words according to Marvin eReader for iPad), and in my opinion possibly too lengthy. I liked how the author slowly developed a tender love story between the main characters, but with that many words the pace is too slow in places. Nevertheless, this is a lovely book, full of feeling and worth reading.

    4. I read this because I loved Breaking Legacies. I loved everything about it. This was not thatunfortunately. In the end I enjoyed the book. But it was very slow moving. There was so much hockey in the first 1/3 of this book, I almost gave up. I gave it 3.5 stars rounded up.

    5. I don't write a lot of reviews, and I usually save them for 5-star books (because I love them so much) and 1 or 2-star books (because I feel I owe the author an explanation). Interference has stuck with me for a month now, though, and it keeps flitting through my mind while I'm reading other books which deal with storylines similar to Jordan's.Before I get to the strong points of the book, there are two reasons I gave the book four stars instead of five: 1) The denouement, despite being long, di [...]

    6. Hmm, I'm torn between 3.5 or 4 stars.The story is about Jordan and Taylor, two girls in their early twenties, both damaged, with traumatic pasts. The romance between them is quite cute and develops at the right pace - no premature "OMG I love you let's get married live happily ever after". I mean, the book has almost 500 pages! There's more than enough pages to properly develop the characters and the relationship between them. And in this regard Zoe Reed did very well! The romance is simply deli [...]

    7. I liked the book. I did. And I didn't even mind that it was so long. But.I didn't care about the whole roller hockey stuff. I know it was important, because that's how they met and how they got closer, but I'm not a sport fan. I don't care about sport and there was just too much of it. I gotta admit, I mostly skipped the parts.Another thing I think Jordan's ex was a bit too much psycho. It didn't even feel real. Now let's talk about Jordan. I get that she had real issues. A lot of them. And that [...]

    8. Like some others that have reviewed this book I was reluctant to read due to the length. I personally find books this length can be hit or miss. I can't believe I waiting so long because I am so in love with this book! Jordan and Taylor are my comfort couple that I became accustom to reading about over the last 3 days. I thought the author did a fantastic job with the two characters who had so much hurt to work through and I wouldn't change a thing!I think this will definitely be a re-read when [...]

    9. This was a touching, heartbreaking, heartwarming book about two broken young women coming together to help each other heal. Throw in some floor hockey and a good supporting cast of characters and this was an excellent read. It touches on many issues like forgiveness, reconciliation, cancer, family, love, and abuse. Taylor and Jordan were very cute together and it was fun watching Taylor come out of her shell.

    10. Why did I wait soooooo long to read this book? Oh, probably because of its length! Well, silly me! I've had Interference on my Kindle for over a year yet never got around to reading it until now and, what a journey it was!As others have mentioned, it's a loooooong book and there's a lot of roller hockey references to digest. Let's face it, a good portion of the book is based at the hockey rink. I personally love sports theme books, therefore, quite enjoyed all the hockey bits and pieces.There's [...]

    11. It's funny how we grow attached to the characters from the books we read, some more than others, of course. I've read about 5 f/f books over the year and it's good to say that it's kind of awesome to keep remembering their plots and favorites moments and that amazing or unique line. Interference is one of those books where we want to keep its characters vivids in the back of our minds.The relationships around the main character, Jordan, were all beautifully made. There's a lot of fluff a lot of [...]

    12. this might come as a surprise but this is. a POSITIVE review!!!! that's right! we aren't really used to those around here but everything happens!!!!first of all let me start by saying i don't know why these girls had to go through so much pain and sadness in their lives because :( :( :( :( but i am willing to let it go for the sake of HAPPINESS!!!!! i just spoiled the entire book for you but yeah this ends HAPPILY!! and not the kind of weird fake happy either!!!! i'm also willing to ignore some [...]

    13. So, I'm going to talk about what nobody else in the reviews have mentioned.(view spoiler)[ This book details months of child rape/sexual abuse (she was 8! I am sick to my stomach). For this reason alone, I could not finish it. I wish some of the reviewers would have alluded to the nature of the MC's trauma, as I do not enjoy reading about such, especially involving children. While being cognizant of such treacherous issues is important in our society, I do not enjoy reading about them when I am [...]

    14. Damn! After Broken Legacies and now this! Even though i still love Broken Legacies, but this book is still great! I love how both leads slowly develop there relationship, support each other, understanding and always by each other side. I really love Taylor she is such a great and strong character T_T I love how Jodan’s mother come to realised how she had been to her own daughter. Even though i have to be honest, at the first of the book it took quite a while for me to get really into it but to [...]

    15. HmmI liked reading this book and the two main characters are likeable and well fleshed out and you can totally understand where they're coming from. However I found myself skim reading through some of the hockey games as I don't understand hockey and it didn't make it any clearer. I also found myself bored through the middle of the story. It's a tough one to review as I also felt the story needed to be that little bit long as you don't just get over your fears once you meet the one you love, it [...]

    16. Zoe Reed is an amazing author. Between her book Interference and Breaking Legacies, though they have drastically different storylines, they were both well written.A relatively long book and honestly, when I first started the book, I didn't think it could sustain my interest throughout, but it did. A story of two people who come together, healing each other and learning to love again. A beautiful story even with all the arguments and fight the characters had with each other. An enjoyable read tha [...]

    17. I realized barely three chapters in that this is one of those books that is impossible to put down. Even though it quickly made itself a home on my top 5 list of F/F fiction, it took me about a week to finish this because I didn't want the story to end and had to pace myself. As someone who knows next to nothing about hockey, I can safely say this book is so much more than that. Jordan and Taylor will be ingrained in my memory for a long time so hopefully there will be a sequel.

    18. Let me start by saying that I do like this author. Her novels are genuinely good hearted books. However I feel like she stretches these stories out way too much. Like she feels that if the book is not 400 pages it's not really considered a book. You can also see all the "twists" coming a mile away. But for those who like their syrup thick, this is definitely the book and author for you. And frankly I like my syrup thick too sometimes.

    19. I wasn't sure about the book at the beginning. It was a bit slow to start so I was worried it would be boring throughout, but I was so wrong! So much happened in this book that it's so much more than a love story. It's relatable, interesting and intense. Well worth the read!

    20. A solid 4.5. Loved the main character growth as well as the developed secondary characters. Everything had it's purpose in the story and while the tragedies the girls deal with might be a bit too much, some people just get fucked over by life so I can suspend my disbelief. Genuinely emotional journey with a satisfying ending.

    21. Another one of Zoe reed's books that I just couldn't put down. I hope she writes more books. I hope she writes a lot more books.

    22. This book is amazing, rarely I smiled and cried and had my heart full of tenderness, curiosity, passion to follow the characters evolution and I can say Zoe wrote a realistic and intriguing book.This is the kind of love we should read more often, a example of "true love", first the one we should find in ourselves and if we're lucky enough, in someone else.

    23. I just finished this book for the second time and it still blowss me awaye characters and the struggles they face are the stand out points of this amazing read.I stumbled on this novel on my ever-present search for new lesfic and became excited when I read what it was about. I don't really play sports but for some reason I have a hidden love for books that use sport as a means of connection to characters and place. Reed does this superbly through the informed, yet subtle way she writes about hoc [...]

    24. Well, I'm not great with reviews but as soon as I finished this book, I started to absent-mindedly re-read it. And I'm already half way through again. 10/10 would recommend.

    25. I absolutely loved this book, it's not often that I find a lesbian romance that is about the romance rather than the sex. This romance is quiet, and it's a journey. Some people complained in the review about these girls having a traumatic past, for me that didn't take away from it. I understand that nowadays trauma is used as a trope, but in this book I felt like these two characters understood each other on another level because of all of the things that they went through, that's why they were [...]

    26. This book wow I don't even know where to begin. It was incredible. It was one of the few books I have immediately reread as soon as I was finished with it (which was in about a day.) The relationship between Taylor and Jordan developed at a realistic pace. I also loved how both of the main characters had major walls built up, and the other had to work incredibly hard just to break through them. This book has its heartbreaking moments, but then I would find myself giggling like a schoolgirl over [...]

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