Newborn Nazi

Newborn Nazi

Rhoda D'Ettore / Dec 12, 2019

Newborn Nazi This family is amazing A Nazi spy A future SS officer A brother in America oblivious to everything And a sister who would kill us all Germany SS officers entered the house of Hedwig Schultz and

  • Title: Newborn Nazi
  • Author: Rhoda D'Ettore
  • ISBN: 9781500293987
  • Page: 377
  • Format: Paperback
  • This family is amazing A Nazi spy A future SS officer A brother in America oblivious to everything And a sister who would kill us all Germany, 1934 SS officers entered the house of Hedwig Schultz and ripped her 14 year old brother, Edmund, from her arms He has been selected for an elite division of the Hitler Youth that will train him for indoctrination into the This family is amazing A Nazi spy A future SS officer A brother in America oblivious to everything And a sister who would kill us all Germany, 1934 SS officers entered the house of Hedwig Schultz and ripped her 14 year old brother, Edmund, from her arms He has been selected for an elite division of the Hitler Youth that will train him for indoctrination into the feared SS.Horrified, Hedwig enlists the help of her brother in America to thwart Nazi plans regarding the Final Solution of the Jewish people It becomes a cat and mouse game as the family enters a world of Nazi spies, double agents and the Underground movement All the while, Hedwig must prevent their brother, Edmund, from becoming suspicious One report of treason to his Hitler Youth instructors would result in death or worse.

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        I come from a large family in the Philadelphia suburbs of New Jersey I have always loved history, true crime, and biographies Very rarely have I dabbled in fiction, unless it was James Patterson or Danielle Steel and of course, some naughty stuff as well.I once did my family tree, and found the following My family had postal workers going back to 1820.My great great uncle has an FBI file for Violation of the Espionage Act due to a bar fight during World War I over the state of the war.Another great great something or other received a ticket for drunk driving of a horse and carriage.Having already been a postal worker for 15 years along with my mother, brother, grandfather, and uncle , I realized that in 200 years, my family truly has not advanced very far I began writing the funny stories that postal workers deal with that the public never sees My co workers thought it so funny that I began passing it out to non postal friends to see the reaction I soon published it as an ebook, and now along with a second book, it is available in print I also have an ebook of erotica entitled 10 Shades of Blush The Softer Side of Kink which is the first book of a series dedicated to women s fantasies.


    1. Newborn Nazi by Rhoda D’Ettore is a hip, time-sensitive look at a totalitarian regime of nearly a century past. When we start thinking Nazi Germany, our eyes start rolling towards CNN, Al Jazeera and the BBC, and we seriously pause to reflect whether it’s happening again. “The boy is coming with us,” announces Lieutenant Reinhard as he takes young Edmund Schultz away, “it is the law.” Boko Haram? The Islamic State? Immigration Control and Enforcement? Or maybe you have problems with [...]

    2. Let me say first and foremost, that D’Ettore is an awesome story-teller.I won’t go into the reasons that I read this book, but suffice to say that it was so far outside my usual reading choices I began it with trepidation. In no time at all, I was sucked into the story.At the outset we meet Hedwig and her husband Fritz, trying unsuccessfully to thwart the German officers who have arrived to take the teenager Edmund away from them to be inducted into the Hitler Youth Programme. Once Edmund is [...]

    3. There is a lot to enjoy in this story set in a time of uncertainty, state control and mistrust before the outbreak of World war II. While not generally a big fan of historical fiction, I was able to engage with this plot twisting tale and enjoy the clever narrative created by the author. She has clearly done her research and while I am no expert on the period, I have read enough for it to feel authentic in almost every way. The book opens straight into the action with Hedwig losing her brother t [...]

    4. I have always been fascinated with books whose subject was pre-Nazi Germany, WWII, Jewish struggles, and trials afterwards. So this novel was required reading from me. I always wondered why Hitler came to power; why other Germans didn’t stop him? This novel touches on this subject well.First, I have to say that I am envious of the author’s ability to do such realistic dialogue; both harsh and humorous, she makes it appear effortless. She has an amazing skill, jumping from SS interrogations t [...]

    5. The story itself is quite riveting, but the style in which the story is told is very lacking. It's all telling, no showing. It hardly ever tells us what the characters' innermost thoughts are, nor does it tell us how the characters' FEEL. It will tell us their facial expression. It will say they are proud. But it does not describe any emotion. Events are also told in rapid succession. In many spots I said, "Wow! That's a big thing and it only took two sentences to tell us?"He pulled the trigger, [...]

    6. There's a number of reviews here and as I scan through them, I am not sure what I can add.What I can say for my own part is that Newborn Nazi starts with and continues for many of its pages at a blistering pace. This is a remarkable feat given the rather dry and unsettling nature of the SS.It is a very dark tale, but told with great style and panache. The author, Rhoda D'Ettore, is an exceptional story teller.The book has a little 'middle of the story' lag but maybe this is welcome.After a parti [...]

    7. A suspense filled view of Nazi GermanySometimes I found this book as difficult to pick up as it was to put down. I do most of my reading at night after I go to bed and the opening chapters were so intense that I could barely get through them. The suspense and tension were incredible as the author transports you to Germany during the Third Reich. I remember being told many years ago that ethical dilemmas make excellent stories and that is certainly the case here. As Hitler’s regime assumed powe [...]

    8. Find this and other reviews at: flashlightcommentary.I put little thought into taking on Rhoda D'Ettore Newborn Nazi for review. I don't mean to minimalize the book in any way, but drawn as I am to WWII, it wasn't exactly a hard sell. In fact the only aspect that gave me pause was the cover. Not to get too far off track, but I don't feel the image does justice to the narrative and strongly urge readers to look below surface when considering the title themselves.In looking back, there were a lot [...]

    9. In this year of the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau I have read a number of books about the Holocaust. Most of them have been from the point of view of the Jewish victims, so I wasn’t sure what to expect from this novel by Rhoda D’Ettore. Knowing that it featured the perspective of the Germans prior to and during the 1939-45 war, specifically certain members of the Nazi Party, I slightly dreaded that it would take me into areas I would prefer not to read. However, by [...]

    10. Newborn Nazi take place in the years leading up to and during WW2 in Germany. Young Hedwig’s husband is murdered at the hands of the Nazi’s while they rip her youngest brother from her hands and send him to a Hitler Youth Camp. A distraught Hedwig calls her brother in the U.S. and brother Jacob comes to her rescue and settles her husband’s estate putting the money into an account which she can use to live off.Hedwig is my kind of woman. She is intelligent, conniving, and driven. She wants [...]

    11. In the tradition of “All Quiet On The Western Front” comes a true WWII masterpiece. A story of three four siblings: Alois, Jacob, Edmund, and Hedwig. Hedwig’s husband is shot for trying to aid her in keeping her fourteen year old brother, Edmund, out of the SS. Edmund, who initially wants to be a part of the movement soon learns the dark secrets that lurk within the “schools, training, and future” offered by the Nazi party.A dark and surreal, and very real, picture of Nazi Germany and [...]

    12. I rec'd an ARC of this book from the author Rhonda D'Ettore in exchange for an honest opinion. This is my honest opinion of Newborn Nazi. And I do mean my honest. The characters are so well defined and described that you can actually picture them, OMG the scenes let me tell you . They are truly amazing, you can actually see them. Can you imagine picturing a Nazi youth camp or even a death camp. What about a park ?? Well, once you read this book you will see all this scenes they are described in [...]

    13. When I first looked at this book I have to admit that I wasn't sure if I would enjoy it. Having studied the Nazi Party many years ago at school (many,many years ago, I might add) while I found the subject fascinating then, much has happened since. What I found when I began this novel was something akin to that same fascination I had back then, in so much as is felt like a step back in time to those dark days of our evolution.Essentially, we have a story of rebellion against the notorious Nazi Pa [...]

    14. It’s 1934 in Germany and the Nazis are rising to power and kids are being taken from their homes to join the Hitler youth. These kids will be trained to be the future of the Nazi party and SS officers. Edmund was 14 years old when the Nazis came for him. His older sister Hedwig tried to stop them and her husband was murdered in the process.With her brother gone, Hedwig takes over her husband’s secret mission to stop the Nazis from building concentration camps to kill the Jews. Hedwig also wa [...]

    15. I received a free copy from the author for an honest review.Being a student of World War Two, I found the blurb enticing and decided to give it a go. The plot revolves around a family caught up in the fervor of the Nationalist Socialist Party Movement in prewar Germany. Like many of the accounts over the years, not everyone was signing up for the Nazi party. Many people understood that Hitler’s vision could lead to only one path—destruction, while other relished in their country returning to [...]

    16. 6/13/1933 (1945), Baldur von Schirach had been promoted to Youth Leader of Germany. The future of the Nazi Party. The youth were segregated by gender/age. Lieutenant Johann Reinhard (SS officer) & Lieutenant Gustav Gottlieb (SS officer) arrived at Hedwig Schultz (19, sister, Schatzi) & Fritz Schultz (husband, Jacob brother-in-law) house (212 Moorehouse St.). They were there to take Edmund Geiger (14, brother) to join the youth group. Things got out of hand & Fritz was shot/killed. He [...]

    17. Newborn Nazi is another wonderfully written novel by Rhoda D’Ettore. The novel is about a German family who suffers much during Hitler’s rule. There are many stories out there both true and fictional about the lives of the Jewish people during that time, and those stories, more than any other, should be told, but I think seeing the world from a German point of view is also helpful because we don’t live in a black and white world were everything we are told or even see is true. The only oth [...]

    18. Newborn Nazi starts off with two SS Lieutenants, Johann, and Gustav, taking Edmund Geiger, a fourteen-year-old boy from his home, for Hitler’s youth group. Edmund’s older sister Hedwig becomes hysterical, and when her husband tries to intervene for her, he is shot dead. Feeling distraught and all alone, Hedwig calls her two brothers residing in the U.S for help. Jacob, who is a member of a German Nazi U.S. group, comes to Hedwig’s rescue. To save her though, he is forced to do things he ne [...]

    19. This Book Was Given To Me By The Author In Exchange For An Honest Review."This family is amazing! A Nazi spy. A future SS officer. A brother in America oblivious to everything. And a sister who would kill us all." and that is just the beginning.This story focuses on a family. Two brothers, Alois and Jacob, live in the USA. Hedwig and Edmund still live in Germany. Two SS officers enter Hedwig's home and take Edmund to join an elite division of the Hitler Youth. During this struggle tragedy happen [...]

    20. Newborn Nazi is a book with a wide breadth and a twisting, turning story. It looks at the lives of the Geiger family living through the descent of Germany in to Nazism in the 30's and 40's. Showing the movement as both monstrous and brutally seductive, Hedwig Geiger's and her 3 brothers are in turn pulled in to the party unwilling, work towards its destruction and find their baby brother Edmund turned in to an enthusiastic SS officer.Newborn Nazi is unconventionally enjoyable. Beyond the sibling [...]

    21. Intrigue, Suspense and Action packedNewborn Nazi is the story of a young widow trying to save what’s left of her family. Her parents died tragically when she was just a teen. Her husband is murdered by an overzealous SS Officer and her brothers are scattered; two living in America and one forced into Hitler’s Youth Camp. She is scared, vulnerable and out for revenge.If you like historical fiction, this is the book for you. The characters are well developed and unique. The plot is intriguing [...]

    22. Given To Me For An Honest ReviewNewborn Nazi by Rhoda D'Ettore is a book that needs to be and is a must read. It is such a good book. I read it in one sitting. Once you begin, it will grab you and hold you and you will see the pages turn and turn and turn and turn some more until you get to the end. There are so many twists and turns, you just can't put it down because you just might miss something. This is about when Adolph Hitler was working on taking over Europe. He is now working on Germany. [...]

    23. This was an amazing read; there is devastating, life-altering action at the very beginning and I am immediately drawn in as I’m already attached to the characters. There are several mysteries going on all at once, sort of wrapped around the bigger picture – it’s fascinating because the big picture mystery is one I did not even see coming at all. It is rare that any form of media is able to surprise me as I tend to predict everything but this novel did just that – and at several turns. D [...]

    24. I've read many books about life in Europe for Jews and other minorities during the 30's and 40's, both fiction and non. NEWBORN NAZI is an amazingly well-written novel about the family of Hedwig and her siblings,she and Edmund in Germany and brothers Jacob and Alois in America. Perfect example of how life can turn on a dime.Edmund is taken from her arms to join the Hitler Youth , and the stay on your toes suspense begins! The families lives reconnect and intertwine, there is murder, espionage, i [...]

    25. Masterpiece!Totally amazing story. The fear and contempt that surrounded Germany before and during WWII was greatly dramatized within this book. Anyone drawn to the historical WWII era will want to read this book. It was emotional and fearful because of the truth behind the actions of the Nazis and the power the Germans gave to Hitler. From the first words of the first chapter, the reader was drawn in and it makes you read all the way to the end. The book was long but the length was necessary fo [...]

    26. This is an epic story set in Germany during the war years. It has a deliberate style and slow-building plot that allows time to empathise with the characters and their personal dilemmas. Hedwig’s life is built on lies and deception: secrets and allegiances she must hide if she’s to keep her family safe as they make choices to support or defy the Nazi agenda. Who she can trust when even members of her own family could betray her? Thought-provoking tale. I can't image the courage it took to li [...]

    27. Copy received from Historical Fiction Virtual Book Tours for an honest reviewFirst, at first I was a little hesitant to read this book because of the content. The Nazi occupation and the killing was a horrific time in our history. Aside from the very serious and heavy material I really found this to be a rewarding book that pulled at my heart. I was humbled and inspired by the braver of the characters. The author created a tension filled environment and I could not wait to see how she would pull [...]

    28. A family saga, German style, best describes Newborn Nazi. Dual citizenship, family secrets - selling secrets, treason, murder within the family, Nazi Intelligence, Nazi spies, FBI, double agents, romance, death camps, money, and apple strudel. Just a smidgeon of intrigue Rhoda D’Ettore covers with brilliance in this intense WWII story.Escaping death is the main goal of this family during a tumultuous time in history. How they accomplish the objective is incredible and shocking. I recommend New [...]

    29. The characters started as two dimensional cutouts, but by the first third of the novel, they were fully fleshed out into vibrant three dimensional people. Hedwig's character arc was especially riveting. There were several twists and turns that I didn't expect, and I found myself quickly turning pages, eager to see what would happen.I think this is a fabulous story by an up and coming author and would recommend it to anyone!

    30. A great novel that readers will find fascinating and incredible as they step back in time and live through the horror of a time we should never forget. The spying, double agents and espionage are credible as readers are taken in and not let go until the ending that will surprise and amaze readers. Great job in writing a novel that memorizes and makes the reader feel they have stepped in another time and place for awhile,

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